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BUNCH Doshie Cann 15 Dec 1886 / Jan 1964 Harvey RUNIONS

Doshie Cann Bunch was born Dec. 15, 1886, Hancock Co., TN, the daughter of Jesse Bunch and Ellen Williams Bunch. She had three brothers, all born in Sneedville, Hancock County, TN, they were Henry (my gr.grandfather), Wesley and Clay Bunch. She married Harvey Runions abt. 1900 in Claiborne County, TN.


The Cedar Chest Factory started by Harvey Runions and later in partners with Richard (Dick) Yoakum

They lived in the Matt Young Settlement in Tazewell and Harvey manufactured cedar furniture. They spent a few years in Monroe, Mich., before coming back to Tazewell, sometime in the 1930's. I know that Gillis stayed in Michigan, I believe all the other children came back to Tazewell with their parents. All of the children were born in Claiborne County, except possibly the two youngest. I am not sure about them, but I don't think Harvey and Doshie stayed too long in Michigan.

Their children:

1. Gillis Runions b. 9-7-1901 d. Jan. 1969 in Toledo, OH
2. Eva Runions b. 10-23-1904 d. 1-19-1916, buried in
Liberty Cemetery, Claiborne Co., TN
3. Albert Runions b. 12-24-1904 d. 5-25-1991 (Not to be confused with Albert B.Runions who was the son of Clay Runions and was famous in Rockabilly Music)
4. Ellen b. Oct. 1909 d. ? (may have married Neal H.
Fultz b. 11-17-1907 d. 12-29-1953, buried Tazewell
5. Maggie Runions b.1913
Evelyn (Ethel) Runions b.1916
Delta Runions b.July 1917
Grover Runions b. 11-12-1919 d. 12-21-1920, buried

Liberty Cemetery, Claiborne Co., TN.
9. Ruth Runions b. 1922
Edith Runions b. 1924

Doshie Cann Bunch Runions died January 2, 1964, in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN, her husband Harvey Runions died January 18, 1964, also in Tazewell. They and two of their children, Eva and Grover are all buried in the Liberty Cemetery, Claiborne County, TN. I would like to find descendants of this couple, who might have marriage and death information on the children, or pictures of Uncle Harvey and Aunt Cann and their children. My great-grandfather, Henry Bunch was Doshie's brother.

Elizabeth Bunch Smiddy
Campbell County, TN



MARY ETTA9 ROSENBALM (JEFFERSON DAVIS8, LOUISA7 HURST, WILLIAM H.6, HIRAM5, THOMAS4, JOHN[ MILLCREEK]3, JOHN2, HENRY1) was born April 01, 1920 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee. She married ALBERT RUNIONS October 21, 1935 in Middlesboro, Bell, Kentucky.   ALBERT RUNIONS was born 24 DEC 1904 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee..

Child of Mary Rosenbalm and Albert Runions is:

i.                                     ANNA MARIE10 RUNIONS, b. June 30, 1937, Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee; m. NORMAN HOTHAM, Abt 1955, Tennessee



1910 Claiborne County Census:

Harvey Runions – age 30

Cann Bunch Runions – age 25

Gillis Runions – age 8

Eva Runions – age 5

Albert Runions – age 4

Ellen Runions  - age 6/12


Bunch, Henry – age 29

Bunch, Maggie – age 25

Bunch, Robert – age 8

Bunch, Eva M. – age 5

Bunch, Carson – age 3


I am unable to locate Jesse, father, Clay or Wesley, brothers, of Henry Bunch, born ca. 1881 in any of the census records.


Correspondence from Elizabeth “Libby” Smiddy – LaFollete, Tennessee


From: Elizabeth Smiddy <smiddy@ccdi.net>
To: JPayne5744 <JPayne5744@aol.com>
Sent: Sat, Jul 14, 2007 1:31 am
Subject: Old cedar chest from your grandmother's house

Dear Mr. Payne:

My name is Elizabeth Bunch Smiddy, and I live in Campbell County.  My great-grandparents, Henry and Maggie Melinda Wilder Harris Bunch moved to Lone Mtn. about 1905-07, give or take a year or two.  My grandfather, James Carson Bunch and his younger brother Samuel David Bunch were born there, and I was told that Gr.Grandpa Henry played the organ in a church there, or was the song leader or something.  He could play and musical instrument he picked up.  I wish I knew where they lived there and if the site is now covered up by the lake.


           Henry Bunch's sister was Doshie Cann Bunch Runions, who was Harvey Runions's wife.  I have heard about Uncle Harvey and his son Albert making and selling cedar chests and furniture all my life, but had never seen a piece.   Thank you so much for posting that picture.  If you ever run onto a piece that is not sentimental to you, would you please let me know if it happens to be for sale.   I would just love to have a small piece that Uncle Harvey made.   I don't have any pictures of him or their children, but do have a good one of his wife, my Aunt Doshie Bunch Runions with two of her children.  I was told they lived in a settlement in old Tazewell called the Matt Young settlement, which I don't know where that was.  I would love to know more about them and Lone Mtn. or find some old pictures with Doshie's brother, and my gr.grandfather, Henry Bunch and his family in them.  I looked at the picture of the old Lone Mtn. school, but couldn't recognize any of my relatives.  Henry Bunch was originally from Newman's Ridge in Hancock County and moved to Lone Mtn. when they were logging over there.  I believe that my grandfather, James Carson Bunch's two older siblings, Robert and Ella Mae Bunch were either born in Howard's Quarter, Newman's Ridge or Snake Hollow.  I believe their births were before Henry and Maggie Bunch moved to Lone Mtn., since my Daddy, Billy A. Bunch (retired Captain, Tennessee Highway Patrol) told me that only his daddy (James Carson Bunch) and his Uncle Sam were born in Lone Mtn.  They all moved to Darwin, VA in 1917.


           I am still fascinated about Uncle Harvey and Aunt Doshie (most people called her Cann, which must have been a nickname).  Daddy said he remembered visiting them in Tazewell one time and watching Uncle Harvey make those chests and other furniture.  I wonder if any of their children are still living, or any of the childrens' children, in the Tazewell area.  I would love to find old pictures of all of them.  So you see, I have connections to both Lone Mtn. and old Tazewell through my Bunch family.  I can't find out much about them, my gramps was very shut mouth for some reason, and I didn't even know he was born in Lone Mtn. until after he died and my Daddy told me.


           I hope I haven't bored you silly, but I have been searching for my Bunch family for years, with very little luck.  I was just thrilled to see a chest made by Aunt Doshie Bunch Runion's husband and would also like to know who the Yoakum was.  I never heard of anyone but Uncle Harvey making furniture.  Please keep a lookout for me for a small piece of his or any old pictures of the Henry Bunch or Harvey Runions family, or any descendants you might know of.   Thank you so much for your time in reading this hodge-podge, but I got very excited in seeing the chest.



Elizabeth (Libby) Bunch Smiddy


Papaw Henry Bunch, who was Doshie or "Cann" Bunch Runion's brother, and had moved to Darwin, VA years before,  used to bring one of his sons down to fish and visit with Uncle Harvey and Aunt Cann Runions.  Daddy would go up there and see them, but for some reason he never took us.  Maybe we were too young, but I was 9 years old when Papaw Henry died and Aunt Cann died not long after he did.  I told you they were shut mouthed for some reason.


I don't recall Daddy mentioning Albert's chicken recipe.  He just talked about Uncle Harvey and Albert making their cedar furniture.   My gr.gr.grandmother, Ellen Williams Bunch lived with Uncle Harvey and Aunt Cann before they moved to Michigan for a while.   She was Aunt Cann's mother.  Aunt Cann's father was Jesse Bunch, who died of TB sometime before the 1900 census.   Ellen Bunch worked as a servant in Harrogate for a Dr. Hamilton, as a servant in Middlesboro for a John Colton Dash and family (whose wife was a Collins), which is interesting, since Ellen Williams Bunch's mother was Trena Collins Williams from Snake Holler.   She also is said to have worked for 2 days in a hotel in Middlesboro as a cook, until her brother Sam found out and went and got her.  It was a house of ill repute and she did not know it.  She said they were very nice to her!!!   My cousin Mary Williams, who died last year, said it was the Goodlow Hotel.  But I cannot find any mention of that particular hotel anywhere.  I hope it was not the Majestic!!!!!  LOL.   Grandma Ellen Williams Bunch  finally came back to Snake Holler and lived with her sons Sam and Lee and their families until she died of a stroke in about 1928.


          I would love to know more about all of Aunt Cann's and Uncle Harvey's children.   They had a whole house full of them.   Surely some of their descendants are still living and would have pictures and so forth.  I have posted on the the Claiborne County site for years, with only one person answering.  She was a daughter of one of Uncle Harvey's brothers, who was a photographer and lived down around Sweetwater or close by there somewhere.  She remembered coming up to stay with Albert and his wife and had very fond memories of her visits. She said Alberts's shop burned down and he gave up making furniture.  That must have been after Uncle Harvey died.  She told me she didn't have any pictures and I found that odd, since her daddy, who was Uncle Harvey's brother, was a photographer!!!  


          They said that when Aunt Cann died, Uncle Harvey kept her body in the house for quite some time, and would just tell everyone that she was sick in bed.  They had been married over 60 years and he couldn't let her go.  They finally got her and buried her, and he lasted about 10 days after that and died.  I am sure he grieved himself to death over her.   They are both buried in the Liberty Cemetery with a couple of their children who died young.


         Daddy gave me my grandmother's recipe box and I will look and see if by chance she might have gotten Albert's chicken Mix recipe.  She was a wonderful cook, and loved getting new recipes.  If she could have talked him out of it, she would have.


          Well, I guess I've given you another "book" to chew on.  Please, let's keep in touch.  We might be able to find some info from Lone Mtn. on Henry and Maggie Bunch while they lived there from about 1907 to 1917, and on his sister, Cann Bunch Runions too.   Harvey and Cann  have got to have gr. or gr.gr. grandchildren still running around Tazewell, with as many children as they had.   Their son Gillus died in Toledo, Ohio in the 60's.  I do know that.  He had a moving and storage business.  Apparently, he never came back to TN after they went to Michigan.  I never did know why Uncle Harvey moved all his family up there, but they didn't stay too long before coming back to Tazewell.  Take care, and I'll look for the chicken mix recipe.




    I meant to say that the furniture factory was "behind" Bunch Motors and a little past it, instead of behind!!!!    I can't type worth much apparently.  Also my Daddy, Billy A. Bunch passed away on Aug. 6, 2002 and the TN Highway Patrol stood Honor Guard at the head and foot of his casket for hours.  They then had a ceremony the next day at the cemetery.  He is buried in Woodlawn here in LaFollette.  I miss him very much.   He was really interested in his old Bunch family, but he never knew much either.   I am beginning to think they were all serial killers or something!!!!     Also, going to Kingsport, I used to turn left at a little Dairy Queen or something to go over Clinch Mtn. (that was an adventure, but since I was young I loved the curves!!)  Now they have made that bypass up the road.  Was Uncle Harvey and Aunt Doshie's house located in that area?  Could you give me a landmark, even one on the "old" road before the bypass to let me figure out where their house was?




I forgot to mention that Joyce Gibson Ramsey that is or was the President of the Hist. Society in Claiborne County is my cousin.   Her gr. grandmother, Rachel Williams Gibson was my gr.gr. grandmother Ellen Williams Bunch's sister.  Rachel married Willie Gibson and Ellen married Jesse Bunch.  Joyce was married to Claude Ramsey, but they got a divorce a few years back.


           There is also a Williams boy, or I should say man, that  lives in Tazewell and does construction or plumbing or something.  He works a lot for Bill Fannon on some of his rental houses.  He is only in his late forties or early fifties and his father was a brother to Ellen and Rachel Williams!!!!  No joke.  He was the son of Lee and Ethel Eagle Williams.  Lee was my gr.gr.grandmother Ellen Williams Bunch's brother.  I forget his name and Bill was supposed to get him to call me, but I never got any call.    Lee did not get married until his mother, Trena Collins Williams died and he was 50 years old.  His wife was about 14 or 15, so that is why they still have living children.   Cousin Mary that I told you about up on Wallen Ridge above Sycamore was his sister and she was "old", and recently passed away.  He also had a brother named Carl Williams that lived with Mary.  Carl's wife also lived there and her name is Sharon.  Carl passed away about 2 years ago of lung cancer.  Cousin Joyce Gibson Ramsey took me to their house and Mary took one look at me and said "You look just like your gr.gr.grandmother Ellen."   I about fainted.  But anyway there is a huge age difference between those children.  They also have a sister named Rose, I think, who is married to Hubert Buchannon and lives down Sycamore.    I just thought that might help in the hunt.   


I have found a database on Rootsweb that lists Wesley Williams and Trina Collins as the father of Ellen Williams.   They list three siblings: Hillary Williams, Leander “Lee” Williams and Rachel Williams.


Leander Williams marriage Ethel Eagle


 Mary Williams

 Velba Williams

 Ruby Williams




Below is the information for Albert Benton Runions who was the son of Clay who was the son of George W. Jr. (1853- 1930? or 1944?) -> George W. (1812-1906) - >Hezekiah K. (1787-1821) -> John (1765-1848) -> John (1739-1830). Runions and was famous both in these parts for Rockabilly Music as well as Ohio.


From - http://www.rockabillyhall.com/AlRunyon1.html


Born on August 23, 1918, Albert Benton Runions (a.k.a. Al Runyon) learned young the pleasures and struggles of life in Appalachia. By the age of ten, he was already enjoying one of the few pleasures of the region by entertaining those at gatherings with his natural talent for song and comedy.

Al was born in the Little Sycamore Valley area of Claiborne County, Tennessee. As a youngster, the Valley had but a handful of homes dotting the countryside but, it was a close knit community where one family or another would often hold impromptu parties. The area also boasted quite an assortment of talented musicians, who were called in to entertain those at such gatherings.



RUNIONS, ALBERT, age 80, of Columbus, Ohio, formerly of Tazewell, passed away Thursday, Dec. 24, 1998. The family will receive friends from 6-8 p.m. Monday at Coffey Funeral Home in Tazewell. Funeral services will be 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Coffey Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will be Tuesday at the Cook Cemetery in the Liberty Community. Coffey Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. 


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