Norris Homes Postcard

I found the postcard on eBay and only bought it because it was of significance to me in that I know the people who are pictured on it. Seated are Lee Dan and Sadie Stone. Standing with bathing suit is Ritzi Gose, daughter of owner and founder of Norris Homes, Inc. Kelly Gose. During my senior year at L.M.U. 1977, I was in several stage plays and chosen after auditions with the movie producer to be in a made for television commercial for Norris Homes. In the commercial were Lee Dan, Sadie and daughter Sylvia Stone Duncan.

I worked at the Norris Homes Recreational plants during my highschool and college days.
The bottom card is Kelly Anders driving the Impala Chevy and unknown Claiborne County girl as his passenger.



As I promised a very short video of my week in the Big South Fork. Really it was an abbreviated week and quite a bit of work for a vacation. These short clips show the Gi Gi and the Yo Yo. The story telling is next.

Now some of you old timers may remember such things as Smoky Trailer, Volunteer Trailer or Gi Gi Trailer. Now I wonder if Gi Gi actually was taken from the 1958 movie Gi Gi? I am gathering together some items, the 1954 bill from Gose Cabinet Shop for maple cabinets that my father had Claude Gose build for his house in the center of Tazewell. Some check stubs from working the Smoky and Volunteer line both before and while a student a LMU.
The Volunteer Trailer - By Norris