Pictures Scanned from Baumgardner-Stone-Farmer Scrapbooks

Have added pictures from other people of Shultz and Harper Families

Pictures Scanned from Baumgardner-Stone-Farmer Scrapbooks
Have added pictures from other people of Shultz and Harper Families

Some Websites you might like to visit that contain lineages of these families are My Freepages Farmer Page (Daniel Farmer Family) - My AOL Stone Page - My Yahoo Stone Page - My Yahoo Baumgardner Page - My Yahoo Harper Page - Shari Bennett's Family Tree (Shultz Family) -
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William Baumgardner's brother
This picture was taken from the backyard of the William Bumgardner house located just behind the Courthouse. It was destroyed by arson in the 1960's. This apparently is the old Methodist Church- I am trying to determine just which Church with this query. I had mistaken it for the Presbyterian Church earlier.
Located on Main Street Tazewell
Please see county Historian John Kivett's article and a second article by Historian John Kivett regarding Tazewell, Main Street at Montgomery.
Dr. Nelson Stone, DDS in his office. Written on back "Dr. Nelson Stone at his office in Cumberland Gap". Here is a picture from The Peoples History of Claiborne County - Vol II of Dr. Nelson Stone's Dental Office in Tazewell.
Ethel Blanche and John Guy Farmer
According to Ann Doege this is not Ethel Farmer's mother.
Notice the design on the chair. Wonder if this didn't have some family tradition or may have been an heirloom chair.
This is a photo taken probably after a day of wicket ball. Baumgardner. May have been at house located behind Tazewell Courthouse. Baumgardner property was located all around Courthouse.
Ann Doege - Picture made at Gradfather James A. Baumgardner's - 1917.
Back Row L -> R
Lon Everett Farmer (son of Daniel & Mollie), J. Newton Ford (2nd husband of "Dora" B., Glenn Wood Farmer (son of Daniel & Mollie), James Claude Baumgardner, Andrew Emmett Baumgardner.
Standing Row
Two female Russell cousins from VA, Eudora Belle Baumgardner Ford, I. Josephine Baumgardner Clement, Etric B. (son of A. Emmett & Cora Baumgardner), Ethel Blanche Farmer, Ruby Baumgardner, Lucy Janeway Farmer (wife of Glenn) holding baby Helen Farmer, Mary Eliz. "Mollie" B. Farmer, Amanda Stone Baumgardner, Della Howerton Baumgardner (2nd wife of James Claude Baumgardner) holding son Curtis Baumgardner.
Seated Adults:
Charles F. Baumgardner & 2nd wife Lizzie Wilson Baumgardner, William L. Baumgardner, Emily Jane Russell Baumgardner & husband James A. Baumgardner, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Russell (?Emily's brother), Daniel Farmer, Cora Crook Baumgardner (wife of Emmett)
Seated Children:
Thelma Clement, Bernice Clement, Mae Baumgardner (dtr. of James Claude Baumgardner & 1st wife Eva Howerton), Bessie Baumgardner (dtr. of J.C. Baumgardner and 2nd wife Della), Woodrow Baumgardner (son of Emmett), Clarence Baumgardner (son of Emmett), Clyde Baumgardner (son of Wm. L. & Amanda, Joe Payne's Uncle), John Guy Farmer (son of Daniel & "Mollie").
Ann Doege - A reunion at Grandfather Baumgardner's - Big Sycamore Creek
Back L -> R
Ethel Farmer, Amanda Stone Baumgardner, Mary Eliz. "Mollie" Baumgardner Farmer (Mrs. Daniel), James Claude Baumgardner, A. Emmett Baumgardner, Charles F. Baumgardner, William L. Baumgardner, J. Newton Ford (2nd husband of "Dora" Baumgardner), Eudora "Dora" Belle Baumgardner Ford, I Josephine Baumgardner, Clemet holding baby Bernice Clement, Will Clement, Lon E. Farmer (son of Daniel)
Front L -> R
John Guy Farmer, Etric Baumgardner (son of Emmett), Ruby Baumgardner (dtr. of Emmett), Della Howerton Baumgardner (2nd wife of Claude), Mae Baumgardner (dtr. of Claude & 1st wife Eva Howerton), James A. Baumgardner, Emily Jane Russell Baumgardner, Thelma Clement, Clyde Baumgardner (son of Wm. L., Joe Payne's Uncle), Ivy Ford (son of J Newton Ford & 1st wife), Clarence Baumgardner (son of Emmett), Daniel Farmer, Clyde Rowe (son of Dora by 1st husband), Glenn W. Farmer (son of Daniel)
Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Baumgardner Farmer.

I created a Hugh Farmer Sr. page HERE He is the father of Daniel above. William Hugh the son of John Henry Farmer and Eliabeth Blakely.
Daniel Farmer Family -

Ethel, Lon E., John Guy, Glen W.

Daniel & Mary Elizibeth Baumgardner Farmer. Daniel was kicked in the head by a mule as a married man - about 1904-5, Ethel was 4 & Guy 2.

More Hugh Farmer Pictures

Judge Trent
Believed to be Grant Taylor Trent who married Sarah A. "Sallie" Stone, daughter of William Greene Stone and Madaline Dunsmore.
Source: Chattanooga Times Newspaper. 
Publication Date: May.7,1920 
Article: From the Chatt.Tennessee.Times paper, 
Resse,of Johnson county,an overseas 
soldier,has announced to his friends that 
he will be a candidate for congress in the 
First district,opposing Sam R.Sells,the 
incumbent,in the August primary. 
Judge Grant Trent,of Rogersville,who had 
announced several weeks ago,has withdrawn 
from the race.It is said that Lieut. 
Reese will make the race on his military 
Picture made 1897 - Ann Doege says this is most likely Daniel Farmer before accident with mule.
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