Tammy Higgins Logston, Ocala, FL has more family pictures of her grandfather

 Arthur Benjamin Livesay who married Edna Rosalina Lickliter - b. 10-28-1914 .

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My grandad, Arthur Benjamin Livesay, married Edna Rosalina Lickliter - b. 10-28-1914

 (Ada Lickliter was Edna's younger sister). Here is the happy couple in Tennessee:


That tall boy is Arthur Livesay - my grandfather. He was a rather handsome fellow.

Arthur Benjamin Livesay Abt 1930


Bill, Bonnie, Arthur Livesay, Virgil Thompson, Milam Livesay Bill, Bonnie and Arthur are

brothers and sister. Bill kind of looks like Little Joe Cartwright!


This picture was provided to me by Elvia Glass' 1/2 sister, Charlene Glass.  She lives in Maryland. 

The woman in the picture is Sarah Elizabeth Livesay - daughter of Jasper Newton Livesay and

Martha Matilda Anderson.  It is dated 1903 - I think it is a great picture.  Elvia Glass married her cousin, Jesse

Mitchell Livesay.  Her dad wouldn't let her date the fellow she liked so she got mad and ran off with her cousin. 

Jesse Mitchell Livesay was the son of Joseph Madison Livesay and Laura Livesay. 

 Elvia and Jesse both were cousins to my great grandfather, Milam Richard Livesay. 


There were a total of 14 children born to Milam and Margaret Livesay, but only 11 made it to adulthood.

Here they are with Milam and Margaret - my grandfather, Arthur, is standing on the far right in back. This is about 1931.


Here is a picture of Milam Richard Livesay with his cousin, Elvia Mae Glass.
I have another one like this that must have been taken on the same day of Milam with his cousin, Nora Livesay. 

She was Jesse Mitchell Livesay's sister.  She died not long after she was married - only 17 so it may have been in childbirth


Arthur's parents were Milam Richard Livesay and Margaret Johnson Here is a picture of Milam,

Margaret and my grandfather, Arthur taken in 1913:


This picture is still unknown.  I was thinking Milam Richard Livesay but with

the others above I don’t think so.  Joe Payne


These are Milam's brothers and sisters. He is in the middle.

They are the children of William and Saphronia Livesay.