These are pictures from two sources, Glynn Ailey Millett and some that I have had for years that were hid away in a box. Identifying them would have probably been impossible had I not been contacted by Glynn in California, a friend of my brothers Eddie and Phil.



This photo was taken at Methodist Youth Fellowship summer camp ( believe it was 1947 or 1948 ) in Gatlinburg, TN. Attendees were from various Methodist churches in the area, including Tazewell. Regards, Glynn Ailey Millett


A close up of those from Tazewell Methodist Church: 1 Ed Buis 2 Eddie Payne & Brother Phil Behind 3 Henderson Lane 4 Blanch Smith 5 Rev Gunnar Teilman ( pastor of the Tazewell Church ) & daughter Beth in front 6 Wava Teilman ( wife of Rev Teilman ) 7 Glynn Ailey 8 Rolien Brown 9 Betty Smith ( sister of Blanch ) 10 Buddy Duncan 11 Anna Brown ( Rolien's mother & counselor ) 12 Margaret Chumley ( counselor ) 13 Cecil Ingle


Here is another close up section of the camp group. Ed--- you will recognize Cecil Ingle (sweater) and Betty Smith on right (standing) and you, Eddie, Phil (behind Eddie) Henderson L. and Blanch Smith sitting . Glynn


Eddie Payne in front of MYF Cottage


My father couldn’t decide where the previous picture was made.  Then he decided it was NYA Camp?


Phil Payne, unknown girl, Ed Buis


Gunnar Tielman blowing bugle.


Unknown girls – cabins in background


Unknown girls

-        myf_7.jpg

Unknown man – looks like same building that
group picture was made. Lots of Ivy.

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