The Ancestry and Legacy of

James Carter Lamb and Lucy Givens-Lamb

(FINAL May 12, 2011)

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*UNK-Unknown *NFI-No Further Information


This is a compilation of information from the Lamb and Givens family bibles,, Family, Census Records and other documents.


*James Carter Lamb b. Nov 7, 1878 Hancock Co, TN d. Jan 9, 1964 in Lee Co, VA.

*Lucy Givens-Lamb b. May 25, 1882 in Hancock Co, TN d. Oct 11, 1957 in

Lee Co, VA.


-James Carter Lamb and Lucy Givens were married August 25, 1898 in Sneedville, TN at the home of W.J. Givens by the Rev D.E. Smith.

Witnessís: Mary Livesey and Henry Chandler.

-They are buried in the Hamblen Cemetery Lee Co, VA vicinity of Hwy 58 and Rd 758†† (Mulberry Gap Rd) west of Jonesville, VA.


James Carter Lamb was the son of Rev Thomas Lamb and Martha Greene:

-Thomas Lamb b. Dec 30, 1850 Hancock Co, TN d. Jul 4, 1942 Middlesboro, KY buried in Oak Grove Cemetery Claiborne Co, TN located near the Oak Grove

Missionary Baptist Church and Colemanís Gap.

-Married abt 1873 Hancock Co, TN

-Martha Greene b. Dec 10, 1855 Hancock Co, TN d. Jan 18, 1934 Hancock Co, TN.


Martha Greene was the daughter of James D. Greene and Lucy Ann Lanham:

††††††††††† -James D. Greene b.1821 in Hawkins Co, TN d.1875 UNK m. Lucy Ann Lanham Dec 3, 1843 b. 1825 Claiborne Co, TN d. abt 1865 in

†††††††††††† Hancock Co, TN.

††††††††††† -Richard Greene b. 1796 in Rowan Co, NC d. Apr 1880 in Hancock Co, TN m. Virginia Jane Trent 1828 UNKb. 1800 in Grayson Co, VA d. 1875 in

††††††††††††† Hancock Co, TN

††††††††††† -Jeremiah Greene b. 1774 in Rowan Co, NC d. abt 1820 in Hawkins Co, TN m. Anne Hartley Apr 2, 1790 in Hanging Rock (Rowan Co), NC d. aft 1800

††††††††††††† in Hawkins Co, TN.

††††††††††† -Richard Greene b. Mar 17, 1740 Trenton, NJ d. Feb 27, 1794 in Blowing Rock, NC.

††††††††††††† *Served in Revolutionary War

††††††††††††††† -DAR Ancestor Number A047294

††††††††††††††† -Service: NC Militia Salisbury District as soldier and quartermaster 1778-1781. m. Eleanor Sullivan b. 1744 UNK d. 1804 in Blowing Rock, NC†††††††††

††††††††††††† -Jeremiah Greene b. 1710 in Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 1762 in Jersey Settlement, NC m. Hannah Hunt b. 1719 Hunterdon Co, NJ d. 1762 in Watauga Co, NC and

†††††††††††††† buried in the Silverstone Community (?) on hill behind the Henson Ham house.

††††††††††††† -William Greene b. 1671 in Rippingdale-Lincolnshire, England d. Jun 16, 1722 Ewing Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ m. Johanna Reeder b. 1669 Newtown LI, NY

††††††††††††††† d. 1723 UNK††††††


Lucy Ann Lanham was the daughter of Joseph Lanham and Ann Berry:

*Joseph Lanham b. Mar 12, 1794 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Ann Berry abt 1824 in Claiborne Co, TN d. aft 1860 probably in Claiborne Co, TN-NFI

*Ann Berry b. abt 1792 VA-NFI

Joseph Lanham was the son of Abel Lanham and Jean Kuykendal:

*Abel Lanham b. Jan 1, 1762 in Mecklenberg Co, NC d. Aug 22, 1838 in Tazewell, TN

(1) m. Jean Kuykendal Dec 3, 1777 Tryon, Polk Co, NC

(2) m. Sarah Nunn Sep 6, 1818 in Claiborne Co, TN.

Served in Revolutionary War in the Southern Campaign (NC, SC and TN)

-DAR Ancestor Number A120399

-Service: North Carolina Rank: Private

-Pension Number and Service Source: W1297

†† Served With:

††† *Captains Kuykendal, Young and Ware

††† *Colonels William Grimes and John Sevier

(1) Jean Kuykendal b. abt 1762 in NC UNK d. Aug 29, 1810 in Tazewell, TN-NFI

(2) Sarah Nunn b. Apr 25, 1784 in VA d. Nov 22, 1860 in Laurel Co, KY-NFI


Lucy Givens was the daughter of William J. (Jesse) Givens and Paralee Chandler-Givens:

*William J. (Jesse) Givens b. 1851 m. Paralee Chandler-NFI

*Paralee Chandler b. Jan 16, 1865 was the daughter of Allen Chandler and Lucinda Anderson-Chandler-NFI

*The father of William J. (Jesse) Givens was Joshua Givens.

*Allen Chandler b. Jan 23, 1834 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. Jul 7, 1900 Sneedville, TN

m. Lucinda Anderson Oct 2, 1856 Lee Co, VA b. 1837 Lee Co, VA

††††† d. 1890 Lee Co, VA.


The children of Allen Chandler and Lucinda Anderson-Chandler:

Mary E. b. 1857-NFI

Sarah J. b. 1861-NFI

Paralee b. Jan 16, 1865 m. William J. (Jesse) Givens b. 1851-NFI

James P. b. 1866-NFI

Celia b. Oct 1868 d. Aug 1943-NFI

Emit b. Jan 24, 1869 in Virginia d. Oct 24, 1906 in Sneedville, TN-NFI

Nela F. (Corrie) b. Jun 8, 1871 d. Feb 5, 1949 UNK-NFI

Eliza b. Jun 7, 1874 d. Mar 17, 1944 in Loudon, TN-NFI

William Henry b. Mar 28, 1879 d. Dec 26, 1951 UNK-NFI


*The parents of Allen Chandler was Allen C. Chandler b. abt 1790 Halifax Co, VA

d. Feb 5, 1834 Halifax Co, VAm. Sarah Huddleston Nov 1, 1815 b. 1801 Halifax Co, VA d. 1885 Sneedville, TN.


The father and mother of William J. (Jesse) Givens was:

Joshua Givens b. 1829 UNK d. UNK m. Millie UNK b. abt 1828-NFI


The Children of Joshua and Millie Givens:

Rosanah b.1848-NFI

William J. (Jesse) b. 1851 m. Paralee Chandler b. Jan 16, 1865-NFI

Martha E. b. 1853-NFI

Caroline b. 1855-NFI

Mary F. b. 1858-NFI

Sarah b. 1860-NFI

Millie b. 1864-NFI

NOTE: Joshua Givens served as Sergeant with 8th Cavalry Regiment of Tennessee

†††††††††† (USA) from 1863-1865.CSA had 8th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment and they are often confused.


The Children of William J. (Jesse) and Paralee Chandler-Givens:

Lucy b. May 25, 1882 d. Oct 11, 1957 m. James Carter Lamb Aug 25, 1898

George b. Jun 22, 1884-NFI

James Bedford b. Aug 17, 1886 Sneedville, TN d. Reno Co, KS 1945 m.Ibbie Seal

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Hancock Co, TN UNK b. Sep 8, 1883 d. 1968 Reno Co, KS-NFI

Mary Etta b. Sep 1888 m. Simpson-NFI

Mattie b. Mar 25, 1891-NFI

Charles b. Dec 25, 1893-NFI

Wiley b. Jan 25, 1898 in Hancock Co, TN d. Jan 1967 in Anderson, IN-NFI


Half Brother and Sister:

*Will Givens-NFI

*Mary Givens m. Livesey-NFI




The Children of James Carter Lamb and Lucy Givens-Lamb:

1. Bobbie Gladys b. Nov 21, 1899 d. Nov 27, 1989 m. William L. Vandeventer Dec 17, 1921

2. Alonzo Brodas (Lon) b. Aug 2, 1902 d. May 31, 1964 m. Mae Morelock UNK

3. William Thomas (Doc) b. Nov 8, 1905 d. Jun 14, 1961 m. Golden Hobbs UNK

4. Reuben Henry (Cush) b. Jul 4, 1909 d. Feb 4, 1981 m. Laura Maness UNK

5. Martha Ada (Adie) b. Jul 12, 1913 d. Apr 1. 1989 m. LeRoy Fletcher UNK

6. John Paul (Ted) b. Nov 1, 1916 d. Feb 9, 1987 m. Ada Hedrick UNK

7. Ila Mae (Sal) b. Apr 13, 1922 d. (N/A) m. Rex Grable Aug 14, 1942

8. Charles Edwin (Charlie Bill) b. Jun 24, 1925 d. Jan 14, 1978 m. Reba Willis Feb 7, 1948.


The Children of Thomas Lamb and Martha Greene-Lamb:

1. Rutha b. Nov 6, 1874 d. Nov 18, 1925 m. Odum-NFI

2. James Carter (J.C.) b. Nov 7, 1878 d. Jan 9, 1964 m. Lucy Givens Aug 25, 1898-NFI

3. Lucy b. Aug 3, 1889 d. Jun 30, 1956 m. Issac Floyd (Ike) Stapleton-NFI

††† They are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Claiborne Co, TN near the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church and Colemanís Gap.

4. Mary b. Aug 18, 1890 d. Jul 13, 1928 m. Smith-NFI


The Father and Mother of Thomas Lamb:

*Jefferson Lamb b. Apr 24, 1824 Hancock Co, TN d. Aug 11, 1911 in Hancock Co, TN-NFI

*Lucinda (Cindy) Wilder-Lamb b. 1819 Hancock Co, TN d. aft 1880 UNK


The Children of Jefferson and Lucinda-Wilder Lamb:

1. Thomas b. Dec 30, 1850 d. Jul 4. 1942 m. Martha Greene d. Jan 18, 1934-NFI

2. Joseph Abner (Joab) b. 1852 d. Apr 5, 1915 Knoxville, TN-NFI

3. Nancy b.1856-NFI

4. David b. April 12, 1858 d. Aug 7, 1939-NFI

5. Dorcas b.1862 Hancock Co, TN d. 1940 Hancock Co, TN m. Lincoln Greene bef 1880 and was buried in the Greene Family Cemetery, Hancock Co, TN.


The Parents of Jefferson Lamb and Lucinda-Wilder Lamb:

*Esau Lamb b. Dec 3, 1796 in NC d. abt 1855 UNK-NFI

*Anna Seal-Lamb b. 1804 in Randolph, NC d. 1893 in Sneedville, TN-NFI

(Have been unable to confirm that Esau Lamb and Anna Seal were married-all information is circumstantial)


*David Wilder b.1796 UNK m. 1828 d. Aug 25, 1884 in Hancock Co, TN-NFI

*Nancy Jane Elkins-Wilder b.1798 in NC m.1828 d. Nov 24, 1887 in Hawkins Co, TN-NFI



Greene-Jones War

(Extracted From Multiple Sources)

(The first paragraph was from the Rogersville Herald abt 1890)

††††††††††† The cause of the Greene-Jones War according to legend started over a hog prior to 1861.Apparently some of the Jonesís who lived on or near the Greene Farm near Duck Creek were hauling logs down to the Clinch River.The logs were to be floated down to market in Chattanooga.Someone left the gate open after the Jonesís crossed the property of Richard Greene.A hog belonging to Mr. Greene wandered through the fence up a hollow to a still.The hog ate and destroyed a considerable amount of mash.Another one of the Jonesís decided to keep the hog to pay for the damage incurred.Richard Greene came to claim the hog.An argument ensued and thus the start of the Greene-Jones War.

It was brought to a head during the Civil War when the majority of East Tennessee supported the Union.A movement was launched for independent statehood similar to West Virginiaís but failed to materialize prior to secession. Tennessee sided with and joined the Confederates.

††††††††††† Hancock Co had both Union and Confederate sympathizers while others wanted no part of it and they were called ďRidge RunnersĒ.One of those who preferred to remain neutral was Alfred Greene.In the summer of 1863 he was hiding out on the ridges of Hancock Co to avoid being conscripted.

††††††††††† On July 26, 1863 Alfred Greene was informed that his wife had just given birth and decided to visit his wife and newborn child.Three members of the Jonesís who were Union sympathizers anticipating that Alfred Greene would return home waited in ambush.

He was able to make his way undetected into his house.When the Jonesís saw that Alfred Greene was in his house they started shooting.In order to draw fire away from his family Alfred grabbed his rifle and ran towards the smokehouse for cover. He was shot multiple times in the chest and immediately died of his wounds.

The Greene-Jones War was the second largest feud in US history and only superseded by the Hatfieldís and McCoyís.†† This conflict lasted until the late 1880ís when the Governor of Tennessee declared martial law, sent in the state militia to end the conflict and restore order.

††††††††††† The feud lasted about 35 years and during this time approximately 30 men and

1 youth was killed.

††††††††††† Ila Lamb-Grable said that her mother Lucy Givens-Lamb told her the following about Lincoln Greene who was married to Dorcas Lamb and participated in the feud:

1. While he was a kind and gentle man she was always afraid of him because he had notches on his pistol.

2. During the Greene-Jones War Lincoln Greene dressed as a woman to pass through the Jonesís to obtain supplies.


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