Lycos suspended their free Guestbook feature in March 2012 and have given me a download of previous guestbooks I had. These are entries (341) from my Homepage that range from 1997 till 2012 and have many different surname queries. Please use the search feature on your internet browser to search this page.

Another problem just came to my attention in 2017 that when Aabaco purchased Yahoo a couple years back they decided to change the name of their .com only on the guestbook, so my guestbook has probably been inaccessible for two years. So please if you have visited and wanted to sign please do so now. Thank you for your kind words and continued support. Joe Payne

4/24/1997 15:27Deloris MorganMuppy3@aol.comAzle, Texas (a little northwest of Fort Worth)Enjoyed visiting your web page, will be returning often. Thanks for the time and effort you have given to Tennessee genealogy.
5/7/1997 8:58Terrycoptst@coptst.comNew OrleansNice page. Good format and nice vacation pages.
6/2/1997 13:40KatieJKKD@aol.comMaryville, TennesseeI enjoyed your homepage. I was just looking around and boom
here yours was. It was very educational. Thank you! And
continue the good work!!!!!
6/12/1997 6:30Sarahcatcrazy@usa.netChattanooga, TN (Seymour, TN, originally)I enjoyed this page immensely. You have put a lot of time
and effort into making sure it is complete.
6/23/1997 17:46Rhondarsabri@concentric.netTazewell, TennesseeHello there Joseph!
My name is Rhonda, and I went to Claiborne County High too!
I live right down the road from you. I live near Rocky Hill
Elementary school. I saw your ad on the internet on the
meet me online page. I think it is interesting that we are
from the same town! I really like your web page. It is very
creative. I would like to talk more with you. Please e-mail
me at!
8/14/1997 13:16jeannie mullinaxjem2513@tntech.eduCookeville, TNHi, like you page very much. Thanks for all the links to
places close by. I'm originally from Tazewell too. I left
in '78 to go to school. Last time I was in Tazewell was
in '88, to visit my mom. She now lives in Cookeville too.
Good page. Thanks again.
8/16/1997 21:18Sarah Crawfordbast2657@sssnet.comI love your page! Come visit mine! Well, I am going to get back to your page now! *Sarah*
8/26/1997 19:57David M Paynedmpayne@ibm.netLeeds, Jefferson Co., ALSon of Sherrod Thomas Payne; b June 24, 1912; d Mar 28, 1991
Son of James Blackburn Payne; b Dec 23, 1883; d Jul 2, 1976
Son of Reuben Alfred Payne; b Sep 1855; d ca 1913
Son of John Blackburn Payne; b ca 1827; d Nov 14, 1869
Son of Hiram Payne; b ca 1800; d ca 1844

I believe the above Hiram is the same Hiram Daniel Payne you
have as a son of John2 Payne b ca 1770 Washington Co., NC.
8/28/1997 12:43louis r moorelouisrr@cycat.comlongwood fl.cumberland gap,cavespringshi! i've looked till i'm blue trying to get info on
my family tree,i was born in tazewell,my dad was gar,
his father was john,mom sarah townsley,her brother1 i
can remember was hugh another dad and brothers
and sisiters were raised in cumberland gap all are pass
away.know anyone researching the family? my grandfather and
wife and 3 kids are buried in woods/cosby.and not
marked.any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
ray.the late stirl whitaker was a relative.
8/29/1997 4:48Bill P. Chumleywinky53@aol.comKnoxville, Tenn.From your cus.. Wife is due Sept 03, 97..

Launches to come
(proposed)03Sep/Atlas Centaur (pad 36A),
(proposed)26Sep/Shuttle STS-86 (pad 39A),
29Sep/Atlas Centaur (pad 36B..

See Ya!
9/3/1997 20:16WinkyWinky53Baby Boy: Dennis Michael Chumley
Born: 03Sep97
Time: 12:54 AM
Weight: 6lbs, 8.5oz
Length: 18.5 inches

Natural Child Birth.
Went to hospital at 8pm
10/17/1997 12:05Rick Phillipsrphil@handgards.comI Live in El Paso, TX now transferred from Chicago, Il,My Phillips relatives are from East Tennessee also,
My father was Harley Phillips Born in Roan Mtn. Tennessee, 1931 died 1978, My
Grandfather was Sebe Sylvannis Phillips born in
North Carolina, My Grandmother was Bell Winters, her brother
was at onetime Sheriff of Carter County, then they made him
a lifetime constable until he died.
10/31/1997 11:33Alisa NeaveAneave@aol.comSan Francisco, CALike the music you added to the page - very peppy!
Have a nice day Joe!
11/2/1997 8:50Marti Hurstkok@texhoma.netOklaPlease contact me as I am having trouble with your mail delivery,I Have Info on Quesenberry and Hurst . I Need to find out where you got info on Samuel Hurst and Virgina Breeding as this is our direct line.Also have info on your Jennings line.

Marti Hurst
11/29/1997 0:32LauraLauraj35@aol.comillinoisJpayne sent me LOL
12/1/1997 4:35Martha, Tn.I was very impressed with you page design and format.
It was great getting to see all of the family that I haven't
seen in years! Keep up the good work!
12/6/1997 14:45Steven W. Paynespayne@vegasnet.netLas Vegas, NV / Tazewell, TNKUDOS To Cousin Joe for taking the time and energy
to create this wonderful site!
1/14/1998 18:07Florence Hoffmanfhoffman@esper.comNorris, Tm.Hi Joe,You have a very nice web page. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. Still looking for -ROSENBALM, HURST,BARNARD,HOPSON,WALLS AND BRAZELL.Keep up the good work.
1/19/1998 21:36Rainbowlbecker@cvn.netPennsylvaniaGREAT PAGES!!! I have been searching for info. on the Payne family. You have given me dates and information that I was having a hard time getting. Anderson G. was brother to Elias. Elias was my grandmother's grandfather.You have done a super job.
2/7/1998 14:09Curt Sealscjseals@prodigy.netBean Station, TNGreat page Joe. Shawn and I stopped for milkshakes at the Frostee Freeze on our way home from hiking
in Cumberland Gap this weekend. I'll have to try the Ostrich burgers some time! I enjoyed your hiking photos,
perhaps we'll run into each other on the trail some day. Later!
2/9/1998 2:35Joan Hurst Lundy-Boydajboyd@home.comCaliforniaSent you email ref Hurst...great home page.
3/13/1998 17:03Patsyslipdisk@tcnet.netMiddlesboro KyI have been busy and just now getting to visit your page,
I'm very glad I did! Very nice...

I will email soon, very soon. PB
3/28/1998 22:17Angela Harthartreal@usit.netKnoxvilleI am a REALTOR - but that's not why I'm signing your guest book. :-) Just wanted to tell you that you have a very nice web site - I enjoyed the photos of your lake property & tree farming.Have a great day!Angela HartHart & Home
3/29/1998 22:32Paul RoyPRoy@Highland.NetOneida, TNFriend of Paul W. Phillips (Huntsville) . . . who says to tell you that Fred Toomey wasn't old enough to be editor of the Chronicle, because it was already out of business by the time he came along.
3/30/1998 22:19Warren or war1puck@hotmail.comI live in Hawthorne, CA born Detriot, raised in ChattanoogaMy father: Warren Lee Puckett- Claimed to have known Alvin York-Fentress Co. said he hunted with him more likely they got drunk in the same bar or tavern.
Born :~ apr 11 1886 Buffalo Creek, TN.
Death: ~apr 30 1966.
US Army WWI, Corps of Engineers.
Married three times.
1st wife Edna-divorced no children.
2nd wife Elsie-two children-Anna Ruth and Robert Erwin divorced-probably on record in Huntsville late 30s.
3rd wife Julia-children- Me March 29 1947 and Ava Jane June 14 1949.
Buried Chattanooga National Cemetery.
Grandather : Jacob Puckett, brought in a sawmill to the county in the 1880s, That explains the second growth timber in Scott Co.
Grandmother : Martha maiden name unknown, I will ask my half sister Anna Ruth Puckett (Anna Ruth Humphries) or my half brother
Robert Erwin Puckett.

The names in in the Jeru Phillips story are familiar from the stories my father told me 40 yrs ago. My grandfather (Jacob)worked for the L&N
railroad died sometime in early 1890s. Martha remarried to Calvin? Stanley, Scott Co.
Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff , in the early 1900s?

Martha Stanley (grandma) had several children these are the four I remember.

Two of my Uncles were killed by lightning (not at the same time but almost in the same spot, a few feet from the barn, in the area
city (Onieda) annexed for industrial expansion). I believe they are buried in the cemetary that lays between the Road and the
cemetary where Clyde and Pearl lived.

Calvin- US ambassador to Greece in 1939-40? Professor of Languages, Rice University Retired in the 60s in San Diego, CA

Clyde - struck by lightning.

Pearl-Married Clyde Phillips 1946-US conservation officer for Scott Co.1950-1974.
-son Dwayne or Duane was married-divorced has two children in Huntsville.
I do not know if Clyde Phillips is a decendant of Jeru Phillips.

Mary- Married Charles Byrd, (Bryd Brothers Dodge) Huntsville, TN-no children
This is all I can remember,

Warren Puckett Jr. :
4/12/1998 20:00Joyce Scott Sharpejssharpe@bellsouth.netNashville, TNSaw your Claiborne County page - are you familiar with the Claiborne County Pioneer Project - used to hv a web
page but i cannot find it anymore.
Hampden S. Scott and Rebecca Kemmer Scott were my 2nd great grandparents. I still have a distant cousin living in
Harrogate. Would you happen to know if there is anything available that tells about the old Smith-Ball farm ?
you might mention any books you think would be of benefit for those of us interested in Claiborne County history,
my particular interest is in what used to be known as Shawanee.
4/28/1998 1:26Dinah Davis Phillipsphillips@iupui.eduIndianapolis, formerly Scott County, TennesseeI was given you web site address by Paul Roy, Independent Herald, Scott County, Tennessee. I am researching
the Phillips tree also, and am hoping to connect my husband's line with your research. His great great grandfather was
John (Egg) Phillips, b. 1819, d. 1911 (married Sally West); he was the son of Johnathin Phillips, b. 1800, d. 1893.
His great grandfather was Jonathan Phillips, b. 1842 (married Martha Ann Reed); grandfather was John Wesley,
b. 1871(married Elizabeth Keeton). His father was Gerstle Phillips b. 1901 (married Opal Orick White). I started
researching about a year ago. The above information was obtained from the family bible and "Scott County, TN and
Its Families", published by the Scott County Historical Society. If you can add to this research, I would greatly
appreciate your sharing information with me. If any of my research would benefit you, I will gladly share with you also.
Thanks so much. I enjoyed your homepage.
P.S. Just fyi, I am also researching Davis, Terry, Brown, Stonecipher, West and Orick families of Scott County.
These are my ancestors, except the Oricks. They are my husband's maternal ancestors.
5/4/1998 13:34Alfred Stanley Drakealfdrake@aol.comIllinoisFound my way here this early Monday morn. Left you e-mail regarding Kirkpatrick/Hatmaker union. There were three other children including a set of twins (Sarah and Robert born 1874 and Henry born 1871). Delia's birth certificate has J.W. Kirkpatrick, so there is some confusion here). But, very much interested in getting information.
5/17/1998 0:53Carol Ann Burdineburdine@i-link-2.netEthel, WashingtonJoe,
Thanks for your reply to my query and sending your web page address. Nice work. I enjoyed reading your family tree and work in progress. I hope to soon have a Home page and list my work. I tried to view your guest book, but got an "File Not Found" message.
I have a large text on Burdine and Shaull/Schaull and Drown. I am searching for my line on Phillips (Thanks for checking for me) and my fathers line of Chrones (Cherones) from Athens Greece.
Good luck in your work!!
Carol Ann
5/18/1998 17:54Rebecca WilsonRBWILS@aol.comMississippiI heard that you were interested in BURDINES!I am descended from BURDINES, and would love to talk to you
6/2/1998 0:55Joyce M. Turnerorin@ruralnet2.comOzawkie, KansasI'm a descendent of Reuben Payne, Halifax County, through
two of his daughters, Catherine and Lucretia. Catherine
married William Parks and Lucretia married John Pigg. I came
because you have information on Reuben that apparently linked
him to murder? I'm more than a little interested, of course,
and would like to know more if possible. The message was
left in the Payne newsearch on rootsweb. Thank you. Sorry
your site is the wrong Reuben. It's interesting.
6/10/1998 21:06may ranckmayranck@hotmail.comcosta mesa, ca.I am researching the family name of Chumley.
I tried to find your e-mail address but could not
find it.
Look forward hearing from you.
7/10/1998 11:19Jacqulyn Griffingriff530@msn.comVirginia Beach, VaLooking for a home in your area... Will be in Tennessee this weekend.

Thank you
7/30/1998 18:11Sherry SuttonSDSMS@webtv.netTNI am researching all sides of my family tree, and found you under Livesay. You did a good job of documenting this line. I too am descended from Andrew Jackson Livesay; he was my g-g-g grandfather. I just thought I should take the time to say hello to a family member, no matter how distant.
8/16/1998 19:19Carol Abercrombiec.abercrombie@worldnet.att.netHouston, TexasMy husband's mother was Thelma Sexton. She was the daughter of James Sexton and Julia Bridges. James was the son of Caswell Sexton and Malinda Hicks. If you are interested in this line let me know and I will send what info I have. Thelma married an Abercrombie and lived in Cincinnati, Ohio until just before her death. She died and is buried in Scott Co., Tennessee in the Sexton Family Cemetery. I have pictures of the grave stones.

9/1/1998 3:02Thelma Lawson CudmoreHudunnit@ aol.comOriginally, AZ, NM now CAWhat a great site! So informative and very well done. I'll come back again and share this site with others. Joe, I wish you did other states like NY and KN where I am at a deadend.
11/6/1998 22:45Lynn Rothplroth@mailexcite.comGig Harbor, WA.As a descendent of Edward McGinnis I enjoyed your page. I noticed that you have info. that I do not, and I have some you don't have listed. Can anyone shed light on the "Nancy McElhaney vs. Nancy Gilmore" situation? My family has always had Nancy McElhaney down in the records, but in the past few years, others are saying Edward was also married to a Nancy Gilmore. I"ve seen no documentation for this, does anyone know of any.?
Lynn Roth
11/8/1998 3:46Marilyn Joneslamar@snowcrest.netCaliforniaI am interested in your Livesay family but I cannot view the Livesay Scrapbook or other information about the Livesay family......Help! Thanks, Marilyn
11/8/1998 13:58Merry smithLSmith8719@aol.comBorn in Mississippi, live in TexasIf there is a Crockett mailing list I would like to join so I can exchange info with others. Thanks Merry
11/15/1998 1:02Judy HamptonJudyHam@aol.comFerguson, MOGreat Web Site! My mother was a Waddill. I think that's where I got your URL.
11/16/1998 14:18Kathleen A. PayenKathleen@wohl.comPennsylvaniaLooking for information on Colonel Payne, I believe he was in Virginia. I am doing some research on Paynes, especially in the Civil War Era. Have you heard of him. I have no been able to locate the first name as yet.

Thanks so much.

11/30/1998 5:02Rebecca SchuppenerGASCHUP@AOL.COMILLINOIS via ALABAMAJoe: Nancy Goodman guided me onto your website. I'm starting to trace a family tree. My g-grandmother is DELILA JANE CROCKET parents unk. She married JOHN HENRY WILSON, both are said to have been born in Robertson Cty, TN. One of their children was my grandfather: WALTER SAMUEL WILSON who married BEATRICE EVERETT SWIFT, d o JOHN MCFERRICE SWIFT & DORA DAY MCMURTRY. I'm most interested in traceing DELILA JANE CROCKETT. Could you help me. Thanks, Rebecca PS: enjoyed your website
12/7/1998 22:25Jeaniemadmax@napanet.netNapa Valley, CAI have absolutely no clue how I got to your page...I just maximized my browser to find your page..must have hit a link or something. Well, cool site, thought I'd stop by and drop a line or two. See ya! Come visit me sometime! =)
12/8/1998 15:26john hoyt payneboone86@sccoast.netlancaster co. south carolinai was just begining a little reasearch on our family name
12/10/1998 15:26Judy Kreftmeyer Brochzirak@fidnet.comNew Haven, MOWouldn't you know it. I would come across "The Hurst Nation"
when I am working and don't have my genealogies in front of
me. My gr,gr,gr,gr. grandfather was Uriah Hurst, a german
from NC. He relocated to Cocke Co., TN, where his children
were born. He died in the late 1800's (I have the date at
home.) in Gasconade Co., MO.
12/17/1998 11:58Paul Ruffruffnrdy1@aol.comAlexandria, VAAm attempting to assemble family history. Names include Ruff, Hawkins, Crockett, Scheible, etc. Was happy
to find your site. I believe you have some missing links. Thanks
12/29/1998 6:27Pollybobpolly@zapcom.netNorthern CaliforniaSurfed in from GENDEX. I was looking at Elizabeth Pope, second wife of William Payne. They are my ancestors, and also Elizabeth's brother, Lawrence Pope, who was married to Jemima (Waddy) Spence; Lawrence being her second husband. Lawrence and Elizabeth Pope's parents were Humphrey Pope and Elizabeth Hawkins. My ggg grandparents were their descendants, namely Nancy Payne and her husband, Col. James Johnson. She from Elizabeth and he from Lawrence.
1/21/1999 14:50Rick, EnglandWe were searching for information of a distant relative of ours, also known as Joe Payne. He was a famous soccer player in England during the 1930's and 40's. We discovered your page and we have found it very interesting.
1/21/1999 14:56Rick, EnglandWe were searching for information of a distant relative of ours, also known as Joe Payne. He was a famous soccer player in England during the 1930's and 40's. We discovered your page and we have found it very interesting.
1/23/1999 16:33Cheryl Beach AmadorCAmador123@aol.comLafayette, INI just kind of stumbled on to your Hurst lines and we are cousins of some degree. You help me figure it out. I am not good at those kind of things. Love the work you have done.!! Keep it up!!
1/24/1999 11:55Anne Dayanneday@1starnet.comTexasHi, Joe. I am looking for information on my grandfather's family. His parents, James Day (d. 1900) and Irene Elizabeth Fisher (d. 1896) lived in Tennessee and my grandfather, John J. Day was the youngest of 8 children. He had a sister, Sadie (b. 1881) who married Lonnie Petty (b. 1881) in Knoxville, Tenn. on July 6, 1899. He also had a sister, Elizabeth and a brother, Will and the other siblings are unknown. Amanda Day who married John Barnwell in Knoxville on November 29, 1838 was in some way related. Please contact me at My deepest regrets over the loss of your mother. Thank you, Anne Day.
1/24/1999 14:13Cecil J. VanceCVance6432@aol.comCheyenne, WYHave found numerous ancestors in your files. Harper, Hurst, Stone, Breeding at first glance. Thank you this find has been a real treasure.
1/25/1999 23:04Shulliahj.stone2@worldnet.att.netI enjoyed your web page. It was one of the finest I have been on. I just hope one day I will learn how to
make a web page as good as you did. I have family from Tazwell Tenn. and you list both surnames and
towns. This made it easy for me to go to the area I was intrested in. It was very easy to find information
on your web pages for the way you list them. Think you for doing such a fine job, for people like myself
to find information the easy way. Keep up the great work.

Looking for Payne: Shulliah "Lolly" Payne Stone
2/2/1999 0:34KenBuck Crys@aol.comPhx, AzLooking into the Botts history. Family tree.
2/3/1999 16:25Mark SladdenMark.Sladden@tek.comExcellent site, puts my humble efforts over at Paris/2680 to shame. I see that you have a number of Sladden's listed.
I hadn't realised that the name Slatton ever recursed to the original name of Sladden.
2/9/1999 23:24Krissykrizte@nauticom.netPANice job like your site visit my sometime tell a friend or 3 !
Icq greeting to friends
Pickup line page
cats in a kettle page LOL
2/14/1999 19:33beverly dalebevdale@mail.usmo.comDixon MoThanks, thanks,thanks for putting the Dale family history on the net. I had my husbands line to Abe Dale
and Winifred Southern but you saved me months and months of work. I really appreciate it. Also
my Mother was a Sebree, tracing her line back to Richard Sebree and thus by marriage to the Paynes
2/24/1999 16:08Roslyn or quest_of_rachel@hotmail.comBox 67, Granthams Landing, Sunshine Coast, B.C. Canada, V0N1X0I'm a rookie at genealogy research and have been using search engines to find "Griston" Looksmart brought me
here. I linked from the Stone family history page. AMAZING..I hope to someday have a Griston page that's half as
good. I have been seeking griston for about a year.

Anyone with any info regarding Griston, please email me at: or

I believe I am the first Griston to do any genealogical research. I was raised with if the name is Griston,
it is a relative. I'm more than willing to share any data I have gathered or will gather Re: Griston

Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully respond.

Roslyn Griston
3/1/1999 18:27Sharon K Earlschar@newageinter.nettazewell TnI think you have a great website.
3/6/1999 21:24Patsy B. Jonestennvolunteer@juno.comoriginally Kingsport, TN now Washington StateWas visiting Steve Lacy web site and linked on to your James Testerman and Rachel Livesay. Their son, Joseph
Stephen Testerman is in my direct line, my gggrandfather.
3/13/1999 9:24Kimberlykstroud@southwind.netKansasJoe, I had a wonderful time looking at your homepage that you created. I am very impressed. Looks like it took alot of work. I haven't had computer very long and still learning alot about it. Thanks for letting your home page.
3/14/1999 0:46Carol Goad Flemingcarolinpa@prodigy.netPort Angeles, WAYour information is really interesting. I sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago and will let you know when my part of the Goad line is up & running on the web. Thank you for all your great efforts!
3/15/1999 13:08Guy Newlandguy@kiva.netIndianalooking for information on the Mccubbins name.
3/17/1999 2:57Montemowend93@hotmail.comFayetteville, ARgr,gr, grandfather was John Cummings Payne (B. 1808 in Chattanooga) who married Martha Bird. I don't know if there are any family ties.
3/18/1999 21:51Steve Hurstpaynepeed@aol.comVentura, CAWilliam P Hurst, b abt 1826, Merom, IN;, 2nd great grandfather.. Can't connect to main Hurst line (in Putnam County) . Shadrach Johnson Payne b abt 1799, VA, 3rd great grandfather. d 1872 Sullivan Cty, INHelp!?
3/25/1999 16:35David R. Crockett, Jr.crockett@accesscomm.netHoustonInterested in genealogy of Crockett family.
3/27/1999 22:22Lewis Crockettmixedwar@aros.netAlaskaI look forward to researching through you info. I believe I am a decendant from the brother of Davy's father.
but am missing verification of a few names.

Thanks for the site. L.C.
3/29/1999 21:15Pat Meece Larypatlary@iamerica.netMonroe, LAI actually saw this on Mike Goad's pages. I am descended from
Robert Goad, father of Katy Goad. She married John Meece which
is where the Meece line connects with the Goads. The Meeces
came to PA in 1741 from Germany. Robert Goad was the brother
of your Joannah Goad Sevier...You indicated that Abraham Goad
was the son of Richard Goad of St. Minver Co., England. Could
you provide me with proof of this??? Pat
3/30/1999 10:04Bertha CharltonBerthacharlton@hotmail.comIllinoisI am a decendent of Martha Crockett and Thomas Mongomery. There Son Joesph and Nacy Davis Montgomery
Had a Son Levi and he had a dauught Anna Luella and she had a daughter Seretha Powers she had Edith
and she had Me. I like your web page. It has alot of good information on it. Thanks Bertha
4/6/1999 18:45Becci G.ruthc1v16@yahoo.comSt. Louis, MOI am also descended from Dr. John Woodson, son Robert, son Benjamin, son Robert, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary, daughter Elizabeth, son William, son Henry Woodson, son Henry Marvin, daughter Wilma, son Robert. E-mail me if you would like to exchange info. Great site!
4/17/1999 12:17Wallace Troy Harpertroy_harper@bigfoot.comMalvern, ARResearching Josiah HARPER d. 1768 in Frederick Co., MD, m. Rachel Owings
5/2/1999 2:04Darlene M. Hurst-Howeyd.howey@worldnet.att.netTulsa,OKMy Greatgrandfather was Tomas Or Tom Hurst. Lived in Coalhill, Arkansas. His son Gus Holt Hurst married Elisabeth O'Brian Thier son Leon Lewis Hurst is my Father.There was alot of splits in the family in the past, alot moved to California. William Randoph Hearst is third cousins of my fathers to best of my knowledge
5/3/1999 22:23David Livesaydlivesay@ameritech.netFlint MichiganFather was from Nashville Tenn would have been born in the 20 'S and had a brother George.
5/15/1999 15:46Arnold P Mintz JrMINT1515@aol.comWilmington, North CarolinaMy descendents are from ther same town as De Crocketagne. I have just learned of this this week during a search on my grand-mothers side of the family. Its seems that they also departed Montauban on about the time for England. They are all born and married in Montauban Frnace, their names are De Garrisso, or Garrisson. I will continue to search to see if they could have possibility came over to America on the smae ship are maybe they knew one another. Thanks enjoyed your Web site.. Arnold
5/23/1999 2:34Iain, Essex, EnglandJust started researching my family history having bought some genealogy software. Phillips is a common name in the UK, so would imagine the possibility of any link is remote. Fascinating nonetheless!!!

Kind regards

5/23/1999 19:19William J. Phillipswphillip@msn.comNorwood, Ohio: 1946-63, Currently in San Antonio, TX.Building a Family tree for my children - Surfed MSN saw their new Genealogy search page, looked for George Phillips and found your page. I'm trying to run down family history of my father ROBY PHILLIPS (Elk Vally, Tenn.) My Grandfather William Churchill Adkins, Oneida, Tenn. Also looking for relative who is Cherokee. Family history is not being recorded and so much is being lost. My Grandmother, Stella Rebecca Phillips, told me as a child we had Cherokee blood but no record of this exists in family. Old family records lost.
5/25/1999 15:50John Scott Paynesinger@lightspeed.netSanta Maria, CAI'm a member of the Paynes of Virginia line. My father is Daniel Robert, his father was William Henry,
preceded by John Scott Payne of Indian Wars fame. I possess some interesting documents pertaining to John Scott,
among them a commission as First Lieutenant in the US Army in 1867 signed by Andrew Johnson and Edward Stanton.
5/31/1999 14:06Charles Priceceprice@uncc.eduConcord, NCFound your page while searching for info on William Latham Payne.
I am descended from him via
WLP -> Mary Payne -> Sally Shanks -> Eldridge Price -> me
I am trying to determine if he is the same William L Payne born to
Alfred Payne and Miriam Randolph in Hawkins County in the mid 1830's.
6/12/1999 17:40Mike Paynesphinc@erols.comGeorgiaMy gggrandfather was William Joseph Payne born 1835 in SC, his father was Moses Payne. Looking for the Payne connection to Moses.
6/20/1999 8:00Mary Postempost@dragonbbs.comOhioI have been searching for information on a Francis D Payne who married Nancy Summers in 1822 in Ross County, Ohio. My problem is finding where Francis came from. I know that he use to work on the Ohio Canal's and that he died in Indiana.
6/23/1999 19:29ROBERT HOWARD PAYNEHowardpayn@aol.comGrand Saline, TexasI am trying to locate info on Adolphus Payne who lived in Van Zandt or Smith County Texas in 1900.
6/26/1999 7:41Scott A. TrappTrappster@msn.comOmaha, NEI may have missed it But I was looking for history on my grandfather John Albert Johns, b March, 13,1904. I believe he was born near Albion, IL which is in Edwards Co. near Hamilton Co. He married Bernice Kelsey b April 26, 1910.
6/26/1999 18:59Eddie PhillipsHighlander@Nashville.comBorn, Nashville, Live, WestmorelandGreat site, a lot of info here..Robert and Phoebe Jane (Thompson) Phillips were my 3x grandparents
6/27/1999 22:16Doug Rosenbalmcsavet@yahoo.comhancock co tnmy mothers name was Breeding, with ties to the Hurst and Evans families in Claiborne County.

7/2/1999 15:53Judy BeginJKBegin@earthlink.comEscondido ca.I am so glad I found you! For some reason I can't e=mail you.
I want to tell you how excited I got when I found the Sevier connection to my family!!
The connection is Mary Sevier to James Monroe Morrow to the Cooper family. My Grandmother is listed as "sis" and her younger sister Gladys is not there. Is there any way I can get to you what info I have from "sis" to the present? Please e-mail back or send me a form to fill out. Judy Begin
300 S.Ivy #56 Escondido,Cal. 92025 (760) 741-9068
7/4/1999 12:26Ellyceewarns@tenet.eduSan Antonio, TXFound you via a link from Rootsweb.Great page with much information! I am a descendent of
William Walter Childers->Willie Leona WALTER->Charles Kerchiville WALTER->Maria Snyder
WARREN->Susannah Sevier SNYDER->Elizabeth "Betsey" SEVIER->Naomi "Amy" DOUGLASS and
Valentine Sevier II, younger brother of John Sevier. My great-grandfather, Charles Kerchiville WALTER,
emigrated from TN to TX with his cousin, Hal SEVIER after the Civil War, settled in Gonzales County, and married
Leonora GUNN. He served as a judge in that county and in the Texas House of Representatives
from 1907-1909. He was custodian of the Texas Senate Chamber for 7 years prior to his death in1931 from a
stroke. He would play his fiddle and entertain visitors with a description of the paintings and history of the
Senate chamber. His cousin, Hal SEVIER, settled in Uvalde County and also served in the Texas House of
Representatives as the same time as my great-grandfather. Hal married, Clara DRISCOLL, called the savior
of the Alamo, and started the Austin American-Statesman newspaper. I'd appreciate more informaion about the
WARREN portion of the family tree. I'm also looking for information on my father's paternal side of the family,
mainly a James Charles CHILDERS, (born 31 Oct. 1810 in TN, d. 26 July 1868, Cherokee Co. TX), who
married a Julia Ann WILLIAMS (b. 9 Sept 1826 in Hempstead Co. AR and d. 20 Feb. 1873 in Cherokee Co.).
James emigrated to Knoxville (founded by settlers from Knoxville, TN and now a ghost town), Cherokee
County, TX. He appears in the 1860 census for Cherokee County.
7/4/1999 15:45Elizabeth, Englandhello to all the Hursts visiting this website. I am researching the Hursts of Warwickshire and Leicestershire. My direct ancestors are mostly Charles and William Hurst.
My fathers name is Charles Norman Hurst and is 91.
7/6/1999 0:20Richard Jenningsrjenn45@ticnet.comCarrollton, Texas (Dallas)Trying to sort out the Edward (Ned) Jennings family.
7/6/1999 7:11Amanda Roberts LaRosaalarosa@home.comCoto de Caza, CAI, too, am a decendent of the Sevier family. According to my mother's information, I am a four- or five-times granddaughter of Valentine, brother of General John.

My husband has recently taken an interest in researching both his and my families, which is how I came upon your page.

We'll stop back another time to take in all of your good work!

Best regards,
Amanda Roberts LaRosa
7/9/1999 1:22David Hurstdsh@icx.netKnoxvilleI see that we might be kin. Doug and David Tripp are also my cousins. Keep up the good work
7/11/1999 3:11Norma Breeden Garrettngbgarrett@aol.comMemphis, TnGreat site and info. Would like to tie down my Breedens. William born 1802/3 On Tn/Va line he said. I think a buzzard dropped him. He ended up in Roane Co. Married Nancy Barnard 1840. Buried in Shiloh Cemetary Roane Co. Came to Roane in 1823 as far as I can prove. Where did he come from? I can't connect him with any other Breeden/Breedings in Roane Co.Tis a puzzlement.I'll be back to check on you again.
7/11/1999 3:27William H. Hyatthyatt@apexcorp.comPittsburg KsHi. I am the son of Cecil Hyatt, son of George Albert Hyatt,and Mary Ethel Riley, who was the daughter of Farris Andrew Riley, grandson of Eleanor ROLLER. I just stumbled onto this site when I noticed two listings for Cecil Floyd Hyatt, one from Old Bones , a site set up by Brent Hyatt Jr. I would enjoy hearing from you, I do have more info on my Hyatt,Mercer,Friend ancestry, back to the 1600's in England. A large number of the Hyatt's were in Ks and OK, but I am about the only one left in this area, most have scattered west. Seven generations are buried in a old rural cemetary 5 miles from here. Mercers, Hyatts, and Friends (family name Friend) Please email me and i will be happy to send you any info I have. William Hyatt.
7/13/1999 23:15John Nicholsjnichols@tscnet.comIdahoI am the son of Stella Pearl Livesay who was the daughter of Samuel Jackson Livesay, both of them were born in Kyles Ford TN
7/14/1999 19:24Bonnie Payne McLainbmmclain@aol.comNew JerseyWhat a wonderful place!
7/15/1999 15:20jamie burchfield1THEBRAIN1@msn.comutahmy grandfather passed on resently and i am trying to find his roots. your website has helped me to find other links to figureing out my grandfathers mysterys.thank you and good luck!
7/15/1999 15:56Bonnie Williamsgrannybonnie50@webtv.netVirginia, don't live thereI am a descendant of Absolom Hurst, thru Winifred, John and Jeminia. Thought I would come here to see who you had as wife of Absolom. Saw somewhere else that her name was Elizabeth McNew (MacNew).Your info is usually up to date, been here before.
7/18/1999 0:42Halbert Phillipshp4471@midwest.netIllinoisI am trying to find my acesters. I am back to 1798 William Phillips Va. I would like to find his parents
7/18/1999 9:05Earline Burks Whiteearline@grove.netAndrews, NCAm still searching for anything on my Gr.Gr.grandmother Nancy Phillips born in Georgia about 1800 and married to Alford Hinesley in Jasper County, Ga. Died in Carroll County where I am originally from.
7/18/1999 16:24RidgemanRidgeman@Bigfoot.comScott County TennesseeI am tracing the family tree of Jehu & Rebecca Sexton Phillips. Guess a lot of my info is correct as it matches a lot of yours. I am attempting to gain info. on Caladoinia (daughter of Jehu) & husband Sherman Brumett (also spelled Brummet, Brummit, Brumitt, and maybe others) I would appreciate hearing from anyone with info on Caladonia. I beleive she was buried in the Paint Rock TN area, but don't know any more than that. You have a great page with lots of information.
7/26/1999 20:34Martha Gatesmarthlou@earthlink.netWhite Pine, Tn.This is good! keep it up--- I was so surprised you had the surname Quesenberry, are you a decendant of

the family group? I am, the S.W.Va.branch. I'll be back often. Good luck! Martha
8/6/1999 22:10Jerry L. GrimesIngka 55 @Aol.comI checked Out Bonnie Kate Sherill Sevier.My ancestor is Hannah Sherill-Houston,whose father was Adam Sherill and her grandfather Samuel Sherill.Samuel had two daughters one named Catherine and 7 sons.Adam was born 1758 in the yadkinvalley like Catherine.could Bonnie Kate be his sister and an aunt toHannah?
8/8/1999 18:14Chuck Landersclanders@airnet.netCullman, Cullman Co., AlabamaNice! Can't wait until I get all my information gathered/endered on my FTM program so I can have a web page for my family.
8/13/1999 11:31B. McDanielebsjamcd@oio.netSE Okla.Checked out your GEORGE PAYNE. I'm actually hunting my Dad'
Grandfather: WILLIAM THOMAS THURMAN, (b. 1842, Ark.) Civil
War Vet.(don't know which side, he was up north a lot.) His
only son-in-law, was GEORGE PAYNE. George married MARINDA
THURMAN. I caught up with them, in Indian Territory, 1900.
Here is this GEORGE PAYNE;
1900 CENSUS Choctaw Nation Film Roll T623 - 1850 Vol.1
Section 2 McAlester, Oklahoma
Line 91) PAYNE, GEORGE head (of household) White Male b.
Apr 1865, age 35, married 13 years, born in Tennessee;
Father from Tenn., Mother from Tenn. Occupation: Farmer
Could read, write & speak English. Rented Farm (schedule #
of farm 282)
Line 92) PAYNE, MARINDA (This is my Father's Aunt) Relation
to head of household: Wife White Female Apr 1869 Age 31
Married 13 years, had 6 children, 3 living. Born in Illinois
Father, Illinois (He had lived in Ill, born in Ark.) Mother;
Ohio. Could read, write & speak English.
If this is at all interesting to you, and you would like
to have info. on the three children, I have that also. The
son was WILLIAM. Have a nice Day.
8/13/1999 11:32B. McDanielebsjamcd@oio.netSE Okla.Checked out your GEORGE PAYNE. I'm actually hunting my Dad'
Grandfather: WILLIAM THOMAS THURMAN, (b. 1842, Ark.) Civil
War Vet.(don't know which side, he was up north a lot.) His
only son-in-law, was GEORGE PAYNE. George married MARINDA
THURMAN. I caught up with them, in Indian Territory, 1900.
Here is this GEORGE PAYNE;
1900 CENSUS Choctaw Nation Film Roll T623 - 1850 Vol.1
Section 2 McAlester, Oklahoma
Line 91) PAYNE, GEORGE head (of household) White Male b.
Apr 1865, age 35, married 13 years, born in Tennessee;
Father from Tenn., Mother from Tenn. Occupation: Farmer
Could read, write & speak English. Rented Farm (schedule #
of farm 282)
Line 92) PAYNE, MARINDA (This is my Father's Aunt) Relation
to head of household: Wife White Female Apr 1869 Age 31
Married 13 years, had 6 children, 3 living. Born in Illinois
Father, Illinois (He had lived in Ill, born in Ark.) Mother;
Ohio. Could read, write & speak English.
If this is at all interesting to you, and you would like
to have info. on the three children, I have that also. The
son was WILLIAM. Have a nice Day.
8/20/1999 23:42Judy Johnson Colljudycoll@ncweb.comPainesville, OHGrandaughter of Martha Elizabeth PAYNE b. 16Aug1872 and John Woltz JOHNSON, b. 06Jan1868 so I am always searching for more relatives. It was by chance that I moved to PAINESville, OH. I never knew any of my Dad's relatives outside of WV nor did I think there were SO many PAYNES...JOHNSONS yes! I am a novice so I have a lot of researching to do!
8/22/1999 19:17Betty A. Cottongorbet@mwis.netOlathe, KSJoe,

Just dropped in to see your web site. Like what I've seen. My lines are Middleton, Chadwell, Bailey, Barton, and Rogers just to name a few.
8/25/1999 1:26Sandy BarberSDWBar@aol.comSpringfield, MOI am personally related to the Payne family. I have an uncle who is related to the Slaughters and Mulkeys. We are all related to the Howard family. My ex-husband's family includes the Rollers, Bloomers, Andersons and Paynes. You and I have a lot of the same families. I have been doing research most of my life and have a lot of information on many lines. I would enjoy hearing from you.
8/28/1999 15:21Andrew Addair Payneibsmst@aol.comDickson, TNI was just looking for some other paynes. I am a grandson of everette c. & alta mae honaker payne who were from McDowell Co., WV. Also related to Addair, Deskins, Honaker, Mullins, Short, Atwell, Varney.
8/28/1999 18:38Stephen D. Paynepaynes@cua.eduHyattsville, MDI found your webpage from a second cousin I just met this past week. My grandfather was Rollie Payne who died in Wichita Falls, TX in Feb 1963. He was born July 4, 1901, I think in Texas or Oklahoma. His parents were Joseph H. Payne and Monie Lawrence Payne Harrell. I am new to genealogy and I find it very intersting and fun.
8/30/1999 1:54PamelaL8dflyer@aol.comOriginally from in CA nowI found the information on the Billingsly family very interesting. I am related to Linneous (#166) and Mary "Polly" Hunter (188). My Greatgrandfather was William Lee Hunter, married to Melinda Ethel Dalton and my search has taken me as far back as Heini Jager and Maria Heinimann. It's so interesting to read the names of past relatives...they almost come alive. In fact, I have relations that fought against Nathan Bedford Forrest and my mother (Barbara Hunter) married his great grandson! Small world indeed. Please keep me on your mailing list for any updates...thanks again!
8/30/1999 17:48Nell PayneNPayne1228@aol.comCave Spring, Ga. 30124Where is the Cave Spring you are refering to. Our Paynes came from South Carolina to Laurens Co. Ga. and my line to Floyd Co. Ga. My husband is one of 11 children borned to John Lewis Payne & Maude Huckaby.
8/31/1999 16:46Rick Phillipscarman@sun-spot.comKentuckyLookin for Phillips Family Joe or Baby Joe was married to Emma Phiilips(yes, same last name) in Onieda, TN. Had James Arthur Phillips & Georgia, I am James' son. Looking for Joe's parents, Father may be Joe Phillips & mother Roadie Ann Jeffers. Grandma's parents were Caney Phillips & mother was Rose Etta or Rosette Owens. Trying to do a family tree! Help!
9/5/1999 18:58Morgan Breedenbremor0811@aol.comPrince William County, VAMy family is traced back to Jonothan Breeding (listed as Breadon in the Rockingham County, VA Marriage Index. We are not sure when he was born but he married Nancy Meadows on January 1, 1817. There is reason to believe the Breeden's from the "valley" also moved into Tenn. and Kentucky. I'm trying to find the link. If you have any information that connects with Jonothan or his son Nicholas (born Sept 29, 1813), I would be very interested. Good luck on your research! //morgan.
9/10/1999 11:37William S. Hurstshifterandb@netzero.netVA-TN-TX-PA-VAWayfarer has helped me.
9/14/1999 18:53martha paynehouseofpayne20@aol.comoklahoma nowhi there'
my name is martha payne. my father was howard payne,he was from florida. any info you can give me or help me find on my family history would be very helplful.

thank you
9/18/1999 14:34Lorene Lucy Callawayhappiejack@yahoo.comBeaver Dam, KYResearching Elizabeth Payne who married a John Noe in Ky. another set of gggrandparents was a Wiley Garland and Sarah Hurst. Just thought it odd, the two sets i am looking for are on your page. thanks Lorene
9/19/1999 21:24Frances Willesswilless@juno.comAustin, TXI am doubly descended from Colby Rucker of Grainger County,TN. Nancy Rucker married Moses Payne, son of Isaac Payne of Grainger Co, and moved to Rockcastle County, KY where they both died.
9/21/1999 2:19Lucille Godsbylueg@webtv.netSt. Maries, IdahoYou have a great web page! My gr grandmother was Mary Bird Crockett, daug of William C. son of James C. son of Robert C. I am new to this, been doing my tree. But dont do attachments. Have been working on all Mary Birds children. Enjoyed all the information, but it does get a little confusing with all the same names passed down. Glad I visited. Thanks, Lue
9/26/1999 18:01Judy NY / Sydney AustraliaI'm looking for my father Joe David Payne. Family say he called Pikes Peak home. My mother refuses to pass on any information regarding him. Mother remarried and we moved from the US in'75 and now live in Australia.I'm finding it hard to get his SSAN as I have no birthdate to go on or any other helpful information. If you could help me please contatct me on the above e-mail add. Thank You for your time and energy.
9/28/1999 20:47Russell L. Paynepete_boots@juno.comFalls Church Va.Russell L. Payne son of Thomas I. Payne and Altina Eva Payne
9/30/1999 3:49Charles Allen Payneussoakhill@hotmail.comPonca City, OklahomaGrandfather came from Northwest corner of Missouri. Family goes back to Virginia and Tennessee.
10/6/1999 10:58Margaret Ford, SCGeorge Washington Ford was my GGGGrandfather. I'm also related to the Day's & Wileys from Clairborne co.
10/6/1999 23:04Curtis Wayne Grubbsgrubhstry@pipeline.comeGretna, Va. Pittsylvania CoI would like to thank you for all the info. I have received from you and the Goad Families, My lines are the Dalton, Grubbs, Phillips, tuck and Edwards Families thanks again Cg
10/28/1999 2:16Dan Blackburnblacbourne@aol.comLong Island NYHave been searching out Blackburn ,old John was my GGGGGG-Grandfather, and my fathers mother was Dewie or Dewey Payne . Wonder if she is part of your tree?
10/30/1999 15:30Alisa Payne NeaveAneave@aol.comSan Francisco, CAHi Joe:
Like the new pics of past family reunions - I'll have to dig through my albums to find one with all of us (those foriegn Payne's) in it to send to ya. Beautiful day today in Frisco - hope you are enjoying yours!
11/8/1999 23:09Louise McPhersonlodo@gvtc.comTXAlways looking for Paynes. My Mother was one. Saw Roller on your list of surnames and have a connection to that family via a sister of two of my ggg grmothers. Their sister married Martin L. Roller, Jr.
11/16/1999 14:10Rachel Payne Jakesrjakes@compuserve.comDanville, Ill (originally)My brother and father were both named Joe Payne. Our family of Illinois came from Ohio and Indiana. They thought the family had come originally from Baltimore.
11/19/1999 8:00Barbara williamsjerrybarb@earthlink.netokla.Related to John T. Payne & Cloah Stout Payne md. Davidson Co. N.C. 1832.
This family moved to Laffette Co. Mo. around 1843. 1850 cencus show ages 40 & 36.
Nine children born between 1833 & 1855. married into the Clark. Iiams, Amick families.
Sons, Francis, John, William, Zachariah, Robert English, & Samuel.
Barbara, Okla.
11/21/1999 12:14Catherine for all your effort but I don't think we are your Payne
12/4/1999 3:19Kathleen Manley Nystromkathkan@aol.comCaliforniaThank you for your wonderful collection of information about the Johns family of Virginia. As a descendant of Mary Johns and John Randle I found your pages very enlightening. Hoping it would meet with your approval, I've added a link to your pages at my website. Great job, cousin!
12/7/1999 22:30Kaykkroth@wvi.comOregonI liked your site. I am searching for James W JAMES, b 3 May 1809, NC. Didn't find him this time. But keep up the good work!
12/19/1999 14:12Howard Stan BreedingStanRMC@aol.comNew Tazewell TNBorn and raised in New Tazewell. Grandfather Thomas TOM Whitaker and Uncle Fate Whitaker. Grandfather Newt Breeding and Father was James Carl Breeding. Graduated from CCHS in 54. Presently live in Jacksonville FL.
12/30/1999 1:24Larry D. Wear (Son of Roland G. Wear & Mildred Schell)ldwear@hotmail.comVallejo, Ca.Just getting started retracing some of your old ground..that being "Hugh Weir"....
Great Web page....Well done....
1/16/2000 12:47Karen Reedkarenreed@worldnet.att.netTrenton, MichiganHi - I'm researching my Sevier line. So far, have grandmother, Suda Sever, g-grandfather, William Jackson Sevier, g-g-grandfather, Douglas Sevier, all of Knox County, Kentucky. Any help would be greatly appreciated!... Karen
1/22/2000 0:08Margaret Hurst FortuneMFortune@aol.comIndependence, MOI am also a descendent in the John "Mill Creek" Hurst, by way of Elijah. My grandfather was Newton Sparks Hurst. Born 2-24-1882, died 1-1969.
My father was Elmer Newton Hurst, born 5-10-1910, died 7-24-1974.
1/26/2000 14:15Evelyn Paynelpayne0809@prodigy.netMarylandI am searching for the descendants of Stephen Payne of
Loudoun County,Virginia around Hillsboro/Purcellville, Virginia. Stephen m Alma Kirkpatrick. He had two brothers that I know of: Luther and Bernard. Stephen and Alma had the
following children: Lynn(Male), Robert, Nanny, Katie, Minnie, Elsie, Helen, Milton, Lucille,William(my father in law), and Garnetta died at birth. ECP
1/26/2000 19:47Bonnie JohnsonFLBonnieLargo, FlI have been trying to find my mother's descendents. She thinks her maiden name could be Payne. Since she was taken from her home in Phillipsburg,Pa, in the year of or about 1913-1914 and given to a family by the name of Ward (J. Wesley & Emma) in Union City, Pa. from the Welfare Board. They never adopted her and she needs to find her roots. I realize she is not in records of adoption which were non-existant at that time, but it is very important to her. She has been told that she may have had brothers & sisters in this large family. Please respond if you feel she may be related in some way to you. It would be such a comfort and closure to her search. Thank you in advance, Bonnie Johnson, her faithful daughter.
1/28/2000 8:49Martha (Frostee)New Tazewell, TNJoe, Haven't heard from you in a long time. Are you dead? You missed my birthday on the 5th of Jan
Lets finish the web page, OK?
1/29/2000 15:51Michele McCubbinsmamcubbins@prodigy.netNiles, MichiganHello! Just stumbled across a website with what I used to think was a rather uncommon name (my last name). Looks like I'm wrong! Thanks for the info!
1/30/2000 13:18Bill Vinzantbvinzant@earthlink.netSkaneateles, NY -- raised in NMWe share common ancestors I think -- I am descended from Moses White as I think you are.
2/3/2000 11:18Ruth Hurst Dotyladybugoh2@yahoo.comI hope I can find some information on my Lane line through your information. My great-great-Grandmother on my Grandma's side was America Lane Ashby.
2/5/2000 10:46T. Payne Hammondresp@looksmart.comCanada
This by far the best page of this type that I've ever seen!

Anyone with information on Paynes who
settled in theTwillingate area of Newfoundland
(once a colony of Britain, joined Canada in 1949)
sometime in the early 1700's (as far as we know).

Please contact me... Thank you

2/8/2000 18:15Pam K Bertrandrenegade@macconnect.comTigard, OregomSearching for my grandfather: William Edward Phillips married to Lela Cylinda Williams
2/17/2000 7:26Harrell Lynchlynch43@juno.comnewport, tnLooking for information on family of Meedy White Breeden
of Knoxville, Tn and Anna, Illinois. Wife was Fannie
2/17/2000 7:27Harrell Lynchlynch43@juno.comnewport, tnLooking for information on family of Meedy White Breeden
of Knoxville, Tn and Anna, Illinois. Wife was Fannie
2/17/2000 15:22Sallyflintstones@mindspring.comFlintstone,GAMy great grandfather was Peter H. Livesay, born 5/13/1861. According to 1900 Hancock Co. census he was born in Virginia.I have no idea what county.
He married Nela Chandler 12/30/1886. I am trying to find his relatives,parents, brothers,sisters, etc.
2/17/2000 19:42J. Frederiksenjuju@goldrush.comCaliforniaI sent a message regarding my ggg grandparents. They were John Thomas Payne who married Susan Francis (Fanny) Bozarth back in Tenn. Anyone having info on this family please email me @ Thanks
2/17/2000 23:06Linda Hackneyrhackney@mail.softcom.netCaliforniaI am looking for QUESENBERRY'S. I am a Quesenberry, my ggg grandparents were George and Martha (slinker)
This is my line:
(1)George and Martha (Slinker) Quesenberry
(2) John and Nancy (Hylton) Quesenberry
(3) William H. and Eva Jane (Slusher) Quesenberry (moved to Az in 1890"s) William died at Glendale, Az.)
(4) John William Price and Carrie (Ousterhout) Quesenberry
married nd lived in Calif. and raised there family there.
(5) Frank Elwood and Jessie Mae (Anderson) Quesenberry
lived and raised their family in CA.
(6) Linda mae (Quesenberry) Hackney

So many p[eople that are doing research on the Q'berry family do not know about William H. Quesenberry,as he left VA. after the Civil War as he had a lung disease, and died soon after he left VA.
Would like to hear from those researcing this family.

2/23/2000 19:24David LeBaron Paynedpayne@muw.eduColumbus, MississippiI have been interested in my Payne Family origins for q
2/25/2000 12:01Carolyn Buschwcpbusch@pdq.netHouston, TexasI am searching for Martha Susan (or Sussan) Payne B.1852 Married William (Hod) Harvey Sept 1871 Unionville,Putman Co., Mo. Was on the 1870 census living with a family named Elston. Mattie (as she was called) may have been born in Ill.
The Harvey family I am researching is William Harvey from NC. The family spent many years in Kingston, Roane Co. Tenn.I am from his son Robert who went to IN.1820.
2/26/2000 10:51Carole Gilmourcarolegilmour@mindspring.comFountain Inn, SCThanks for a great job, through your pages I have been able to find that Claiborne County mising link.
3/7/2000 2:47Dave Francisdfrancis97@hotmail.comHamilton IllI'm descended from the Paynes of Va. My line is Robert, John, William, William, Sanford, George, Penelope, Thomas M. Francis, Thomas P. Francis, Everette W. Francis, Oscar C. Francis, and then ME. The Payne side of the family is well documented, but the Francis side isn't.I can't get back past 1777 on their tree, that's when Penelope's husband; Thomas was born in Ky. If anyone can help please do. Dynomite website Joe, thanks for sharing it. Dave
3/13/2000 20:04Tammy Robinson Scotty2klean@aug.comColumbia, S.C.You you know any of the paynes in greatfalls, s.c. i am a robinson, from olympia area in columbia. my grandmother had a sister last name bradley, live in greatfalls and the children married into the paynes. i'm just getting started and i'm looking to find out about my family. thank you tammy
3/30/2000 18:32Toni Lyn White-Huffmanleadsystem@pcpowerdrive.comSpringfield, ILHi, my name is Toni. My fathers mother was Eva Jane Sevier from Macon,MO. My father is Charles William White. I have just recently started researching family history and I am ready to discover relatives out there that I did not know of. I do know that Eva's parents were John Everrett Sevier and Sara Jane Summers. I looked on Joe Payne's web page and did not find them, or did I mis them? Well just wanted to type a few lines to let the kin folk know that I am alive a well with two daughters in Thornton, CO
3/31/2000 19:01David Carlcatamount@pacific.netNorthern CaliforniaGreat site! I am seeking info. concerning my GGGGGgrandma,Jemima Crockett,b.1767,GA.,d.1834,Madison Co.,AL.Territory,mar.Abt.1786,GA. to Adam Clem,b.1765,Augusta,Burke Co.,GA.,d.1819,Madison Co.,AL.Territory.>John>Nathaniel>John D.>Ibra>Mildred C.>me,anything on parents and/or siblings.
4/2/2000 19:33Deborah Sue Paynemrsdebbi@aol.comSan Bernardino, CaliforniaI am the illegiatimate daughter of Janie Florine Stewart. My real father's name was Payne. Both parents were from Tennessee. I was born in 1953 in California. My father was approximately 30 years of age at the time of my birth, and my mother was 23 (she may have been married and separated). According to some records I've been able to acquire, my father knew nothing of my birth. However, I know that he was a Traffic Officer, servered in the Army during the Korean War, stood 6' 1" tall, with medium build, gray eyes, and had medium complexion. He had two brothers and three sister. If you have any information that can help me in my search to find out "who I really am" please e-mail to Good bless you.
4/11/2000 18:16Claire Piercedragonflygirl_13@yahoo.comClaborine County, TNI am a part of the family and was wondering if you could give me anymore info. We don't have that much and I need it soon for a very important reason. If you could send some more info to my e-mail address it would be greatly appriciated.
Claire Pierce
4/11/2000 18:44Claire Piercedragonflygirl_13@yahoo.comClaborine County, TNI am a part of the family and was wondering if you could give me anymore info. We don't have that much and I need it soon for a very important reason. If you could send some more info to my e-mail address it would be greatly appriciated.
Claire Pierce
4/14/2000 0:49Sharon Tedrowcastaway2@email.msn.comCaliforniaI am a direct descendant of Archibald C. Sevier, born about 1789 and married to Hannah Webb. He is a descendant of Valentine Sevier and Joanna Goad. It is unknown by my family, however, if he is a grandson of Gov. John Sevier, or the son of Joseph I. Sevier.

Both Gov. John Sevier and Joseph I. Sevier are sons of Valentine, John being the oldest and Joseph the youngest.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Sharon Tedrow
4/16/2000 16:25Markjmh@icx.netKnoxville, TNI have reservations for up to 4 at LeConte Lodge for tomorrow nite that I can't use. Please call me at 865-522-8547 if you know anyone who wants to use them. Thanks.
4/17/2000 23:52beverley Australiahi I have been tryng to find my PAYNE connection for quite a while
. Mary Ann Payne m. Richard Fullalove 1875, Middlesex London, her father was Charles Payne.
4/18/2000 18:00Steve Culmerpicards@hotmail.comJefferson City, TennesseeHi,
I love ur webpage, and I was also wondering if u were related at all to the Whites of East Tennessee specifically
General James White, cause I am related to him by way of his father Moses White and i think his second wife ( I would have to look that up in my records). I have quite a bit of info about james white from the east tennessee historical society in knoxville but i am missing some information that they didnt have.
your possible relative,
5/2/2000 13:21pauline margaret bloomer.=birmingham, U.K.would like to know where the name originated?
5/9/2000 9:01Joseph Ligon Payne IIIchaneyhill@mindspring.comCleveland, SCI'm decended from George Payne then Col. John Payne from Goochland Cty VA.
5/28/2000 9:11B. Leon Gravesleonjoygraves@aol.comMaynardville via CaliforniaDear Joe, I meet you at the ETHS get together this past weekend. You had suggested that I check out your website in regards to the Hurst information. Very interesting. Maybe sometime you might be able to give me a hand setting up my own web page. Nice talking to you.
Leon Graves 992-9302
5/28/2000 16:28Cheryl WolfeCwofle65ArzionaHello, I am a Bloomer. I have a lot of family history have found some at the LDS Center and some here on line would love to know if you have any documents that validate your Bloomer information. Would love to see it to help me validate my own information that I have pulled of the internet. Thank you and thank you for caring about genealogy.
5/29/2000 21:04Janice Rosebrojandon0510@aol.comVirginia, but living in McKinney, Tx nowResearching WOODSON, MICHAUX, ROSEBRO, SMITH, MOSBY, JAMES and many more. You have a great site. Thank you for all your hard work.
5/30/2000 23:24mildred mattermattergram@aol.commissouriI can trace back to archibald but no further. Would like any ancestor info you might have as to who his parents were or where they came from.I am new to this computer inquiry so would appreciate all help!!! Thanks
6/10/2000 23:07Shirley M. Carrmermanhunter@excite.comGalveston, TXI am looking for information on my grandfather--Jesse Marvin Carr. He is deceased and the only information I have is that he was 1/2 Cherokee. Please email if you have any information. Thanks!!
6/13/2000 0:45Shirley Porterlotuseater@perth.porters-cpa.comPerth Western AustraliaMy maiden name was Bloomer I believe I am a descendant of Robert Bloomer through Joseph's son James who returned to England & then Ireland during the American revolution. Edward the grandson of James was my greatgrandfather. I would like to hear from you.
6/17/2000 15:47Jim R. Sevierjlc@excelonline.comOklahomaI am very new at this, just started my search for family history. Would like to know more and can use all the help I can get. Thanks
6/21/2000 23:44Jean Linhartjkacsj523@aol.comCollinsville, IllinoisI am interested in Samuel Dale.... My GGGAunt Sally(Sarah) Cannedy/Kennedy married a Samuel Dale,this is all I have on Samuel Dale.... Sally Cannedy also married a Lewis A. Sandlin from Kentucky. Sally Cannedy was born in 1777 in Darlington South Carolina and was the daughter of John Cannedy/Kennedy born 1740 in Londonderry Ireland and Ann???? Cannedy/Kennedy born 1750 in Scotland...
They had the following children:

1. James Cannedy born 1790 in Darlington S.C.
2. John C. Cannedy born 1799 in Darlington S.C.

COULD THIS SAMUEL DALE BE THE ONE I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR???? I hope so. Please let me know if this is connected in some way it has been 5 yrs. and I have found nothing on Samuel Dale and Sally Cannedy/Kennedy. God Bless.
Jean Linhart
523 Burroughs
Collinsville, IL.
FAX: 1 618 344 6346
6/28/2000 20:32Jeremy Payne Robinsonjrobinson@earthling_NOSPAM_.netBillings, MTLove the site, especially pics of Lone Mtn, Lucile Payne Robinson and all of the Paynes. Great to see Al & Fate (I didn't know Al very well). Sorry to miss you at Lucile's funeral.
7/11/2000 8:07Patricia E. Payne Lewisjtlewis@catt.comFarner, TN.I am just a leaf from the tree of Rev. Uriah Payne. I would like to know if anyone has information about my great grandfather William "CADD" Payne born IN 1858.Also I would like to know when the next Payne reunion will be. Hope to see you there.
7/16/2000 22:53Kay Lanedklane@centurytel.netTazewell, TNI am researching the Lane family. Through the census, I have traced my family back to George Washington Lane born around 1820. I find your information very interesting and helpful. Thanks, Kay
7/23/2000 12:21Mary GravesMGr4971476@aol.comVancouver, WAYou have a great site. I am a direct ascendant of Davy Crockett. Was very happy to find your site. Found information I didn't have. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
8/12/2000 21:39Jeannie Ginnsilhowette_1999@yahoo.comTennesseevery nice,enjoyed it very much
8/13/2000 17:40Paul CarterRarebk@aol.comThe PoolJoe,

Paul Carter here - the guy from Tompkinsville KY - we talked about genealogy today at the pool.

Check out my web page - I think you'll like it.

8/16/2000 13:55Ann Stacyanastaci@flash.netI am a descendant of Nancy Ann Nunn and Mill Creek John
Hurst. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Burton Nunn. Am interested in following, hopefully, the Thomas
Nunns back to the first one who landed in Virginia in 1635
from London on the ship David. He was 22 years old. Also
hope to trace the Burtons back to that period.
9/6/2000 18:26Beverly Watkins CarrBeverly_74959@yahoo.comSpiro, Ok.My husband is J.D. Carr from Morristown, Tn. I'm trying to find his family but not having very much success. His fathers name was Robert Carr and he died in 1951 when my husband was 11 yrs. old. J's mom was Rosa Mae Watkins from around Alpha Tn. Don't know anything about his dad but would love some info. Do know that his grandparents names was John and Hannah Carr. Basicly thats all I know. Can you help with anything????
Thanks Beverly
9/9/2000 15:01Rebecca JamesBecca3k@aol.comIndiana originally and now upstate NYConfused about the HAWKINS link to Sevier and Crockett in particular Joseph HAWKINS father of Samuel 1762 . Who was Joseph actually married to? Anneke Jane Edwards or Sarah Marlin?
9/10/2000 0:50Shirley Winsteadshirlwin_99@yahoo.comDeWitt ILLJoe,I am decended down from William England through Steven England and Anna Harper.If you ever do go to Springfield Ill be sure and see the momument to Steven England. They have the church bell from his church on it. Also a plaque about it. Some where out there is Steven's big bible that he used. It was left in the basement of his old church for years. Dale and Thela England was helping clean out the church and found it. We saw it about 12 years ago. Since both of them are now dead, I don't know who has the bible.
9/15/2000 16:41Cherie Creech-Shermercherie@ctesc.netAtlanta, GAThank you for a most attractive and efficient site...the operative word here is "efficient".
You have it laid out so simply, even I can follow it. I'm from Isaac Lane, too...but not your Isaac.
Mine is from Rev. Tidence>Tidence>Isaac>Sarah M.Lane Marshall. I live in TX now and miss the
mountains and the people of TN. Guess it's in my blood. Thank you again. Cherie Creech-Shermer
9/20/2000 17:43Frank Lloyd Bowronbowron@trib.comCasper, WY 82601Direct Descendant of Sallie Lane and Zacharisah McCubbins looking for documentaion of ancestors' arriving in Tennessee prior to 1796. Had a lot of help from Claiborne County Prioneer Project, but still lack definite evidence. Your work is excellent; I can add some things to it if you like. Thanks, FLB
10/3/2000 14:24deb payne wallendjean60@hotmail.comatlanta, gaI am trying to trace the West Virgina Payne family of James Payne m Perdue to Hiram 11/14/1858 m Julianna Sizemore
10/5/2000 19:25Lilian ZealandWow!
Our family in England will be really interested in this site.
10/9/2000 13:34VickiJessg2424@aol.comALMy greatgrandmother was Rosa Horton,daughter of Thomas Lewis and Eliza Horton.
10/11/2000 12:52Martha Kathryn ( PAYNE ) Buisingdbuising@earthlink.netnow - Post Falls, IDAnother PAYNE -- Descended from Moses Payne/Elizabeth Walker, William Henry Payne, Jonathan Bartow
Payne, Winfred Eustace Payne. I am looking for Parents and siblings of Moses Payne. Also, what Payne
does the coat of arms belong to ?
10/19/2000 16:44Steve Culmerpicards@hotmail.comJefferson City, Tennesseehello,
I was wondering if u r related to James White who founded knoxville, tennessee. I was searching for info on James White cause I am related to him by way of his brother John White Sr. whose parents were moses (2) white and his wife mary mcconnell cromwell.
and i was searching the site i came across some info and lineage on James White and i saw ur website url on the bottom of the info which is

If u r related to James White I would like to know and maybe swap notes and info with u please

btw the way i like ur site...and also i was wondering where u got the crests pics on ur site i am also looking for some of my surname.

your new friend and hopefully new relative,
Steve Culmer
10/24/2000 22:30Vivian Abbottvivsjack@rivnet.netLancaster County, VAThe Payne line is my descent through my Mother, who was Frances Shelton, who was the great granddaughter of John Payne Shelton, son of Catherine Payne Shelton. Catherine's 7th generation grandfather was John Payne, b.1615, England.
Thanks for being on line.
10/25/2000 0:39Ivanara Camposivanara@pipeline.comBrazilDear Joe,

Thank you gor helping me on that Saturday (BellSouth DSL Tech Support). Remember? (Ivanara, form Brazil, in Miami Florida)...We spent the whole afternoon trying to configure the DSL service in my friend's house when all we needed to do was to remove the US Rob. modem card to get the DSL modem to work?

But anyway, it was very nice of you to spent that much time with me. The service is great and it is working very well. The following weekend I did the same with mine, but I had to deal with Mindspring/Earthlink this time. (No problems, now I also have DSL up and running).

The page is very nice and I am coming back for tips and to browse a little bit more when I have some spare time this weekend.

Keep in toutch and best wishes for you and your family.


Miami, FL
11/10/2000 15:42Paul Carterrarebk@aol.comBrendon Park apts.Hey Joe - long time no talk to - how are you? Hope all is OK. Email me sometime. Would like to hear from you.


11/18/2000 23:21Charles W. Nuttnuttsbirdfarm@onemain.comVandalia, MissouriHello,
I was looking for information on Carr. My wife's maiden name is Carr. I notice William and John Carr in the Tree. We have these in our family tree; however not sure until I do more research if it's the same ones. I enjoy working with the family tree, and I'm always looking for more info. Charles
11/26/2000 10:06Vicki Quesenberry Shelleyvickiqs@aol.comTazewell County VA (originally)Trying to find map locating Questenberg. Father (Charley Glynn)and Grandfather (Charles or Charley or Charlie?)from Sylvatus, Carroll County, VA.
12/3/2000 13:13Robert G. Bloomerbobblmr@webtv.netKansas city Mo. (1934)Wanted to know if information regarding birthdate as well as RB's lineage would still be available at some archival place in Birmingham. Visited Setauket, Rye, and New Rochelle, NY in Summer of 99. Thanks for any response (RB)
12/15/2000 18:52linda hurst stewartlls0616@aol.comjackson co ky. hamilton ohiowas on hurst info on there is a lot of info out on the net.about john millcreek hurst. my ggrand father was jess hurst supposedly from tazwell tenn.

linda hurst stewart
1/15/2001 22:40Sharon WillisRavnfire30@hotmail.comOrlando FLI saw your brief commment on Breeden/Breeding and my mother's maiden name is Breeden and my brother's name is Russell Breeden....what more info do you have on that name? They are originally from W.V.
I was adopted so and this is my natural family... any info is helpful. Thank u.
1/20/2001 22:48Patricia Bloomerbloomer_pat@hotmail.comMoline, Illinois
Descendant of Bloomer - Robert, Robert, John, Nehemiah, William, Joseph, Perry, Edwin, Francis. Your site it nicely laid out. There is a lot of Bloomer info available on the Internet. It really gives one a sense of "self" when you can trace your roots back as far as we can.
2/1/2001 23:40Ivan Emeryie7685@peoplepc.comSLC, UTSeeking information on Thomas Emery born in Burmingham, England
2/4/2001 21:25Paul & Deb RuckerRuckerfamily@msn.comI know that there is a lot of controversy about Peter Rucker. I have been in contact with a distant cousin that was born and raised in Germany. He, also is doing research there. I will share what info I have. Paulo R. Rucker is interested in his American Cousins.
2/13/2001 14:12Melody Aslinmelodyaslin@webtv.netCAI am a descendant of Squire Harper by his second wife Te(a)litha Carmine Tate through their daughter, Elizabeth, and David Newton Aslin.
2/21/2001 11:59LauraLaura-in@yahoo.comI found your page while looking for information on the Nunn's. I'm descended from Harmon Nunn son of Elisha, Wharton, John. Harmon married to Bartlett. I have more information on another of his sons Ellis. Not much but down a generation or two. If you are interested, I'd be happy to share it. Please e-mail me
3/18/2001 21:04Charles Ray Paynecrpayne@compaq.netAlabamaIam a decendent of Thomas Payne and Mary Montague of Middlesex Co. Va.
3/25/2001 0:07Lolasnuggablelola@yahoo.comI am researching also the Hurst name from Jacksonville,FL moving to North GA. Also Beniun the same locations. Stewart and Ivester from North GA. I would appreciate any info you may have or suggestions on which direction I should go. Thanks, Lola
4/18/2001 10:40VickiJessg2424@aol.comJohn Christain Church I'm looking for more info on the Thomas Lewis Horton family (Rosa Horton)her direct family,anything!She married Reuben Bishop of Scott Co.Va. we were told and then George Bishop?
4/26/2001 12:11John Andersonmijojohn@earthlink.netKnoxville, TNJoe: You've got a fabulous page. Eliz. Payne (Waring) is my 6th Great Grandmother. Your page brought me a lot more information concerning my Payne ancestors. Thanks bountifully. Drop me a line when you can.
5/19/2001 15:04Margaret Hurst Fortunemargaret.fortune@att.netI am from the Mill Creek John Hurst line
5/23/2001 5:04Mamie Phillips Vestmevest@swva.netFloyd, VirginiaI am a descendant of William Tobias Phillips. First visit to
6/3/2001 14:59Greg Kenefickgregk141@aol.comAnnapolis, MarylandInterested in connection to Fairfax Payne and or Frank Payne/ Carrington Payne/Fannie Payne/ Blanche Payne/ William/ Elliot
6/6/2001 11:04Michael Crocketange decendent! Just recently discovered it, though.
Mary Elizabeth Crockett's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Shaw, married Troy Venson Rakes.
After I've had time to soak in all your info, I'll see if I have anything new to add.
My kindred...I have found ye at last! :)
6/26/2001 2:34William H. Hurstwhurst@erac.comI can 'paper-trail' my line back to John 'mill creek' Hurst. Is there proof his father was john, and grandfather Henry. Is it then finding the right Henry?
7/4/2001 9:50Betty Jo Q. McDanielsbjmcdaniels@prodigy.netResearching Quesenberry/Hurst/Moore families in SW Virginia and Payne/Woodson families in the Goochland/Fluvanna Co, VA area.
7/24/2001 13:27Vivian Payne Hurdtennprincess@msn.comCleveland, TNHelping my sister do some family research and found your page. It is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. VPH
8/7/2001 15:11Jim Livesayjlivesay@arcc.orgMy GGGGG Grandfather and Grandmother were Thomas and Margaret(Stones) Livesay. His son, George is the son to whom I am descended.
8/21/2001 1:38Vera Faughtvera180@msn.comLexington,OklahomaI am for the de Crocketage line as well. My mother was a Crockett.
We are of the Robert Watkins Crockett line, who is a brother to your line. There were several brothers.
Do you have the infro. concerning the life of Antoine Desausure de Crocketagne, and his flight from France into Scottland and then Ireland?
9/7/2001 22:14Patricia Phillips Elamplelam67@aol.comDayton, OhioHave enjoyed the information I have reviewed so far.
10/16/2001 23:13Tony Kerseytmbwr@webtv.netAZ.
10/23/2001 15:01cclarkcclark01ca@yahoo.caOntario,CanadaI'm looking for the Sapsfords of England. Our nan Esther Ada Sapsford was born 1907 London.As a young girl she was put into service by her parents. She would not speak of her family said it was too painful. Esther married John Wood in 1926. We have no idea of who her parents were or if their were siblings. On the marriage cert. their is no parents names.Can anyone help?
Thank you
10/28/2001 1:36David PhillipsPhillips1992@aol.comIllinoisI am a decendant of John & Elizabeth Phillips. Your site has filled in some holes for me, thank you. I have some info if you would like it. Thanks again
11/3/2001 22:58george russell breeden
11/18/2001 12:07Robert Burke Payneflags18@hotmail.comOlean, New York 14760Was the Payne family name originally "Paine?"
11/21/2001 22:32Frank Adamsfbadams2@home.comgoogle.comGen. John Sevier is my 4th great-grandfather. I found your page to be very useful. Thanx.
1/7/2002 8:50stephen john paynestephen.payne2205@virgin.netkettering,northants,england
1/9/2002 11:01Tammy Quesenberry Zinnzinn27@hotmail.comMechanicsburg, PaMy Father is Curtis W. Quesenberry origionally from Floyd Co.,Va. His Parents were Cephas Louis Q. and Nannie
Monroe, Cephas parents, Lawrence Q. and
Louvania Bond Burnette, Lawrence's parent's Crocket E. Q. & Itura Mabry,
Nathaniel Floyd Causby & Nancy E. Clay,
John Q. & Nancy Hylton, George Q. & Martha Patsy Slinker. My father moved to Pa when he was 11.
1/14/2002 0:43p. Irwinpirwin2000@hotmail.comOttawa, CanadaI am the Grandson of Isabel Kirkland (698) Isabel KIRKLAND, (Minnie KIRKPATRICK, Dora HOSS, Anna SEVIER, John,
John, Valentine, Valentine , Don DE XAVIER)

I was wondering if anyone has information pertaining to persons pre-Don DE XAVIER.
1/31/2002 14:30Richard John SevierGomy37@att.netSpringfield OregonHi, I am the son of Robert Gene Sevier, Grandson of Buford Valentine Sevier, and have been told my lineage goes directly to John Sevier, the first Govenor of Tennessee. I have some books on him, but I wonder if this is the case. Thanks Richard
2/1/2002 10:14"Bobbie" Kentkent_jim@msn.comI got some information from your sight several years ago, and was checking if there was anything new that would help me.
2/19/2002 19:49Lisa
2/22/2002 14:42debbie Targett nee paynet_ttargett@hotmail.comsalisbury wiltshire englandim just trying too trace my family tree
2/27/2002 14:41Gerald L Sporegspore@juno.comNoticed your URL on several GeoCities sites.
3/11/2002 23:24Bill Dealdeal1fox1@aol.comDallas, TX areaBelieve I am a descendant of Niccolas DALE of "Elizabeth Cittie" (1624). My line went from Bedford Co, VA to Jackson Co, GA about 1783; then to AL in 1856. Any other info on Sarah KEYES??
3/13/2002 5:13J.A.YoutseyWashington StateJust trying to find info on my grandfather Harry P. Sharp [ Manda Jestine Hunter].
3/14/2002 0:54Jeffrey Vail Ruckerssllamas@aol.comFlorissant, ColoradoPeter Rucker is my 7th Great Grandfather (Milburn Rucker & Noda F. Couch) Grandparents
3/31/2002 21:49Vicky Wilkerson Moatesvmoates@bellsouth.netColumbia SCMy GreatGrandmother was Hattie B. Livesay , Daughter of Richard M. Livesay.
Your Web Page gave me so much information.
4/1/2002 18:20Marilyn McLaglenmairiam2000@yahoo.comMy great grandparents were Johns. They lived in The Dalles, OR. I happened upon your site because I'm looking for James Cole Johns b. 1810 in TN. You have a great site here.
Marilyn McLaglen
4/7/2002 8:09Kath Nicol nee, EnglandI was born in Salford, Lancs. where the suname Bloomer is rare. My greatgranfather William Bloomer was born in 1852. We have failed to trace anyone earlier.
4/7/2002 11:25Jeff Larewjlarew1007Middletown, OhioTo whom it may concern I am looking for a Jacob Larew Around 1812 August Co Virginia. could you get me this info or direct me to it Thanks
4/9/2002 14:56Lloyd Earl BreedenLbre478848@aol.comMassillon Ohio There are not a lot of Breeden's in Ohio My ggg granddad is as far as I can go back to a small town in SE. Ohio Byesville this is the town we are from my Dad come up this way in 1945 and we moved up here .before my GG granddad I don't know anything about the real family ???? anyone know anything about us .
4/25/2002 21:50Jackie Snyder Kingjkingga@aol.comAtlanta, GaJoe, I grew up in Claiborne Co.lived in Harrogate, went to Powell Valley High and LMU, however, I have no ancesters there, just immediate family. You and I do however, have a common ancestor in John Woodson. Dr John is my 9th Great Grandfather on my Mom's side.
Jackie King nee Snyder
5/15/2002 13:19lorelei may lievsay-lovelllori_lovell2001@yahoo.comi really enjoyed looking at your homepage. the livesay's are my kinfolk too. if you would please email me. thank you.
5/24/2002 23:55Maxine Cunninghammaxinec@bellsouth.netI very much enjoyed surfing your site. I am attempting to get one for my family's genealogy going. Hopefully what I've viewed here will be instrumental in my completing this task.
6/9/2002 21:37Daryl(David)Fieldsdjf62248@Aaol.comPortage,IndianaSome how my husband is related. He said as a very young man he recieved a card in the mail for something telling him he was related to the "First Governor of Tennessee-Sevier"(everyone in the family got one) now I'm trying to figure out how. His mom and dad were from Little Rock, Ark. Can any one help? Martha Louise Fields married William Haze(Monihan)Fields adopted by Fields family. Fields,Parrot and Earley are family names also. Hope you can help.
6/9/2002 22:37Daryl Fieldsdjf62248@aol.comIndiana I may have found the link Lula Wyle #792 on your list may be her. I found a Lula no last name on my husbands moms side.She married a Barton who was my mother-in-laws mom Nita Barton,who married Carl August Fields. How do I go about verifying this someone must know ,the family got those cards.
6/12/2002 22:26Doris WheelerDWhee60000@msn.comHi,
Just dropped in searching for information about Nicholas Dale and Sarah Keyes. Thanks for the data.
7/9/2002 23:10Jim Hessejhesse4@comcast.netNew MexicoWas number 203 Rebecca Jennings, the offspring of WILLIAM JENNINGS and RUTH BOLT married to my ggfather TERTULLUS C. ELSON (11 June 1831- 11 June 1910)? I have her born in Ohio in 1836 and d. in Buchanan Mich on 06 May 1891. Also were the JOHN Bolts indian? Dawes lists lots of J.B.s.
The Jennings line is of considerable interest to me as I am seeking another star for the lonely one on my SAR ribbon.
8/23/2002 10:19Randy Livesayrlivesay@att.comKingsport, TNEnjoyed reading your website. I'm a descendant of Thomas Livesay & Margaret Stones. I have lots of relatives buried in the Begley/Livesay cemetery on Clinch River in Hancock County. My father (Carl) and uncle (Tom) have maintained the cemetery the past several years. Here is my line of Livesay descendants that I've traced: Thomas Livesay (Margaret Stones) --> George Livesay (Nancy Anderson) --> Enoch Livesay (Mary Polly Wilbourne) -> Wilbourne Livesay (Sarah Bloomer) --> Enoch Delmar Livesay (Eliza Brewer) --> Grant Wilbur Livesay (Lydia Madge Miller) --> Carl Delamr Livesay (Doris Faye Stapleton) --> Randy Eugene Livesay
9/22/2002 17:30tim woodsontim_woodson@hotmail.comWas looking to find some clues of my grandfathers lineage. His name was Tevis Roy Woodson. His father is unknown his mother was a woodson and then married a man named Miller. Most of my family is from Jennings or Jackson Co Indiana
10/3/2002 17:56John Paynejohnpayne28901@yahoo.comAndrews North CarolinaDear Friend or maebe family?
Hello my name is John Payne. My father is RM Payne from Polk County Tennesse. My father has many Brothers and Sisters but I do not Know all there names. His fathers name was Mounty Payne and he maired Della Cantrel. Please e-mail me back if you can find we are kin some way my father would like to Know also
John Payne
Andrews NC
10/30/2002 13:22Joseph S. Payne IIiiJSP@hotmail.comMuskegon, MIMost interesting. I'm preparing a narrative of antecedants for the last three generations and found a lot of data which -- with the aid of this site -- likely can take me much further back.
12/2/2002 13:00Nancy Kuhn Seiboldnancykls@aol.comKenilworth, ILCharles Howell Marsh and his wife, Eliza Lane, are my greatgrandparents (my mother's grandparents) who resided in Greeneville, TN. Their son Thomas Eli was their son and my mother's father. Thomas Eli was married to Lily Bott of Tell City, IN.
1/9/2003 14:15Rebecca Dalerkdale@csmgcompany.comTulsa, OKI appreciate your excellent efforts on this site. I'm a descendent of Nicholas Dale through John W. Dale, youngest son of Squire Dale of Boone County, IN. John W. and Mary Catherine McNelly had Rolla Burse Dale and he and Arizona Drucilla Johnson had my father, Oliver Burse Dale. I always appreciate input and questions, so feel free to e-mail me. I love finding lost relatives!
1/19/2003 19:01barbara texbarbie59@aol.comOklahomaMy Line:
Andrew Jackson Payne > William Riley PAyne> Thomas payne> Nancy payne> Thomas Trader Payne
2/2/2003 16:01Carol Goad Flemingcgfleming@tenforward.comWashingtonYour pages are great and full of new family information. I am related through George Phillips who married Hannah Goad, daughter of Abraham Goad (who is my great, great, great, great, great, great, greatfather. I've printed several pictures off your Phillips pages and have sent them to my sister and father with credit to you. There is one especially that they are interested in - the one of Camp John Sevier - would you be able to send that to me in a larger format? If you can, I'd much appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your treasures. Carol
2/9/2003 20:10Hubertbphillips@maineline.netLubec MaineGreat web sight i found a great many of my phillips line starting with my great grandfather George Harrison Phillips
Thanks herb Phillips
2/28/2003 12:58Danola Claytondollyduck@psknet.comI like your history of the early Hurst.
I am searching for a Stephen felix Hurst
who married Carrie Bacon from Pembroke, Ga. Thanks Danola Clayton
3/8/2003 19:40katiebonjovi@wcoilI have been tracking the lineage of my father's (Robert L Darnell) his great grandfather, also Robert, married Eveline Crockett. There is, as you know a question on her- some have her as b. 1822 others 1826. -and to a Crockett from Maine. However, with the info I have from my family archives, I believe there were 2 Eveline Crocketts- one born in Tn. in 1822 (my lineage) and another born 1826 in Maine. As I was reviewing the surnames and info on you site- going over info on other children of John and Rebecca Crockett's children- the youngest was Wilson Crockett. You have him listed as being born in 1800. and getting married in 1810( either it's a typo or we have another problem with another Crockett- please advise. Katie (Darnell) Marshall
4/5/2003 12:29Ellyce Warnsewarns@earthlink.netI am a direct descendent of John Sevier's brother, Col. Valentine Sevier, through his grandaughter, Susannah Snyder, daughter of Col. Sevier's eldest daughter Elizabeth "Betsy" Sevier and her husband Charles Snyder who were killed in the massacre at her father's station in Clarksville. After the massacre, Susannah lived with her Uncle John and her grandfather Valentine.
4/16/2003 2:06Linda (Quesenberry) HackneyLMQH@sbcglobal.netCaliforniaThis is great! You have done a lot of hard work here on the Quesenberry Family.

My Quesenberry's come from George & Martha too. Then their son John & Nancy Hylton.
4/20/2003 0:10Diana PayneCookiewoo2@aol.comHarlem, Ga 30814Known Relatives: Floyd G. Payne, Dorothy Payne (?), Bertha Payne Lawson, Arly Payne, Great Grandmother- Callie? married brothers (?) Payne TN
4/29/2003 23:12angela wanted to say like the site. i am just starting to research history of my hubands family{payne} from Saint James ,MO. if anyone has any info. please email me.i know his great grandfather's name was George Leanard Payne middle name maybe misspelled. his grandfather"s was William Richard Payne and his father"s is Johnny William Payne Sr. his grandfather married Ardie Marie Malone Payne.they had 13 kids. please if anyone can help i thank them. again great site.
Angela Payne
5/23/2003 1:38steve hustonredstar_91301Agoura caI tie through Shadrack Woodson, b1717 & Susannah Walker Woodsonb. 1770
Nice site
6/6/2003 18:39Thomas A. Livesaytlivesay@cob.orgBellingham, WAI am trying to find out more about the Livesay family, especially those that moved to Texas in the early part of the 20th century.
6/15/2003 22:43Betsy Blackstockbblacks453@aol.comWonderful
7/22/2003 21:17Elizabeth(Beth) Schultz Robinson Bunchbunchljb@aol.comSent an email
8/13/2003 10:19Christycbac1@cox.netEglin Air Force BaseI really liked your page and information. I was putting together my grandmother's family tree-she's a Livesay 3 times and a Testerman 4 times :), cousins married then double first cousins married then their children married, so I have a ton of info on these families and more in Grayson County, VA. Thanks for putting your info on the web, it's nice to have my own research easily confirmed. Christy
9/1/2003 17:21Katie (Darnell) Marshallbonjovi@wcoil.comOhioI am very interested in the Crockett ancestry,whichever line it is. My great great grandparents were Robert Darnell b. 1818 in Tenn. and Eveline Crockett b. 1822/23 also in Tnn. My Darnell family also includes a lot of Cunninghams,Gregorys, Powells, Rices, Vanices (Van Nuys) and members from each one all are aware of Eveline Crockett but no one can find any documentation as proof. Some researchers have tried to link them to the Darnell's who moved to Texas w/the Crocketts. I have not been successful in convincing them otherwise. My line never made it farther than Illinois, then moved back to the Missouri area. They get Robert C. (Click) Darnell confused with my Robert. THey were cousins, unfortunately born in the same year in thr same state. Anyway, your site has given me some clues to pursue g-g-grandma Eveline's family. The only othr Crockett name I have been told about that possibly connects to her is a Frances Crockett b. 1802,and she is connected to a Jim Cotten. This info from a Phyllis Brooks Marillian (related to the Powells).
9/2/2003 18:01Terri Baileytbailey0330@excite.comGen. John Sevier is one of my ancestorial grandfathers (by way of his son Maj. John Jr....). I couldn't help but note that Gen. John's father, Valentine (born 1702 in the Parish of St. Giles, London, England), is illegitimate? Documentation states that his father, Valentine "The Hugenot" Sevier (born 1678), was married to his mother, Mary Smith, on Aug. 6, 1708....six years after his birth. True?
11/8/2003 12:46Mona Denyse LawrenceDen1Ray@aol.comLake Worth,FlHello, I meet you though ACN when I called in. My husband and I are looking for some property up in your area.
Mona Lawrend
(561) 641-0398
12/6/2003 1:56Stephen A. Paynestephenpayne46@yahoo.comCaldwell, Tx.Thanks for the opportunity, Joe.. Am looking for my Grandfather, Walker Glen Payne, born abt 1853 in Hunt County, Tx. and married Nancy Lavenia Warren in 1885. I don't know who his parents were or what happened to him.....Thanks, Steve.
1/18/2004 4:19cunningham,evelynscarface_542@hotmail.comel dorado springs,monellie wolfe was married to jacob williams 190?in grainger county.after that went to apache,ok
2/16/2004 14:27cathy cormicancathycormican@earthlink.netMy Payne connection is David Henry Payne son of Cager Payne.
2/18/2004 16:45sharon carsonteetle40@hotmail.comMy grandmother name was gladys rucker died in mississippi she was married to normal earl minchew.

sharon minchew carson
2/20/2004 12:39Barbara Melissa Smithbarbara_melissa_smith@yahoo.comI am looking for the husband of Malvina Mitilda Hill who was born November 20, 1843. Her parents are William ardin Hill, II born in Sullivan County, TN and Catherine Taylor who was born in Vermont. All that I know is that Malvina married a Ketron and there is a Hill Cemetery here in Claiborne County, TN will the family buried there.
2/24/2004 13:58Michael Hurst Hayesnkvfd603@yahoo.comKodak, Sevier Co. TennesseeI was simply playing around and discovered this web site however I am interested in finding out further information. My grandfather was James Clarence Hurst son of James Tennessee Hurst son of William K. Hurst son of Samuel Windy Hurst son of Noah Hurst sonof George Hurst Jr. and so on. I would love more information on the research that has been going on wiyh the Hurst family that I am sure with out a shadow of a doubt I am part of
3/13/2004 3:05Kaye Steelekaye2458@charter.netI'm related to Sally Elliott who married a Crockett and that's how I got interested in this branch.
3/25/2004 11:16Melody [Livesay] MarteneyDeebeatles@aol.comKansasMy father is Carl [nmn] Livesay. His father was Carl[nmn]Livesay. His father was R J Livesay. I know he was from Kentucky but I don't know where. My father also had uncles, "Bud", Bob, Ted, and Roy, and two aunts, Fanny and an "unknown".I never met any them and just recently was informed they existed. If you have any information that could help me, I would be grateful. Thanks.
4/3/2004 9:47Debra
4/3/2004 18:10Katie ReynoldsKatie_Jacob4@hotmail.comtexasthis is cool
4/25/2004 10:42Lisa Frederick-Hugheslisafred24@sbcglobal.netIndianapolis, INJoe, Thanks for the Descendants of Timothy Sexton, I greatly appreciate it. You have a great site too. I am the G-G-G-G-G-Granddaughter of Timothy Sexton, Sr.
5/5/2004 3:09Aaron Wolferoyal412807@yahoo.commoline Il.I stumbled onto your site, it is pretty nice. The Wolfe side of my family came in through Penn., Ohio, and now Ind., and Il. My father is currently working on our family tree. it is very interesting. good luck.

Aaron Wolfe
5/14/2004 19:11Davalee CartwrightDavaleec@aol.comArizonaJoe, this is a great site. So much information. My line is Sevier, John E. Sevier b.1858 Mo-d.1930 MO.
Married Sarah Summers 1882 MO. her birth is 1863.John's father was William Sevier 1834-1885. Does this family of Sevier's possible be from your Sevier family?I have not be able to find information on William Sevier's father to go back in line of Sevier's.
William was married ( 1857) to Lucretia Jane Atwell b.1840 KY.I don't have the name of William's father or mother.
Thanks for any help you may have for me.
6/26/2004 15:32Barbarabhutchens@bpsinet.comIndianaMy family line runs into your lines

7/16/2004 20:57Katie M REYNOLDSKatie_Jacob4@hotmail.comi would like to know anybody thats in this mccubbins line :)
7/20/2004 2:58Sylvia P VanSickle-LivesayPatVanSick@aol.comOregon USAEnjoy reading all the family information you have on the Web. I emailed you last week regarding some information I am trying to confirm on the Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, John, John, Christopher, Theophillus, Frank Livesay family tree linage. I anxiously await some kind of answer. I hope you received it. I hope to have a reply at my email address as I am unsure how to obtain anything off all these pages and sites I visit trying to gather all the information I can. Thanks Again
7/23/2004 11:51Patricia L. "Hamby" Pfeifer Crockettpatti_pfeifer@ifmaworld.comChicago, IL , USAMy Mother is a Crockett.
Janice A. Crockett - Hamby
8/7/2004 23:11Linda Anderson-Quinonezlindique@aol.comOrlando, FLWe are cousins via Livesays, Testermans and Andersons, Stapletons. This has been a good exercise for checking my dates with your dates etc. Thanks again for a great help with my brick walls. Linda
8/30/2004 13:27Stephen Dale HarrisSteveharris1@prodigy.netI am the greatgrand son of Green B. Carr
10/7/2004 20:50Lewis Quesenberryqberry@cablenet-va.comI would like to know more
12/28/2004 18:43Allison ReepAreep2@aol.comI really enjoyed reading all the information on my family and finding out many things that I did not already know.
12/4/2005 18:52John MaskIraqJoe Payne,
I found your website on the internet about the Martha Baskin Romer family report. It seems you have a great deal of information about my family history. I am a Captain in the Army and I'm currently stationed in Europe after serving in Iraq. I was hoping you could share your genoelogical sources and maybe even some more background information about the people in
the family tree. I am the grandson of Frances Earl Mask and great-grandson of Homer Hosea Bellew Mask. I don't know my family history beyond these people and want to learn. Frances Earl worked on the Manhattan Project during world war two which is why my father was born in Oak Ridge (the secret city). Homer Hosea was appointed by President Roosevelt as the director of the a land project in your state of Tennessee as well. My inclination is that if the only family members I know of have some proud history there must be more out there. Thank you for you time and assistance.

John Mask
12/4/2005 18:53Bumgardner, Randy DWashington, D.C.Hi Joe,

Gladys suggested I contact you. My line of Baumgartner's originated in Wythe, Washington and Lee Counties in Virginia. I looked all the photos and nothing pops as a connection, but I thought it's worth a try anyway.
I'm sure there is a connection somewhere.

My earliest Bumgardner that I can trace was George Bumgardner born about 1790, married Katherine Moyers at Wythe County in 1815. George and Katherine had a son also named George. This George married Susannah Patton at Wythe County in 1840. George and Susannah had a son named Frank.
Frank was born about 1841 and married Emmaline Lethco at Johnson County, Tennessee in 1860 and later lived in Washington and then Lee County. Frank and Emmaline had a son William Henry Bumgardner. William Henry married
Lucy Woods in 1893 in Lee County. William and Lucy's son James was my great grandfather.

Does any of this sound familiar with your line?

Gladys told me that George "Eddy" Payne was your brother. I will always have a special place in my heart for him. He and Georgia Baker of LMU were responsible for my ending up in Washington - now as the General Manager of Blair House, the President's Guest House - where world leaders stay while in Washington. Your brother always made a point of checking with me when he would be at the State Department. It's a long way from my grandmothers outhouse in East Tennessee to the White House and your brother took the interest in this Tennessee kid and helped me along.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Randy Bumgardner
12/7/2005 1:01Shanna Mariashannamaria7@yahoo.comNashville, TNYes that's me... somewhere down the line I knew I was a payne.. haha! So great to find you Joe! I look forward to keeping in touch and eventually meeting you!
12/7/2005 1:36ROBIN ARMSTRONG SEEBERloves2_ride@juno.comPENNSYLVANIAHEY COUS?? how are ya? just wanted to say HI, and nice to meet you. Keep up the good work with ancestry. Chat soon... robin
1/20/2006 15:04Sherry Allensherryleeallen@comcast.netMonroe MichiganJoe
Very nice site,looks to be much hard work.
My family comes from John s Jennings and Mary Polly Moore.( D/O David and Margaret Sherman Moore) You mentioned a will, perhapd of Anderson Jennings father? Joe do you know who Anderson's father and Mother were? Thanks for sharing your web site
Sherry Allen
4/6/2006 23:50Greig Lewisflewis1@elp.rr.comEL Paso TXThe Lewis genealogy links were informative. I'm researching my Lewis line:Samuel Lewis(1801-1863) married Bricey Holt(1804-1873)July 31,1823. They were from somewhere in Tennessee.
8/7/2006 1:38marvin lee honeycuttstubkr4me@comcast.netcaliforniaJoe, I like what I see here. I am trying to find information about Anninius Honeyctt Hanging incident. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Marvin Honeycutt
8/28/2006 14:26Louella VanLandinghamlouellavan@comcast.netI really enjoyed your website. I have been looking for some info on my fathers high school. I think he graduated 1929 from C.C.H.S. I was so excited when I seen your photos from 1930. I was holding my breath hoping that he would be in those. I thought maybe I might be a year off. Thanks for sharing.
Louella Howerton VanLandingham
1/12/2007 8:40Joyce S. WallaceJoyce1812VA@AOL.COMPetersburg, VAHello. My parents were from Sneedville and Tazewell TN. My mom, Laura Purkey moved to Blue Top in her early teens, and met up with my daddy, Ralph Stanifer who was born in Claiborne. They were married from 1938 to 1990 when both died three weeks apart. Daddy was enlisted in the army during WW11, never to return to TN. Finally settling in VA in the early 1950's the family remained here. I am the only Virginian born in the family, yet my roots are from the rocky ground of Eastern TN. Roots run deep. After many years of questions, I have been able to get some answers thanks to the help of the Claiborne Gen. sites, along with the personal help of Joe Payne. Conintue the good work for a great cause to all of my fellow genealogists. Your work is commendable.
5/12/2007 19:53Cheryl Gladneyumccheryl@aol.comJoe,

I loved the pictures of the family. It brings back so many memories. Great website - thanks.

5/28/2007 11:02Summer Stantonjasonsbaby32@aol.comSaltillo, MississippiHey Uncle Joe..I just wanted to say Hey and I miss you bunches...Hope everything is going okay with to you later..P.S. Be looking for a e-mail from me...
8/9/2007 16:17Robert Houston Bentleyrhbentley@yahoo.comRoy, UtahI am a nephew of G. Bernie Houston. I have information that updates The Samuel E. and Rebecca Jane Houston family. I am new to Family History and computers, and don't know how to get this info. to you.
Please let me know and I will send it to you.
Thanks, Bob
4/11/2008 14:20David Lockleardlocklear01@gmail.comI am a descendant of Heinrich Baumgardner according to your

Thank you for all the hard work.
4/18/2008 12:43Mike Roszelleglwltdnv@hotmail.comWould appreciate any additional information on Nancy Mercy Bowen, 2nd wife of John Van Zandt. (1791 - 1837)
8/26/2008 21:19Joseph A. Paynejapayne62@hotmail.comHonolulu, HIAm originally born and raised in Virginia. Saw your coat of arms and it looks a lot like ours. Am willing to write and talk about any possible relations to each other.
11/23/2008 8:41Chris Hooperchooper@firstsaga.comRichmond, VAJoe, It appears that we are related through many ancestors in and around Claiborne County, TN. The following is a link to a PDF file of my research:

On your page "Descendants of George Chadwell" you show:
(189) Nellie Grant Gertrude7 JENNINGS, (Mary6 JONES, Nancy5 KESTERSON, David4, Nannie3 CHADWELL, John2, George1) was born Mar 10, 1877 at Alma, Crawford, Ark, and married (223) Otto Delavan HOPPER who was born Sep 6, 1870 at Cowden, Shelby Co., Ill. Nellie Grant Gertrude died on May 11, 1958 at Brady, Sharp, Ark.
No children of this marriage in these records.

Nellie and Otto were my grandparents, and he was a Hooper, not Hopper. My PDF file lists their children and much more of our family information. Hopefully this will help expand your research.

Chris Hooper
11/24/2008 8:04Chris Hooperchooper@firstsaga.comRichmond, VAJoe,

Sorry, the corrected link should be:
1/14/2009 18:30Glenda Moungerthebellsofdixie@joshscollision.comClaiborne surnames: Chumley, Cline, Chadwell, Posey, Shoemaker. and a few others.
1/15/2009 14:49Stan Brownstan.brown@worleyparsons.comHouston, TXJoe, I think we are related. My great grandmother was Cora Roller Brown. Cora's grandparents were Elias Roller and Elizabeth Payne Roller.
Regards, Stan Brown Jr
1/22/2009 20:48Cliff Johnsaor7capt@aol.comUpstate SCJoe, for some reason I have been thinking about you lately and wondered how you are doing. I hope you remember me as a friend when we were doing Johns stuff ages ago. Let me hear from you.
Cliff Johns, CAPT USN RET
7/19/2009 15:24Ashlee Sweetluvdance97@gmail.comKingsport, TNHi, I was searching for random family members names to see what would come up. Evidently, we are related. I am the great great granddaughter of Lon Yoakum and Josie Shultz. Please email me, I think this is really cool and I could probably send you some info for your page.
8/31/2009 11:22ReneearkansasAs a descendant of the Dunham family, it is nice to see someone to include the President in the family. The Dunham board has been completely silent. Seems no one wants to acknowledge it.
9/4/2009 0:49Clinton L. Payneiampayne@yahoo.comAre you related to the Payne's of Virginia?
11/11/2009 14:35Edward R. Buiserbuis@hotmail.comJust found your site. I love it. You've done a great job. I think about Phil and Eddie a lot-we were great friends for many years. I didnt know Anne Mcneeley had passed away. What happened?
11/13/2009 11:07Rita Greenegreene130@aol.comKannapolis NCI was on the bus to the World's fair.

From Joe - No surely not. I don't remember...Will add your name to the "list". Anyone else you remember?
2/20/2010 14:58Ray Paynepyn_pggy@yahoo.comElgin, NEJoe, I have some information on (20) John3Payne (Reuben2Payne, Daniel1).
I have pictures and obit. of John Payne and Elizibeth (Frazier) Payne. How do I send them to you?
4/7/2010 1:48Kathleen Evanskevans_home@yahoo.caI would like to make a correction to the Evans webpage: Alfred Evans did not marry Rebecca. He married Sarah F. McNew. They struck out for Umatilla Oregon with their children, Thomas and Louisa. Thomas married Jemima Kelly (Jasper Patrick Kelly and Sarah Warren) and had 3 children: My granddad Thomas, Andrew and Minnie. Thomas (son of Alfred and Sarah) died young and is buried in Umatilla. Thomas (son of Thomas and Jemima) married my grandmother Louise Newman (granddaughter of Alexander Newman, parents Arjalon and Alice (Johnson) and moved to Brooks, AB Canada. uncle Andy never had children. Granddad Tom and Lou had 3 sons: Jesse, Herschel (my dad) and John Jasper. Jesse died in Vancouver, BC Canda, Dad died in Fort St. John BC Canada and uncle Jack (John) died in Tempe AZ.
5/13/2010 17:39Jason Baumgardnerjasonbaumgardner@gmail.comCharlotte, NCHow can I get high resolution files of the Baumgardner photos you have? Thanks!
5/16/2010 19:28Ernest Kellykelly1943@verizon.netLafayette, IndianaGreat information for anyone interested in a beautiful part of historic Tennessee
5/28/2010 14:26P. L. SmallwoodThe name Lothar Smallwood is incorrect - the correct name is Howard Lothian Smallwood.

1845. Phyllis Carol FREEMAN.
Phyllis Carol FREEMAN and Lothar SMALLWOOD had the following children:
2850 i. Howard Lamar SMALLWOOD was born on 2 Nov 1965.
2851 ii. Phyllis Ladonne SMALLWOOD was born on 11 Sep 1967.
2852 iii. Linda Kaye SMALLWOOD was born on 21 Mar 1972.
6/2/2010 15:32Kelli YountKyount@cox.netPhoenix, ArizonaI have enjoyed visiting your site. I'm adopted and have been trying to find my family. I'm not certain of my family name, I beieve it is Paine, or Payne. I didn't see anything in your history, but if you run across anything, I was born in Nov. '72 in NC. I would love to connect with my mom and all family. Thanks for putting this up, I know the time you have put into providing this and it is appreciated. Please call at anytime, or if your out in Phoenix, just give me a call, 602-885-7501.
Thank you,
Kelli Yount
7/7/2010 0:20Tracey Schoontschoon@satx.rr.comSan Antonio TexasI came to your site to do research on Sarah Russell Evans. Thank you for posting the info on the Evans Family - it helped quite a bit. I noticed that there is no information on Robert and Sarah's children(9). I have all of their info but I didn't see a way to submit additional info. Is there a way? Robert and Sarah were my g-g-grandparents.
7/22/2010 15:49Tim Childresstimcdfw@gmail.comDallasJoe,
I saw some pictures on your site and thought we could share info. I am trying to reach anyone who would know more about the Vaughan Homesite near Edison, TN
See here on my site

Hope to hear from ya!
10/9/2010 14:36Patricia Shutegreengaia@gmail.comPhoenix, AZI came across your page for Barlett O'Dell,fourth generation. The link for fifth generation will not work, so I cannot check forward on Clyde Shute.

I came across your page while I was looking for Harvey Shute, who was my paternal grandfather's brother. My grandfather, Hamlin Levant Shute of Indianapolis, Indiana and his brother Harvey Shute were born to Richard Shute and Jane Davies Bonefant Rockey Shute of Detroit, Michigan.

I had recently discovered mention of Clyde Shute of Globe, Arizona. Now I wonder if he is closer kin than initially considered.

Thanks, and how does one manage to log in to the rest of your genealogy site?

Patricia Shute
12/21/2010 17:43Ralph Bedwellrebedwell@gmail.comGoogleJoe, I came across your genealogy page while researching my ancestor, Robert Bedwell. As it turns out, it was apparently your ancestor, William Stone, who bought Robert Bedwell's Virginia Colony land in 1680, after Robert Bedwell decided to relocate to Delaware. You provide much useful information, and I'd love to chat with you in email about it.
1/11/2011 10:58elizabeth parksbethann10@gmail.comokYou have a real nice site. I am looking for information on your John Hunter. I am of the William Hunter line of 1650 as seen on sally family place, just type the words. My line of Hunters ended up in ark. Hardy Hunter b 1777Nc Nicholas Hunter b 1816, Many people have Dempsey Hunter of this line (BOLIGNER)as the son of John Hunter b. Swiss br in Germany, This Dempsey mr to Pair is the of the Isaac Hunter line son of William Hunter b 1650 Scots. Can you give me some information on your John Hunter. my name is Elizabeth
2/14/2011 22:59Gary Green (e)grzlygreen@comcast.netRome GAinfo for update Isaac Green(e) son of Hannah Shultz Green was my dad he added the extra e in WWII because he could not get his mail. He was married to Viola (OLA) Beatrice Worthington she died in May of 1975 my full name is Gary Allen Greene.
3/3/2011 14:01Cheryl McBrayerctmcbrayer@hotmail.comChester, SCI have more info for you regarding the children of Sarah Victoria Shults and Andrew Clayton Codgill,descendants of the Shults line through Johan Martin Shults. If you email me, I will try to get a compiliation together for you. I am trying to join the D.A.R. and have been doing research. I also would like to see if yo might have access to any birth,death or marriage certificates or information. Thanks so much
4/29/2011 22:46Jeremy Dalegnomeynnk@yahoo.comNorthern CaliforniaHi Joe.....I have been researching the Dale line as well. Your genealogy page has been a valuable tool for me to refer to in my searches.
4/30/2011 11:32JenMsFoxRider@hotmail.comCOHello,
I'm not sure who it is that's searching Yocum and has the Yocum family history link here, but just wanted to let whoever it is know that Alexander Moore and Permelia Yocum Moore are buried in Ash Grove Cemetery, Ash Grove, Greene Co., MO. They were living in Greene Co., MO as of the 1900 census. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information!
6/3/2011 22:53Jeannie Campbelljnnttcmpbll@yahoo.comI am a distant cousin. My great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Payne daughter of Charles Louis Payne and Rachel Priscilla Beavan. She was born in Daviess County Kentucky Nov. 5, 1863. She married John Philip Bickett on August 6, 1878 in Owensboro, Kentucky. They had 15 children. I read your genealogy page and see that my grandfather John Philip Bickett Jr. was not listed. He was born January 3, 1895.
6/4/2011 21:00Alice Chumbley Loraalice.lora1@gmail.comI plan to attend a Chumley/Chumbley family reunion in Claiborne County on June 12 -- after spending three days at the Cumberland Gap Genealogy Jamboree with other online researchers that I am eager to meet for the first time.
10/3/2011 14:47Holly3060@yahoo.comHolly3060@yahoo.com,

I found your Lee page. Are you still interested in the Y-DNA of Robert "King" Carter?
1/31/2012 10:05Carolene kingkarolene_h@yahoo.comChattanooga tnI'm from Frakes Ky, my Grandparents came to Campbell county Tn from North Carolina..any info on them would be wonderful..John King, Joe King..Martha Osborne) King.. thanks

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