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From: "Charles A. Wyly" 
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:24:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Hatchett Family
Great Aunt Agness Hatchett Wyly married Great Grandad's (Robert Augustine
half-brother. Robert's dad was Oliver Cromwell Wyly, Habersham County
sheriff, Ga. Capt. in Civil War , and Lucy Eddins, a Yowell- Mitchell-
Von Moller- descendant. Her niece, Martha Catherine Mitchell was his 3rd
wife, and, according to some records she was a great granddaughter of
Col. Ben Cleveland's son Absolam- one of those double first cousin loops
again. O.C. was a great Grandson of Col. Ben and, apparently a Meyers-
Cleveland Genealogy says Jemima Cleveland who married James Wyly (?) had
2 children, who have had many stories written about them. Others say
Mary Graves, Col. Ben Cleveland's wife of record, was not her mother.
Some show a Myers crossed out nd Cleveland added, but Col. Ben recognized
her as his daughter and gave her land in East Feiciana Parrish, 
Clinton, La-iss. area after her second husband Evan Eddards- Evangelist
Edwards was killed and scalped by unhappy Indians in the Cumberland Gap,
1796. Court Testimony in Clinton, La. by 2 Clevelands and Gen. James
Rutherford Wyly, Ga. Militia, 1812, show the land was returned to Col.
Ben's estate when Jemima died- most Wyly and Edwards children were
considered grown by then. This testimony locates the scalping within a
few feet on the old trail next to a stream. 
Anyhow, 4 of the 23 siblings of O.C.Wyly married Hatchetts - of Dr. W.P.
line. Two married Kay and one of these had a son who married some
Hatchetts One Ida Minerva Wyly married John Kay and a sister married a
Kay- brothers of S>C. who worked for O.C.Wyly in Ga. One of these Kays
also married a Hatchett- none were related  to their mate in these
marriages. Ida Minerva lived in Atlantsa society with her sister, who
married a Smith- Grandmother of Kate Smith, by our records. y ran 4 story
brick Atlanta Wholesale  Grocery, oictured in Yesterday's Atlanta and
still standing at Peachtree and Pryor. When the Kays read Gone With the
Wind, they were convinced that Little Miss Pitty Pat was Ida Minerva
Wyly's servant and her. They said Margaret Mitchell must be their kin and
had visited in the Smith home where 2 of Martha Catherine Mitchell's
lived. They said she wrote details of their grandmother Ida  |Wyly Kay 
before she left with John Kay for Selden, Texas, where her sister's
husband Tom Payne was first postmaster in John Kay's store. 
Confused Yet? Several of these Wylys lived on parts of the ranch land of
Dr, William Pinckney Hatchett retirement land. He lost it for taxes a
time or two and bought it back at the tax auction for less than the tax bill. 
His sons in laws and grandsons had some land left to them and they bought more and , with
others of the 36 wagon train from Hiawasse, Clarkesville, Toccoa, and
Atlanta o grow coton and rotate it with corn and oats to control weeds-
feed the oats to the horses which worked the cotton. Dr. McNeil of
Stephenville hired Great Grandad Robert and brother William Sevier Wyly
to supervise and train his Bosque County renters how to grow cotton. 
Aunt Agness Hatchett Wyly had a ruby ring and papers of O.C. Wyly and
some of Sarah Clark Wyly & her grandad Gov. John Sevier  family trees and
records. I never saw them, but dad's cousins Minneola Wyly and Lucille
and Lorene Wyly, nieces who lived with them, had seen them . They burned
in 1940's along with some Hatchett records. 
Everyone was too busy growing cotton to listen to Great Aunt Agnesse's
stories. Wh=ish we had. All the sons of Lucy Eddins had lived with their
grandmother Sarah Clark when she divorced Gen. J.R. and they sold the
Trveller's Rest Inn, Toccoa. She said she lived with her Grandad Sevier
in Knoxville after her mom died and she was 7 and Major Clark was on the
road fighting Indians under Gov. Sevier, his father in law. 
I still think the Hacketts of the Toccoa- Clarkesville area were
Hatchetts- first names sure follow British naming patterns of Hatchetts. 
Earlene Hatchett Johnson of Selden, now of Lubbock, completed a tree and
book in 1999. She begins with John Hatchett and Elizabeth Bass . , 1695,
and 1702- Henrico County. Check Hatchett letter D>A>R> Va. - #14840. She
states that John was a servant boy belonging to John Farley. 
Check book COLONIAL DAMES, P. 98. She says it was a Bass, not a Remay. 
She also says some say this John was a shipwrecked French Hugenot found
on shores of Virginia?????  She says John Hatchett #2 married a Womack-
Holdit- Dr, W.P. Hatchett had a daughter who married a Bosque County
Womack - German- while he preached and doctored and farmed and kept busy
in Valley Mills, Texas. 
The Remay marriage was 4 th Generation in U.S. inher records. Makes
She also referrs to unpublished documents relating to Hugenot migrations.
13 children born to John Hatchett and Jne Roberts- including my John
Beasley, father of Dr. W.P. She also has Bedford , Tennessee Hatchetts-
everyone must have an ancestor who was born on Flat Creek, Bedford,
Tennessee. I have Roberts, Stone, and then the founder of McLennan,
Bosque, and Erath Counties in Texas was there also. Watch that Roberts
line- Billy the Kid was there somewhere. 
Will send Earlene's address and other sources if you want them. Also,
have an old xeroxed book of Tuggle - Hatchett connections. 
Now, if these Hatchetts were French Hugenots, how come I have so many for
several generations as local officials in England- was there a parallel
line in England and France- related? If so that could get wilder than
Take care, 
Charles A. Wyly
From: "Charles A. Wyly" 
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:25:30 -0500
Subject: Re: [Southern-Trails] RE: Nancy Ward
Nancy was half Iriquois and stood by her Cherokee husband when he was
fatally wounded and fought in his place against an enemy. Think his name
was Mankiller, have a photo of the DAR monument to her for warning her
braves at Echot or Old Chota, where she was recognized as head of Woman's
council which trained the next chief, regardless of bloodline. She
sent out loyal scouts to warn the Anglos at Fort Watauga and other nearby
Colonial posts. Teh Rebel Indians failed miserably, just as she said they
would. Her daughter by Mr. Ward married Gen. Joseph Martin. Nancy once
sent 400 dogs  for food to Anglos including Wards, Wyly, Clevelands &
others around Toccoa, Ga. to help them through a bad drought and later
sent cattle, which she learned to raise from the Wards and neighbors. Her
son in law Gen. Martin returned her cattle as Indian agent and an upset
son in law. See books CHEROKEE SUNSET  AND the THE TRAIL OF TEARS- some
good Anglo- Indian geneaology scaterred through them. 
in Grandpa Jones's song  BATTLE OF KING'S MOUNTAIN  from a patriotic
album including Battle of New Orleans, , he is singing a folk song about
Makor Patrick Fergusin saying his Tory Home front Militia would hang all
the Rebels and burn their hoiuses down on a swing to join Cornwallis with
most think meant the smoke signals sent by Cherokee warriors to warn the
Rebel Colonists of the location  of Ferguson's troops. How else  would
the troops of 4 Rebel militia Colonels reach King's Mountain at the same
time? This included Cols. Sevier, Cleveland, Campbell Brothers and Shelby
and a bunch of  our ancestor rebels whowere not part of George
Washington's Army, but won anyway, there, Shallowford, and Cowpens
battles When Cornwallis saw some mutilated men that Sevier and Shelby
freed from trial and rearrangement of features by'Cleveland's Bulldogs,he
knew Ferguson was not bringing reinforcements and soon surenderred at
Yorktown. These Rebels with rags on their heads to keep hair out of brush
would hide behind trees, not in bright uniforms, and 
their rifles shot 3 times =as far as the British weapons. 
Take care, 
Charles A. Wyly
From: "Charles A. Wyly" 
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 15:41:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Andrew Jackson book
Joannah Goad Sevier married Joseph Hawkins Windle.  & she d. 1823. Tom
Windle is the present chairman of Sevier Family Association and lives
Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is a Rev. War reenactor who recently made the
march from Watauga settlement to King's Mountain battlefield, where our
ancestor Col. John Sevier won fame due to Cleveland, Officer of the day,
being delayed by an unexpected swamp. Col. George Washjington Sevier was
present when she died. Mr. Windle was one probater of Col. Sevier's
Joseph Hawkins Windle's 4 th child Juliet Cantrell Sevier, married a 
JOEL T COFFEE, , then a Wathall, then a Ellis. 
Juliet Cantrell Windle's sons were  JOSEPH COFFEE AND THOMAS  cOFFEE  B. 
Willow Grove, Tennessee. 
One Windle- Sevier  descendant was the husband of Shirley Temple Black,
the movie star of the 1940's. 
According to the book  CHEROKEE SUNSET- A NATION BETRAYED,   by a Samuel
Carter III , Andrew Jackson was leading Gen, John Coffee and Capt. Sam
Houston with American army of 1/2 Cherokees against the British and Creek
Indians in the Battle of Tallaposa, War of 1812. The Ridge and John
?Ridge were present.  One group was fighting from thick brush, which
Jackson orderred burned to drive them out or burn them. Gen. Coffee said
Cherokee sharpshooters stood on the bank and shot every Creek as he dove
from the brush fire into the river. We paid them back for being loyal to
their treaty with us with the Trail of Tears. So Cherokees later said Old
Chola was At His Cups- an alcoholic with lost memory. 
This book has several pages of the activities of Gen. Coffee of Tennessee
and Alabama.   # 970.3, Carter in card files. 
The book TENNESSEE- A short history by Folmsbee, Corlew, and Mitchell,
says the army was split and Gen Coffee with Davey Crockett led the
combined forces- Cherokee and Anglo and some blacks??  against the
Seminole from Tallegeda. then built Fort Strother, 13 miles from
Talusahatchie, which Gen. Coffee and Crockett led troops and destroyed
Several Sevier and Wyly sources say Gen. James Rutherford Wyly, second in
command led 700 American and 400 Cherokees and sacked and buned
Talahassee. They destroyed 2 or 3 towns and were ambushed and defeated
and returned home- They were Georgia Militia, not Jackson's troops. Gen.
Wyly's first cousin Gen. Ben Cleveland, son of John grandson of Gen. Ben,
I think, was in this group- they were not yet Generals- and are buried
within 20 feet of each other in Clarkesville, Ga. with War of 1812
medallions on their graves. there is one grave between Gen. Wyly and
first wife Sarah Hawkins Clark Wyly, granddaughter of Gen. John Sevier-
my ancestors. They were divorced but buried by a child, apparently- no
headstone. She told her grandchildren when they were small she had lived
with her grand Gov. Sevier and told them stories they came to Texas
repeating in 1868. One was Great Grandad Robert Augustine Wyly, who
fought at Shiloh, 1865- age 13, with an older brother James Allen Wyly.
Wonder if Sarah taught them to read the Latin Vulgate Bibles like Uncle
Bill(William Sevier Wyly )had? If so, she learned it in the Sevier home at
the foot of Baptist and Presbyterian Ministers hired by Gen Sevier to
teach his children. 

Chasing rabbits- maybe you see one which might make your day.
Take care, Charles A. Wyly
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 21:00:54 -0500
From:  "Charles A. Wyly" 
Subject: [SEVIER] Mitchell-Eddins-Moulder (Von Moller)-Yowell-Sevier-Cleveland-Wyly
I have a loop on a family tree that several Geneaologists say does not
exist. I had it filed under Ann Yowell Cook for her  Wyly  kin  and it
gives the Cleveland- Yowell roots of Martha Catherine Mitchell, 3rd wife
of Oliver Cromwell Wyly. . She left Georgia abt 1890 or so and is buried
off the Gulf Freeway near Houston. Can anyone help me prove or disprove
this one.? I think Janice  Ranee Clark had found something something
similar. IF it were true, O.C. Wyly would have married beyond 3rd cousin
range and she was the niece of his  first wife due to a Double first
cousin loop of Eddins and Mitchell- where a sister married the brother of
the first man's wife. O.C. was a great grandchild of Col. John Sevier and
also Col. Ben Cleveland. 
Martha Catherine Mitchell, b. 11/21/1840, Franklin County Ga.   M. Oliver
Cromwell Wyly abt 1864. She is buried off Gulf Freeway near Houston. 

James C. Mitchell, b. 1807, Franklin Co. Ga. Middle River. M. 1835,
Franklin County, Ga. to Martha Ann Eddins b. 12/1818, Franklin County Ga.

William W. (Jr) Mitchell, b. 4/1772 in Virginia m. CATHERINE MOULDER B.
1774, Surry County, N.C. 
William (Jr. ) Eddins m. Martha (Patsy) Yowell b. 1799, Va. 

William Wilbur Mitchell b. 1748 in Ireland,  M. Hariettt Randolph, b.
1752in Virginia. 
Daniel Moulder (Von Moller) b. 1740 in Marcus Hook Va. or N.C. m.
Catherine b. 1748
William Eddins b. abt 1765 in Prob. Spotsylvania or Orange County, Va. m.
Joshua Yowell b. abt 1772, in Virginia m. Sallie Cleveland.
Lewis Moulder b. roughly 1720, 
Absolam Cleveland
Col. Ben Cleveland
Henry Moulder (COL. VON MOLLER) b. near 1700 in Germany. If you speak
good German, say Moulder and roll your tongue. Say Von Moller. Wouldn't
they sound similar? Also, the Col. could have been in some Hessian Troops
who were hired by England to defend the troops. James Wyly the immigrant
was a Captain in the British troops. Researchers say a Von Moller does
not show up on George Washington's roster. 
That does not surprise me . James Wyly of Blontunt County, Landin or
Louden today, Tennessee.  He  married Jemima Cleveland according to the
Cleveland Geneaology of 1899 for Pres. Grover Cleveland.  NEED PROOF THEY
WERE MARRIED. D>A>R> has changed their minds on this one but the facts
have not changed. He said he served under Col. John Sevier and Col. Ben
Cleveland, was at King's Mountain, Cowpens, and several Indian battles
granted. He said in the same application that his memory was playing
tricks on him. He is on Pension rolls and in Bobby Gilmer Moss's  THE
PATRIOTS AT KING'S MOUNTAIN. as one waiting to go there. His claim said
he was waiting at Burke courthouse to gather expected reinforcements on
the way and missed the King's Mountain Battle. 
Any light on the above tree will be greatly apreciated. 
Take care and Thanks
Charles Augustine Wyly
From: "Charles A. Wyly" 
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 03:58:37 -0500
Subject: Re: [Southern-Trails] MARTIN
Eldridge Bouman, copyright 1980- third edition 1992 from your library or
State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources, Parks, recreation and
Historic sites division, Historic Preservation section, Atlanta. It has
pictures and 150 plus pages of Indians, Waltons, Martins, Wylys, Jarrett
and Lucas, Clevelands, & others living in the Cherokee Nation on leased
land mostly around Clarkesville, Toccoa, and Owl Swamp. 
Chapter 4 P.27 ays Joseph Martin was one of the foremost of the
Woodrunners which included Col. Ben Cleveland, my ancestor, Daniel Boone,
and Jesse Walton.  Gen.Martin married a supoerior woman, Sarah Lucas, but
would not settle down. He and Col. Ben Cleveland would drink until noon.
Cleveland moved into S.Carolina and Martin stayed. , 1740. Martin was a
friend of Patrick Henry. 
In 1769 Martin led a group from  Virginia on another tour of the Indian
Country. In 1769 he led a party to Powell's Valley, Western Va. and stayed
5 years. He abandoned it again in June, 1776. There was a father and son
named Joseph Martin and apparently a third one shows up ocasionally. 
Gen. Martin married Betsy Ward, dau.of Bryant  Ward and Nancy, widow of
Mankiller, her first husband died by her side in combat and she
continued to fight. 
He also married Susannah Graves in 1784. Martin said David McClosky of
Tugaloo led a raid on a quiet village of Cherokees who disturbed no one.
This was at Teuchtorre The general's son Joseph Jr. was 13 in 1798 and
another Joseph Martin showed up on the Tugaloo near Toccoa. He was not
apparently kin to Gen. Martin- watch the players- three Josephs now, so
check dates carefully. The generaL'S SON bRICE ALSO HAD A SON NAMED
WYOY, my ancestors. He was the grandson of Col. Ben Cleveland and she the
granddaughter of Col. John Sevier and dau. of Elizabeth Sevier and Major
Clark of Clarkesville, Ga. Elizabeth died when Sarah was 7 and she lived
with her grandad Sevier, where she married James R. Wyly, then of Blount
County, Landin or Louden   Tennessee. They moved down the Turnpike he
agreed to build and lived in Hiawasse before moving to Toccoa. 
He sold the Traveller's Rest inn , which still stands, to a Jarrett and
his Jarrett- Lucas kin lived there until the State of Georgia opened it,
complete with blacksmith shop and upstairs spinning and weaving room
enterred from a ramp from the upstairs of the main building, made of
Let's see, didn't one Martin marry a Lucas? Some of the Blount County,
Tennessee Wylys did.You will see the same persons on the census or tax
rolls in Blount County, Tennessee and Cass, Gordon, and Habersham
Counties, Ga. They moved if Indians acted up or no rain and returned
later depending on conditions   One had a store and boat near Greeneville
Tennessee, think he was Lucas Wyly with kin in Georgia. State of
Georgia says the Inn was owned by 3 families. I am beginning to suspect
one family- loosely extended, like that Kudzu vine, may have owned it
besides the Cherokees and Georgia. Wylys ran the inn 1812 to the 1840's
when Sarah filed for divorce and J.R. married Francis Wallace in
Clarkesville and raised her daughter Emily Bradshaw and Absolam
Cleveland's son John Cleveland. His Uncle John , Col. Ben's son, can be
explained in the Georgia Black Book as having severe liquor problems at
one time. 
Sarah never remarried.  Neither Clark or Sevier is mentioned on her
headstone, just Sarah Wyly. She and J'R. are buried in old Cemetery 1
block west of downtown Clarkesville with a child between and Gen. Ben,
their friend and Col. Ben's grandson, buried near by with War of 1812
medalions on their graves. Sarah lived with her older Tennessee born
sons, including Oliver Cromwell Wyly and Clark of Tyler, later. so my
great grandad and 10 Siblings came to Texas repeating the stories of
Clevelands, Seviers, Wylys, and the Rev. War and some read Latin Vulgate
Bibles . I suspect this was from Sarah's training in  Knoxville. Wish I
had listened more to what one cousin heard from them. but I didn't. 
I think you would like the book It has taken me 10 years to digest it
There may have been a shorter version sold at the inn  at one time. There
is a rock in the back yard with carvings as yet not interpreted. The book
has Bibliographies and many maps and photos and much early Indian
Jerry Taylor of Hiawasse and Young Harris Ga. is an expert on the era
above and wrote for the Ga. Centenial and other events. 
Take care, 
Charles A. Wyly

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