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As a Certified Professional Public Buyer I am held to a higher standard than most purchasing professionals.
Should your company or county consider maintaining a UPPCC fully certified public procurement staff, such as Anderson County, Tennessee is?.

"It is an established fact that whenever one has dared to the Communist threat he has invited upon himself the adroit and skilled talents of experts in character assassination." - J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the F.B.I. - to the Daughters of American Revolution on April 22, 1954. - Proposed Energy Policy presented by President Jimmy Carter, April 18, 1977.

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During the mid 1960's when my brother was the Regional Security Officer for the regions that included Pakistan and Afghanistan he sent me the pistol above with the writing that I imagine is either Arabic or maybe Kurdish. I have always wondered what the writings and marks symbolized. He "picked them up" in a port city in Afghanistan. You can see some old pictures of the 1840's and 1860's pistols HERE.

From: FOIA Subject: FOIA Request Letter
Date: Monday, April 9, 2012, 3:22 AM

Thank you for filing your FOIA request online on 4/8/2012. The process for completing your request will now begin. Here is a review of your request.
I am willing to pay $25.00 for my request.
I am an individual seeking information for personal use and not for commercial use.
The time period of my request is between 8/20/1991 and 8/20/1991
The records I request can be described as follows:

"The Robert C. [sic] Bannerman Interview," conducted by George Payne, 20 August 1991, Folder � Diplomatic Security History, Box Archives H-N, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Training Center, Dunn Loring, Virginia. I understand that this file may be labeled incorrect as the interview was conducted with Robert L. Bannerman, son of Robert C. Bannerman.
My additional comments are as follows: I am seeking an interview that my brother, George Edward Payne, conducted on August 20, 1991. I found this information in Chapter 1 SPECIAL AGENTS, SPECIAL THREATS Creating the Office of the Chief Special Agent, 1914-1933 of the History of the Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service.
Joseph Payne
238 Forest Hills Drive
New Tazewell, Tennessee 37825

April 14, 2012

Ambassador Eric J. Boswell
Assistant Secretary Bureau of Diplomatic Security
U.S. Department of State
2201 C. St., N.W. Room 6316, DS6316
Washington, D.C. 20520

Ambassador Boswell,
I have made the following request to the Office of Information Programs and Services. I am hoping that I might retrieve several interviews that were conducted by my brother, George Edward Payne, in preparation of the Department’s Diplomatic Security Service 75th Anniversary commemoration during 1991.
He gave me a coffee cup with the gold engraving of the DSS emblem as a token of this event. Since my interest in the Diplomatic Security Service has always been keen, I read with great interest the recent history posted to the State Department’s web site.
This is where I found the following and have made the FOIA request in hopes receiving some of my brother’s research through interview.
Referenced in Chapter 1, “SPECIAL AGENTS, SPECIAL THREATS, Creating the Office of the Chief Special Agent, 1914-1933” of “History of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the United States Department of State”, I request:

"The Robert C. [sic] Bannerman Interview," conducted by George Payne, 20 August 1991, Folder - Diplomatic Security History, Box Archives H-N, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Training Center, Dunn Loring, Virginia. I understand that this file may be labeled incorrect as the interview was conducted with Robert L. Bannerman, son of Robert C. Bannerman. This contains a short history/memoir by Robert L. Bannerman’s as Chief Special Agent.
I write to you only after not hearing from an electronic request I made a while back and am hoping that now having mailed the request just this week, a response will be forthcoming.
Unless there is information deemed inappropriate to release I would ask that your office assist me in retrieving this file as well as other interviews that were conducted by my brother George in preparation for this event. I have found several online and once sure I can obtain more detail, will be issuing other requests. I am more than happy to pay for the time spent retrieving these records and hope to hear something soon from the Office of Information Programs and Services.
Here’s wishing you the best of health and continued success in keeping our foreign missions and their personnel safe.


Joseph A. Payne
P.O. Box 1764
New Tazewell, Tennessee 37824

From: FOIA Status
Subject: FW: Freedom of Information Act Request Number F-2012-25383
Date: Monday, April 23, 2012, 6:01 PM

Dear Mr. Payne,

This is in reference to your Freedom of Information Act request dated April 8, 2012 requesting information regarding the Robert C. Bannerman Interview conducted by your brother George Payne on August 20, 1991. Please be advised that the Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS) is in receipt of your electronic FOIA request. Your request has been assigned case number F-2012-25383 and you should be receiving an acknowledgement letter very soon.
We appreciate your patience during this process.
If you have any questions regarding the status of your request, please contact the FOIA Requester Service Center (FRSC) on 202-###-#### and refer to your case number.

Charlotte W. Duckett
U.S. Department of State
This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

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Libby Bumgardner invited myself and Randy Bumgardner, who's from Clinton and is the manager of the Blair House in Washington, D.C., known as "The President's Guest House", to a reunion at this location several years back. Dubbed "The Oldest House in Anderson County" it is located less than a mile from my niece's house, who attended with us, just off Edgemore Road.

Also there is a specific website David Hall Cabin American Revolutionary War Soldier .

CLINTON - Libby Bumgardner is sweeping off the welcome mat at Anderson County's oldest building.
An open house at the former tavern and inn built in 1799 by Revolutionary War veteran David Hall is scheduled for the June 5-6 weekend. It's free and open to the public.
Two pre-Civil War cabins found in Campbell County, relocated and restored, will also be available for tours.
The cabins are in front of Harry and Libby Bumgardner's home at the end of Old Edgemoor Lane, which at one time was part of the main road between Knoxville and Nashville.
Members of the local Sons of the Revolution organization along with members of the Bumgardner clan will be dressed in period garb, and there will be flintlock rifle demonstrations, tomahawk-tossing, musical entertainment and refreshment. Hours are 10 a.m.-7 p.m. both days.
When the Bumgardners purchased the property in 1996, they didn't know they'd acquired a historical jewel, Libby Bumgardner said.
It was only after she peeled back sections of clapboard on the dilapidated two-story building and saw logs beneath that she realized its age.
"I started thinking we could restore this for future generations," Libby Bumgardner said.
And so she did, with ample help from family and others, and a history lesson gradually was learned.
David Hall - sharpshooter and Indian spy - fought under Col. John Sevier in the Revolutionary War's Battle of Kings Mountain and settled in East Tennessee.
Only three families had occupied Hall's former tavern and inn during its long history. Hall, his wife and their 12 children lived in a similar cabin next door separated by a dogtrot.
That cabin, complete with roofed breezeway, has been re-created with one of two pre-Civil War cabins moved on site.
A treasure trove of old documents - including a copy of the 1799 petition forming Anderson County from part of Knox County - was found in a large wooden box on the old tavern's second floor.
Those and other items and old photos are now on display in the cabin.
The restoration only whetted Libby Bumgardner's appetite for historical cabins.
The two pre-Civil War cabins - including another one hidden under clapboard - were discovered in Campbell County.
Libby Bumgardner said their logs were numbered, the cabins dismantled, moved and painstakingly reassembled next to the former tavern.
Completing the scene: a wooden outhouse, but this one complete with modern-day conveniences for visitors, including a flush toilet.
"I'm going to put a half-moon on the door," Libby Bumgardner said of the universal symbol for an outhouse.
Directions to the David Hall cabin may be found on Mapquest, Libby Bumgardner said. The address is 830 Old Edgemoor Lane.
--- On Thu, 8/11/05, Bumgardner, Randy D wrote:
From: Bumgardner, Randy D
Subject: RE: Bumgardner Reunion - Anderson County, TN 8/20/2005
To: "'Joe Payne'"
Date: Thursday, August 11, 2005, 6:04 PM

Thanks Joe - I may be able to be there - actually I am the reason it keeps getting postponed.
More later,

-----Original Message----- From: Joe Payne []
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 1:11 PM
To: Randy D Bumgardner
Subject: Bumgardner Reunion - Anderson County, TN 8/20/2005
I blind copied you on Velma's last email. Bless her heart I know she must be 80 yrs old but she has a wonderful sense of genealogy.
If you are interested and could get away I have a place for you to stay here in New Tazewell.
Here is her followup.

There has been a last minute scheduling for a Bumgardner Reunion.
As for those who are not local and may not be able to attend, we would like to hear from you; so as to possibly arrange for a 2nd reunion for 2005 in the months ahead.
Bumgardner Reunion 2005
Location: 830 Old Edgemoor Ln, Clinton, TN 37716
Arrival Time: 1:00pm
Date: August 20th
Dress: Casual
Hosts: Libby & Harry Bumgardner
Questions: Libby @ 865-945-3807 or Velma @ 865-556-5192
Local relatives are requested to bring a covered dish and drinks to supplement the meal/drinks for those coming from longer distances. You are welcome bring other guests.
Libby and Harry have the oldest log cabin in Anderson Co on their property, onced owned by David Hall. Nearby is the family cemetery, within walking distance. These are open to the public for viewing.
Hope to see you then!!
Velma Bumgardner FYI: For those not familiar with the area Clinton is between Knoxville and Oak Ridge TN Directions from Tyson-McGee airport in Alcoa is as follows... Take I40 west, exit Oak Ridge (Pellissippi Expwy 162 north), then 170 (Edgemoor Rd), Pass over river, (street before is OzellaLane,this on left), turn right on NEW HENDERSON ROAD, then right on OLD EDGEMOOR LN.

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--- On Fri, 11/18/11, Jenny Cottingham wrote:

From: Jenny Cottingham
Subject: Shoults genealogy- Descendants of Heinrich Christoff SHULTZ
Date: Friday, November 18, 2011, 4:47 AM

Hi Joe, Stumbled across your info on Heinrich Shultz, while researching my family. I am a descendant of Charles Gains Shoults:

Charles Gains SHOULTS B: Feb 1814 Tennessee D: 25 Feb 1901 Alabama who married- Martha BUSH B: Jun 1822 Georgia M: 1845 Alabama D: 1870 Alabama

I am from Bibb County, Alabama, where many of Valentine Shultz family ended up. We have evidence that Charles Gains Shoults, my great, great grandfather lived with John Wesley Shults in Tallegega. I have looked at your info on the descendants of Heinrich Christoff Shultz and can't figure where Charles Gains fits in. He is not listed with your info. We're stuck on his parentage. His wife Martha Bush is the sister of Jasper Bush, who married Nancy Ann Shults, John Wesley Shults daughter. I have teamed up with a relative from Florida, a relative from Grayson Valley, AL and a friend from Chilton Co. AL in researching our Shoults ancestry. I have copied "in a nutshell" info here that my friend Sue has written, though we have extensive info on the descendants. Charles Gains is believed to have lived with John Wesley Shults in Talledega AL before coming to Bibb Co. Noticed you have George W. Shults/Shoults listed as Peter's son, but according to our info he is Charles Gains' son. The birth dates match and so does the first name of his wife.

GENERATION 1 CHARLES GAINS-GAINES aka C. C. SHOULTS (spellings vary) BORN CIRCA 1814-20 TN aka AL, PARENTS BORN TN. (The book I have which includes his Civil War Service has him as C. C. Shoults born Feb. 1815 TN. he served in the Confederate Service during the War from Bibb County, AL. The Home Guard, Hagler's Company. He died 25 Feb, 1901 Chilton County, AL. and is buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery #2 in Chilton County, AL., along with his wife Martha (Bush) Shoults born about 1822 GA to John Bush and Mary (Holley) Bush. Charles Gains Shoults and Martha (Bush) married 19 May, 1843 Talladega, Talladega County, AL.

Just prior to their marriage, I have good reason to believe that Charles Gains was living with a close Relative, John Wesley Shoults and his wife Elizabeth (LaRue) Shoults in the 1840 Talladega Co, AL. census. This Family changed the spelling to Shults and ended up in Clay County, AL. John Wesley named a Son Gaines and a Son Charles, and His Daughter Nancy Ann married Martha's Brother, Jasper Bush. A mere 3 years after the census, he married Martha in that same area and they remained through the 1850 census.

{In the 1850 census there are 3 children named with Charles and Martha in Talladega Co, AL., Geo. W., Mary L. and Colonel M.} Next I found Them in Rockford, Coosa County, AL. in 1860. They are living next door to another of Martha's Brother's, Hiram Bush. He died in 1864 and I feel sure it was during the Civil War in Kentucky.

{In the 1860 census Mary and George are there but Colonel M. is missing. He most likely passed away between 1850-60} {3 Children have been added to the brood, they are G, a male (census taker spelled Joseph with a G), M. (this is Matthew Wood Shoults), a male, Mary (a second female spelled Mary but she was Missouri "Meary" or "Mouri"), and lastly a son named Thos. Shoults. He was born circa 1859 and does not show up on later census records...assumed died before 1870.}

{Note that C. C. Shoults serves in the Civil War in Bibb County, AL. and this could be Baker Co-Chilton Co, AL., as Baker was formed from parts of Bibb, Shelby, Perry and Autauga Co, AL. by 1870 and then changed to Chilton Co, AL. by 1880.}

In 1870 the Family is found in Baker County, AL. (now Chilton County, AL.) {Children are now Wood (M in 1860 as he was Matthew Wood), Joseph N. (actually Joseph H. and he was G. in the 1860 census), Missouri (called Mary in 1860), Virginia, Clarke, Martha}

In 1880 They are in Randolph, Bibb County, AL. Only 1 new son, Wilton born about 1862. However, to their left is their daughter Martha and her husband Joseph Monroe Selman and to their right is their son Joseph Shoults and his family.

This is as far as I've gotten with the census search...haven't done 1900 yet. So...thus far I have these confirmed Children of Charles Gains-Gaines C. C. Shoults and Martha (Bush) Shoults:

1 George W., 2 Mary L., 3 Colonel M., 4 Joseph Hampton, 5 Matthew Wood, 6 Missouri, 7 Thomas, 8 Virginia, 9 Clarke Weldon, 10 Martha, 11 Wilton Shoults.

You have such extensive info on this family! If you could shed any light on our ancestor Charles Gains Shoults, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much.

Jenny Shoults Cottingham
Centreville, Bibb Co. Alabama

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-----Original Message----- From: donna manning
To: jpayne5744
Sent: Fri, Mar 23, 2007 10:24 pm
Subject: gus buckner

Mr. Payne

My Name is Donna Manning, and I been reading on your site for a few years,Now I've got so curious that I have to ask, Do you know who killed gus buckner? I use to work for joe riddle and charles riddle and charles' wife send me to work for Nell Buckner, I can remember her telling me stories about her husband's death but she never knew who done it. Do you know?

I know alot about some of these old timers stories,maybe can help me and i can help you.

Dearly Intersted


Jackie and I are far removed from the Riddle Family. Charles "Uncle Ben” Riddle was an in-law to me who married one of my mother's older sisters. Jackie is Ben Riddle's granddaughter and she never met him. So whatever you find please feel free to speak openly to us. My family liked JFK, my Uncle Fletcher Foster in Lake City even had his portrait hanging in his house till the day he died in the 1980's.

We owe a little background, as we know it this day, on Ben Riddle. He was the son of Henry W. Riddle of New Tazewell in Claiborne County, TN. He joined the CCC during the depression and then entered the Army during WWII where he saw heavy action from the D-day invasion till his suffered frost bite of the feet in the Battle of the Bulge. After the war he met and married Hazel Catherine Hill of Knoxville, TN. He worked at the old Brookside Mill for a while off Baxter Avenue. Hazel and Ben had three children: Linda Riddle (who is Jackie's mother), Sharon Riddle, and Charles Michael Riddle. About when the children were ages 6, 4, and 2 in about 1954 Ben and Hazel divorced. Ben disappeared for about 24 years until 1978 when his wife at the time called to let his children know he had passed away in Toledo, Ohio. Ben was buried in Indiana. We have no idea how he even had the phone number, where he was all that time, etc...

Fortunately we do know that Henry W. Riddle was Ben’s father and through him might be able to connect him to a family tree for the Riddle's. A few of Ben's siblings moved to Monroe, Michigan. I found his older half brother, Arthur Ridley, in Monroe in the 1930 Census. Some of Henry's children spelled the name "Riddle" and some spelled it "Ridley". One was the Fire chief of the city at one time.

I spent several hours on this last night and didn't find any connection, but did add more data to the spreadsheet from the 1930 census for Riddle's that moved to Michigan. See attached and below.

I talked to Mary Trent last night on the phone and she didn't know much about the Riddle's, but when she has time will look at what she has to make sure. She did say the Maggie was buried in the Iris Cemetery in Claiborne, Co.

Thank You

David Foster

1930 Federal Census:

That's an interesting story. I can see why it left an unfavorable impression too but it was the early 1960’s and I’m sure a lot of the older generation back then had a difficult time letting go of prejudices. (I'm not saying he was right in his comment though, just rationalizing it to the times). I wonder if the school ever counseled him on his comment? I know today that sort of comment would be immediately delt with or especially in the military, we receive EEO/MEO training all the time.

So you are familiar with Virginia? It's very pretty here, I just don't like the taxes. I live near Hampton, Va and work at Langley AFB. Do you know where it is?

jackie -------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: []
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:21 AM
Cc: Kennedy Jackie L MSgt 1 CS/SCMO;
Subject: Re: Claiborne County Family

David and Jackie,

Now this is kinda weird but I have to tell you a story about where I was the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Jackie I have no idea whether your related but I would doubt it.

On that fateful day in November 1963 I was sitting in my high school freshman English class. Most of us had just found out about politics and many of us were excited about all the things our new President was talking about. The end of a terrible Cold War and the protection of a Navel Base just off the Florida Coast at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Being close to Oak Ridge, TN we had all experienced the procedures of what to do in case of a nuclear attack. If sirens should sound were were trained to hide under our little one man wooden desk. That in an old school that probably could not have withstood a strong storm but for all of it's abnormalities look surprisingly enough to us like the Alamo.

I found much of what I was looking for yesterday on another double murder in the Claiborne library file. I will try and go back today or tomorrow and see if there is more on the murder you seek.

Take care,

Joe Payne -----Original Message----- From: David Foster To: Cc: Jackie Kennedy ; Jackie Kennedy Sent: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 1:59 pm Subject: Re: Claiborne County Family Joe,

Thank you for the help. I CCed, my cousin, Jackie Kennedy at Langley with this response, she's in the USAF.

I haven't obtained a death certificate yet, but did send an email to one of the local papers in Claiborne, County and the reply was:

"Our archived papers only go back to 1935. There was a fire that year that destroyed all of the old papers from 1887 until then. The state archives might have some information ‹ you might want to check with them. Richard"

With a murder a paper near by might pick up the story, I know the "Clinton Currier" goes back to the early 1930's. maybe earlier? Not to mention the Knoxville Papers.

Joyce Watson has found some additional information on Henry in the 1900 census. Where the age of Henry W. matches the age of William.

Attached in Excel format is what information I have been able to find thus far. The book has two spreadsheets: "Raw Data" where everything is placed in a time line format and "Tree" where it's a little more organized in a time line flow chart.


Thank you very much

David Foster wrote:


That shouldn't be a very hard "Riddle" to solve. There are a couple of branches of the Riddle family still in Claiborne County and I will try and help you. First I would like to find the obituary of the Henry Riddle or an article from the local paper regarding his murder.

I had a teacher in High School named Carson Riddle and there was a large land owner near property my father owned who was a saw mill operator here near Tazewell by the name of Joe Riddle.

I will try and do some snooping around this week and see what I can do.

Langley, VA you say. I used to ride the bus from my home in near Fairfax, VA downtown D.C. to 21st and C. St., N.W. past Langley. That would be C.I.A. Headquaters or the Marine base near there, right?

I think if I am not mistaken that Charlie or Ben Riddle has come up in some of my genealogy.

Will get back to you soon.

Joe Payne

-----Original Message----- From: David Foster To: Sent: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 12:10 am Subject: Claiborne County Family Dear Joe,

I'm not sure if you remember me? I sent you the information on the Magazine article on Black Marble. From your web site you seem to very familiar with the genealogical history of Claiborne County.

I have a cousin who just had her first baby has asked if I would assist her in finding her family history. She in the Military in Langley, VA and is scheduled for a tour of duty in the Middle East so due to her distance form this area she is limited in what she can do. Her Grandfather was Charles Ben Riddle. He was in the Civilian Conservation Corps and served in WWII ETO from D-Day till the Battle of the bulge where he suffered from frost bitten feet. Several of uncle Ben's siblings moved to Monroe, Michigan.

Her great grandfather, Henry Riddle (Ridley), was born in the 1880's, was from near Tazwell, and was murdered in a grocery store robbery in the 1920's. I'm not sure who Henry Riddle's father was, I have a dead end with him. Based on the Federal Census his father may have been either Thomas or Charlie Riddle?

Thank You

David Foster

Fwd: Genealogy Research
From: Jackie Kennedy
To: jpayne5744
Date:Tue, Jul 19, 2011 2:51 pm

My name is Jackie Kennedy and I have ancestors from Claiborne County (Lone Mountain/Tazewell).

I was wondering if you have any information on my great grandfather, Henry Washington Riddley/Ridley/Riddle and or anyone from this line of Riddley/Ridley/Riddle's. His name has been spelled all three ways. I know he was from Claiborne county, specifically Lone Mountain. I know he was born in abt 1883 and by 1900 he was not married yet according to the census. In 1906 he had a son named Arthur and by 1908 he had a daughter named Leona. From what I can gather, I believe his 1st wife may have been named Mary Cook and was from Grainger county (Allen and Lydia Cook are her parents) The issue is I can not find any proof she was his wife and Leona's daughter seems to think he was married to Mary's sister, (Carnnie) Nola Cook but Nola was born in 1903. She is clearly too young and I believe Nola married Elijah (Lija) Cheek. I think Mary Cook may have died and that's why he remarried to Margaret Jane "Maggie" Sturgill.

Henry's second wife, my great grandmother, was Margaret Jane "Maggie" Sturgill (born 1903) from Letcher Co. Ky. I think they must have married around 1916 or 1917 since their 1st child (Eddie Myrl) was born in 1918.

Henry was killed in 1928 in Tazewell, Tn over a debt despute and Maggie remarried to Chester Venable. After Chester died Maggie married her final spouse, Elisha Miley. I have contacted as many living family members from these lines to see if any of them know any details of Henry and Maggie Sturgill and Henry and Mary Cook's marriages. No one has any details.

Do you know how I could locate any documents about Henry's death? I do have a newspaper article from the Tazewell paper talking about the event. I know the man who killed him was named Herman Wilmot (Wilmoth) and he killed Henry on 4 Feb 1928 when he threw a large piece if stove wood at Henry. The wood broke Henry's neck. I have a death cert for Henry. I was wondering since you have descendants that were prominent in this area during the same time frame, do you know any of the store names in that area from 1928? I was hoping to find out what Henry's store was called. It is said Henry may have even owned a saw mill in the area as well along with a lot of land. I was hoping to stumble on a photo of the store front maybe he advertised in the paper.

Thank you in advance, Jackie Kennedy

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James Jeffery Cotter has furnished a very important key to my grandmother, Birdie Stone Phillips's possible lineage. Please bear in mind this is my mitochondria DNA.
Name: James Jeffrey Cotter
Message: Joseph,
We are only one off in match. Its interesting though as we are third cousins through the Days John Day Nancy Hurst, Elizabeth Day. John Day being my Great Grandfather, Eliza Day, Elisabeths older sister. All through your paternal side.
Yet we match on maternal of course all of our folks were in the same places.
On 4/9/2011 5:39 PM, Joe Payne wrote:
If mitochondria DNA traces directly through mother then I see my grandmother, whose mitochondrial I would be interested in, having been born in 1882 would have to have a connection with your Hughes line.
That might be more interesting if your Hughes line was either Tennessee or Kentucky.
There is a large Hughes family that lived right next door to my mother's Stone family for many years. They both were lawyers and very close friends. It would be possible that my grandmother's mother was in some way descended from the Hughes family as my mother always was told if she ever wanted to know who her mother's mother was there was a lawyer in Harrogate, TN by the name of White that could tell her.
Thanks for putting all that together for me. Would you mind if I used it on my site?
From: James-Jeffrey Cotter
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Message from a mitosearch user
To: "Joe Payne"
Date: Saturday, April 9, 2011, 1:08 PM
I tried to put some pertinent stuff together I will send two messages if the size is problem.
Joe feel free to use anything I send. I am looking for some more, I have wills, discharge papers photos, the usual and I will see what might be of interest. If you go to the Haston family site you see information on the Creely family. Isabellen Creely from that same family is the end point on my on my search on MTDNA.
The Haston Creely Mooneyham connection all started in North Carolina as did your Mary Polly Edwards.
Some others I have found from the same area but I need to find my notes. It is possible our common MTDNA is somewhere in that area. What do you think?
What I think to follow.
Back to genealogy. I have received two emails from my Payne family that will be posted soon. One is from a distant relative, a descendant of Daniel Payne and Martha Frazier and another from my own line of John Payne and Sarah "Sally" England. This along with several other important pieces to other family puzzles very soon.




Several other Large Files

Emailing: Lamb-Givens Ancestry DRAFT Rev 2 v.4
Sunday, January 30, 2011 9:27 PM
From: "Ed Johnson"
(47KB)Lamb-Givens Ancestry DRAFT Rev 2 v.4.doc,

Appreciate your reply and sending what I have on Lanham's via my Lamb-Givens research.

-Also, will send separately other research I'm doing that may be of interest since they're NE TN and SW VA.


Still posting to

Friday, January 21, 2011 6:13 PM
From: "John Parkey"

Good afternoon,

My name is John Parkey and I hope I am addressing Joe Payne of Tennessee. I want to thank you for the genealogy information you have posted on your site of the Parkey family, and I would like to offer clarification between Henley Parkey and Hugh Parkey, children of William Parkey and Martha Martin.

Hugh Parkey was my great grandfather. His full name was Hugh Henley Parkey (b. 8 Aug 1868 - d. 10 Feb 1910) married Cora E Cooper (b. 29 Apr 1871 - d. 3 Jun 1917) on 13 Apr 1993. Hugh and Cora had five children: Clarence, Roy, Bessie Lee, Barney, and Vivian. Hugh was the younger brother to Henley Clinton Parkey (b. 11 Mar 1867).

I would be happy to share further information with you wish. Please feel free to contact me at this email address.

Best regards,

Al and Lafayette Payne (the twins) - White Blouse Dresses - Still popular in Britain in the early 1910's

Al and Lafayette Payne (the twins)- Had changed over to the Buster Brown Tunic by about 1915

Judge Lafayette G. Payne (County Exec.)

There was a custom of the day to dress male twins in dresses for pictures until one began crying to wear pants. You can see that my father and his brother Lafayette dressed in dresses for pictures soon after they were born in 1912. My grandfather and grandmother changed them to the Buster Brown Tunic style probably about 1917. The bottom picture is of my grandfather Lafayette, Sr. or his twin brother Robert Wesley, with his back to the camera and the two children, one in a dress the other in pants are probably my aunt Beatrice, born 1906, and either Al or Lafayette, Jr., born 1912, watching the Lone Mountain men put the Fords together about 1915. From the page Fun, Fun, Fun

My Ransom Day who filed his Revolutionary War Pension Papers in Claiborne County and whose son John Ransom Day, Jr married Elizabeth Hurst, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hurst of Virginia whose Revolutionary War papers are on file with the D.A.R.

The Revolutionary War Pension Papers of George Livesay (1765 - 1837), Hawkins County, TN. GGGrandfather of Joe Payne. My Grandmother Martha Alice Livesay's mother Elizabeth Slaton Johns whose mother was Martha Alice Slaton's father was Captain John Slaton East Tennessee Drafted Militia, War of 1812.

Both Tobias and George Phillips offered land and money to the armies of the American Revolution and have papers on file with the D.A.R. George Phillips' mother was Hannah Goad whose father was Abraham Goad whose son was John Goad, Sr. whose daughter was Joanna Goad who married Valentine Sevier, Sr. whose son was General John Sevier - A General in the Revolutionary War.

Timothy Sexton was born in 1750 died on 18 Aug 1782 at York District, SC of war related causes. Revolutionary War, NJ 3rd Regiment - Col. Elias Deyton Private, enlisted Morristown, NJ was the Grandfather of Rebecca Sextion who married Jehu Phillips, grandfather of my grandfather Joseph Phillips

Pictures of the John Payne and Elizabeth Frazier Payne Family

Re: pictures and obit. of John Payne and Elizibeth (Frazier) Payne Monday, February 22, 2010 12:15 PM From: "Peggy Payne"
To: "Joe Payne"

Yes John Payne was my Great Great Grandfather. I will be emailing you pictures and information soon. Thanks for all your hard work on the Payne Family.


--- On Sat, 2/20/10, Joe Payne wrote:

From: Joe Payne
Subject: Re: pictures and obit. of John Payne and Elizibeth (Frazier) Payne
Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010, 5:36 PM Ray,

That would be great. You can email me or if you want to send them to me snail mail I can send you that info. Have you ever seen a book History of A Missouri Farm Family by Stephen S. Slaughter? It has a lot of the Fraizer family information in it.

Is your lineage connected to John Payne?

Joe Payne

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2009 Sevier Family Reunion
The name Xavier means "the new house" in Basque.

The top picture was made at Kings Mountain National Military Park, South Carolina and the lower picture at the Rocky Mount Museum, Cobb Homestead, Piney Flats, Tennessee

The Sevier-Payne lineage is completely Mitochondrial because it runs through my mother and from Gen. John Sevier through his mother Joanna Goad. Joseph Payne -> Betty Phillips Payne -> Joseph Phillips -> Riley Phillips -> Jehu Phillips -> Joseph Phillips -> Tobias Phillips -> George Phillips' mother was Hannah Goad whose father was Abraham Goad whose son was John Goad, Sr. whose daughter was Joanna Goad who married Valentine Sevier, Sr. whose son was General John Sevier - A General in the Revolutionary War. He was one of the Colonel's in command at the battle of Kings Mountain and he served several Indian Campaigns against the Cherokee Indians. He was the 1st militia General of Tennessee Territory of the State of Franklin, was the 1st Governor of Tennessee and a U.S. Congressman.

What makes this Sevier-Payne relationship so uncommon is that Reuben Payne, the proginator of my Payne family in America became very close friends with Gen. John Sevier as recorded in his personal journal as far back as 1795. Sevier appointed Reuben Payne "Overseer of the Poor" in December 1796, that meant Reuben Payne or Paine would dispense rations or supplies to those in need.


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Battle of Tazewell page has been updated

More Cousins - On back: From your cousin-L to R - Mary - Betsy (Rose) - Barb
No idea about Mary, Betsy is Betsy Rose married Jay Taylor and Barb may be Barb Gilbert married Phil (R.T.) Payne

"As communism and the Soviet bloc began to come apart, our side expected that KGB agents, having lost their moral and political raison d'etre, would begin to offer themselves to the CIA in large numbers. That happened. What we did not anticipate, however, was that the same phenomenon would affect a number of our own operatives.... When the excitement and intrigue subverting the monolithic, closed and threatening Soviet system ended, a few of the gung-ho performers turned to the only equally satisfying and more dangerous alternative - betrayal of their own country" - JAY TAYLOR - former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, in the Washington Post, 22 December 1996

William J (Bill) Robinson and his younger brother Rhodes, sons of Bob and Alta Robinson,grandsons of Lizzie and Sterling Robinson - New information on the William Robinson lineage page - regarding Robinson Station, near Pineville, Kentucky. The above pictures were sent to me by Beth Robinson Bunch in December 2007. Beth is the daughter of William Jacob Robinson, who in trun was the son of Jacob Baylor "Bob" Robinson, the son of Sterling Robert Robinson. Here are all of the pictures sent by Beth

Need help identifying the above picture. Date around 1946 and on back of picture are:
L to R - Dr. Marvin McCullough, Margaret Lane McCullough, Betty Payne, Jim Payne - Having searched my McCullough page I have ID'd the McCulloughs.

Dr Marvin D McCullough 7/21/1909 to 1/28/1983
Wife was Margaret Lane McCullough 9/22/1911 to 7/22/1964
They are buried in Lynnhurst Cemetery - Knoxville, TN.
My mother and my father's first cousin, Jim Payne are the Paynes. Jim Payne spent some time in a German prisoner of war camp during WWII. He was a Technical Sgt. on a bomber. Jim wound up living in London (Kentucky)

Janis Ian - At Seventeen .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

1960 MYF Tazewell Methodist Church - Left to Right - Betsy Payne, Joe Payne, John Davis, Sam McCullouch, Alvin Duncan and Wayne Graves

The New Tazewell Times - August 1901 - Update!

Still looking for information on the FORD HOTEL in New Tazewell as well as the LIVESAY and FORD Livery Stable located beside it.

Mark Treadway has a new BOOK CATALOG for The Genealogy Book Shoppe located at 261 Kyle Lane Tazewell, Tn 37879.

Bonny Kate, Pioneer Lady, by Mark Strength.
It was my pleasure and honor to attend this years Sevier Family Reunion in Jonesborough, Tennessee. It was also a pleasure and an honor to meet and become friends with an author of three books regarding the life of General John Sevier's, "Nolichucky Jack", second wife, Kate or Catherine Sherrill. Although Mark is not a direct descendant of or connected to the Sevier family by heritage, he realizes the importance of what John Sevier did for the establishment of our great nation. Mark, previously employed as a securities analyst has left that career for what he feels is a more rewarding life as a publisher and an author. From his website Bonny Kate Publishing Company, Mark advertises his latest books. The Knoxville News Sentinel critiqued his first book in February 2008. Both books are taken from the factual events and primary families that were part of our early pioneer heritage, especially those rooted deeply in East Tennessee.Bonny Kate's Honeymoon: Victory at King's Mountain., by Mark Strength.
I have to mention that while looking for a model for the cover of his second book Mark happened upon a direct descendant of Valentine Sevier and Joanna Goad, my line, she attended this years reunion and I only wish you could have seen that lovely face behind the hat to your left.

Mark's most recent book is titled, Song of The Sehenandoah. It begins in 1738 when Polly, later called Mary, and Sam Sherrill, the parents of Bonny Kate, in their early teens, It includes Valentine Sevier, Joseph Hawkins and many others with ties to the Seviers and Sherrells.

This is what I call IRONICAL. Two people who do not know each other send me a picture just a few days apart. Both made in 1918 during the time that their parents were students at Claiborne County H.S. One is of students graduating the other is of teachers. Probably made on the same day.
Here is another oldie ----- the graduation of Kleber Chumley (third from left) and friends from Claiborne County High School in 1918.
Regards, Glynn Millett (A. Glynn Ailey) San Jose, CA -
Also will send a photo I just ran across of 4 teachers at Claiborne Co High School which I expect was taken about the time my mother graduated - 1918. Teachers at Claiborne County High School. In center is Miss Wylie. On right is Miss Dempster. - Ann Doege

My cousin Amy Potts has given we Payne's a real treat. Somewhere around 1998 I asked my Uncle Fate Payne, twin brother of my father Al, to record as much about he and my father's growing up in Lone Mountain and he sent about three cassette tapes. Uncle Fate got around to doing them in July 2001, sadly after our brother Eddie had passed away. Amy has the expertise to put these tapes in mp3 format and the first of which (about 26 minutes) is below.
Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Still looking for information on the Tazewell M.E. Church South that was located on the back street of Tazewell, referred to as Church Street. This M.E. Church has long puzzled me as no one seems to know of it's existence and I seem to be the only person who has a picture of this M.E. Church South. Were there plans for the A.M.E. Church to move to Tazewell to support the large African American population here from the days of slavery that chose to remain here after the Civil War ended. Quote from John Wesley (1701-1791) - "Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can."
  • July 14, 2008 - Chattanooga Times Free Press - The interstate drama over pollution in North Carolina from TVA's coal-fired power plants in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky takes center stage today in a federal courtroom in Ashville, N.C.
  • July 23, 2008 - EPA official: TVA skirted the law by Anne PAINE - TVA each year has been "unlawfully" releasing about 300,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and about 130,000 tons of ozone-forming nitrogen oxide, he said. That's on top of legal emissions
  • Aug. 24, 2009 - TVA may shutter aging coal-fired plants - In next year's budget, TVA plans to begin building an $820 million, combined-cycle, gas-powered plant to replace the generation at the John Sevier plant.
  • As an Energy Advisor, yes spelled A-D-V-I-S-O-R, for TVA I learned a lot about the agency as it was in the late 1970's. Concern for conservation measures took a backseat to issues of the need for power production. I was taught concern for the environment at an early age and meeting those that would lead TVA into the future shocked me. Corporate greed is prevalent in that agency and many important issues are overlooked because of it. Can you believe that as late as 2008 that TVA is making it's employees suffer by cutting their own energy usage down by setting their building thermostat's to a temperature that would actually save electricity. Yes, with the salaries that they make they should be made to sweat it out with ceiling and window fans in the summer and sit by wood or corn burning stoves in the winter.
  • Energy Crisis in a Nutshell. Conservation, if practiced, would have saved the world all this worry about the ozone had been hammered into everyone's brain as it was mine during the 1970's. A silly title, especially during the 1970's. Who needed an Energy Advisor just after the big fiasco when we all sat in gas lines and cringed at $1.00 a gallon gas. Well evidently not Claiborne County, heck Claiborne County didn't need anyone telling them they needed to cut their energy costs, they didn't use much energy at all. Well, after that little job as Energy Advisor, I took to cutting firewood and hauling it through a program with East Tennessee Human Resources called their Energy Assistance Program. I did it for about three years and hauled so much firewood that the Soil Conservation Service decided to give me an award as Conservation Farmer of the Year in 1982. Now does that say anything about HOW I think the Energy Crisis and all this smoke about there being a pollution problem SHOULD have been handled but isn't. If my electric bill goes above $100.00 I worry. I must say I use far too much gasoline, driving back and forth to work but that is because I would rather live in an area that isn't constantly under a pollution alert. I think I hear the Passenger Train whistle blowing, don't want to be late for work, better run.

  • The Fielden and Hazel McNeely House about 2000. GOING GOING - GONE - Click on picture for more.

    The McNeeley-Weir House Moved. Click on picture for more.

    A couple reasons my site is back up is correspondence from Millie Baumgardner Gladney.

    George Livesay, seated second from left, came from Hancock County about 1870 to begin his poultry business in Claiborne County. He was by all account a staunch Republican but became disgruntled with the politics of Claiborne County. He moved to Knoxville about 1908 and began a poultry business on Market Street. Below is one of his last Announcements in the New Tazewell Times - a business he owned and was editor of. His interest in using the railroad line that ran between Lone Mountain, New Tazewell and Knoxville for industry was evident in his articles.

    More on what George Livesay referred to as the Spout Spring Village Republicans. Only two pages of the New Tazewell Times that he began in 1901 are recorded in the microfilm records that I can find. I have attempted to scan and transcribe much of what he was trying to do to bring new business to the railroad town of New Tazewell, Tennessee. CLICK HERE.

    Is the house above the next along back street Tazewell to be torn down? Click on Picture for What I heard.

    Are we as concerned as we should be about our drinking water? I have taken an active stand against pollution from many years and have found that much of what I feel matters very little to most people. Should we endanger our water supply in the NAME OF PROGRESS

    How a true timber sale should be conducted. Some States require such practices, should Tennessee? ?

    "And we feel sure the music of this great State is assured."
    I don't think he was talking about "Rocky Top", or was he?

    President John F. Kennedy "90th Anniversary of Vanderbilt University" May 1963

    The old DELCO HOUSE that was used by my Grandfather Lafayette G. Payne during the 1920's is still standing

    Movie "Wild River" - 1960 - A young field administrator (Montgomery Clift) for the TVA comes to rural Tennessee to oversee the building of a dam on the Tennessee River. He encounters opposition from the local people, in particular a farmer who objects to his employment (with pay) of local black laborers. Much of the plot revolves around the eviction of an elderly woman from her home on an island in the River, and the young man's love affair with that woman's widowed granddaughter. Directed by Elia Kazan
    That is Hollywood's version. An example would be taking some of the brightest from the local area and "using" them to persuade the people to give up their land. I was contacted by Mr. Baker's grandson from the pictures below asking me to assist with information regarding his grandfather's mysterious death. If he is still coming to my site please contact me. Joe Payne
    Uncle Lafayette G. Payne, Jr. worked for the land acqusition office of TVA in 1933-1934 "Wild River". Another Uncle, John Archer, was President of Nantahala Power and Light, Franklin, N.C. Grandfather Joseph Phillips was first with Power and Light Company in Claiborne County. Well, I was the first TVA Energy Advisor, should I not be famous?

    Environmental Protection Agency models show more than 1,200 Americans die prematurely every year due to TVA's power plant pollution and thousands more suffer from respiratory ailments, including asthma. More on this can be found on the National Resource Defense Council website.

    Brand New Old Photos from Ann Doege of the Lone Mountain area. See if you can help us locate where these pictures were taken. I think they are a large part of the Shenandoah Springs.

    Congress passed the Tennessee Valley
    Authority Act in 1933 as one innovative program of the New Deal designed to pull the American economy out of the Great Depression. TVA developed fertilizers, helped farmers improve crop yields, replanted forests, controlled flooding, and generated electricity for the inhabitants of the valley. In the 1940s and World War II, TVA shifted its focus to hydroelectric projects that created 28,000 jobs. By the 1950s, TVA could not keep up with the demand for electricity because of its dependence on government financing. In 1959 TVA was granted by Congress the right to be a self-financing program no longer dependent on and limited by government appropriations. TVA has long been a controversial entity, largely because of its government connection and its practices of acquiring farm lands in order to build dams that create electricity.

    Experience Classicsonline
    In 1947 President Harry S. Truman created the Federal Employees Loyalty Program which reviewed federal employees and fired them if any doubt was evident about the employee's loyalty. The House Committee on Unamerican Activities (HUAC), as well as Joseph McCarthy's efforts, increased the search for communists in America. Thus began "The Red Scare" around 1948 and extended through the mid-1950s and was caused by a variety of factors, some of which include the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenburg for espionage, who by the way, had a brother-in-law, David Greenglass working at Oak Ridge, Tn. Also the Iron Curtain, the Soviet Union's acquisition of an atomic bomb, and communist revolution in China added to the scare. Widespread beliefs that communist spies and sympathizers were in America working towards her demise only added to the paranoia of the times. The Oak Ridge worker, Greenglass turned state's evidence against the Rosenbergs in return for immunity for his wife, who had served as his courier.

    In 1954 the Atomic Energy Act and Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" (AUDIO)program dictated a revision of the AEC classification guide to make information available for industrial development of nuclear energy. Thus was the era of Korea and Kruschev, I Like Ike, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, "Blue Suede Shoes", Peter Pan, the Kinsey Report. June Clever and Joseph McCarthy, the Edsel and Sputnik, the Hula hoop and the H-bombs.

    More information regarding George Livesay

    "What countless and magnificent escapes even the best of us in our short career and what fatalities we clutch which we should have shuned with horror. And how easy it is now to look back on our lost battlefields that might have been victorys had we stopped to read the grim lesson of experience, the threatening danger that stared us in the face at
    every turn in life when prosperity had been blighted and pledges had been broken and promises had been forgotten. All because we fainted under the banner of King Credit, but now have come again with the bullion, the stuff that will buy the world, with goods that is unexcelled in quality, and with prices that will prove to you that the Almighty Dollar is King of the World. And thanks to my many friends, I will prove to you if you will visit me and examine my goods, that I am on top. I will pay you cash for your produce and will redeam every pledge I have made to living man, and will continue to condemn without fear, thievery, robbery, corruption and dishonesty in the future as I have in the past."

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    Claiborne County Payne, Lewis and Hurst Family Discoveries through DNA Testing is that John "Millcreek" Hurst is not a direct descendant Henry Hurst of Leckhampstead Parish, Buckinghamshire, England, Fielding Lewis of Big Barron, Claiborne County is not a descendant of Col. Fielding Lewis of Warner Hall, and that Reuben Payne is not a direct descendant of John Payne of White Hall, Va.

    There are approx. 105 Surname Studies below. Please use the arrow to the right of the box to access the "Drop Down List"
    If you would like to add your family to this list or make additions or corrections please email me Joe Payne

    Click on the Arrow to the Right and Scroll Down - Many names have been Americanized such as Geck, Buehler, Sharpe, Jaeger, etc.

    If you're interested in Claiborne County and its History browse:
  • Claiborne County pages on Yahoo/Geocities
  • Claiborne County TNGENWEB Pages
  • Claiborne County Resource Page
  • Claiborne County Cemeteries Association
  • Claiborne County Pioneer Project Over 52,000 Individuals.
  • Below are the surnames of projects I have done for other people:
    Hill BairdBurkhart Dunn Freshour McMillan Sherrod
    Franklin Gentry Shelton Bowman Mask/Ard Young Baskin
    Rinker Hurt Redman Yoakum McNeeley Stanifer/Standifer Cawood
    Carr Rose Bailey Livesay Hodges

    If you have a Claiborne County related Homepage, maybe you would like to add it to this growing list of researchers. A wonderful way to share you research and help those just beginning to connect on to family who shared their roots in Claiborne County, TN.
  • Have you downloaded the Later Day Saints Personal Ancestral File 4.04 yet?
    Here is an example of their Web Page Report.
  • Descendants of Thomas Livesay born on 3 Feb 1730 in Blackburn, Lancashire County, England.
  • As with most of my family the Livesay were pro Union during the Civil War. The following comes from the Livesay Historical Society's web site:
    From LHS Webpage: Carter was an impulsive, high tempered man and because of this he had trouble living peacefully with his family and neighbors. In his Civil War records, the late Ralph Mason found the following story: "Carter Livesay of Kyles Ford, Hancock County, TN, was known as an uncompromising Union man at the beginning of the war between the states. In 1861, some southern soldiers came through the county arresting Union men and taking their guns.
    When they approached Carter's house he fired on them, shooting the horse from under one of the soldiers. Thereafter, he fled to the nearby woods to hide. The soldiers came on to the house and arrested his father, Joseph, and took him off to prison. Carter's father died shortly after his release from prison. Carter and others remained in hiding afraid for their lives. When Capt. Rose came into the county, recruiting men for the southern forces, Carter and others arranged a meeting with him and as a result were given safe conduct out of the county into Kentucky. There evidently was not a clear meeting of minds as Capt Rose, in his disposition after the war, believed that he had gained new recruits, but Carter said he thought otherwise. Later, when they were in Kentucky, rifles and uniforms were issued to them but Carter refused to wear the uniform and hid the gun under a ledge of rock. He never took the oath of allegiance and later when the soldiers were engaged in a skirmish at Boston, KY., he got away and joined the Federal troops at French Lick, KY., and stayed with them until his discharge. The records further show that Newton (his brother) did not go with him, but his brother Joe did. Carter served in Company F of 2nd Tennessee Regiment. He enlisted Feb. 15, 1862 and was discharged Feb. 24, 1863 (disability). The papers show that he married at Blackwater, TN, Nov 10, 1885 to Ellen Mullins that he was previously married to Deborah Byrd, from whom he was divorced Sept 24, 1865.
  • Also from the LDS is ONLINE! 1880 U.S. and Canadian Census FREE!
  • 1850 Claiborne County Slave Schedule - and - 1860 Claiborne County Slave Schedule.
  • Claiborne County Census 1840 - 1880 Census at Leon's Web Spot.

  • Some Stories with Local Flavor
  • Edward East Barthell, first attorney for the Stearns Coal & Lumber Company in his Mountain Stories tells of how mountain justice prevailed in the early 1900's.. Transcribed and printed with permission of his grandaughter Patty Barthell Myers of San Antonio, Texas

  • Several books put online. Many interesting topics and families described here. The William Ingle and Mary Draper Family and the early McClellan family in Tennessee. Sue Patterson's Books Online
  • Unpublished manuscript Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers,by Emory L. Hamilton (Contributed to Russell Co., Genweb Site by Rhonda Patterson)
  • This article, Some Important Notes in Scott Co., Virginia History is taken from History of Scott County, Virginia by Robert M. Addington, pp. 1-3 & 43-93, copyright 1932 - Thanks to Lesa Pfrommer for sending this file.
  • An essay by Bertha C. Chandler, The Three Rivers Chronicle, Publication of the Three Rivers Historical Society at Hemingway, S.C. 29554 - Volume VII, March, 1987 - No. 1 William and Sarah Stone of the Northern Neck of Virginia - John Stones', GGGrandson of William and Sarah Stone and the first Stone of his line to move into East Tennessee, scanned War of 1812 Widow's Pension Application papers.
    Now we have the GGrandson of John Stone who fought on both sides during the Civil War. Thomas Wesley Stone's service in the 12th Tennessee Calvary both Confederate and Union.
  • Thomas Wesley Stone deeded most of his property in Tazewell to his son-in-law Joseph Phillips after my grandfather bought the land. Here are two original deeds to the property on Old Knoxville Road
  • .
  • Ron Stone of Atlanta, Indiana would like to add his lineage to the Stone line. Ron also has contributed an article written by Lee Dan Stone, Jr. that has to do with the son of a former slave. His name was Bill Dudley. Lee Dan Stone, Jr tells of time he spent with his Great-Uncle Dr. Samuel Stone .
  • The Revolutionary War Pension Papers of George Livesay (1765 - 1837), Hawkins County, TN. GGGrandfather of Joe Payne.
    Here we have Grandmother Mattie Alice Livesay on steps of Mossy Creek College, Jefferson City, TN ca 1898

  • Yahoo!

    click on image above
  • AWEA statement on the Department of the Interior’s announcement regarding offshore wind projects in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Senator Lamar Alexander (2005) ''My studies suggest that at a time when America needs large amounts of low-cost, reliable power, wind produces puny amounts of high-cost, unreliable power'' - Lamar Alexander 2010 - An Energy Strategy for Grown-Ups - Lamar Alexander 2011 - Alexander Pushes Wind Energy Subsidies - The Republican leader still thinks Wind Power is not a viable option to replace oil and coal.
  • Wind and Solar Incentive's Stripped from Energy Bill - Senator Alexander and TVA win a large battle against renewable energy standards
  • Lamar says Wind Power would "raise our taxes, run away jobs and ruin our mountaintops"
  • Global warming real and human induced
  • Biotechnology will clear our forests and crop lands
  • Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
  • My Ransom Day linage includes a DNA Chart of various Day lines that may help us locate the true lineage of Ransom Day, who filed his Revolutionary War Pension Papers in Claiborne County and whose son John Ransom Day, Jr married Elizabeth Hurst, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hurst of Virginia.
  • Here we have the Reminiscences of my GGreatgrandfather Jehu Phillips of Scott County, TN as told to the Cumberland Chronicle in Huntsville, TN in 1904.
  • Riley Phillips and father Jehu served in the Civil War. Grandfather Joe Phillips says that his grandfather Jehu fought in the Last Battle of the Civil War.
  • Also a 1939 photo of the spot where Stonewall Jackson was wounded somewhere on the Manassas Battlefield.
  • Here are some scanned pension documents.
  • Jehu's grandson Joseph Phillips, my grandfather, a famous revenue agent, tells of the 1921 capture of "Wild Bill" Gosnell, infamous Cocke County Moonshiner in the Louisville, Kentucky Lincoln Republican, April 1931. March 2008 - Moonshiner, Popcorn Sutton, faces new charges in federal probe.
    Read more about Grandfather Joseph Phillips in his Personal Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings.
  • Head of the U.S. Treasury Department, Lieut. Col. Amos W.W. Woodcock visits Louisville, Ky
  • Sometime after my grandfather Joe Phillips married my grandmother Birdie Stone he entered the Pinkerton Detective Agency. My mother spoke of having his business card with the Agency name. He worked on several cases in Texas where he was part owner of a 360 acre ranch/farm that raised cotton. In Grandfather Joe Phillips 1920 Diary are clues of his becoming a Federal Prohibition Officer.
  • His personal friend and contact in the Alcohol Tax Unit was a well known officer Rex Kitts. He conducted raids during February 1924 in New York City. Most interesting 1927 article concerning when good cops go bad. He mentions spending New Years 1942 with Agent Kitts in his 1942 Diary. Alcohol Tax Agent William Frank Berry killed on Suck Creek Mountain 1938 near Chattanooga.
  • Jehu's GGrandson, Army Air Corps Captain Albert Burice Norrod, Jr. son of Albert Burice Norrod, Sr. and Victoria (Aunt Tora) Phillips Norrod dies in a plane crash in 1942.
  • Grandfather Joe Phillips
  • Norma Irene Morgan sent me her DAR papers for both George and Tobias Phillips. This would be my GGGGrandfather George and his father.
  • "The Adventures of a Conscript" W. H. Younce's little volume entitled, The Adventures of a Conscript, was first published in 1899 by the Editor Publishing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. You can read the entire 105 pages online at the link above. (The Internet Archive)
  • Another article that seems to coincide with the above would be Reconstruction Politics in Grayson County Changes in the Local Political Structure that tells of the Bushwackers, or what I like to refer to as murdering guerrillas, that roamed the Hills of Virginia and Tennessee during and after the Civil War. My Great Great Grandfather Hiram Payne was killed by just such a band and his son Anderson Payne was crippled for life. Read a short account of what happened click here.
  • An article regarding a Union Troop, "Tiger Company", formed to protect the citizens of Claiborne, Hancock and Scott Co., Va during the Civil War from Bushwackers.
  • Read a letter about six brothers who volunteered in the Confederate Army, from the Claiborne County area Thomas Graham Fulkerson of Tazewell, TN. Follow the line of the Claiborne County Fulkerson families and see how they connect to the famous artist Charles M. Russell by reading Tales of a Young Man from Tennessee.
  • Read accounts of the battle that took place in Tazewell the morning of August 6, 1862, and accounts of other skirmishes around Tazewell during the Civil War.
  • Cultural and Ethnic Diversity on the Western Frontier: Cumberland Gap Tennessee, 1750-1915 , by Rebecca Vial, Lincoln Memorial University.
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    Another New File has been added to My-Ged data for Claiborne County, Ann England and Vetty E Decker have added their LEATHERWOOD HOLLER FAMILY
    Another file on the Claiborne County ENGLAND family from Marilyn Turner Winczowski

    Some other related Payne and Claiborne and Scott County families that I have reports online for:

    Anderson England Slatton Wear Burdine Chitwood Dalton
    Day Johns McGinnis Sexton Trammell McBee Roark
    Goad Shultz/Shults Walker Parkey Noe/Noah Riley Pearson
    Lebow/Leabow Baumgardner Farmer Schultz Shipley Buis McCollough
    Archer Kesterson Essary Lickliter Hooper Campbell Whitaker

    Attention all Payne's

    Patrick Payne has organized the Payne Family DNA Project in conjuction with FamilyTreeDNA. The DNA CHART.

    For other Surnames Find and Connect Click on Banner!!

    My Paynes
    Attention All Descendants
    of Lafayette G. Payne

    The BLUE RIBBON our Grandfather was
    wearing the night he died.
    He died doing what he loved best.
    Serving his community. During his time as County Judge according to Edgar Holt's book Claiborne pages 56-61 in a section titled, "Roads and Bridges" it is said that, "In September 1920 the court, with Judge L.G. Payne presiding, approved the issue of $42,000 to keep roads in repair." This was during the time that the Walkers Ford Bridge that joined Union and Claiborne Counties was built.

    click on ribbon

    After 12 years of continuous service
    little is said of Lafayette G. Payne in any Claiborne County History.
    In fact there were deliberate efforts to
    discredit and leave him out of
    much of the County history. Assistance to LMU by Henry Ford began in 1926 when he
    contributed implement repair shop equipment amounting to $1272.26.

    In January 1927 Stanley Rudman, Pres. of D.T.&I Railroad,
    owned by Ford, and his wife visited LMU and arranged
    to give them $4,326.53 worth of material consisting of tractors,
    an automobile, and Estry organ, farm equipment, fertilizer,
    a Radiola, and Victrola. In Febuary 1927 Ford bought
    the use of a 200 acre farm owned by Lon Overton,
    the consideration being $40,000.00 plus $451.98 expenses.
    This property was conveyed to the University in 1933.
    LMU in 1936 received a new school bus from Ford,
    who by then had disbursed about $50,000.00 in their behalf.

    1. You can view my pedigree chart here
    2. Lafayette Glen Payne with Henry and Bob at Cumberland Gap, Daniel Boone Marker
    3. Payne Ford Motor Company began 1915-16 and lasted over 60 years. Grandfather Lafayette G. Payne and brother Robert W. Payne began the business from their father Anderson G. Payne's "Hack" or buggy business in Lone Mountain. According to this June 1948 Advertisement in the Claiborne County Progress only Robert Wesley Payne founded the Payne Motor Company.
    4. Shawn Payne Sanson file on her great-grandfather Robert Wesley Payne, son of Anderson G. Payne.
    5. The Payne Brothers Partnership was established in 1947. This was a partnership that combined the part of the business in Lone Mountain into one.
    6. The other and probably the best business man was Clarence (C.C.)Payne connection. This part of the business was seperate from the Payne Brothers and Payne Ford that sold farm machinery and new Fords. This business actually competed with the Farm Machinery business of Payne Brothers during the late 1940's and early 1950's. It was through the International Harvester and Dodge Chrysler business that was owned and operated by Clarence Payne, son of Byrd Maynard Payne, brother to Lafayette and Robert Wesley Payne, and Clarence's son, Willam "Bill" Payne until his death in 1953. Clarence was also a staunch Democrat and head of the Hard Line Democrats during 1944-1945. Bertha Campbell Payne turns 100 years old. Widow of Clarence Payne, son of Byrd Maynard Payne. October 17, 2005.
    7. During WWII there was a ration of beef and other meats that forced many to resort to freezing their meat. Two companies were competitive in introducing techniques of frozen foods and they were Payne Truck and Tractor, owned by Clarence Payne and son and Charlie England Foods. Here are some ads from 1944-1945.
    8. Betsy Rose Taylor file on her grandfather Byrd Maynard Payne, son of Anderson G. Payne. Betsy's husband is Jay Taylor, a former Under Secretary of State and author of several books. His most recent is
    9. Here are some Claiborne Progress Ads and articles during the late 1940's.
    10. The Payne family business flurished while other members of the family found other interests. Paul Donald Payne, a son of Jacob Payne, brother of Anderson was an inventor and worked with Thomas A. Edison in New Jersey.
    11. Also how I happened upon The Last Ford Thunderbird ever to be made. Do you think that Ford Motor Company might be the first of the major car makers to close its doors?
    12. Reuben Payne and Elizabeth Sweatman my first PAYNE Ancestors to date. Reuben through my DNA is Participant 38273/945U on the PAYNE DNA Chart
      View some early scanned documents of the Reuben Payne Family.
    13. Earl Caldwell, Powell, TN pictures of Elias Payne Family,brother of Anderson G. Payne.
    14. A 1992 letter from a grandaughter, Dorthy Vansickle King, of James M. Payne, a brother to Elias and Anderson G. Payne gives insight to what happened to two of the daughters of James M. Payne and Sarah Roller Payne after their parents died around 1897.
    15. Pictures of Enoch and Sally England Payne House, grandson of Reuben Payne and grandfather of Anderson G. Payne.

    New Information from two sources on long distant cousins.
    From Janet in Oregon, a long lost cousin comes pictures of part of my Payne family that moved first to Barren County, Ky around 1800 then on to Missouri. Please visit the Enoch, son of Daniel Family.
    Next we have pictures from Wayne Birge of the Payne Family Cemetery located near Tompkinsville, Ky. This cemetery is supposedly the last resting place of Reuben Payne, the proginator of my Payne family in America.

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    Other Paynes

    Here are a few other Payne families in the Tennessee or surrounding areas about the same time as mine. These are mostly uncomfirmed files from GEDCOM and other various sources and should not be considered entirely accurate. Please let me know if you can authenticate or connect to these families. Some I have lost links to that I hope to restore soon.
    If your a Payne or Payne kin you might be interested in the Heraldry of Payne.

    View Payne Family Queries
    Post your Payne Family Queries
    Could be your Payne's
  • The Catholic branch of the Payne family for which Paynesville, Kentucky is named. John H. PAYNE b. 14 FEB 1769 Md., d. 24 MAR 1846 in Knottsville, Daviess Co., Ky. married Dorothy DRURY.

  • The Man from Plains
    2007 Movie
  • Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - almost 40 Years Ago

  • Program: American Experience Episode 1: The Presidents: Jimmy Carter, A peanut farmer who rose to become America's thirty-ninth president, Jimmy Carter was a failure in his single term in office. He turned to humanitarian work as an ex-president. Watch The Entire Version of The Presidents: Jimmy Carter on PBS. See more from American Experience.

  • MetroPulse The New Atomic Age
  • Tennessee "A funnel to bring in nuclear weapons and power waste from around the country to disperse into the landfills and recycling".
  • April 23, 2008 Utah governor opposes imports of Italian waste By BROCK VERGAKIS
  • NIRS - Out of Control - On Purpose: DOE's Dispersal of Radioactive Waste into Landfills and Consumer Products
  • December 2007 - Nuclear fuel regulator allows Erwin plant to store more uranium
  • Here is two files from Teddy Brock regarding his Payne family Zadok Payne, born 24 March 1780 in Maryland, and died 06 September 1855 in Hillsboro, Fleming Co., Kentucky. and Mary (Polly) Vansandt. Teddy says the following regarding the wife of Zadok Payne - Zadok's wife was sister to John Vansandt, an abolitionist whose exploits are well documented and who was a prototype for a character in "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
  • Payne-Broadwell Family, Papers, 1803-1903 Moses Upshaw Payne was born in Versailles, Kentucky, on 25 October 1807, to Moses and Mary Payne. Moved in 1823 to Boone County, Missouri.
  • George Payne & Eliza Pyle who had traveled to Missouri by the 1850's. This file presented by Leslie Payne
  • William Payne b.1780 Va d.1851 Walker Co. Ga. m. Sarah Manes (Manas)in Hawkins Co. TN - How does this William connect to the other Payne's of East Tennessee?
  • New information on an earlier Payne family in Claiborne County, William Graham Payne, son of Charles Columbus Payne. Settled in the Cave Springs area of Claiborne County. There is a participant from this line of Payne's in the PAYNE DNA Study - Participant 945A that proves the two Claiborne County Payne lines are not related, at least within the last 700 years or so.
    Information on Pioneers from Claiborne County to Seattle, Washington Sallie Payne Esary, granddaughter of Charles C. Payne and her husband Thomas Esary who arrived in Seattle on the last trip of the steamer Dakota on June 5, 1883.
  • Jessee R. Payne who was in Washington Co., TN during the formation of the state. He was first Trustee of Washington College. He had a son Henry Ross Payne who moved to Webster City, Iowa. Because of the Payne Family DNA Project this family has new information added that connect this family back to Josiah Payne, .
    Jesse Russell PAYNE, b. 24 AUG 1839 in Hawkins County Tennessee settled on Sentinal Prairie near Polk, Missouri. This Jessee Russell is a direct descendant of the above Jessee R. Payne of Washington County, TN
  • Other than connecting the Scott County, TN PHILLIPS Lineage to the Old Tobias Phillips Line in Scott Co, VA the next greatest accomplishment in GENEAOLOGY I personally have made. The DNA discovery of the following lineage - The lineage of Dorothea "Dolley" Payne, wife of President James Madison - DNA Evidence links the Josias Payne family of Dorothea "Dolley" Payne and the Josiah Payne who was kidnapped by British Navy "Press-Gangs" and forced to fight in the British Navy before the American Revolution. His family were of Pennsylvania Quaker ancestry.
  • William Latham Payne born 18 May 1834 at Washington Co., Tn
  • Merryman Payne b. BET. 1782 - 1788 in Spotsylvania Co., VA and died 10 FEB 1844 in Greenville, Greene, TN
  • Moses Payne, was born 7 Jun 1787 at Wilkes, NC (Includes Isaac Payne, Sr. of Dorchester Co. MD)
  • Joseph Payne born ca 1720 settled Robertson Co., TN married Phoebe. (Son John settled near Cross Plains, TN)
  • John Payne b. 1623 d. ca 1669 in Westmoreland Co., Va. Son John Payne married Elizabeth Aubery. Participant No. 4663 on the PAYNE DNA Study (Contains Thomas "Trader" Payne line of Ga.)
  • Moses Paine emigrated to America from Frittenden County of Kent, England, with his three children, Elizabeth, Moses, and Stephen in 1638 and settled in Braintree, Massachusetts
  • Stephen Paine born ABT 1600 in Great Ellingham, Norfolk, England, died 21 AUG 1679 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. Married Neele Adcocke. Participant No. 19774 on the PAYNE DNA Study. YDNA testing has been done on 5 descendants of Stephen Paine. These tests show that Stephen was haplogroup "Q". This is a rare haplogroup in Western Europe; further testing has shown that Stephen was not from the Native American haplogroup "Q3". More testing is being done.
  • Paynes in Essex and Middlesex Counties, Va. Some may recognize it as Thomas Payne b. ca 1660 and Mary Monteque line.
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    Jim Henry has updated his files and added another found below among famous East Tenneeseans. The Henry and Jones along with the Breeden and Hurst families settled the Jones Cove - Wilhite Valley Area located at the North Western end of the Smokies.

    Genealogy of Famous East Tennesseeans.
    Hope you enjoy the following research. (All are still very much under construction.)
  • Capt. John Blakemore, one founder of Fort Blackmore, Clinch River
  • Col. David Campbell of Campbell's Station, Knox Co., Tennessee
  • Col. Davy Crockett (Crockett Queries)
  • Gen. John Sevier (Sevier Queries)
    Also excerpts from his personal journal Part 1 Part 2

  • A documentary film by Julie Williams Dixon and Warren Gentry

    Shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years, the Melungeons of Southwest Virginia, and East Tennessee, have oral traditions claiming Portuguese ancestry, though academicians have traditionally written them off as a 'tri-racial isolate.' Living deep in the Appalachians, some claim these people were here as early as the late 1500s, and might be descendants of Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish soldiers and sailors who intermixed with Native Americans.
    In May of 2009, Melungeon Voices will be shown on the opening night of the National Genealogical Society's annual conference being held in Raleigh, NC at the new downtown Convention Center. This year's conference, "The Building of a Nations. From Roanoke to he West" is hosted by The North Carolina Genealogical Society.
  • Sgt.(Colonel) Jacob Brown, Watauga Pioneer
  • Gen. James White/Col. Charles McClung
  • Gen. Sam Houston
  • Col. Barclay McGhee
  • Robert Shields, Founder of Shields Fort, Sevier Co., TN
  • Col. Matthew Wallace
  • Col. John McClellan
  • Col. John Carter- early Watauga Pioneer
      Jim Henry adds his wife's Duffield - Carter lineage that list Col. John Carter as a probable son of John Carter of Shirley Plantation who was Secretary of the Colony
  • The Norris Carter, Carter Fort, Watauga and also Hodding Carter, III lineage
  • Gen. Robert E. Lee (Not East TN but interesting none the less)
  • Daniel Boone - (Boone Queries )
  • Another Tennessee longhunter Kasper Mansker, American Legend
  • John Waddell (Exspelled from Ireland)
  • Rev. Samuel Doak (Early Founder of Washington College)
    Also a lot of Finley Family History
  • Col. Charles Robertson (Tom Roberson's web site)
  • The Robinson Line by Mrs. E. Viola Robinson (Includes Gen. James Robertson line)
  • Col. Samuel Wear of Kings Mountain and Wears Fort and Valley Sevier Co., TN
  • Archibald Rhea (First Tavern Owner in Knoxville, also whose ancestors are the reported ancestors of noted genealogist Worth Ray)
  • Former Senator and Ambassador James Ralph Sasser The only other Senator with whom I have corresponded more than Howard H. Baker, Jr.
  • Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. - Ancestors and related families.
  • State Senator John Toomey Scott County, TN (obituary)
  • Scanned copies of the Senator John Toomey letters to Senator Howard Baker, Sr. and his second wife Irene regarding his lineage. This from Mr. Arthur Franke of Maine
  • Information regarding Herbert Meigs Toomey, grandson of Senator John Toomey, Scott County, TN
  • Col. Andrew Jackson (Lived for a while in East Tennessee)
  • Sen.(Speaker) Sam Rayburn (Thanks to Leota Bennett)
  • The Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson Harper's Weekly coverage of the historic 1868 Johnson Impeachment ? with over 200 excerpts from 1865-1869
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    And on occasion we find nice people who commit infamous acts among our lineage. I will add links to those as I find them.
    • April 8, 1925. Clay Jennings, Lone Mountain Man Slain by Carson Rose.
    • Among unsolved mysteries of Claiborne County are Who killed Gus Buckner and deposited his body within feet of my family property on Raven Ridge? Also the infamous J.W. Rose, Jr. who married the daughter of prominent businessman Clarence C. Payne in 1942.
    • Some correspondence from Shane Rose, son of the late Jack Rose regarding his interest in learning more about the Rose/Robinson Feud that took place sometime in the late 1930's in Tazewell. You can either email me Joe Payne or Shan Rose with any information you might have on these events. Newspaper Newspaper Articles regarding Robinson/Rose and Thomas/Yoakum shootings.
    • The Middlesboro, Kentucky's Chicago Northside Charles Dean "Dion" O'Banion Gang and the George Clarence "Bugs"Moran Gang Connection. The Magic City: Footnotes to the History of Middlesborough, Kentucky, and the Yellow Creek Valley by Ann Dudley Matheny. The book recounts the beginnings, right up to present day, of the city of Middlesboro, Kentucky. I will be updating and adding Mrs. Brown's factual account to some of the pages on my own site regarding mutual topics of interest. It discusses the killing of Sgt. Jacob Baylor "Bob" Robinson and Dusty Rhodes and the Joseph "Joc" Yablonski killings in detail, the ownership and running of the Majestic Hotel, the different ethic communities and which family controled the city at different times in history. The book is available from the Carnigie-Vincent Library at LMU, the Middlesboro Public Library and the Middlesboro Historical Society Museum.
    • Claiborne County Businessman Robert Greene of Howards Quarter murdered May 1946.
    • Lineage of Outlaw Jesse James
    • Timeline of the James-Younger Outlaw Gang
    • Then one might think that a Loyalist Great Uncle hanged after the Battle of Kings Mountain might be considered Infamous Capt. James Chitwood, hanged after a "drum head trial" the first night the prisoners were being marched from the battle site.
    • Local author, Dr. Sylvia Lynch has presented an honest, well-documented study of one of the West's most intriguing characters. she has pulled together the best of the available resources, and the result is a factual composite which clearly represents the real John Henry Holliday.
      This book is not only a true biography of Wyatt Earp's phenomenal friend, but it is also a review of every major film portrayal of the fambling, gunslinging dentist since 1926. Each interpretation is examined in terms of both its accuracy and its portrayal of John Holliday the man.
      This book can be found on if interested. I have read it and pick it up again often. I'll bet you didn't know that there is a genealogy link back to Tazewell, Tennessee from Doc's good friend Wyatt Earp but there is.
    • Outlaws & Gunslingers - Doc Holliday - Cattle Annie and Little Britches - Bill Doolin and His Wild Bunch - Bass Outlaw - Jesse James - Wild Bill Hickock - Dalton Gang - Curly Bill Brosius - Buckskin Frank Leslie
    • And there was another Great Uncle, James Payne the brother of my Ggggrandfather John Payne, who had a branch near Gate City, Virginia named for his exploits. Read about James Payne's part in the naming of The Devils Race Path Branch
    • All my life I heard the stories of Clarence "Pee Jem" Bunch whose gang ran the hill's and hollar's of East Tennessee during the early 1930's. Read some of the stories in the local papers and some that I heard in my recollections of Clarence "Pee Jem" Bunch.
    • In what was called Fork Ridge Coal Mine War (1941), former sargent in the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Jacob Baylor "Bob" Robinson, was killed by a group of striking coal miners near the Kentucky/Tennessee border. Robert "Sterling" Robinson, father of Jacob Baylor was said to have "Cut Wire For Teddy Roosevelt At San Juan Hill Charge ". Robert Sterling Robinson was an Uncle to Horton Robinson who married Lucile Payne, my Aunt. Robinson Family Information and Horton Robinson Pictures

      Regarding the connections between the above UMWA District 19 disputes, and the Yablonski family killings what,if anything did UMWA District 19 have to do with that. And also Hell in Harlan. This is a very large PDF file and the Bob Robinson killing is near the end chapter. Best to do a search for Robinson.
      Tennessee Highway Patrol Officer Sgt. Jacob Baylor "Bob" Robinson. Pictures from his granddaughter Beth Robinson Bunch.

    • On the Streets of New Tazewell many a shootout took place. My mother witnessed one such shootout and that remained with her the rest of her life.
    • Claiborne County Sheriff Issac Newton Mink and another Claiborne County sheriff, Sheriff Andy Hughes grandson Kenneth Hughes book, "The Sheriff's Son".
    • A list of all 335 Prisoners executed before lethal injection in the State of Tennessee since 1782. Taken from the web site Before the Needles

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    My photos:

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    Other interesting links for Genealogists and Historians

  • Two new books have been added to the McClung Historical Collection
    Please see the reviews for December 2000 in: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS
  • The works of Jesse Stuart From Log Cabin to Steel Mill to Teacher to Author A graduate of Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN
  • "My Heart's in the Highlands", by Mr. Steward Collingsworth, respected Claiborne County educator, available locally by accessing this link.
  • Tina Cooke has Two CD Volumes of East Tennessee Obituaries. Visit her site for more information.
  • Order Mary Markum Hansard's "Old Time Tazewell". (Order Form)
  • Mark Treadway's has a new email address. His material includes Census Records, Deed Indexes, Marriages Indexes, Obituaries, 1890 Pensions
  • Rare Book Reprints
    Text, Reprints, and Manuscripts for the Historian, Researcher, Genealogist, and Just the Curious. Includes lots of Native American and Cherokee Genealogy
  • Vast Nazi-era archive allowing online requests - International Tracing Service
  • The Library of Congress - Historic Maps, Photos and Documents - Legislative Information Current and Historical
  • Wesley Center Online - Sponsored by the Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho.
  • The History Place - The Past Into the Future - Dedicated to All Who Enjoy History
  • American Rhetoric - The Top 100 Speeches of All Time
  • The Internet Library - Building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.
  • U.S. Historical Archive is your one stop source of inexpensive, high quality reproduction maps and images of significant historical events in U.S. history.
  • ARCHIVES OF APPALACHIA - Sponsored by the East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN.
  • Tennessee State Library and Archives History and Genealogy Section
  • 137 Excerpts from "Mountain Herald, a publication from Lincoln Memorial University started in the late 1800's. All images are PDF and Acrobat Reader is required. From Digital Library of Appalachia
  • 944 Pages "Biographical Souvenir - State of Texas
    Biographies of Hundreds of Early Texans, many from Tennessee
  • Cumberland Compact Original Manuscript adopted at Nashborough, May 1, 1780
  • Making of America
  • The Brigham Young University The Center for Family History and Genealogy
  • Early Motion Pictures - 1897-1920 also American Memories
  • The American Colonist's Library
  • The American West Digital Library Documenting the history of the American West. ...
  • sponsored by Ohio State University. eHistory consists of over 130,000 pages of historical content; 5,300 timeline events; 800 battle outlines; 350 biographies; and thousands of images and maps.
  • The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library,with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format
  • Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
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