Ancestry and Legacy of

Lloyd Johnson and Addie Bledsoe

From: Ed Johnson <>

(FINAL May 12, 2011)



                 This is a compilation of information from the Johnson and Bledsoe family records and public documents.


*Lloyd Johnson b. 1884 Hancock Co, TN d. Jul 1951 Hancock Co, TN

*Addie Bledsoe b. Oct 23 1883 Scott Co, TN d. Jan 19, 1921 Scott Co, VA


Lloyd Johnson was the son of David Milum Johnson and Frances Ann Greer:


David Milum Johnson

b. Oct 31, 1859 Lee Co, VA

d. Jul 4, 1923 Knoxville, TN

m. Frances Ann Greer abt 1883

      b. May 11, 1869 Hancock Co, TN

      d. Apr 3, 1947 Kingsport, TN


James Johnson

b. 1837 Hawkins Co, TN

d. aft 1880 UNK

m. Sarah Ann Perky abt 1859 Lee Co, VA

      b. abt 1836 UNK

      d. 1869 TN


Elijah Johnson  

b. abt 1808 Hawkins Co, TN

d. UNK

m. Margaret Hurd Oct 16, 1828 Hawkins Co, TN

      b. 1808 Hawkins Co, TN

      d. aft 1880 UNK


Addie Bledsoe was the daughter of Hiram Bledsoe and Amanda Jane Barnett:


Hiram Bledsoe

b. Mar 30, 1851 Scott Co, VA

d. Jan 22, 1924 Scott Co, VA

m. Amanda Jane Barnett Aug 1, 1873

     b. Mar 8, 1853 Scott Co, VA

     d. Feb 3, 1930 Scott Co, VA


Andrew Bledsoe

b. 1820 Scott Co, VA

d. Jun 4, 1890 Scott Co, VA

m. Eliza Riley 1845 Scott Co, VA

     b. Apr 19, 1833

     d. aft 1900 UNK


Isaac R. Bledsoe

b. abt 1794 Hawkins Co, TN

d. 1883 Scott Co, VA

m. Emilia Wallen Pridemore 1819 Scott Co, VA

      b. 1799 Scott Co, VA

      d. 1883 Scott Co, VA

      NOTE: Emilia is Olde English version of Emily and was a character in Shakespeare’s Othello.

                  Often shortened to Emmie or Millie.


Hiram E.Payne, after his first wife Mary Polly Hiram Anderson died, married on Dec 10, 1863 in Scott Co., Va., Keziah BLOOMER, daughter of Nehemiah BLOOMER and Mary Polly BLEDSOE, who was born July 24, 1834 in Scott Co., Va.. Mary Polly BLEDSOE was a daughter of Abraham Bledsoe, Jr.


Abraham Bledsoe Jr

b. 1769 Greenville, NC

d. bef Jun 21, 1814 Washington Co, VA

m. Susannah LNU UNK

     b. UNK

     d. 1815 Washington Co, VA

     NOTE:  Anthony Bledsoe, brother of Abraham (below) had a son named Abraham b. 1762

                  m. Mildred Amelia Weathered May 5, 1805.  They are often confused with each other.


Abraham Bledsoe (The Long Hunter)

b. 1737 Orange Co, VA

d. 1801 Scott Co, VA

m. Mary Catherine Wilcox 1759 NC

     b. 1741 VA

     d. 1802 VA

*Along with brothers Anthony and Isaac accompanied Daniel Boone’s explorations and hunts into

  Kentucky and Ohio prior to the Revolutionary War.

*Served as Captain in Colonel Evan Shelby’s Regiment during Revolutionary War.

*DAR Ancestor Number:  A124961


Thomas Bledsoe 

b. 1706 VA

d. 1758 Rowan Co, NC

m. 1. Millicent Head 1732 Spotsylvania Co, VA

          b. 17. Susanna 10 Orange Co, VA

          d. 1739 Johnston Co, NC

      2. Susannah Fulkerson 1751 UNK

           b. abt 1735 Hunterdon co, NJ

           d. 1776 UNK


Abraham Bledsoe

b. 1673 Northumberland Co, VA

d. May 29, 1753 Granville Co, NC

m. Katharine Ball 1702  VA

     b. 1684 VA

     d. 1718 Granville Co, NC


George Bledsoe  

b. July 1, 1635 Seagrave in Leicestershire England

d. Aug 15, 1705 Northumberland Co, VA

m. Anne Jennings 1670

     b. 1650 UNK

     d. 1695 UNK



The son of Lloyd Johnson and Addie Bledsoe:


 Joe Johnson

 b. Jun 12, 1917 Blackwater, VA

 d. March 31, 1998 Jonesville, VA

 m. Mary Ruth Vandeventer Nov 5, 1941 Middlesboro, KY

       b. Oct 2, 1922 Lee Co, VA

       d. Dec 20, 1986 Kingsport, TN


The children of Joe Johnson and Mary Ruth Vandeventer:


(1.)  Joe David Johnson

       b. Feb 14, 1944 Pennington Gap, VA

       d. N/A

      m. Deborah Blake Good Dec 29, 1966 Houston, TX

            b. Oct 29, 1944 Boston, MA

            d. N/A


The daughter of Joe David Johnson and Deborah Good:


Jennifer Blake Johnson   

 b. Mar 31, 1969 Houston, TX

 d. N/A

m. Christopher Evans Dec 22, 1987 Chicago Heights, IL

     b. Sep 6, 1969

     d. N/A


The children of Jennifer Blake Johnson and Christopher Scott Evans:


Ashley Blake Evans

 b. Mar 20, 1988 DeKalb, IL

 d. N/A

m.. N/A


Grace Katherine Evans

 b. Jul 4, 2000 DeKalb, IL

 d. N/A

m. N/A


(2.)  Charles Edward Johnson 

 b. Jul 19, 1948 Jonesville, VA

 d. N/A

m. N/A


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