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I started the Genealogy Book Fair 1998 -2006 stop due to moving this is the
 first one since. I usually have authors and societies in with their books and
 other organizations trying to get their information out.  In the past we have
 had a pretty good turn out. The book fair is going to be at my store The
 Genealogy Book Shoppe 261 Kyle Lane Tazewell, Tn 37879. I have got 6 authors 1
 society and 1 organization so far.
Bonnie Page
Bonnie Peters
Todd Williams with the S.A.R.
being represented
Paul Johnson  Claiborne Co Cemeteries
Johnnie Rhea
Carrie Eldridge Map books
Patricia Mitchell historical cookbooks
as of now
Mark Treadway
Mark Treadway Genealogy Shop

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