Chandler Lineage

(FINAL May 12, 2011)

From: Ed Johnson <>


1. Paralee Chandler 

   b. Jan 16, 1864 UNK

   d. UNK

  m. William J. (Jesse) Givens UNK

        b. 1851 UNK

        d. UNK


2. Allen Chandler 

    b. Jan 23, 1834 Pittsylvania Co, VA

    d. Jul 7, 1910 Sneedville, TN

   m. Lucinda Anderson Oct 2, 1856 Lee Co, VA

         b. 1837 Lee Co, VA

         d. 1890 Lee Co, VA


  -Enlisted Co B 25th Virginia Cavalry Aug 19, 1862

  -Transferred to Co H 25th Virginia Cavalry Oct 3, 1862

  -Muster cards reflected he was on detached duty for reasons not stated for

   extended periods of time.

  -Discharged with disability “can’t walk” on Aug 15, 1864



3. Allen C. Chandler 

    b. abt 1790 Halifax Co, VA

    d. Feb 5, 1834 Halifax Co, VA

   m. Sarah Huddleston Nov 1, 1815 Halifax Co, VA

         b. 1801 Halifax Co, VA

         d. 1885 Sneedville, TN


4.William Chandler  Jr.

   b. Aug 1730 Goochland Co, VA

   d. Sep 28, 1789 Halifax Co, VA

   m. Judith Womack UNK

        b. UNK

        d. Mar 27, 1809 UNK


5. William Chandler 

    b. Jun 6, 1693 New Kent, VA

    d. May 20, 1779 Halifax Co, VA

   m. Elizabeth Frost abt 1726 New Kent, VA

         b. 1706 Halifax Co, VA

         d. 1735 Halifax Co, VA

               NOTE 1: Elizabeth Frost-Chandler was the mother of William Chandler Jr.

               NOTE 2: Other sources have Elizabeth Williams as first wife; m. 1726 New Kent Co, VA

                               b. 1698 New Kent Co, VA d. 1750 Amelia Co, VA.  This is probably incorrect

                               and included for reference.

               NOTE 3: William Chandler had subsequent marriages to Delita Cox and

                               Judith Lette.  Their dates of birth, death and marriage to William from

                               multiple sources are inconsistent and have been omitted.



6. Robert Chandler II 

    b. Apr 30, 1659 York Co, VA

   d. 1710 New Kent, VA

  m. Elizabeth Palmer 1683 New Kent, VA

        b. 1664 King William Co, VA

        d. 1745 New Kent Co, VA

NOTES for Elizabeth Palmer:

-Daughter of Martin Palmer Jr. and Elizabeth Mallory who was

-Daughter of Captain Roger Mallory who was

-Son of REV Thomas Mallory who was

-Son of Sir John Mallory

  *Shareholder in the Virginia Land Company that founded the Jamestown Colony.

-Sir John Mallory’s wife; Ann Eure was a direct descendent of John DeBaliol, who was

  the King of Scots from 1292 to 1296.


7. Robert Chandler 

    b. 1628 Elizabeth City (Hampton), VA

   d. Mar 27, 1669 New Kent, VA

  m. Elizabeth Davis 1646 York Co, VA

        b. 1629 King William Co, VA

        d. 1661 York Co, VA


8. John Chandler  

   b. Sep 7, 1599 Westminster-London, England

  d. 1659 Elizabeth City (Hampton), VA

  m. Elizabeth Bassano 1627 Elizabeth City (Hampton), VA

       b. 1597 England

       d. 1635 UNK

NOTES for John Chandler:

-Arrived in 1609 from England on the ship Hercules of Rye as a 9 year old

-John was a survivor of the “starvation time” in Jamestown

-Considered an “Ancient Planter” since he arrived in Virginia before 1616.

  An honor bestowed on those who survived the “Time of Starvation”.

-Member of Virginia House of Burgesses 1645-46 and 1657-1658.


9. Richard Chandler 

    b. 1577 Stortford-Hertfordshire, England

   d. Mar 22, 1620 Stroud-Gloustershire, England

   m. Dorothy UNK 1595 Stroud-Gloustershire, England

        b. 1576 Wilcot-Wiltshire, England

        d. 1596 Wilcot-Wiltshire, England


     I received information from one of our Chandler cousins who was originally from Halifax County, Virginia.  Halifax County is in south central part of state on the North Carolina

border east of Danville.  Danville is in Pittsylvania County where many of our ancestors lived.

     The lady I communicated with was not aware of our branch.  We were the “Lost Tribe  of the Chandler Clan”.  She provided the following information:

-They were aware that Allen C. Chandler b. abt 1790 and Sarah Huddleston b. 1801 had 4 children:

  William b. 1816, Jefferson b. 1824, Mary b. 1826 and Allen b. 1834.

- Allen was born on Jan 23, 1834 and Allen C. died Feb 5, 1834 less than two weeks after   his birth. Sarah and children went to live with Huddleston’s after Allen C’s death.  

-During the late 1830’s or 1840’s Sarah and children migrated westward probably with the  Huddleston’s???  That’s when the Halifax County Chandler’s lost track of Sarah and her children.

     The 1850 Census had Sarah living with Jefferson, Mary and Allen in Lee County, Virginia.

Jefferson and Allen were listed as laborers in the 1850 Census.  Sarah and Mary were “at home”.

The 1880 Census had Sarah living in Hancock County, Tennessee with Allen and his family.

     Checked the siblings of Allen b. 1834 and found the following:

1. William G. died Jan 17, 1876 in Collin County, Texas (north of Dallas).

2. Jefferson died while a POW at Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio Mar 27, 1865 less than two weeks before end of Civil War on April 9, 1865.  He is buried in Confederate Cemetery

    on the old Camp Chase in Section O Site 1757.  Cemetery is located in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus. 


   *Enlisted April 1, 1863 Stickleyville (Lee Co) VA in Co H 27th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (Trigg’s

      Partisan Rangers) and on July 8, 1864 they merged with 25th Virginia Cavalry Battalion.

   *Wounded May 5, 1864 NFI.

   *Captured January 26, 1865 Lee Co, VA while assigned to Co H 25th Virginia Cavalry Battalion.

   *Transferred to Chattanooga, TN Feb 16, 1865.

   *Arrived March 5, 1865 Camp Chase in Columbus, OH from Louisville, KY.

   *Died Camp Chase Hospital March 27, 1865 from Erysipelas (Holy Fire) which is an acute

      streptococcus (bacterial) infection of the skin.

    NOTE: Grandpa Larkin (Vandeventer) originally enlisted in Company B 50th Virginia Infantry on July 17, 1861. In June 1863 he was reassigned to Co G 27th Virginia Cavalry Battalion

               (Trigg’s Partisan Rangers).  On July 8, 1864 the 27th Virginia Cavalry was merged with the 25th Virginia Cavalry and Larkin served with them until the end of the war.  There is no

               doubt that Uncle Jefferson, Grandpa Allen and Grandpa Larkin knew each other during the Civil War.

3. There is no record of Mary after the 1850 Census.

     She corrected the year of marriage between Robert Chandler and Elizabeth Davis which was 1646 vs. 1746.  She also provided her year of birth (1629) and place of death (York Co, VA).

Also, she added that Sarah Huddleston was born in Halifax Co, VA and died in Sneedville, TN.

     I sent her a copy of The Chandler Lineage and The Ancestry and Legacy of James Carter Lamb and Lucy Givens-Lamb to update their family history.


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