May 31, 1944
A Baby Shower was given for Ruth Payne Rose who married J.W. Rose, Jr. in 1942. J.W. Rose, Jr. was the son of John W. Rose and Ida Hodges Rose.
Among those attending were my mother Betty Payne, Katheryn Ault and many of the towns most admired ladies.
J.W. Rose, Jr. was later convicted of the brutal kidnapping and murder of Mayor Joe Tyler Duncan's father.  Had it not been for the outstanding defense of Rose by Lawyer G. Howard Nevils no doubt Rose would have at the least spent his life in prison.  I understand he spent only a few years for this brutal crime.  The cost of the trial cost the Rose family most of their farm land. Land that now occupies the G. Howard Nevils House "Boxwood Rising" on Cedar Fork, built in 1949.  Anna Ruth Payne was the daughter of Clarence C. and Bertha Payne.  Anna Ruth and J.W. Rose had one son John born July 31, 1944 and died Nov. 4, 1998.  She divorced J.W. Rose, Jr. in 1945 and married Dave Lipton in 1949 and moved to Arkansas.

J.W. Rose Jr.
Johnny Rose wins Baby Picture Prize 1946

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