This is 1940 and from what I learned the Junior High burned the Winter of 1959. The last picture shows the old SMS building where I attended school until I was in the 5th grade. I was in 1959 in Mrs. Duncan's 4th grade class. I went to a lot of basketball games in that building and I was really looking forward to going there. My sister and I actually walked to school quite often from our house on top of Hospital Hill until one day a car ran us off the road and threw a knife at us. Conley Noe, a taxi driver, became our "chauffeur" from that time on.  WBIR Channel 10 is having a special on Mr. Ches McCartney, known as the "Goat Man".  The "Goat Man" would come through Tazewell sometimes twice a year when I was young and camp on the playground of Tazewell Junior High School, just across the street from Pa and Ma Browns Store.  There is a website dedicated to America's "Goat Man" HERE