Descendants of Edward MCGINNIS


(1) Edward1 MCGINNIS was born in 1750 at Va, and married (2) Nancy MCELHANY who was born in 1750 at Va. Edward died in 1817 at Grainger Co., TN. Nancy died in 1820 at Grainger Co., TN.

Notes for Edward MCGINNIS:

I have gone one more generation back with my Moses McGinnis line with the help of Don Hadrick. Thought you might like to post his original message and I will send you an updated one when I get all my information in. I have told him of your newsletter and hel will probably be contacting you. Joe Payne

From Pat Calton, Edward McGinnis is first located in the early records of Augusta Co, VA. Augusta county was divided in 1769-70 and the part that the McGinnis family lived in became Betetourt county. Edward McGinnis was listed on a list of tithables in 1771. In 1781 Edward McGinnis was granted 400 acres on the South Fork of Holston River in Washington, Co, VA and in 179 he was granted an additional 182 acres in this same area. This part of Washington county became Smythe county in 1832. In 1797 and 1798 Edward McGinnis sold this property in three separate deeds, the total property sold anounted to 677 acres and he received 325 pounds for it. On August 1, 1799 Edward McGinnis bought 400 acres in Grainger Co, TN for $333.00. This property was on the North side of Clinch Mountain and on the waters of Indian Creek. It is very rough land and even now there is not much farming done in this area. Edward McGinnis married Nancy McElhaney, the daughter of William and Mary McElhaney.
Submitted to "Dalton Gang" Newletter.

(submitted by Don Hadrick: Dhadrick

Colby Dalton 1814-1897
Colby Dalton was born 15 November 1814 and died 1 April 1897. He married Elizabeth McGinnis 22 December 1833. Elizabeth McGinnis was born 13 March 1815 and died 23 July 1905. Elizabeth was the daughter of Aaron McGinnis and Hannah Wolfe.

Aaron McGinnis was born in Virginia in 1791 and died 24 February 1857 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He was the son of Edward McGinnis, who was born in 1750 and died in 1817, and Nancy McElhaney, who was born about 1750 and died in 1820. Aaron McGinnis was a soldier in the War of 1812. He served with Captain Sharp's Company in the Tennessee Militia. The brothers and sisters of Aaron McGinnis included Elizabeth McGinnis; Charles McGinnis; Andrew McGinnis; Robert McGinnis; Peter McGinnis; Barbara McGinnis, and Noble McGinnis.

Hannah Wolfe, may have been born in North Carolina in 1793. She married Aaron McGinnis in Hawkins County, Tennessee, about 1811, and died 8 June 1853 in Grainger, Tennessee. Hanna Wolfe, was the daughter of Charles Wolfe, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1746. Charles Wolfe married Susanna Schneider in 1781 and died in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1835. Most likely, the Wolfe family came out of Germany.

Susanna Schneider was born in Oley, Pennsylvania, about 1751. She was the daughter of Jacob Schneider, who was born in 1723 and died 28 May 1784 in Oley, Pennsylvania. Jacob Schneider's wife was probably named Catherine; she died 16 October 1785 in Oley, Pennsylvania. Jacob Schneider was the son of Johann Schneider, who was born in Switzerland in December 1687 and died 19 July 1743 in Oley, Pennsylvania. Johann Schneider's wife's name was Cadarina; she was born in 1688 and died 27 March 1774 in Oley, Pennsylvania.

Oley is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, ten miles north of Reading, Pennsylvania. On Johann Schneider's tombstone is a French Fleur-de-lis.

It is said that after Charles Wolfe died, Susanna returned to Pennsylvania and died there prior to 1860. I could find no record that she was buried in Berks County.

I believe that she died about 1840 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. There was no reason for her to return to Pennsylvania. Her children (at least ten) were all living in Tennessee and her parents were dead. Susanna had a brother named Daniel, who was born about 1749. Hannah Wolfe's brothers and sisters included; Jacob Wolfe; Phillip Wolfe; Peter Wolfe; Catherine Wolfe; Elizabeth Wolfe; Mary Wolfe; Barbara Wolfe; Charles Wolfe, Jr., and George S Wolfe.


3 Absalom2 MCGINNIS
5 + Margaret MCGINNIS b. 1774 d. 1843
6 + James MCGINNIS b. 1776 d. 1860
7 + Robert MCGINNIS b. 1778 d. 1836
8 + William MCGINNIS b. 1781 d. 1831
9 Mary Elizabeth MCGINNIS b. 1782
10 + Moses MCGINNIS b. Jul 6 1789 d. Dec 14 1873
11 + Anny MCGINNIS b.c 1791
12 + Aaron MCGINNIS b. 1791 d. Feb 24 1857


(6) James2 MCGINNIS, (Edward1 MCGINNIS) was born in 1776 at Va. James died in 1860.

Notes for James MCGINNIS:

James Mcginnis, by attorney to Meredith Dalton, registered 23 August 1834, indenture made 4 January 1832, between James Mcginnis of state of Indiana and Parke County, et., sum $50 N of Clinch Mountain on waters of Indian Creek, it being my part of the legacy by reason of death of my brother Absalom Mcginnis and also part of a 400 acre survey granted to Robert and Issac Shelby, etc.

/s/ Jms Mcginnis by his attorney Moses Mcginnis.

All three of these brothers, Absalom, James and Moses were sons of Edward Mcginnis and Nancy McElhaney. It also shows that James was living in Indiana at the time of the transaction.
I hope this helps. If you get answers that help let me know.

Don Hadrick.

(10)Moses2 MCGINNIS, (Edward1 MCGINNIS) was born Jul 6, 1789 at Smith Co., Va, and on Jul 16, 1789 at Smith Co., Va, married (13) Mary WOLFE, daughter of Charles WOLFE and Susanna SCHNEIDER, who was born Mar 15, 1796 at Hancock Co., TN. Moses died on Dec 14, 1873 at Hancock Co., TN and was buried at McGinnis Cem, Flat Gap, Hancock Co., TN. Mary died on Mar 24, 1864 at Hancock Co., TN and was buried at McGinnis Cem, Flat Gap, Hancock, TN. Notes for Moses MCGINNIS:

Instrumental in orgainzation in Mullberry Gap.
Scotts Irish, Carson Newman library has his family bible.
Family record.


I was at the Orlando library this weekend and came across this in a book "Sketches of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers, Vol. 1", by J. J. Burnett, D. D., published by Marshall & Bruce in 1919. It's a reprint by Overmountain Press.

From page 365:

"Moses M'Ginnis.

The subject of this sketch, a son of Edward and Nancy McGinnis, was born in Symth County, Virginia, July 16, 1779. He was of Irish, or Scotch-Irish descent. His parents came to Tennessee, locating in Hawkins County, when Moses was a lad nine years of age. When a full-grown man he went to school to Elika Taylor, who "taught him grammar," adn was afterward proud to testify of his pupil that he was a "bright and talented man, and self-made."

At the age of 40 he made a profession of religion and was baptized by Hughes O. Taylor into the fellowship of War Creek (now Flat Gap) Church. Soon after his baptism his church ordained him deacon. In 1835 he was "licensed to preach," adn in the same year was "ordained" to the full work of the ministry.

In his young manhood he was married to Mary Wolf, a daughter of Charles and Susanna Wolf, a wwoman of Dutch parentage, industrious and capable. To this union were born seventeen children. One of his son-in-laws, "who lived on the same farm, had sixteen children, the youngest of them old enough to go to school" (Aunt Betsy Haynes). Whether or not any of the other children with like large families are written in the book of generations of the McGinnises, the writer is not informed.

Brother McGinnis' field of labor was Hancock, Hawkins, Claiborne and adjoining counties. He was pastor of the following churches, and helped in the organization or a number of them: Duck Creek, Bean's Creek, Richardson's Creek, Flat Branch and Cool Branch. He belonged to the territory of the Mulberry Gap Association and left a lasting impress upon all that section of country. Like his Master, he "worked while it was day," and his sun went down without a cloud. December 14, 1873, being in his 85th year, he fell on sleep. The testimony of his brethern, after his departure, was, that "he stood as a watchman on the walls of Zion for nearly 40 years; that he was a zealous and faithful expounder of Bible truth, and had become deeply enshrined in the hearts of the people whom he loved and served; that he endured pain and confinement of a protracted illness with Christian patience and resignation, often speaking to his brethern in the most glowing terms of his strong and abiding hope of a glorious future - a brighter land and a better home tha we have ever dreamed of here below."


Howard McGinnis Electronic Visions, Inc 1650 Barrett Drive
(407) 632-7530 Rockledge FL 32955

FAX (407) 632-3396


14 + Coy3 MCGINNIS b. Jun 13 1809 d. Oct 18 1859
15 + Nancy MCGINNIS b. Aug 4 1812
16 + John MCGINNIS b. Mar 6 1814
17 + Susannah MCGINNIS b. Dec 8 1815
18 + Margaret MCGINNIS b. May 14 1817
19 + Barbara MCGINNIS b. Dec 10 1818
20 + Temperance MCGINNIS b. Dec 6 1820
21 + James MCGINNIS b. Mar 30 1822
22 + Catherine MCGINNIS b. Dec 17 1823
23 + Elizabeth MCGINNIS b. Jun 7 1825
24 + Mary Ann MCGINNIS b. Feb 18 1827
25 + Hannah MCGINNIS b. Oct 13 1828
26 + Absolom MCGINNIS b. May 31 1830 d. Sep 1 1863 Pictures of family of Absolom McGinnis and Charles McGinnis Families
27 + Charles MCGINNIS b. Feb 12 1832
28 + Alla MCGINNIS b. Feb 6 1834 d. Nov 20 1903
29 + Edward MCGINNIS b. Feb 23 1836
30 + Jane MCGINNIS b. Jan 16 1839
31 + Eliza MCGINNIS b. Feb 23 1842

(11) Anny2 MCGINNIS, (Edward1 MCGINNIS) was born about 1791 at Va.

(12)Aaron2 MCGINNIS, (Edward1 MCGINNIS) was born in 1791 at Va, and about 1811 at Hawkins Co., TN, married (32) Hannah WOLFE, daughter of Charles WOLFE and Susanna SCHNEIDER, who was born in 1793 at NC. Aaron died on Feb 24, 1857 at Grainger Co., TN. Hannah died on Jun 8, 1853 at Grainger Co., TN.

Notes for Aaron MCGINNIS:


You got to keep that computer computing.
Robert McGinnis who married Martha Stone was the son of Aaron McGinnis and Hannah Wolfe.

The children of Aaron McGinnis and Hannah Wolfe included: Edward McGinnis 1812- 1888, Who stayed in Grainger County. Elizabeth McGinnis 1815-1905, who married Colby Dalton. Charles McGinnis 1817-1890, who moved to Missouri.
James McGinnis 1819-1903, who married Sarah (Sally) Dalton the sister of Colby Dalton and they moved to Missouri. Andrew McGinnis 1821-?, who moved to Missouri. Robert McGinnis 1821-1884, who married Martha J Stone, and died in Grainger County. Peter McGinnis 1826-1864, Barbara McGinnis 1829-1899, who died in Hamblen County. Nobel McGinnis 1829-?. Nobel married Louisa Nash the daughter of Marvel Nash and Betsy McAnally.

The brothers and sisters of Aaron McGinnis included; Margaret McGinnis ac1774-1843, who died in Alabama. James McGinnis 1776-1860, who died in Parke County Indiana. Robert McGinnis 1777-79- 1836, who died in Grainger County. William McGinnis 1780-90-1830-1840, who died in Grainger County. Mary McGinnis 1782-?. John McGinnis 1789-1873. Moses McGinnis 1789-1873, who died in Hancock County. Absolum McGinnis ?- 1818, who died in Grainger County.


33 + Edward3 MCGINNIS b. 1812 d. 1888
34 + Elizabeth MCGINNIS b. Mar 13 1815 d. Jul 23 1905
35 + Charles MCGINNIS b. 1817 d. 1890
36 + James MCGINNIS b. 1819 d. 1903
37 + Robert MCGINNIS b. 1821 d. 1884
38 + Andrew MCGINNIS b. 1821
39 + Peter MCGINNIS b. 1826 d. 1864
40 + Barbara MCGINNIS b. 1829 d. 1899
41 + Nobel MCGINNIS b. 1829


(14) Coy3 MCGINNIS, (Moses2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Jun 13, 1809 at Hawkins Co., TN. Coy died on Oct 18, 1859 at Hancock Co., TN and was buried at McGinnis Cem, Flat Gap, Hancock Co., TN.

(15) Nancy3 MCGINNIS, (Moses2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Aug 4, 1812 at Hawkins Co., TN, and on May 23, 1835 at Grainger Co., TN, married (42) John PAYNE, son of Moses PAYNE and Nancy RUCKER, who was born Jan 15, 1815 at Grainger Co., TN. Nancy died at Rockcastle, Ky. John died on May 23, 1835 at Rockcastle, Ky.

43 + Mary4 PAYNE b. 1837
44 + Moses PAYNE b. Sep 1838
45 + Samuel PAYNE b. 1842
46 + Colby Colebay PAYNE b. 1844
47 + Eli PAYNE b. 1846
48 + Nancy PAYNE b. 1848
49 + Marthy PAYNE b. 1856

(20) Temperance3 MCGINNIS, (Moses2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Dec 6, 1820 at Hawkins Co., TN, and married (50) Archibald WOLFE, son of Adam WOLFE and Gemimah MCCOY, who was born Aug 2, 1813 at Hancock Co., TN.

No children of this marriage in these records.

(24) Mary Ann3 MCGINNIS, (Moses2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Feb 18, 1827 at Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA, and married (51) James LIVESAY, son of Joseph LIVESAY and Lavinia HURLEY, who was born Sep 30, 1825 at Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA. James died in 1864 at Georgia, USA.
52 + Stokley4 LIVESAY b. Aug 1 1848 d. Dec 3 1904

(28)Alla3 MCGINNIS, (Moses2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Feb 6, 1834 at Hancock Co., TN, and on Oct 18, 1852 at Treadway, Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, married (53) Andrew Jackson LIVESAY, son of Joseph LIVESAY and Lavinia HURLEY, who was born May 24, 1833 at Panther Creek, Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. Alla died on Nov 20, 1903 at Hancock Co., TN and was buried at Livesay Cem. Andrew Jackson died on Nov 15, 1921 at Rock Ridge, Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. Andrew Jackson was married to Minerva SNYDER.
54 + Elizabeth4 LIVESAY b. Nov 24 1853 d. Aug 14 1932
55 + Woodson LIVESAY b. Aug 3 1855 d. Aug 24 1932
56 + George LIVESAY b. Sep 24 1856 d. Jun 12 1928
57 + Nancy LIVESAY b. Sep 2 1858 d. Sep 30 1914
58 + Temperance LIVESAY b. Dec 2 1859
59 + John LIVESAY b. Mar 17 1861 d. Aug 19 1932
60 + Frances Franny LIVESAY b. Jul 23 1862
61 + James LIVESAY b. Jul 21 1864
62 + Francis Marion Cone LIVESAY
b. Feb 28 1867 d. Aug 19 1929
63 + Prior Tipton LIVESAY b. Sep 6 1867 d. May 17 1926
64 + Laura LIVESAY b. May 2 1869
65 + Charlie LIVESAY b. Sep 16 1870 d. Feb 24 1903
66 + Sarah Jane LIVESAY b. Apr 18 1872
67 + Mary LIVESAY b. Aug 1 1874
68 + Cora LIVESAY b. Apr 3 1879

(29) Edward3 MCGINNIS, (Moses2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Feb 23, 1836 at Hancock Co., TN, and married (69) Nancy WOLFE.

(34) Elizabeth3 MCGINNIS, (Aaron2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born Mar 13, 1815 at Grainger Co., TN, and on Dec 22, 1833 at Hancock Co., TN, married (70) Colby DALTON, son of Meridith DALTON, who was born Nov 15, 1814 at Grainger Co., TN. Elizabeth died on Jul 23, 1905 at Grainger Co., TN. Colby died on Apr 1, 1897 at Grainger Co., TN.

Notes for Colby DALTON:

Re: Biography of Colby Dalton by Don Hadrick
6/26/96 Issue
From: Frank E. Block, Sr.

I don't follow the Grainger County Daltons, but recognized the Colby name as appearing in the Will of Meredith in Grainger County in 1834. Colby was executor, and the will mentions other sons: Meredith and Reuben.

I understand Meredith was son of a Reuben (d. 1822 Grainger) and wife Elizabeth. That Reuben was probably son of Reuben of Montgomery County, VA (1782 Tax list) who had brothers : Samuel and Timothy. Just wanted to make sure you had those items. Came from the Dalton News Letter, which is out of print now. Good Luck in your search.

71 + Martha Jane4 DALTON b. 1836 d.b 1893
72 + Louisa DALTON b. Jan 18 1838 d. Sep 19 1911
73 + Perry DALTON b. 1840
74 + Elizabeth DALTON b. 1841
75 + Nathan P. DALTON b. Oct 5 1842 d. Aug 7 1920
76 + Barbary Maheda DALTON b. 1845
77 + Mary DALTON b. 1847 d.b 1893
78 + Christopher C. DALTON b. 1849
79 + Robert DALTON b. 1850 d. 1917
80 + Harriet A. DALTON b. Oct 25 1850 d. Nov 22 1903
81 + Sarah P. DALTON b. 1852 d. 1893
82 + Mahala J. DALTON b. 1854 d.b 1893
83 + Rosa DALTON b. 1856
84 + James DALTON b. 1859
85 + Anderson DALTON b. 1861

(35) Charles3 MCGINNIS, (Aaron2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born in 1817 at Grainger Co., TN. Charles died in 1890 at Mo.

(36) James3 MCGINNIS, (Aaron2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born in 1819 at Grainger Co., TN, and married (86) Sarah Sally DALTON, daughter of Meridith DALTON, who was born about 1820 at Grainger Co., TN. James died in 1903 at Grainger Co., TN.

No children of this marriage in these records.

(37) Robert3 MCGINNIS, (Aaron2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born in 1821 at Grainger Co., TN, and married (87) Martha J. STONE, daughter of Thomas Henderson STONE and Mary HARPER, who was born Dec 24, 1832 at Claiborne Co., TN. Robert died in 1884 at Grainger Co., TN. Martha J. was married to David HEATH.

No children of this marriage in these records.

(41) Nobel3 MCGINNIS, (Aaron2 MCGINNIS, Edward1) was born in 1829 at Grainger Co., TN, and married (88) Louise NASH, daughter of Marvel NASH and Betsy MCANALLY.

No children of this marriage in these records.


(52) Stokley4 LIVESAY, (Mary3 MCGINNIS, Moses2, Edward1) was born Aug 1, 1848 at Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, and on Dec 3, 1867 at Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA, married (89) Harriet HICKS who was born about 1851 at Hancock Co., TN. Stokley died on Dec 3, 1904 at Austin, Kentucky, USA and was buried at Green Hill Cem, Austin, Kentucky, USA.
90 + Allie (Allie)5 LIVESAY b. Oct 10 1883 d. Dec 2 1947

(54) Elizabeth4 LIVESAY, (Alla3 MCGINNIS, Moses2, Edward1) was born Nov 24, 1853 at Clinch Valley, Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, and on Apr 19, 1877 at Hancock Co., TN, married (91) William Luther STAPLETON who was born Aug 15, 1856 at Hancock Co., TN. Elizabeth died on Aug 14, 1932 at Hancock Co., TN. William Luther died on May 11, 1876 at Hancock Co., TN. William Luther was married to Sarah LIVESAY.

92 + Louvenia Florence5 STAPLETON b. Jul 5 1878 d. May 17 1912
93 + Robert Grant STAPLETON b. Sep 17 1879 d. Jun 5 1928
94 + Nancy Jane STAPLETON b. Apr 23 1881 d. Nov 2 1945
95 + Mary Lavina STAPLETON b. Nov 12 1884 d. Nov 13 1929
96 + William Harrison STAPLETON b. May 7 1886

(55) Woodson4 LIVESAY, (Alla3 MCGINNIS, Moses2, Edward1) was born Aug 3, 1855 at Treadway, Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, and on Sep 21, 1897 at Mooresburg, Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA, married (97) Mary WOLFE. Woodson died on Aug 24, 1932 at Mooresburg, Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA.

No children of this marriage in these records.

(56) George4 LIVESAY, (Alla3 MCGINNIS, Moses2, Edward1) was born Sep 24, 1856 at Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, and on Dec 14, 1881 at Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, married (98) Elizabeth Slaton JOHNS, daughter of Rial JOHNS and Martha Alice SLATON, who was born Apr 19, 1863 at Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. George died on Jun 12, 1928 and was buried at Greenwood Cem., Knox Co., Tennessee, USA. Elizabeth Slaton died on Feb 14, 1957 at Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and was buried at Greenwood Cem., Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.
99 + Mattie Alice5 LIVESAY b. Feb 18 1885 d. Jan 9 1966
100 + Ben H. LIVESAY b. Feb 8 1888 d. May 11 1952
101 + Henry Tyler LIVESAY b. Sep 14 1891 d. Sep 18 1892
102 + John Freeman LIVESAY b. May 14 1893 d. Nov 30 1945
103 + Bobbie Mabel LIVESAY b. Sep 18 1895 d. Aug 25 1987
104 + Edith Magnolia LIVESAY b. Nov 23 1903 d. Oct 23 1986

(59) John4 LIVESAY, (Alla3 MCGINNIS, Moses2, Edward1) was born Mar 17, 1861 at Hancock Co., TN, and in 1881 at Hancock Co., TN, married (105) Lydia HENRY who was born about 1861 at Brays, Hancock Co., TN. John died on Aug 19, 1932 at Hancock Co., TN and was buried at Homer Cem.

Notes for John LIVESAY:

!John operated a store (formaely owned and operated by his brother George) at Luther, Tennessee, where he was also Postmaster. He served as Justice of the Peace and Chairman of the Court and was County Court Clerk for three terms 1902-1914. He served as U. S. Commissioner in his later years.

106 + Everette J.5 LIVESAY b. Aug 28 1889 d. Oct 5 1889
107 + Alfred Taylor LIVESAY b. Aug 7 1890
108 + Prior Tipton LIVESAY b. May 15 1892 d. Mar 12 1953
109 + William M. LIVESAY b. Feb 15 1894 d. Jul 29 1953
110 + Elisha Eli LIVESAY b. Dec 6 1895 d. Jan 29 1920

He also married on Dec 16, 1903 at Hancock Co., TN, (111) Mollie BUTTRY who was born about 1870 at Hancock Co., TN. Mollie died on Feb 5, 1936 at Hancock Co., TN.

112 + Arkie Marie5 LIVESAY b. Sep 26 1904
113 + Theadore R. LIVESAY b. Feb 14 1906 d. Mar 1 1906
114 + Minnie Ester LIVESAY b. Feb 26 1910 d. Nov 21 1967
115 + Anna Lee LIVESAY b. Jun 21 1913

(62) Francis Marion Cone4 LIVESAY, (Alla3 MCGINNIS, Moses2, Edward1) was born Feb 28, 1867 at Hancock Co., TN. Francis Marion Cone died on Aug 19, 1929 at Hancock Co., TN.

(75) Nathan P.4 DALTON, (Elizabeth3 MCGINNIS, Aaron2, Edward1) was born Oct 5, 1842 at Grainger Co., TN, and married (116) Rebecca COFFEY who was born about 1835 at Hancock Co., TN. Nathan P. died on Aug 7, 1920 at Grainger Co., TN. Rebecca was married to Adam WOLFE.

Notes for Nathan P. DALTON:

submitted by Don Hadrick

Nathan P Dalton


Nathan P Dalton was born 5 October 1842, and died 7 August 1920. Nathan was the son of Colby Dalton (1814-1897: see DGL 6/26/96). He married Rebecca Coffey, who was born 28 December 1828, and died 22 February 1919. Rebecca Coffey was the daughter of Ausborn Coffey and Matilda Dalton. This was the second marriage for Rebecca Coffey. She married Adam Wolfe 28 March 1848.

Nathan Dalton was a soldier in the Civil War. He served with C Company, 12 Battalion Tennessee Cavalry, CSA from August 1863 until 1864.

The children of Nathan P Dalton and Rebecca Coffey included:
Colby Dalton, who was born 18 May 1866, married Mary Campbell, and died 10 May 1919.

Cora Dalton, who was born 25 July 1871, married James H Shockley, and died 31 August 1948.

Percy Dalton, who was born deaf and dumb.

Robert Dalton, who married Lizza Coffey.

With the marriage of Cora Dalton to James H Shockley, this ended the John Meredith Dalton line of the family.


(excerpts from the book by John F. Meginness, published 1891)
The family of Magennis is one of the oldest in Ireland. Those bearing the name in its various forms of spelling are very numer ous in the United States today, the greatest number, perhaps, being found in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, it seems, was the point to which the early immigrants directed their steps, and from there they gradually spread to the interior and western part of the state, as well as to other states.

Irish scholars inform us that the ancient beginnings of the name of Magennis is Mag Aenghusa. In olden times in Ireland, society consisted of an aggregation of tribes or clans, and family names, as we use them, were unknown until the eleventh century. Individ ual members of the tribe, therefore, were designated by a name indicative of some distinguishing personal characteristic. The word Aongus, or Aeneas, derived from aon, meaning excellent, and gus, meaning strength, and was Anglicized into various forms such as Aenus, Ennis, and Innis. The word mag or mac is Irish for son. The son of Ennis, therefore, became MagEnnis or MacEnnis. The name has been spelled many different ways over the years, even among our own ancestors, who used the spelling McGinness, McGin niss, Meginness, and Magennis, which is the most common spelling of the name in Ulster (Northern Ireland) today. There was but one original Magennis family in Ireland; therefore all who bear the name in any of it's modifications in Europe, America, Canada or Australia, undoubtedly derive their descent from the same parent stem.

In the year 322 A.D. a battle between warring clans in Ireland resulted in the Clanna Rory, the head of which was then King of Ulster, being driven back to the extreme northeastern part of Ulster to the counties of Down and Antrim, where they organized the new kingdom of Ulidia, sometimes called Dal-Aradia. The descent from King Rughruidhe, or Rory, is given in the following order: Rory to Conall Cearnach, the great warrior, to Tiprait Tireach, thirtieth King of Ulster, to Fiacha Araidhe, thirty- seventh King of Ulster, to Conall. The descent continues to Aenghusa, 12th in descent from Conall, and from this Aenghusa comes the family name of Magennis, in the manner before stated.

The descent continues through Saran, Chief of Sal Araidhe in St. Patrick's time to Eochaidh Cobha of Iveagh. The Magennises were the principal territorial lords of Iveagh, County Down and had been zealous foes of English aggression in Ireland, causing them to be dispossessed of their wide patrimony in County Down. Like the chief of many of the great Irish septs, Magennis took advan tage of the English policy of "surrender and regrant" early in the seventeenth century, and the title of Viscount Iveagh was bestowed upon Sir Arthur Magennis in 1623 by King James I.

Through the years, Magennises have served in the House of Lords, House of Commons, and in ambassadorial positions. The present Lord Iveagh, is not directly descended from the Lords mentioned above, but is of a related family. He heads the largest brewery concern in the world, Guinness of Dublin.

Note: There are at least five castles still standing that belonged to the Magennis families, all in County Down in Northern Ireland. They are in Dundrum, Newcastle, Rathfryland, Warrenpoint and Kilkeel (Greencastle).

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