Just after the FIRST CENTURY of the War of Independence from ENGLAND the following may have happened.

Politics in Claiborne County. A.G Shumate was instrumental on the settlement of my grandfather Joe Phillips estate in 1959 that resulted in a long drawn out court case that cost thousands of dollars for my mother and father's family. His son, Tom (TOS), was Clerk and Master during this settlement of my grandmother Mattie Alice (Livesay) Payne's estate in 1968. And for some reason unbeknownst to me he required that her name reflect the name Yoakum. During my research both before the death of my parents, uncles and aunts and anyone old enough to remember most recently, my grandmother was never married to Daniel Cawood Yoakum. I have found some evidence that there may have been a short marriage in 1899 as there was a Mattie living with the family of Daniel Yoakum in the 1900 Claiborne County census that I have been unable to account for, same age as my grandmother bearing the name of Mattie Yoakum and living in the household Daniel Cawood Yoakum's parents.. My grandmother married my grandfather Lafayette G. Payne in 1900 shortly after his first wife, Daisy Yoakum, died in childbirth. It was told to me that if Mattie Livesay did marry Daniel Cawood Yoakum it was while they were both quite young in 1899 and the marriage was annulled by George Livesay, Mattie Alice's father. Still working on this mystery.

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