Descendants of Hugh Montgomery - Hancock County, Tennessee

Questions have arose since DNA Studies have confirmed there is an unknown parentage of Alexander Montgomery of Logan Co., Ky. I have some information regarding this on this page located on Rootsweb.


(1) Hugh Montgomery was born 4 Feb 1786, and married Rebecca Overton, daughter of James Overton, who was born 28 Jun 1792.  Hugh died on 8 Feb 1860 in Hancock Co., TN and was buried in Montgomery Cem, Hancock Co., TN.  Rebecca died on 19 May 1860 in Hancock Co., TN and was buried in Montgomery Cem, Hancock Co., TN.

From the book: A Genealogical History of the Montgomerys and Their Descendants, by David B. Montgomery, published by J.P. Cox, 1903 - 436 pages

According to the author, Alexander, son of Hugh W., "decided" or as many was conscripted to lead a regiment of Confederate soldiers only to return to fight for the Union and was turned upon by his loyal compatriots, and in the ensuing fray was injured and died of his wounds.


      2       i  James Montgomery was born 29 Oct 1810 in Grainger Co., TN.  James died in 1867.

+      3      ii  Alexander Montgomery was born in 1813.

      4     iii  Rachel Montgomery was born 13 Mar 1811 in Grainger Co., TN.  Rachel died on 7 Oct 1831.

      5      iv  Mary Montgomery was born in 1816 in Grainger Co., TN, and in 1842, married Landon Carter Minter

      6       v  Hugh Montgomery was born about 1821, and about 1855, married Matilda Henry who was born before 1823.

      7      vi  Rebecca Montgomery was born about 1825, and on 5 Jul 1842, married Samuel Lemar

      8     vii  Elizabeth "Bettie" Montgomery was born about 1827.

      9    viii  Lucy Ann Montgomery was born 8 Jun 1829.

+     10      ix  John Thomas Montgomery was born on 8 Jun 1831.

     11       x  Matilda Montgomery was born about 1834, and married Dale Minter

He also married Franky Mills



(3) Alexander Montgomery>, son of Hugh Montgomery and Rebecca Overton, was born in 1813 in Grainger Co., TN, and married Barthena Mills, daughter of Mills, who was born about 1813.

Notes for Alexander Montgomery:

From Hancock Co. and Its People p 29 Alex Montgomery was from the lower end of the County and jailor at the time, appointed by Jess Nichols, Sheriff. The following is written by The Honorable Alonzo Jason Tyler Also on page 64. When Jonas grew up he married Mary Winkler of Hancock County and had several sons.  Jonas worked for Mr. A.O. Montgomery at his mill on War Creek.  He helped in the mill, delivered goods whatever Mr. Montgomery needed.  Mr. Montgomery was also a distiller with a government license.  Jonas had been delivering some of this whiskey over in Grainger County and Hatfield and the others thought he would probably have more money on him than he actually had. In Hatfield's confession he stated that his half was $7.92, making the total less than $20.00 that cost Jonas his life and shortly thereafter cost Hatfield his own life. This was in 1896 and was most likely a son or relative of Alexander Montgomery

On page 38‑39. Alex Montgomery, of whom I have written, was once a jailor at Sneedville and a saloonkeeper.  He moved back to the 7th District from where he had originated.  He had borrowed, as I remember, $600.00 from a man living in the District and had executed his note for him.  The old man, I am not sure of his name, died still holding the note of Montgomery for the $600.00.  Montgomery, however, claimed that he had paid the note, but failed from some cause to have gotten it.  I don't remember the cause.  Hen Perry, a citizen of the district, was made administrator for the estate of the man having the note.  He concluded to sue Montgomery for the amount of the note.  The suit caused quite a commotion in the district.  People argued on both sides of the question as they would in any such case anywhere.  Ht. T. Coleman was the attorney for Perry, I represented Montgomery.  Coleman and I went down there to take some depositions.  There had been some considerable drinking, Alex had always made liquor and sold it all his life.  He was a pretty fair man and generally well thought of in his District.  In that day, a man could make and sell liquor and still have the respect of the citizens, just like a merchant, Perry was a good man.  Mac Bray, who had married a daughter of Montgomery, and Hen Jackson, who was regarded as some what of a dangerous man, were there drinking.  They were known to be armed and ready for any kind of disturbance.  Coleman wanted to postpone taking the depositions, but I insisted on continuing.  There was no trouble.  Perry won the suit in Chancery Count.  The old man, Chancellor Smilly, held it.  I appealed it and Montgomery won in the Supreme Court.


     12       i  William Montgomery was born in 1844 in Hancock Co., TN.

     13      ii  Nathaniel Montgomery was born in 1845 in Hancock Co., TN.

     14     iii  Hugh Montgomery was born in 1847 in Hancock Co., TN.

     15      iv  Mary Montgomery was born in 1849 in TN.

     16       v  Henry Montgomery was born in 1852 in TN.

     17      vi  Augustus Montgomery was born in 1857 in TN.

+     18     vii  George Washington Montgomery was born in 1854.

(10) John Thomas Montgomery<, son of Hugh Montgomery and Rebecca Overton, was born 8 Jun 1831 in Claiborne Co., TN, and about 1850 in Hancock Co., TN, married Rebecca Grantham, daughter of Willis Grantham and Keziah Stubblefield, who was born 21 Mar 1833 in Grainger Co., TN.  John Thomas died on 2 Dec 1896 in Hancock Co., TN.  Rebecca died on 12 Dec 1919 in Hancock Co., TN.


     19       i  Hattie Montgomery was born 8 Jan 1870 in Hancock Co., TN, and married Hugh Chance Edds xe "Edds:Hugh Chance "who was born 6 Sep 1868 in Hancock Co., TN.  Hattie died on 12 May 1900 in Hancock Co., TN.  Hugh Chance died on 1 Nov 1942 in Hancock Co., TN.

Notes for Hugh Chance Edds:

Pedigree of Hugh Chance Eads on Ancestral Site:



(18) George Washington Montgomery, son of Alexander Montgomery and Barthena Mills, was born in 1854 in Hancock Co., TN, and married Eugenie Norman Arnold, daughter of Thomas Dickens Arnold and Loretta Rettie Rose, who was born in 1854 in Greenville, Greene Co., TN.  George Washington died on 6 Apr 1930 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN and was buried in Irish Memorial, Cem.  Eugenie Norman died on 24 Aug 1944 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.

Notes for George Washington Montgomery:

George Washington Mongomery was a delegate to Atlanta at a convention of the Southern Commercial Congress in 1911.

In 1905 George W. Montgomery along with W.A. Parkey, W.G. Yoakum, B.M. Fletcher and H.Y. Hughes files application and was approved with $25,000 capital by the Controller of Currency for the State of Tennessee for the formation of Claiborne National Bank of Tazewell.
Jerry, I have the Claiborne Co. Tenn. Family History Book that gives the following lineage:

Concerning the family of Miss Lola Montgomery, my mother's music teacher: 1923 ‑ 1927/1928.

Miss Lola was born in Tazewell, Claiborne Co, Feb. 12, 1888 and died Aug 27, 1975. (I knew her very well myself)  She was the daughter of George Washington Montgomery, a lawyer at Tazewell, there fine stone house still stands on the back street of Claiborne County Courthouse.   He was born in Hancock Co in 1854.  His wife was Eugenia Norman Arnold, born 1854, Greenville, Greene Co., Tn and died Aug 24, 1944 at Tazewell   Their children were:

Elizabeth, Marsha, Robin and George, the last two sons died in childhood.  She taught piano in Tazewell of 58 years.

Alexander Montgomery, her great‑great grandfather had a son, Hugh, born in Logan Co., Ky who came to Tenn. in the early 1800's.  Hugh Montgomery married Rebecca Overton.  They were the parents of Alexander Montgomery, born in Hancock Co., Tn near Ailanthus Hill.  Alexander married Barthena Mills. Alexander and Barthena were the parents of Miss Lola's father George Montgomery.

Thomas Dickens Arnold was a famous East Tennessee politician during the years of Andrew Jackson. Much is written about him but I found the following and much more on Wikipedia
In the years leading up to the Civil War, Arnold, like many of East Tennessee's Whigs, remained staunchly pro-Union. Throughout the first half of 1861, Arnold, Brownlow, Temple, Nelson, and other Whig leaders relentlessly canvassed East Tennessee to rally support for the Union cause. At the first session of the East Tennessee Convention in May 1861, Arnold delivered a two-hour speech that, according to Temple, was the "finest effort of his life."


+     20       i  Frank Montgomery was born on 25 Aug 1884.

     21      ii  Robin Montgomery was born 6 Sep 1886 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.  Robin died on 6 Sep 1887 in Claiborne Co., TN.

     22     iii  Lola Montgomery was born 12 Feb 1888 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.  Lola died on 27 Aug 1875 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.

     23      iv  George Montgomery was born in 1891 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.  George died in 1893.

     24       v  Elizabeth Montgomery was born 8 Aug 1892 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN, and married Harry Leet

     25      vi  Marcia Montgomery was born 13 Apr 1894 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN, and married Elmer NewmanMarcia died on 26 Jun 1963.



(20) Frank Montgomery, son of George Washington Montgomery and Eugenie Norman Arnold, was born 25 Aug 1884 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN, and on 2 Jun 1914 in Morristown, Hamblin Co., TN, married Ada Beatrice Donaldson who was born 4 Sep 1887 in Russellville, Hamblen Co., TN.  Frank died on 22 May 1974 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN and was buried in Highland Mem. Cem..  Ada Beatrice died on 6 Mar 1975 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN and was buried in Highland Mem. Cem..

Notes for Frank Montgomery:


Sent from your page at: IP:

My name is Erynn Montgomery, and I was very interested in your site.  I recently came across a family tree, and have heard that the internet is useful for genealogical information so I decided to try my luck.  If I am correct, Eugenia Norman Arnold (who married George Washington Montgomery) would have been my great, great grandmother.  You discuss their daughter Lola, but do not mention, as far as I can tell, her siblings‑ in particular, her brother Frank Montgomery, my great‑grandfather.  If I am on the right track, then I am very interested in any further information you may have, as well as any information you might have on the earlier Montgomery's.  (You also mention an Alexander Montgomery, the father of Hugh, from Kentucky.) Any information would be much appreciated, or just some simple hints as to find information, as I am new at this. Sincerely, Erynn Montgomery.

Erynn Montgomery's father is George Cranwell Montgomery born in 1944. U.S. Ambassador to Oman, 1985-89. Still living as of 1997. You might enjoy reading the following: Interview with George Cranwell Montgomery: The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training Foreign Affairs Oral History Project



 26       i  George Donaldson Montgomery was born 6 Jun 1917 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.  George Donaldson died on 26 Sep 1985 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN and was buried in Highland Mem. Cem..

     27      ii  Mary Jean Montgomery was born 22 Mar 1915 in Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN.  Mary Jean died on 25 Dec 1986.

     28     iii  Montgomery

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