Journal of Gen. John Sevier (1790 - 1815)

Left home Wednesday 19th May, 1790 at 10 o'clock.  Rained on us in the 
evening.  Lodged that night at my fathres.  25 m.
Sent my horeses to Z. abdis & got them shod cost 10/.
2 o'clock set out & lodged all night at Mr. John Keewoods... 20 m. 
Left this place 10 0'clock, recieved of Mr. John Keewood 9500 Dollars 
Virginia paper money called the forty for one
money, which I am to endeavor to exchange for Hard mone.
Lodged at Col. Wm. Edmistons, in Washington County, Virginia.  Called on 
Saml. Edmiston. Esqr., and dined on our way to the Cols.  28 mls.
Set out at 12 o'clock, fed at Genl. Campbels plantation, pd. 8d. for some 
greene wheate; proceeded from thence to Col. Arth. Campbles.  Lodged there 
all night.  18mls. (?)

Monday 31 I left Stauton about 3 o'clock.  Arrived at Rockingham at 8 
o'clock (evening)  Lodged all night at Mr. Rutherfords, being 25 miles. pd. 
for Oats 1/.
Tuesday June 1st day Set out at 11 o'clock  fed and dined at Rueben 
Harrisons pd. 1/.  From thence to New Market there fed pd for Wine & Oats 
4/6.  From thence to Mr. H. Goarn Lodged all night 20 miles.
2nd day Wednesday 10 o'clock st out for Mrs. Hawkingses 12 o'clock.  Lodged 
that night at Mrs. Hawkings.
3rd Thursday 2 o'clock went to Woodstock Lodged at Col. O. Browns 17 miles.  
Tarried there till Saturday, the 5th.  Had made by the tailor a Jacket & 
britches cost 9/ paid 5/.  paid for Wine and Expenses 10/.  paid Col. Brown 
a dollar he lent Mrs. Sevier in Jonesboro 10  17 miles.

Monday  14th day of June I went into Philadelphia. bought a beaver hatt 7 
dollars price.  3 Hand & pair of cotton stockings cost 16/.
........ Two N. papers 3d.  paid to Mr. Jacob Miller for Expenses 5/8.  
Went to Philadalphia this evening Left our Horses with Mr. Miller to pasture 
and he fed till I return from Congress - paid for washing 2/.  pd. for fare 
in stage 6 dollars Expenses Philadelphia 11/3/  Tuesday morng 15th
day set out in stage 3 o'clock Brakfirsted at Teasitors (?) pd 4/.  
Wine &c on the road 8/.  Crossed the ferry & Arrived in New York 9 o'clock. 
Lodged all night at Stair Ferry pd. Expenses 10/4.
Wednesday morning 16th day Took a seat in the House, and that day took up 
lodgings at Mrs.  at 6 dollars per week.
Thursday morning 17th day.
Fryday 18th Josiah Parker Dr to cash won at whist 1 guinea Mrs. Burns Dr To 
cash at sundry times ten dollars.--
1 July Col. Josiah Parker Dr To cash lent 20 silver Dollars.  Memo.  that 
John Hartwell Lives on Walkers Creek, Montgomery County, Virginia.
G. Return 9th October, 1793.
Col. Doherty officers & privates......179
Col. Kenedy......................................108
9th Octo 1793
Officer of the day Colo. Doherty
Par. Blount
E.C. Smith  cap. Taylor Vann & Magahee rearguards
Smalls place 10 Octo. 93
parole Burke
C. S. Christian   Col Kenedy officer of the day
                           Cap. Evans van & King rearguards.
7 miles                       30 miles
                              Creek half way from Tenesee to Highwassee
S. C. Greene           Col. Christian off. of the day     11 Oct. 1793
    Capt. Beard & Gillaspy   Vann & Blair Rearguards

Saturday  29th October, 1793
Camp at Springstons  town  24 miles

P. Jeffers
C. S. Knox     Col. Kelly officer of the day
    Cap. Richardsons cavalry  & Harrisons Infantry van & Carsons rearguards.
     Cureys place   25 miles
Sunday 13th October, 1793

P. Hawkins
S. C. France   Officer of the day  Col. Blair
Cap - Gest & Allison Van & Harrisons Rear guards
Camp east Vinestry  (?)  15 miles
Monday 14th Octo.  1793
Parole King
C. S. Judson (?)  Officer of the day Mar. Taylor & King Guards
Fired on the army Gen. orders
It is ordered that from this time forward no person presume to set on fire 
any Indian Hut or town in which there is corn or... provision without there 
is orders from me to do the same.  No firing of guns in or out of camp 
except leave from me or a filed officer be first obtained, and as the
officers of every rank is sensible of the banefull Consequences of such 
unwarrantable conduct. 
It is earnestly requested that they will use their utmost exertion to 
prevent the same.
Easternoly 14 October 1793.  Lewey Gant & Breed wounded last night Colonel 
Kelly with Know Reg is detached to Coosacootee returned & burnt and 
destroyed the place.  
Easternoly Tuesday 15 Octo.  1793.
P. Kenedy
C. S. Doherty   Col. Doherty officer of the day.
Evans & Carson guards

Fired on the army last night
Frost last night  Easternoly 16th Octo.  1793
P. Columbia
C. S. America   Col. Kelly Off. of the day.
Harrison van & Gillespy & Richardson rearguards
Fired on by the enemy in the morning no damage done.
Camp Spring Creek 15 miles  17th Octo.  1793.
Par. Boston
C. S. New York   Col. Blair off. of the day.
Magahee Van Taylor rearguards.  Knox Reg. attached Can (?) 8 Hightower, 
Weir, & Pruitt killed Jno Wallan wounded.
Fryday 12 miles 18th Octob.  1793
Camp Forks of Coon & Hightower.
Parole Knoxville
C. S. Jonesbo.    Col. Kenedy off. of the day.
Evans Charles Allison Van & Tany rearguards.
Camp Nuo town 4 miles below the forks
Coon & Hightower 19 Oct. 1793.
Par. Washington 
C.S. Greene   Col. Christian off. of the day.
Carson van Blar & Beard rearguards
Wallan died of his wounds last night.
Your murders and savage Barbarities have caused me to come into your Country
Expecting you would fight like men,  (I have this another place.)

last encampment 20 Octo. 1793.
Parole Sulidan
C. S. Libety  Maj. Kelsy officer of the day.
Taylor van & Harrison rearguards.
Camp 2 miles from Big Springs 25 miles from last camp 21 Octo.  1793
Parole Doherty
C. S. Kelly  Maj. McFarland officer of the day.
Cap. King van & Allison & Evans rearguards.
Some sentinels fired on the enemy
Camp 25 miles from big Springs and 4 from Chiestown (?)  22 Oct. 1793.
Parole Blounty
C. S. Smith  Mar. Taylor off of the day
Cap Magehee van & Carson & Beard rearguards.
Camp half way between Highwasee and Tenesee 21 miles from last camp.  
23 Oct. 1793. P. Philadelphia
C. S. Baltimore    Col. Doherty officer of the day 
Capt. Richardson & Gillaspy van & Harrison rearguards.
Camp Henry, Fort 24 October, 1793.  The army discharged.
John Chism Esq. told me in the presences of Col. Christian that the Indians 
in Easternoly hung up seven Greene scaulps the time he was first there 
August was a yer by Gov. Blount to hold a
talk (Mr. Ish & Wife were present also, as well as Col. Christian).
24 October, 1793
Returned to Isms (?) Fort.  Gave leave to ensign Hammond & four privates 
to return to Washington.
October 25th, 1793
Returned to Knoxville.

January begins on Wednesday 1794
W. 1 Mr. McKee & lady dined here (Fair day)
T. 2 M. Lovely & Mrs. Murphy Do.  (Fair day) also David Brown & John set 
up a bed stead for which I give him 30/ in cash pd a guinea down.
F. 3 Rained today.
S 4 Fair day  Jack Sevier Junr. came here with Miss Mary Ann
Sun 5 Fair day.  Jack Sevier went away.  Mrs. Sevier & Kitty went to meeting.
M. 6 Cloudy.  Mr. Weir fell off hishouse  Val Sevier lay here all night & 
took me Fulltons horse away
T  7  Went to see Mr. Weir and let him blood (Snowed today)
(Tobys sow piged last night and three of mine)
W  8 Snowed last night 2 inches deep, - cloudy.  Gillaspy J. Geliher and 
Mr. Condlig lay here.
T.  9 cloudy.  Frank came here, Blooded Mr. Weir, G. Gillaspy served (ex'o)
Jno Sevier Junr vs. Taylor execr.
F 10 cloudy & rainey (Self Poorly)  (Mr. Weir some better)
S 11 Cloudy.
Sun 12 went to see Mr. Weir he is some better.  Received letter from G. 
Blount sent by James Gallispie  12th Mr. Harrill dined here on his way to 
Guare (?)
Mon 13  Cloudy  Blooded Mr. Weir (Snowed)
Tues. 14 Mr. Murphy dined here
Wed. 15 Fair & cold
Thu. 16 cloudy towards evening (Rained)
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