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Richard Burdine's deposition in William Carpenter estate, ca 1745, in which his age as given as "age 50 or upwards" (notes #1058 and 1059)

1) REGINALD (RICHARD), born prior to 1740 in Orange Co., VA, died in October 1787 in Abbeville County, South Carolina. M.
1ST ANNE SAMPSON Notes from Carol Ann Burdine ( The will of John Sampson dated 18 June 1778, proved 20 July 1778 (fromDorothy  Wolfeck's abstract of Will Books B & C), names 9 daughters and 3 sons,  including daughter Ann Burdyne. Executors were wife Mary, (son-in-law) Reuben  Clark, (son-in-law) Reginald Burdine and (son-in-law) Henry Lewis. Witnesses   were George Wetherall, Michael Yeager and Joseph Campbell. Also names   sons-in-law John Hughs and William Hughes.
Anne Sampson Burdine died between 15 March 1779 and 16 October 1780. On the  former date, Reginald and wife Anne deeded 210 acres of land to William  Champe in Culpeper County (Culpeper Co., VA DB J:233). On 16 October 1780, Reginald and wife Dorothy, of Culpeper, deeded 133 acres of land to John  Bohannon, Jacob Aylor witness (Culpeper DB N: 27). Thus, Reginald's first  wife Anne died ca. 1799 and he married (2) Dorothy Tanner ca 1780. Dorothy  Tanner was born 1754 Culpeper County, Virginia, and died after 1817 Pendelton)
2ND DORTHY TANNER. (District, South Carolina. (see also Culpeper County, Virginia  Deed Book  N;  page 27; 16OCT1784). [There is little doubt that Dorothy Tanner married  Reginald Burdyne as his second wife is due to the record at Hebron Church of Veronica,  b. 15 December 1782, daughter of Richard Burdyne and Dorothy his wife. "Richard"  in the Hebron record is a mistake for "Reginald".... page 97 of The Germanna  Record, Number 12, 1970... article continues to say that Dorothy was still  living in 1817, as shown by the chancery suit in that year, though her  husband was dead as he is not mentioned as are the husbands of Dorothy's two  sisters]. )
Reginald's widow, Dorothy, was found in 1790 Census, Pendleton County,  South Carolina; also 3 females, presumably her daughters. (Possibly: Nancy,
Mary and Veronica). Dorothy has been found in an 1800 Census in Pendleton  County, South Carolina.
It appears that after his death his children moved to Georgia with a few  going on to Alabama sometime later.
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I am really uncertain on that.  If anyone can help let us know.
The general consensus in John Blankenbakers articles and in information I have
read on Burdines from that information, is that it is recorded incorrectly. And
Information in the Tanner line indicates that Dorothy was married to Reginald.
Carol Ann
In message <61320a48.2525327b@aol.com>  writes:
> Just wanted to remind everyone  that  the Hebron Lutheran Church records were
> a first person account, and a great deal of consideration must be made of
> that.  However, I would contend that even given that fact, the name could
> have been recorded in the records incorrectly.  Am I correct in that Richard
> and Reginald were contemporaries ? Please see GERMANNA History Notes Nr. 101 for more discussion on this.
> Genie


     A.  RICHARD (REGINALD,RICHARD) M. SARAH WALLING  (Richard3 Burdine was born ca.1760 Madison County, Virginia. Richard  received a U.S. Land grant 2 February 1818; Certificate No. 799; Tract Book  page 56; Frac West of Bdry Section 24 Township 5, Range 1 West containing 186.37  acres; Madison County, Alabama. He married  Sarah Walling 28 February 1820 in  Alabama [Madison County, Alabama Marriages Book 3; page 36], her father was  possibly William Walling, Sr.  Richard and Sarah had a son JOHN GEORGE J.  BURDINE who was born prior to Richard's death in 1826. In Richard's Will  dated  11 February 1826  John George is mentioned as infant son only living son of Richard and is left  in the care of Reuben SHOTWELL as guardian with property and provisions for  his  care until he reaches the age of 21 years.ie. He was to rent Richard's land  and slaves and the money was to go to the estate and care of John George. On  18 February 1826, Richard adds to the will that if John George should die  before age 21 then the sum be divided to his brothers and sisters and being  concerned  for the welfare of his brother Jeremiah makes provisions for him. JOHN GEORGE
J. BURDINE died June 1834. Richard's Will is then in Probate Court 14 January  1835,for division of property left to son John George. Each brother and
sister  received one thousand four hundred and eighty six dollars, while Jeremiah was  to receive one thousand nine hundred eithty one dollars and thirty four  cents, a house and property as he was unable to support himself. In the Codicle of  this Will, his brother, Jeremiah, is mentioned  as  being old and infirm and  it  says that brother John had been dead 20 years and Henry, also his brother,  deceased in Jones County, Georgia.  Since John and Henry had died the sum was  divided among their children listed. Henry is mentioned as heir in original  Will of 1826. The Probate of 1835 mentions Henry's children and their spouses  and his widow Nancy. [Wills: Pr 16 page 314; Probate Record 3 page 362; also  see Probate Record Bk. 7 page 50].)

      1) HENRY d. 1834
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Reginald's name is spelled 'Richard' in the Hebron Church records in connection to Dorothy(Dorthea)Tanner and their daughter Veronica. This led to the confussion that Reginald's son Richard was married to Dorothy and that Veronica was his daughter. But Richard, Reginald's son, was married to Sarah Walling in 1820 in Georgia. He died 1826. It was from his, Richard's son of Reginald, Will that we found the rest of the names of Reginald's children and the names of his son Henry's children. Their, Richard and Sarah's, only child died in 1834. Which prompted the Will to be probated and thus from that we learned that Henry had died and also possibly Albert. Which I just mentioned in the last e-mail.
In the Culpeper Classes, Reginald, is listed as 'Original'. Other records we find his name spelled 'Riginal'. It was a difficult name evidently.
And there is Albert H. Burdine also son of Henry, but not knowing his date of birth and the order he was listed in the Will of Richard and Jeremiah, I would "assume" he would also be too young to be John O's father. All we know on him is that he is mentioned in the 1826 Will of Richard, son of Reginald, and then in the probate of that same will in 1835, but is not mentioned. And he was in the 1832 land lottery of Georgia. Not finding him after that or mentioned in his Uncles probated Will again I "assume" he died. Maybe he just moved away??
I searched for information on John M. Burdine son of Henry, son of Reginald, son of Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdyne, with hopes that he was John O's father, but as I said earlier he would have only been around 6 years old when John O. was born, so he is eliminated.  I know your mom was searching Henry's and John's and at one time thought maybe he was John Fletcher Burdines son. The two unknow
sons of William Burdine son of Henry, son of Reginald could be something to look into as well. They would have been born 1824 maybe if that one Census was right and 1826/7. We just need to find names for them. His son William Bell Burdine wasn't born until 1835. The 1830 Census showed a son 5-10 and one under 5, but William and France were not married until 1826 and with his age being between
17/19 I seriously doubt he was married before Frances Jones.
Carol Ann
B.  JOHN, M.(REGINALD,RICHARD) 1ST JEMINA CLARK, 2ND MARGARET. (John3 Burdine was born 1762 in Madison County, Virginia. He died in 1816  in Wilkes County, Georgia. [a print out of Burdines from LDS, has Dorothy as  his mother. However, Anne did not die until 1779 and Reginald did not marry
Dorothy until 1780, therefore with John born 1762 then Anne had to be his  mother].
John3 married (1) Jemima3 CLARK 6 March 1788, who was the daughter of Reuben2  (William1) Clark and Bathsheba Sampson Clark-a sister to Anne Sampson. Jemima  Clark was born in 1771 in Lousia County, Virginia [this date and place is  from Claudia Benson]. John married (2) Margaret UNKNOWN. [After John's  death  Margaret married  JOHN D. STROUD and  then RUBEN SCOTT, Margaret died before  final settlement of John's will 1835-36  her husband Stroud collected a  portion of her inheritance and paid monies and debts. He died, 1822-1823, Reuben Scott  collected final portion in final settlement John Scott died and his wife  Elizabeth Scott and John Gresham (by this time this must be JR.?) collected  final balance of estate due to Margaret in John's will].
Will of John: To wife Margaret for life, land, stocks, etc.  final division   among all children. To son Reuben certain slaves. To son Clark  when he comes
of age, certain slaves and $500.00 to complete his education. To four younger  children, Sophia, Julia, Matilda and  George certain  slaves as they  come of
> age. Having purchased at sheriff's sale the land whereon Mrs. Elizabeth  Whitman  lives to enable her to live in peace and quiet, executors to give her clear  title as soon as she completes the payments.  Wife, son Reuben, Shaler Hillyer, Bolling Anthony and Thomas Anderson,  Excrs' Signed Dec...1815. Probated  4MAR1816.[Will Book 1818-1819 EARLY RECORDS OF GEORGIA, WILKES COUNTY, page  24].)
Reuben4 Burdine was born in 1789/90 Madison County, Virginia and died  ca. 1860's possibly from the rough times of the Civil War. It is believed he was  buried in the Old Hamilton Cemetery in Cabool, Missouri. There are numerous  graves that are unmarked. He  married  Mary Elizabeth 'UNKNOWN' 1816 in South  Carolina. Her maiden name was possibly Horton. It has been tied to her either  as maiden name or first husband. Mary Elizabeth died after 1880 as she was  living with her daughter and son-in-law James and Rachael Caroline Farris in
the 1880 census. Children:
........(a) Rachel Caroline, b. 22Jul1818.
........(b) Elizabeth b.1820 both born in South Carolina.
Reuben later moved to Missouri.
Rachel Caroline married James FARRIS, son of John & Mary  Freeman Farris,  Concord Township in Washington County, Missouri in 1835.  Their children:
.............(i) Eliza Jane Farris;
.............(ii) Mary Elizabeth Farris;
.............(iii) John Ruben Farris;
.............(iv) William Porter Farris who married  Margaret Jane Massey 1869, their son James Edward Farris married Drucilla P. Bradshaw.
.............(v) Frances Evaline Farris;
.............(vi) Drucilla  Catherine Farris;
.............(vii) Thomas M. Farris
.............(viii) Washington Farris.
In the late 1830's Reuben and Elizabeth moved to Pulaski County, and in the  early 1840's they joined their son-in-law in settling the beautiful, upper Piney River Valley. A large township in South-Central Texas  County, Missouri  was named in honor of Reuben Burdine. Cabool is now it's principal town.  Census takers and others had problems with spelling, consequently both his  given name, surnames and the township name were often  spelled phonetically  with numerous variations.
Clark4 Burdine was born around 1799.[possibly cause of death of  Jemima]  He was a Cadet at West Point,1819: The Original papers are at Wilkes County,  Georgia. Clark chooses Shaler Hillyer guardian, 1811-1817 page 157; {I am  curious as to why Clark would need a guardian if the 1791 birth year for  him  as per web information is correct, he would not me a minor. Does anyone know?
Carol Ann Burdine
If the possible year is 1799, then the guardian would be necessary.}  Clark Burdine married Sarah4 W. Clark, daughter of Reubin3 Clark (William2,  William1) and Martha3 E. Clark (Joseph2 & Ann Haynes, William1 & (2wife)  Martha Foster) in Madison County, Virginia; bond dated 7 February 1825,  returned by Oliver Welch, minister, 25 January 1825 (sic). Clark and Sarah both had died by 1845 and their daughter was left in the care  of grandmother Martha E. Clark.
 ........(a) Mary Laura Elizabeth Burdine married  James G. Noel in Madison  County, Virginia, bond dated 18 April 1849.
           3) SOPHIA; (REGINALD,RICHARD, JOHN M.) (Sophia Burdine. A Will names Thomas Danforth as
                   her husband, pos. after  Matilda died.)
           4) JULIA; (REGINALD,RICHARD, JOHN M.) (Julia Burdine married A.G. Noel)
(Matilda Burdine married Thomas B. Danforth  [see pages 145,424 & 418  of Vol II, 1819-1826  EARLY RECORDS OF GEORGIA, WILKES COUNTY. He was made  guardian for George M., Sophia, Julia and Matilda. Matilda d. 1819-1825]. )
(George M.  [chooses Thomas Danforth as guardian, page 121. A few  years later, 1824-1827 Minutes of Inferior court, EARLY RECORDS OF GEORGIA,  WILKES COUNTY,  page 66, George chooses Simpco A.G. Noel, guardian].)

I have a George M. Burdine son of John, son of Reginald, son of Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdyne, in Georgia as a minor when his father died. Nothing else on him. Also found a George W. Burdine of that same time period in Georgia, uncertain as to if it's the same person and the inital was mistaken as an M. for a W. or vice versa? Or if it's two seperate people. No more information on either. He might be of the right time to be John's parent.

Jeremiah3 Burdine was born before 1774. His Will was written 2 Oct 1841.  His Will is probated 10 January 1853. And Recorded 4 July 1853 (P.C. Minute  Book, No.2, page 27 Madison County, Alabama). [His wife's name may have been  Nancy-not mentioned in Will]  [*Note: Jeremiah may have had three older  children (a son and two daughters), (OR they could have  been  his younger brother and  sisters since  Reginald had died 1787): A  U.S. Census 1800, Laurens County,  South Carolina: page 619: Jeremiah Burdine:1(-10):1(26-45):Females 1(-10):
1(10-16): 1(26-45). Which would be before these births below. Possibly Mary,  Nancy and Henry, and or Dorothy and Veronica. We had assumed that Dorothy and  Veronica had died around 1790. New info says Dorothy was in 1800 and 1810  Census  and in chancery suit in 1817. No other info on Veronica is found].
Children of Jeremiah Burdine:
15. Ameilia
16. Eliza
17. Sarah
18. Newton Marshall Burdine
19. Matilda
20. John J. Burdine

3rd Generation. Jeremiah's children:
....15. Amelia Burdine was born ca.1802 in Georgia; Never Married
....16. Eliza Burdine was born ca.1804 in Georgia; unmarried [mentally  incompentent. listed as idiot 1850 census, as insane in 1860 census. She died  between 1860-1870. Jeremiah makes provisions for cost of her care $500.00 in  his will and her other unmarried daughters the plantation home and land].
....17. Sarah Burdine was born ca.1806 in Georgia; Never Married
....18. Newton Marshall Burdine was born 7 February 1809 in Georgia. He died 28 December 1891 Madison County, Alabama and married Nancy COMBS. Probable lineage of Nancy COMBS Combs &c. Families of Madison Co, AL

4th generation. Their children:
.........(a) Richard Burdine, b. c1842 Alabama, d. bef1891;
.........(b) John Milton Burdine, b. 31JUL1843 Alabama, d. 6MAR1913 Chattanooga, Tennessee. Buried at Burdine Family Cemetery, New Market,  Alabama.  m. Martha Elizabeth "Betty" Nance, b. 5APR1848, d. 3MAY1894. Buried at Burdine Family  Cemetery, New Market, Alabama. The children of John and Betty:
.............(i) Federick Jones Burdine, b. 21MAR1878, d. 6DEC1964 buried at Locust Grove Baptist Church New Market, Al. m. 12JAN1897 Annie Scott McCLURE, b. 30OCT1875, d. 30AUG1962  buried  Locust Grove Baptist Church, New Market, Al. Children: a)Mable V. Burdine, m. W.D. Blackwell a daughter Virginia Blackwell m. Gene Blanks; b) Virginia E. Burdine, m. Phil B. Payne, a son Louis D. Payne; c) Milton E. Burdine, m. Virginia Alshuler, children: Anne M. Burdine, m. Arthur R. Rule III and Milton E. Burdine Jr.
.............(ii)"Nannie" Nannie Belle Burdine, b. 23Mar1875, m. Robert V. McLURE, brother to Annie,16 NOV 1897 in Madison County, AL. Children: a)Mary McLure; b) Ruby McLure; c) Gordon McLure, m. Lota Riggins; d) John E. McLure.
.............(iii) Mary Ethel Burdine, b. 23Nov1882, m. Mason WILKERSON. A  son: Robert Wilkenson.
.............(iv) John Searcy Burdine, b. 4Feb1889, Sr., m. "Jimmie" JONES, 6 Jun 1911. Children: a) Alice Burdine and (b) John S. Burdine Jr.
.............(v) William Ewing Burdine, Sr., b. 23 Apr 1871, d.11 Jun 1946, Buried Locust Grove Baptist Church, New Market, Al., m.1) Ada B. BAYLESS 25  Apr. 1893, Madison County, Al. children: a) Finis Burdine;  m. 2) Elizabeth "Lizzie" L. DAVIS 18 Oct 1891. Lizzie was b. 28Jun1879, d.12Mar1956, Buried Locust Grove Baptist Church, New Market, Al. children: b) Ernest "Bud"  Burdine, c) Gertrude Burdine  m. Edward MITCHELL.
.............(vi) James Madison Burdine, b. 17May1886, m.(1) Mattie I. GRAVES  24 Apr 1886, Madison County, Al. Buried at Burdine Family Cemetery, New Market, Al. Children: a)Alvin O. Burdine b.12Apr1887 Madison Co. Al, d. 4 Mar 1913, m. Martha Sue DERRICK 27Jan1909  Madison County, Al. Their children are a)Vivian Burdine m. Sam STARK and Evelyn Burdine  m. Joseph J. PARKER. b) Viola May Burdine b. 7Nov1890, d. 3Feb1895, Buried at Burdine Family Cemetery, New Market, Al. c) Donald Burdine b. 4Feb1896, d.  5Feb1896, Buried at Burdine Family Cemetery, New Market, Al. d) Mary Ethel Burdine b. 3 Mar 1897, d. 12 Apr 1900, Buried at Burdine Family Cemetery, New  Market, Al. e) Leslie Burdine m.  Lucille___. Child: Martha Burdine.
James Madison Burdine, m. (2) Mary Bone
........(c) James Thomas Burdine,b. 28 Apr 1846 Alabama, d.16Dec1909
........(d) William Edward Burdine, Sr. b. 3MAY1848, d. 12FEB1930, m. 14OCT1897 Nancy Jane WALKER, Madison County, AL. She was b. 2Apr1858 in Madison County, Alabama. d. 8Dec1937. Both buried Cameron Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama.  William's' children:
.............(i) Foster Burdine, m. Ruby HOLMAN a son Edwin Burdine.
.............(ii) Marshall Burdine, m. Margaret "Maggie" FEARS a son William Burdine.
........(e) Margaret E. Burdine, b.11 May 1850 Madison County, Alabama,  d.30Dec 1934, m. George M. Dallas ROGERS. No children
....19. Matilda Burdine was born 1811 in Georgia, never married; died 1852;
....20. John J. Burdine was  born 1814. He became a minister of the Mt. Pleasant (Big Cove) Presbyterian Church by 1859. m. Elizabeth  C. HODGES 14DEC1850 in Madison  County, Alabama. His children: M.C. Burdine (a  daughter)  b. 29SEP1865, d. 11MAY1866 buried Union Cemetery Gurley, Madison County,  Alabama; S.F.C.M.  Burdine (a daughter- Frances) b. 24SEP1851, d. 3SEP1861  buried Union Cemetery Gurley, Madison County, Alabama.

The Burdine Family Cemetery mentioned for this family is at New Market, Al.  on  the farm where Rebecca Blackwell Blanks lives, that had belonged to her  grandmother.

(Nancy3 Burdine married James BROWN. They lived in Anderson Distict, South  Carolina. Other information in Richard's Will says he was deceased in  Pendleton District, South Carolina. James Brown was son of Joseph Brown and  Mary Porter, b. 26 Nov 1763. He died on 18 Jan 1830 in Pendleton District, South  Carolina. Buried in Sally Reed Graveyard. A daughter Artemissa Brown was born  16 Nov 1791 in Belton, Anderson County, South Carolina. She died 17 Mar 1843.  She  was married to James Telford on 7 Jan 1812. They had a son George Brown  Telford.)
F. MARY (REGINALD, RICHARD) MARRIED SETH QUEE WADDELL B. MARCH 18, 1767.  MARRIED 1798, PENDLETON DISTRICT, SOUTH       CAROLINA.   SETH QUEE WADDELL HAD A BROTHER, JOHN WADDELL WHO MARRIED REBECCA SEVIER, DAUGHTER OF GEN. JOHN SEVIER, FIRST GOV. OF TENNESSEE.  (Mary3 Burdine was married to Seth Quee WADDELL. They moved to Coche  County,  Tennessee. Other legalities added to Richard's will by Mary ask that Seth not  be given any of the property to which she may be entitled.  Apparently he was  given to heavy drinking and had run through all the assets they had together.  He left her destitute with several children in 1823, but would occasionally  return. He continued in his  dissipation until his mind became inpaired. Then  4  years before this time, Seth totally abandoned her and never returned, at least not at that point. Mary was afraid if he got his hands on this inheritance she would be left with nothing once again in a very short time. It also says she had already filed for a divorce in Cocke County, East Tennessee as desertion and abandonment of the wife by the husband for 3 years was good grounds. This document can be found in Chancery Court Record, Madison County, Alabama, Bk. 7, page 50. )

     1. Anne Burdine WADDELL-1800 d.1868, m. Elijah Wiley they had 6 children.
     2. John Sevier WADDILL-1805 d.1879, m. Sarah Kellog, they had 5 children.
            Subj:  Letter from John Sevier Waddill, 13Jan1873
            Date: 9/29/99 2:10:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: burdine@myhome.net (William D. Burdine )
To: JPayne5744@aol.com, chatykat@pilot.infi.net

Letter from John Sevier Waddill  (as it is spelled)

Springfield, Missouri
January 13, 1873

         At your request I will give you as much information as to our forefathers as I have--which will be very imperfect as nearly all I know
about our relatives of the past age is from my Mother who has long since died, and all I have is  from memory, having no record whatever.  My Mother's death took place in March 1836.  My Father, Seth Quee Waddill, was born in Pennsylvania, on the 18th.  day  of March 1767.  His father, John Waddill, was born near Londonderry, Ireland, came to Philadelphia, Pa., and married Miss Rachel Quee, in 1761. I think he  was called a Protestant Irishman, and by some called Scotch-Irish, as Waddill is  a Scotch name.
        My grandmother, Rachel Waddell, formerly Rachel Quee, was a native of Philadelphia County, Pa.  Her father, my great-grandfather was a Scotchman.  Her Mother was by name White and of German blood and related to the celebrated David Rittenhouse of Pennsylvania.  My father, Seth Quee Waddill, married Mary Burdine in Pendleton District.  She was a native of Culpeper County, Virginia, and at the age of ten years her father moved to South Carolina, where she married my Father at the age of 18.
       Her father--my grandfather, Riginal Burdine, was a native of Culpeper County, Virginia.  His father, (John Burdine, or possible James, Burdine, as the handwriting is imperfect) was a native of Wales. He came to the colony of Virginia and married a Miss Tanner who was a native  of Great Britain, born  in London, though a German by blood. Riginal Burdine, my grandfather, married Ann Sampson of Culpeper County, Virginia.  She was of English, French and Spanish blood.
     They had several children: my mother, Mary Burdine had one sister older than herself, whose name was Nancy.  This Nancy married James Brown (or  Branen) of South Carolina.  Then my grandfather and grandmother had four sons, John; Jeremiah; Henry and Richard Burdine.
      My grandfather, Riginal Burdine, remained in Culpeper County through out the Revolution.  He was at and assisted in the taking of General Cornwallis  which was the closing battle of the Revolutionary War with Great Britain.
      His oldest son, John, a lad about 16 years old was in the same battle but neither of them were wounded, the nearest was a musket ball, which passed through grandfather's hunting shirt, which was the uniform of the American soldiers and it was the same of the Militia during the War of 1812 between the U.S. and Great Britain.  After the close of the Revolutionary War my grandfather (Burdine) moved to the Pendleton District, South Carolina.
      My grandfather Waddill was in no engagement or battle during the Revolutionary War with Great Britain, except at Ferguson's defeat on King's  Mountain, near the North Carolina and Tennessee line.  Tennessee was at that time a territory of North Carolina.
      My grandfather and grandmother, John and Rachel Waddill, raised ten children--John, the oldest, my father Seth Quee, then Charles, Samuel, James and Jonathan.  These six sons all married and raised families except James who  had no family.  The daughters were four in number, namely: Hester, Margaret (or "Peggy" as she was called), Rachel, and Abby. These all married in Washington County, Tennessee.  Hester married Henry Shields of Maryland and Rachel married his brother David Shields; Peggy (Margaret) married William
Wilson whose descendants live in Missouri.
     My grandfather Waddill although he was in but one battle with the British Army, yet he was used to toil and hardships from several years of Indian warfare, being frequently posted in the upper part of Tennessee.  He came to what is now Washington County, Tennessee, and purchased lands in the little bend of the Noliechuckee River--one of the finest places or tracts of land to the  size of it that I ever saw.  His house was on one of the finest building spots on the earth, being in a bend of the river resembling a horse shoe in
shape, with a fine view of one of the Spurs of the Alleghaney Mountains called the Big Butt, about 12 miles South-East, just far enough to look blue and  rather smooth.
     My grandfather Waddill and grandmother were Presbyterians of the old school, and the family, while raising, were under Presbyterian usage.  Old Samuel Doak being their pastor, who taught the first college in the State of
     My grandfather educated their oldest son, John, for the ministry though he did not follow what he was educated for.  My grandfather Riginal Burdine was what in Virginia was called a High Church of Englandman.  His family was raised under that influence.  My father belonged to no church.  My mother though raised under the Church of England influence was for thirty or forty years an acceptable member of the Methodist Church, and all her children and most of her grandchildren are Methodists, and some of her great grandchildren are in the
same church, fulfilling that portion of the scripture which in substance says, "I will show mercy unto the third and fourth generations of those who love me and keep my commandments."

  (Signed) John S. Waddill

Rec'd from Marie Waddill, March 30, 1931

This letter was quite interesting and full of information. One NOTE: We know that Reginald's father's name was Richard Burdyne/Burdine. The person who sent this to me could not read the hand writing. Also, not knowing the date that Catherine Tanner was born, some Tanner folks say 1717, it is possible that she  was born in England on route from Germany to Virginia. We know that her family  arrived in  Virginia in 1720. Richard and Catherine were married prior to 1740.  Found a land deed/patent from Robert Tanner to Richard in 1739.
Other than that information, everything else in the letter is acurate as far  as I know.

 Carol Ann

     3. Mary WADDELL-Abt    1808 did not live to maturity.
     4. Rachel Quee WADDELL- b. 1807, d.1857, m. George McElhanon. She was a school teacher in Springfield, Missouri.

(Henry3 Burdine was married to Nancy UNKNOWN, in Jones County, Georgia.

Children listed (below) in  Richard's Will appear to be Henry's and says he is desceased.*[I have one problem here in that with the Probate of Richard's  Will 10 years later in 1835, gives the girls with their spouses, no mention of Albert so he  may have died.  Arena and John are listed in the care of a guardian, Richard B. Purdom. Lucinda is mentioned with husband Henry Curry and Frances is mentioned with husband  Benjamin Alien. But the original will says Lucinda Frances Burdine. That could  have been an error?  I have listed Lucinda  as Lucinda Frances below.
2nd Generation. Henry's children:
....21. Elizabeth Burdine
....22. Mary Burdine, m. Thomas BRUGGS
....23. Lucinda Frances Burdine, m. Henry CURRY
....24. Fracnces Burdine, m. Benjamin ALIEN
....25. William B. Burdine, b. 1807/09 in South Carolina, m. Frances JONES 31Dec1826. Found in Jones County, Georgia 1830 Census listed as being 20-30 years  old, with wife listed as 20-30, a son under 5, a son 5-10, a daughter under 5.  (*if this census is correct, then a son 5-10 years old would before he and Frances was married. Would he possibly have been married before Frances?)
3rd Generation. Their children:
........?) son Burdine born between 1820-1830?
........a) son Burdine, b. prior to 1830
........b) daughter Burdine, b. prior to 1830
........c) William Bell Burdine "Buck", b.15OCT1835 in West Point, Georgia, d. 15Jun1917 Harrison County, Biloxi, Mississippi, a son William Ross Burdine m.Dora Glen Garrett. (I have copy of his death cert. listing parents as William and Frances)
....26. Nancy Burdine, m. Peter McRADY
....27. Sarah Burdine, m. William WADSWORTH
....28. Albert H. Burdine, died prior to 1835
....29. Arena C. Burdine
....30. John M. Burdine

*NOTES on Henry. The Will of Richard mentions Henry as his brother. The  probated Will of Richard 10 years later mentions Nancy widow of Henry. Therefore it is  our conclussion that Henry is the son of Reginald Burdine. Claudia Benson sent this information on Henry: "1800 U.S. Census, Pendleton  District, South Carolina; 1800; p. Utah Valley Regional Family History Center, roll #50;NOTE:  Henry Burdine head of house, one male age 26-45, 4 females under 10,  one female age 10-16, one female age 16-26". And also:"Virginia  Alexander,PENDLETON
> DISTRICT AND ANDERSON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA, WILLS, ESTATES, INVENTORIES, TAX RETURNS AND CENSUS RECORDS; Easley, South Carolina, Southern Historical Press, 1980 p. 200, South Carolina, Pendleton District Conveyence, Estates, and Revolutionary Soldiers, BK C, 1801-1804, pp190-191, Soldier, Henry Burdine to William Halbert; Nancy Burdine rel.dower. 7Nov1801. p40, name  mentioned in  will of William Halbert as person he bought his land from".
H. VERONICA (REGINALD, RICHARD)  (Veronica3 Burdine; daughter by Dorthea, baptized 15DEC1782, Hebron Church, Culpeper County, Virginia. Earlier information written by James Wade Emison  has Veronica as daughter of Richard with wife Dorothy Gerber (This is the  German of Tanner). This  information was  found to be in ERROR, Veronica IS  Reginald's daughter by  Dorthea Tanner. We do  not know when or where she died, possibly in South Carolina. Dorothy according to Tanner information is still living in 1817.)

His will only mentions 5 of the above children(this is what I have been told). I am currently tring to obtain a copy of Reginald's Will. I received his estate papers and the Will was not with them.
The "Georgia Land Lottery-1803" lists: Man, Wife, Child:3 draws:John Burdine. Jeremiah Burdine, two draws: Richard Burdine, one draw.
Names of John's brother's, Richard and Jeremiah, and John's children were in an earlier history compiled by James Wade Emison, which was also worked on by Mary Hughes Copeland.
Rebecca Blackwell Blanks helped with the above information on Jeremiah and Henry's children and the finding of Will's for  Richard and Jeremiah.
She is descended from Newton Marshall Burdine and has submitted that information as well as children for Jeremiah and for Henry. Some of the full names and birthdates and spouses for children of Newton Marshall were in  notes  by Mrs.  Hageman.
Anthony Dalton submitted the information on Reuben's family of which he is a descendant. His cousin Mary submitted further information on this family.
Craig Kilby submitted information of John Sampson's Will. And Eddins information in Samuel's article next and also on Amos Burdine in Missouri, son of John, in the last article on Richard's children.  And the newly included information  on the Clarks.
Evelyn Flood sent family information on Amos' descendants in Arkansas and I am greatly indebted to her for sharing that information on my husbands line of the Burdines. Thomas Niswonger and Tracy Stubbs and Rhonda Vanderpool also for their information on this line of descendants and Mr.Connie Smith, deceased, for helping me make the connection from John to Amos.
Linda Regan sumitted the records search information for Wilkes County, Georgia.
And documents on Henry Burdine that I sent out earlier this year for your records.
Mary Romero for the death certificate on William B. Burdine and for the many articles on the Mississippi Burdines. And Rebecca Wilson for Burdines in Mississippi and finding Bible of Wesley Burdine.
John Charles Burdine of Louisiana for information on various Burdines.
My thanks to my group for your help and sharing of your information in our search for our ancestors, for pictures and stories, for making this work and a book on the history of the Burdines possible. That book will go to the publisher after I finalize it when we return from our trip and search in September. Our trip has had to be cancelled because of Don's health. I am stil  aiming to October for publishing.
Thank you all,
Carol Ann
Burdine Farm
William Donald and Carol Ann Burdine
2040 U.S.Hwy.#12
Ethel, Washington 98542
Subj:  Re:lots of Burdines/Reply Reginald's Hannah?
Date: 9/25/99 2:17:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: burdine@myhome.net (William D. Burdine )
To: AAWesner@aol.com
The children that we have for Reginald come from his son Richard's Will, son of Reginald and Anne Sampson Burdine, first wife and mother of all of the children born to Reginald, except Veronica who is his by his 2nd wife, Dorothy Tanner Burdine. Now, if the information you have is correct he could have have a daughter Hannah. Neither she nor Veronica are mentioned in Richard's Will of 1826, which leads me to believe they are deceased. His probated Will in 1835 says John Deceased 20 years and Henry deceased of Jones County, Georgia. Still
no mention of Veronica or a Hannah. Speculation on my part says they either weredeceased, but the probate court does not say so. Or he did not include siblings of his fathers second marriage in his Will of 1826, only the ones from his father and Anne his mother.
He names:
John, deceased.
Jeremiah, old and infirmed.
Mary Burdine Waddell
Nancy Burdine Brown
Then then ofcourse himself would be 6. Then Veronica not mentioned would be 7.
Hannah could be a possible 8, but we find no information on her.
The children you have for Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdyne are correct. You should have dates from the articles on each of them that I sent.
I was going on the assumption that possibly Nathaniel, Reginald's brother, had a daughter Hannah since we did not have any names for his 6 daughters except for Nancy who married and Anderson. And I thought that since we had all the children listed in Richard's will-son of Reginald, that was the only place to look for a Hannah Burdine, since Reginald's sister Hannah Burdine married Robert Shotwell and they had a son Nathaniel Shotwell who lived in Alabama, which appears to be your Nathaniel Shotwell, then he would need to be married to  the next generation children and with all the names discovered(Ithought) except for Nathaniel's children, that seemed to be the logical place to look.
Maybe some one can shed some more light on this information and maybe we can find Reginald's Will. I thought I found it and sent for it. I only received the Estate papers with a mention of the Will and location, but it was not included in the information that was sent to me. I wrote back and they said it did not exist. The South Carolina Archives and History says there is no Will. If someone knows where else it might be recorded, I wish they'd let me know.
Thanks for trying to help clear up this mystery.
Let me know if you need those article on Reginald and his brothers and sisters again for the dates and all.
Carol Ann


       a) (possibly James Tarrant Burdine b. 1779- I will send  information on him after
            these next two.  Just found yesterday.
       b) WESLEY b. 4Oct1800, d. 19Mar1887, m. Sarah Standefer.
       c) SAMUEL, b. 1805 d.__ m. Jane R.
       d) JOHN FLETCHER BURDINE JR. b. 23Aug1811, d. 20Jan1882. M.1st
         Adeline McKinney, 2nd Martha Ann McKelvey.
              1) FRANCES LUCINDA, B. 1840;
             2) GEORGE F.,  B.1843;
             3) JOHN M.W., B. 1845;
              4) JAMES CURL, B. 1848;
              5) SAMUEL B., B. 1849-A SON  FRED  IN ARMORY, MISSISSIPPI;
              6) WILEY,JR.;
        f) LYDIA, m. Harkey
        g) LUCINDA, m. W.M. STEAGAL
              1) SUSAN, B. 1845;
              2) FRANCES, B. 1847;
              3) MARTHA, B. 1852;
              4)  JAMES,  B. 1856;
              5) MOSLEM, B. 1859;
              6) JOSEPH, B. 1862;
              7) MINERVA, B. 1864

        a) MARY
        b) SAMUEL
        c) JOHN (REV) B. 25DEC1801, D. 3FEB1880, M. CAHRLOTTE AMBLER.
            THEY  HAD 9 CHILDREN.
        d) ABRAHAM, B. 25MAR1808, D. 12SEPT1840, M. MARY ANN SPANN.
              THEY HAD 7 CHILDREN.
               HE HAD 11 CHILDREN


 3).HANNA,  (RICHARD)  M. ROBERT V. SHOTWELL D. 1785 Culpeper Co., VA
     A. AMELIA SHOTWELL B. 1765 Culpeper Co., VA D. 1827 Sevier Co., TN
               M. Henry BOHANON Abt 1785.

1.Susannah BOHANON
3.Elizabeth BOHANON
4.Henry , Jr. BOHANNON
6.Sarah E. BOHANON
1. Susannah BOHANON married Isaac "Shucky" OGLE Sevier Co., TN

Shucky moved with the family to Sevier County, Tennessee as early as
1805, soon after the death of his father.

Isaac was one of the first settlers in Gatlinburg.  No land records prior to 1824 were found for Isaac Ogle but it is shown by Richard Reagan's early grants that Isaac and William, his brother, entered land adjoining Richard's
land on Mill Creek.  This ran from Mill Creek down to "the lane" (Reagan Lane) and nearly to the old river road.  Later records show this land as belonging to Isaac alone and still later to his son, Elijah Ogle.  Isaac also entered land  near the road from the Glades, running down to the mouth of Roaring Fork Creek in Gatlinburg.  As his sons and daughters became of age, he gave them these lands and he moved to the Banner area north of Gatlinburg.  Some BURDINES AT BOYDS CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH - Sevier Co., TN

Isaac and his wife, Susannah, were charter members of the White Oak Flats Baptist Church.  The family appears in the Sevier County, Tennessee Federal Census records, 1830 to 1880.  Isaac died 2 Sep 1881 according to the Death Register of 1881 found in Sevier County Courthouse.

Isaac was buried in the Banner Cemetery.
"Smoky Mountain Clans", Donald B. Reagan, 1978, p 225.
"Smoky Mountain Clans, Volume 3", Donald B. Reagan, 1983, p 138.
"In the Shadow of the Smokies", Smoky Mountain Historical Society, 1993, p 524, 733.

In message   writes:
 In looking into my files, I find that the Mary Bohannon was the Mother of Henry Bohanan who married Amilla Shotwell, they moved from South Carolina to Sevier  County, Tn.  The Children of Henry and AMilla Shotwell Bohanan are:
 (all born in South Carolina, apparently. Henry and Amilla are in 1790 census of SC.)
 Susannah b. 1793, married Isaac Ogle
 Nancy b. 1795 married William Ogle
 Elizabeth b. 1801 married Alexander Dickson  (my line)
 They had four other daughters, and two sons whose names are not known.
 Henry married a 2nd time and had five more children, 3 sons, and two daughters.
 of course, they would not be of the Shotwell line.
 Henry Bohannon fought in the Revolution from Virginia, and I am a member of
 Daughters of the American Revolution with Henry as one of my proven ancestors.
 If any of you are familiar with DAR, then you know the proof must be ironclad before they will accept it.  Would like to be able to document the Shotwell- Burdine line back to the immigrant, eventually, and also the Tanners and Shotwells.

thanks for the information. I do not have anything further on this line. If anyone else does, please contact Genie. Thanks.
Carol Ann
Subj:  Re: Jenny Davison
Date: 10/1/99 12:10:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: burdine@myhome.net (William D. Burdine )
To: GENIEallOG@aol.com
Genie, Thanks. I didn't know who had done the research.
Carol Ann
In message <1beb0dc4.25252df8@aol.com>  writes:
> As past registrar of the local DAR chapter, Dolly Parton is definitely a
> descendant of Hannah Burdine Shotwell, thru her daughter, Amilla who married
> Henry Bohanan.  I did most of the research myself.
> Genie
In message <18a1cdfd.251e5f1c@aol.com>  writes:
     What I have (from my cousin, who did her research several years ago) is:
 Richard Burdyne -> to Richard/Reginald (m.Dorratha)  -> to Hannah (m. Nathaniel Shotwell) -> to Jesse Shotwell (m. Caroline Berry) -> to Louisa Shotwell (m. Vardra McGinnis) -> to Alice Ellen McGinnis, my
     I also show Richard Burdyne (m. Catherine Tanner) with children as follows: Richard/Reginald, Hannah, Barbara, Samuel, Nathaniel, John.  No dates for any of them except Richard/Reginald.
     I don't know where my cousin acquired her information; somewhere along the way, she abandoned the search for this line, to search for her husband's family (she had promised him she would, but he died before she was able to get to it, and she felt an obligation to do it in his memory).
     It looks like something is confused here!

Hannah also would be a GGGGGreat Grandmother of Miss Dolly Parton of Dollywood.



D. EZEKIEL BURDINE(RICHARD, NATHANIEL) B. 1775 in CULPEPER CO. VA. died 1862 in Russell Co., VA M. Martha DICKENSON, daughter of Henry DICKENSON Jr. and Mary POWELL. (Jim Jessee Report)
  (1) Henry Dickinson BURDINE (1803-1885) M. ELIZABETH SEWELL
       a. John Travis BURDINE (1825-) M. CATHERINE DEVAULT
           (a1) Eliza Jane BURDINE (1859 and died 1943) M. John TATE
                (a1a.) John TATE- (1877 died 1962) M.  Synthia Ada (Cynthia) JESSEE
                    (a1ab)  Leland Burdine TATE PhD- (1905 in Lebanon, Russell Co., VA.)
       b. Samuel Patton BURDINE (1828-Dec 1864) M. ELIZABETH DAY
  (2) Nancy E. (1806-)
  (3)Mary (1809-)
  (4)Elizabeth Elington (1811-)
  (5)John Wesley (1815-1898)
  (6)Nathan Edens (1818-1897)
H. SAMUEL (RICHARD, NATHANIEL) B. 1784- WILKES CO. NC  (Moved to Smith Co., TN)
Subj:  Re: Burdines in TN
Date: 10/5/99 5:06:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: burdine@myhome.net (William D. Burdine )
To: Paul.Parsons@wcom.com
Really happy to hear from you. My, you have been busy! I shall see that the rest of the list receives these two e-mails on the Tennessee Burdines.
I am glad you had mention of the land that Samuel Burdine of Smith County,
Tennessee sold some of the acreages that had belonged to his father Nathaniel.
Now we can know for sure that this Samuel is for certain one of Nathaniel's sons.
Yes, it's true the name spellings really make this research difficult. Well, you've given me some work to do now in sorting this all out.
Thanks for the help.
Carol Ann
In message Paul Parsons writes:
Hi, Carol Ann,
I've been enjoying all the emails you've been forwarding to me on the Burdines.  I've been taking notes like crazy.  I still haven't found a connection with my gggrandma Mary D. Burdine who married Moses J. Evits in 1848 in Wilson County, TN.  I'd found out about Mary D. Burdine only because
I'd asked Wilson County Archives to send me info on Moses J. Evits.  Last week, I sent another request to Wilson County Archives, now about the
Burdines.  I received my packet of info from them today, and even though I'm sure you've got all this info, I'll go ahead and list what they sent me.
From the 1830 Weakley Co. West TN Census
Burdin, Charles 10102-011101 (no 'e' at the end of the name)
From the 1840 TN Census:
 (Linda Granstaff, who sent me these papers, made a note that Burdine could be spelled many ways!)
BURDEN, Easter, J-296 (Jackson Co) 102-0110301
BURDEN, H., H-150 (Hamilton Co) 10001-21001
BURDEN, J.B., H-179, 10001-10000001
BURDEN, John, T-253 (Tipton Co), 101101-000101
BURDEN, Sharlotta, Wh-7 (White Co)  0021-120001
BURDEN, William, Wh-7, 0021001-0000001
BURDEN, Zachariah, Li-11 (Lincoln Co) 101001-011001
BURDIM, Samuel, Sm-263, 00000001-00111101
From the 1850 Smith Co. TN Census:
Samuel Burdine, age 66, born in NC, Laborer
Elizabeth, age 64, born in SC
Notha, age 40, born in TN, Laborer
Mary, age 37, born in TN  -(this isn't my Mary, as my Mary is listed on the 1850 Smith Co. Census under Moses Avetts' (Evits) hh)
John, age 33, born in TN, Laborer
Martha, age 22, born in TN
Elizabeth, age 3, born in TN
From the 1850 TN Census:
BURDINE, Samuel 66, Elizabeth 64, Natha (spelled with an 'a' this time) 40,
Mary 37, John 33, Martha 22, Elizabeth 3, NC SC, Sm-43-622
From the 1860 Smith Co. TN Census:
Samuel Burdine, 76, NC, Farmer
Elizabeth, 72, SC, Housekeeping
Mary, 44, TN
N.B., 50, TN, Merchant
Jane, 28, TN
Burdine, John B., 40, TN, Merchant
Euphenia, 29, TN
Flora B., 8, TN
Thomas J., 6, TN
Joseph, 18, TN
From the 1860 TN Census:
BURDINE, J.T. 35, Catharine 29, Mary E. 3, Louisa 1, Martha DAVIDSON 29, Mary 1, James 3, Cl-121-308  (Cl=Claiborne Co)
BURDINE, John B. 40, Euphema 29, Flora B. 8, Thos. J. 6, Joseph S. DONELSON 18, Sm-1-364 (Smith Co)
BURDINE, N.B. 50 (m), Jane 28, Sm-117-359
BURDINE, Samuel 33, Elizabeth 22, James DAVIDSON 29, Cl-120-307
BURDINE, Saml. 76, Elisabeth 73 (this time spelled with an 's'), Mary 42, Sm-116-359
(I've included these next 3 because the surnames and/or counties are close)
BURDOIN, Thomas 24, Wl-116-306 (Wilson Co)
BURDON, A. 23 (m), F-3-406 (Fayette Co)
BURDON, Margaret E. 20, Wh-52-21 (White Co)
From the Wilson Co. Marriages 1841-1850
John B. Burdin married Flotella Blacknall, issued on 29 September 1847 (his name has no 'e' at the end)
From the Wilson Co. TN Wills and Inventories 1892-1902
JOHN B. BURDINE, Will.  Heirs:  daughters Elizabeth Woods, Flora Jackson, and Martha Jane Lannom; children of deceased daughter Lucy E. Tanner, to wit, Kate and L. M. Tanner.  Elizabeth Woods, executrix.  Recorded 18 July 1902.   (P.583)
From the Smith Co. TN, DEED BOOK H
The executors of Osburn Jeffreys, Jr. to Samuel Burdine 475 acres.  25 April 1823.  (Pp. 302-303)
From the Smith Co. TN, DEED BOOK L
Samuel Burdine to Howel T. Rucks a tract of land in the town of Rome.  27 February 1832.  (P. 216)
(Linda Granstaff made a notation that Rome is in Smith Co. TN on the Wilson Co line next to the 6th District, Wilson Co,  where my Moses Evits and Mary Burdine lived).
From the Smith Co. TN, DEED BOOK I
Samuel Burdine to James Morris a tract of land formerly belonging to Nathaniel Burdine deceased.  12 January 1825.  (P. 132)
From the Goodspeed History, Sumner, Smith, Macon and Trousdale Counties (Page 828)
Circuit court clerks--..............; N.B. Burdine, 1852-56;.................
So, there it is.  Does any of this help?    Let me know.  I sure do appreciate all that you've been sending me, and all that you're doing for
the people like me who are looking for their Burdines.
Sonja, from Colorado Springs, CO
P.S.  I found Samuel Burdine's name on the Huguenot Listing last night that one of your people gave the website address for.
Subj:  Re: Mary D. Burdine and Moses Evits
Date: 9/23/99 12:39:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: burdine@myhome.net (William D. Burdine )
To: Paul.Parsons@wcom.com
Thanks for sending this information. Your Mary is probably the daughter of Samuel, son of Nathaniel, son of Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdine.  I have not had a chance to do futher search on her nor had a chance to talked to Joe Payne about her. I hope to do that today. In the mean time I will forward your information to the list and see where it leads. If she is not Samuel's daughter, them possible of Nathaniel's two other sons that we have not been able to locate further information on. He is the only one of the Burdines to go to Tennessee and some of his sister Hannah Burdine Shotwell's descendants and Mary Burdine Waddell/Waddill daughter of Reginald.
Nathaniel's brother Samuel remained in South Carolina and most of his  descendants, except his son John who went to Mississippi. Nathaniel's brother John died in Virginia, his descendants went to Kentucky then to Missouri.
Nathaniel's brother Reginald died in North Carolina, but most of his descendants went to Georgia and Alabama. And Nathaniel's sister  Barbara Burdine Gresham's  descendants were mostly in South Carolina with some in Georgia.
I had forwarded to you the information I have to date on Nathaniel. Let me know if you are interested in his brothers and sisters and I will forward them also.
Carol Ann
In message Paul Parsons writes:
> Hi, Carol Ann!  Thank you for contacting me.  It's great to actually hear
> from those who are researching the same families, hopefully.  And, yes, I'd
> like to be on your mailing list.  I also have a little more information on
> my great-great-grandmother, Mary D. Burdine.  As I'd put in my initial
> letter which was forwarded to you, Mary D. Burdine married Moses J. Evits on
> May 15, 1848, in Lebanon (Wilson County) Tennessee.  According to the 1850
> Census from Smith County, TN, Moses was 20 and Mary was 23, and had a son by
> then named William, who was 3 months old.  In this census, their last name
> was not listed as Evits (as is on their marriage certificate), but rather
> Avetts.  So, that would put Mary's birth year at approximately 1827.  In the
> 1860 Census, they're back in Lebanon, Wilson County, TN, listed as Moses
> Evits (29), blacksmith, and Mary Evits (35, which would put her birth year
> at approximately 1825), with children William J. (10), Lucinda M. (8), and
> George (6), my great-grandfather.  According to the 1850 Census from Smith
> County, Mary was born in TN, and according to the ages given, was born
> between 1825 to 1827.  Does this help match anything up?
> Sonja
> >> ----- Original Message -----
> >> From: Paul W. Parsons
> >> To:
> >> Cc:
> >> Sent: Thursday, September 16, 1999 1:03 AM
> >> Subject: Mary D. Burdine and Moses Evits
> >>
> >>
> >> > Hi.  I've been doing research into my family history, and discovered
> >> > that my great-great-grandmother was Mary D. Burdine, who married Moses
> >> > J. Evits on May 15, 1848, in Lebanon (Wilson County), TN.  They had 3
> >> > children, one of whom was my great-grandfather, George Thomas Evits.,
> >> > who was born Feb 11, 1854.  George married Martha Jane Morris, and one
> >> > of their 6 children was my grandmother, Bercha Evetts (changed from
> >> > Evits), born August 24, 1895.  Bercha married Adam S. Zlotkowski and
> had
> >> > 3 daughters, one of whom was my mother, Lucille, born December 18,
> >> > 1930..  Lucille married Vern Thompson and had 5 daughters, one of whom
> >> > is me, Sonja.  I married Paul Parsons.  That's my very brief history.
> >> > Have you come across that particular Mary D. Burdine?  We haven't been
> >> > able to get beyond what we have here on my grandmother's side.  Please
> >> > contact me at paul.parsons@wcom.com.
> >> > Sincerely, Sonja Parsons
Another website http://www.zianet.com/jmcdgwin/wilson.htm 1.--Nathaniel Burdine Wilson, b. 11 Jul 1795; m. 4 Jan 1816 to Jane Jones; 11 children


Date: 9/25/99 6:38:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: burdine@myhome.net (William D. Burdine )
Subject: William Nathaniel Burdine descendants...from Amos
Thanks to the help of my direct cousins Monroe & Ethel Burdine; Lory Haven; and Elliott Harrison I have been able to put this together in a more correct version than the one sent out in 1997/8
Elliott, thanks for sending the record you have. I have been trying to correct the information on it leading up to William Nathaniel Burdine. I have no idea
who put that together (Descendants of William Burdine) and entered it in to Broderbund W.F.T. CD #5, Pedigree #2224     All I can say is it is very wrong.
Many ERROR and many families mixed.  Please if you can try to correct it or let me know who to contact so that I can have it corrected.
I will not even try to correct it here as it is too mixed up.
I will put an order below that you can follow leading to William Nathaniel Burdine.
I forwarded the information on Joseph Nathaniel Burdine son of Amos, son of John, son of Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdine on August 26th. from Sue
Reddell.  He is the father of William Nathaniel Burdine.
I will list each descendant from Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdyne down so you can follow where the information on William Nathaniel should be placed.
Ethel, Lory, Trica and Elliot, if there is anything else that can be added to the Aunts and Uncles let me know.

I have put a * by the descending ancestor.

This is the line of the Burdines from which my husband is descended:

*Richard and Catherine Tanner Burdine:
2nd generation:
 Reginald, b. bef. 1740
 Hannah Shotwell, b. about 1740
 Barbara Gresham, b. after 1740
 Samuel, b. 1745
 Nathaniel, b. 1753
 John*, b. after 1753, d. 1786

*John and Elizabeth "Betty or Betsy" Dicken Burdine:
Children all born in Virginia. Family moved to Kentucky after John died. I have
no dates for these children. We know Amos married 1805.
3rd generation:
 Susannah Bringle
 Catherine Chamberlain
 Elizabeth Chamberlain
 Nancy Smith
 Agnes Dicken

*Amos and Jeannie Davidson Burdine:
In 1811 Amos and brother and sisters and mother moved to Misssouri. After 1840 Amos moved with children to Newton county Arkansas.
4th Generation:
 William Burdine  b.1809 in Kentucky
 Susannah "Sukey" Cross, b. about 1811
 James "Critter" Burdine b. 1813
 Mary "Polly" Pierce b. 1818
 Jane Lucas b. abt 1820
 Nancy Jackson b. abt 1820
 Joseph Nathaniel Burdine* b. 1826/1830
 Agatha Burchum b. abt1830
 There should be a daugher who married a Collins in here.
 Agnes Ashby b. 1842 ( I am uncertain why she is listed as Amos daugher, maybe granddaughter. Jeannie died of Cholera in 1832 and we have no record of Amos marring again. It's possible.

*Joseph Nathaniel Burdine and Martha Ann Pickett:
5th Generation:
 Mary Ann Burdine Farmer, b.1853
 John Landon Burdine, b. 1856
 Lousia J. Burdine, b. 1859
 Thomas "Tommie" Burdine, b. 1861
 William Nathaniel Burdine*, b. 1864

*William Nathaniel Burdine and Mary Emmeline Cooper, first wife with two children; second wife Sarah Elizabeth Davis descendants:

WILLIAM NATHANIEL BURDINE, b. 5 Sept 1864. d.Jan. 1954. Married Mary Emmeline Cooper 5 Nov 1885. She was the daughter of Joseph B. Cooper and Sarah Flood Smith Cooper.
After her death on 20 Nov 1887, he married Sarah Elizabeth Davis in Newton County, Red Rock, Arkansas.
6th Generation:
Children by Emmy:
1. JAMES T., Feb. 1886. m. Lucy Criner 28 Jan 1909
2. COLUMBUS J., b. Oct 1887 m. Joanne Criner (sister to Lucy)

Children by Sarah:
3. SIMON S., 1906, m. Irene Ogden. Children :
     i. John
    ii. Wilma
   iii. Baby girl died 2yrs. old (Monroe says she died at birth) (Gary told me 2 years, he got that from Aunt Bonnie I don't know which is right)
4. TALMADGE, 1908, m. Ollie Prowe. Children:
     i. Ernesteen
    ii. Bonnie Pauline
   iii. Mary Helen m Jack Howell
    iv. Wanda Lou
     v. Carolyne
(Monroe says they had one stillborn and one died few hours after birth besides these.  Do you want husbands and kids of these?--Ethel, Yes, if you have
them, Thanks. Did all the children remain in California? I enjoyed my visits with Uncle Talmadge before he died in Lompoc.)

5. MONROAH LAFAYETTE "Fate", b. 1909, m. Martha Hunter, Children:
     i. Maureen Ovay m. Iris Davis 1946 (he died in 66)m. Charles Brown  (d.??) children (by Iris only) Roger Glenn, twins Stafford and Calvin,
     Kerry Wade
    ii. Chester Osil  m. Melitta Yarborough.  Children Constance (Connie) and Joel Ray (Jody)
   iii. Margaret "Tinsey" Ofay m. /Dale Leer children Karen, Donna, Judy divorced and m. Dan Amos children Stefanie, Kimberly and Kelly d. and m.
    Joseph Martini
   iv. William Monroe, m. Ethel Brisco, 12/24/65 adopted daughter Louann
    v. Haskle Dean m. Barbara Sharp Children Brent, twins Craig and  Michelle
   vi. Charlotte Sue m. Robert McCuen children Brenda
  vii. John Lewis m. Joyce Jones children Kristen and Jennifer
6. JOSEPH H., 1910, m. Maude Bryant, a son by her 1st husband: Richard Bryant
7. LONNIE, b. 1 Feb. 1912 Partheonan, Newton County, Arkansas, d. 11 Oct 1955 Lompoc, California. Married Pearl Novene Weber, daughter of James Ira LaMont Weber and Pearl McDaniel. Children:
     i. Doyle Eugene b 1934 m. Berma Savage daughter Jill;  m.  Eulura live in  Florida.
    ii. Lewis Howard b. 1937 m. Linda  children Tracey, Jennifer and Brett live in Alabama.
   iii. William Donald, b. 4 Feb 1944, m. Carol Ann Chrones 29 Nov 1969; live in Washington-That's us. I have three children from first marriage to Charles Paul Rigo Jr.: Charles Paul Rigo the 3rd, with three children; Christopher Rigo with two children; Christina Rigo Burdine Cannon with two children; then Don and I have William Lonnie Burdine with one child and Thomas Allen Burdine with one child.
8. BONNIE, b. 1 Feb 1912-twin of Lonnie, m. Golman Treat children Freida
 Mae, Orin Franklin, Mildred (d.) Glenn, Joe (d) Carolyn, Lovella, Michale
9. KOLBY or Colbie, m. Mamie Kirby. Children:
     i. Twalafern
    ii. Dorothy
   iii. Rosealee
    vi. Clara Faye
     v. Donald Wayne

10. JOHNNY, b.1916, d.1932
11. MARY ANN, m. Bill Pendly children:
     i. Leona m. Richard Dustin
    ii. Patsy, m. Gaylord Wolf a full blooded Cherokee. children Cathy, Miuchael, Teresa, Valerie, Timmy.
   iii. Floyd "Pretty Boy"
    iv. Joe, m. Brynette
     v. Kenneth Earl  died during heart surg. no children.
    vi. Larry, m. Beverly
   vii. Reba May, m. Victor Zenos Haven. Children: Marie Helen Haven-no children; Lory Ann Haven,two children, Matt and Brook; and Vic Z Haven II-no
  viii. Linda, m. Jerry Brooks, children: Carl, Joalene, Randy.
    ix. Danny
     x. Bobby, m Marie, Children: Wade and Tharen.

These are not in the correct order. I'm working from three lists. Lory if you can correct it please do. Thanks.

12. LULA MAE, m.  Lawerence Nix. Children:
  Lula was married first to Dalton Maguire. Norma Lee is his daughter.
     i. Norma Lee McGuire, m. Elliot Harrison. Children: Julie Lynn Harrison, Lawrence Clark Harrison, Russell Ward Harrison, Janet Louise Harriosn, Judy Lee Harrison.
    ii. Ronald Lawrence Nix, m. Gayle Baldelli. Children: David Anthony Nix;   Eric Mathew Nix; Jon Darren Nix.
   iii. Bruce Lynn Nix, m. Patrica Arreola. Children: Noel Elizabeth Nix; Laura  Rachel Nix, Sarah Ann Nix.

13. RUSSELL, m. Eulela Bellah. Children:
     i. Gary, m. Rebecca, child: Miriam. Live in Oklahoma City.
    ii. Ramona m.
14. LOWELL m. Elzie Payne.  Children  2 daughters
15. MOZELLE, m. Paul Earls. Children:
     i. Norma Paulette
    ii. infant Earls
16. CLOIS, m. Nora Pierce no children

That's it if you can fill in the holes and send back that would help me  a lot.
Thanks. Carol Ann (Chrones) Burdine


Associated emails from BURDINE MAIL LIST
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William Donald & Carol Ann Burdine
Burdine Farm
2040 U.S.Hyw.#12 E
Ethel, Washington 98542
Dear Joe,
Hope you didn't think I was forgetting you. I think we have it!!!! This is two
in a row tonight! I really need to celebrate!
I have read over this and over this and this is what I come up with. This is
Nathaniel Burdine's family! When I sent out the e-mail Saturday with the
information I wanted to search on Nathaniel's sons, Samuel, Abraham and Thomas.
I went back over this e-mail again and there it was.  Abraham and Thomas are not
documented as Nathaniels sons, but the evidence of him having three sons and six
daughters in the census records is a good bet.
Katye Rhoads loaned me a book she just recently aquired. It's a biography of
'James George Thompson 1802-1879' by Mary Wilson Kelsey and Mavis Parrott
Kelsey. Texas A&M University. Katye has telephoned Mary and Mavis and had a nice
conversation with them. I will be contacting them soon-this cold I have has
prevented me from being to sociable- to get permission to use the Burdine
information on Nathaniel in my Book.
I am going back to your earlier e-mails to see if you had sent me another
information and your line that I can add to this. I will get back to you, if I
need further information.
If you saved the e-mail I sent Saturday on information gathering, you should
have the information I sent reguarding these three sons. If you did not, let me
know and I will re-send it.
I am sending this out to the others so they will have the information and maybe
we will be able to make it all fit together.
This is great. One other search I forgot to mention and thanks to John Charles
Burdine for information he sent me in the mail, I will add it to my search list.
I am looking for the Plantation Home of Burdine and any descendants of the
slaves who took the Burdine name when they were freed at the Civil War. Charles
found names of nine colored individuals in the Civil War all with the name of
I just can't tell you all how much help you have each been in helping me gather
the information for the Burdine History I am trying to get written. This is just
wonderful.-Carol Ann
Subj:  re-send information search
Date: 10/20/98 12:21:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: burdine@myhome.net (burdine)
Reply-to: burdine@i-link-2.net (burdine)
To: JPayne5744@aol.com
My mistake it was Sunday! here it is.-Carol Ann
> Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 13:44:06 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: information gathering
> Good Morning,
> I am getting information collected to start a new area of search. Been going
> back over all the old e-mails. I want to start with the Alabama and Georgia
> Burdines.
> Here is some of the names I need information on to start the search. If you
> have this information and can e-mail it to me that would be fine otherwise by
> snail  mail would be fine. Most of you have pretty much the same information
> that I  have by now, but I am hoping that maybe some has been over looked.
> I.On Richard's son REGINALD's children:
> 1. Richard- did he remain in Virginia? Did he have any sons? I have a
> daughter  Veronica.
> 2. John-His will is recorded in Wilkes County Georgia; Book 1818-19; page 24;
> 12-1-1815 to 3-4-1816. Does anyone have that will or can see it? Does it list
> children? Grandchildren. For his children I have: a)Reuben-Anthony sent me
> information on him. He had two daughters.;b)Clark-listed as a West Point
> Cadet  1819. Original papers filed in Wilkes County, Ga. Did he have any
> children?;
>  Daughters for John listed as c)Sophia, d)Julia, & e)Matilda;
> f) George M.- does anyone know anything about him?
> 3. Jermiah, only that he was in the Georgia Land Lottery of 1803. with a wife
> and child.
> II.SAMUEL's children:
> As far as I can tell none of his children went into Georgia, Just South
> Carolina and Mississippi. Does anyone have any before 1840's that may have
> settled  into  Gerogia? Son Richard's children: Most all of his were in South
> Carolina or  Mississippi.? Son Henry? Son Abraham?
> V.NATHANIEL's children:    (This is a probable line to the Samuel father-in-law of Elizabeth
> My original information has him in North Carolina and the South Carolina with
> a  son over 16, 2 under 16 and 6 daughters in the 1790 census of Newberry
> County,  SC. New information has come in that he settled in Smith
> Co.,Tennessee by  1811.
> Names of three sons have been attribted to him, with only one under
> documentation. They are:
> A)Samuel b. 1784 NC m. Elizabeth b. SC. children 1)Nathaniel,2) Mary, 3)
> John,  4) Martha, 5) Elizabeth.
> B) Nathaniel with a wife and 1 son & 2 daughters in 1850 Smith County
> Census.;
> C)Thomas with a wife and 2 sons in 1830 Census of Wilson County.;
> AND 6 daughters with only  Nancy being proven.
> I hope to explore the Tennessee and Kentucky Burdines after the Georgia and
> Alabama Burdines, or as information comes in. I will group the Maryland, NY
> and  Pensylvania Burdines in the third search.
> VI.JOHN's children:
> 1. Benjamin- have nothing on him excep his wife. Did he stay in Kentucky or
> did  he eventually go to Missiouri or Arkansas with Amos or elsewhere?
> John had 6 daughters.
> 2. Amos- we have pretty much got his line toghether.
> If you have anything that may help with these three other searches please let
> me know soon.
> One final search I'd like to do is on the Burdine daughters. Any of them that
> may have used Burdine as a first or middle name on sons, ie: James Burdine
> Hill, or Burdine Farmer or Burdine Blake? or others?
> I am working on my e-mail list. I will be grouping you as to family line, or
> State search while I am gathering and correcting information. If you wish to
> receive any or all of the discussed information over the next few weeks, that
> may not include your line, let me know. The final information collected will
> be  shared with all.
> If there is a search that we have not covered and you don't find it covered
> in  the ones I am planning, let me know and we'll get that going too.
> Thank you all for your help.
> Carol Ann
I really hadn't forgotten you, just didn't know what to do with you until I got
that book from Katye.
As far as I can tell I would say that Samuel b. 1784 would be the son of
According to the book I mentioned on page 539 it says"The 1850 Smith County
census (#43-622 lists 'Samuel Burdine'(the sons of Nathaniel) at sixty-six
years, born 1784 in North Carolina. His wife 'Elizabeth', age sixty-four, was
born in South Carolina. They had 'Nathaniel', age 40; Mary age thirty-seven;
John age thirty-three; Martha, age twenty-two; and a three-year old, Elizabeth
Burdine in the household.
There was a Nathaniel Burdine, age thirty to forty, in White County, Tennessee,
in the 1830 census with a son under five, a daughter under five, and a daughter
five to ten years old and a wife twenty to thirty years old. The 1830 census
also included a Thomas Burdine in Wilson County who was thirty to forty years
old with one male five to ten years, on male twenty to thirty years old with on
male five years in th household. This Thomas and this Nathaniel may have been
two sons of Nathaniel Burdine and Ann Lipsbomb" It goes on to say that they
believe that Nathaniel and Ann had three sons and six daughter. But only Samuel
and Nancy have  been proven.
When I call and talk to the authors I will see if there has been any further
research since the book was written.
This is exciting, Joe!
I'll resend the other information following this one. More soon.-Carol Ann

In message   writes:
> Carol Ann,
> This is exciting news.  I do wonder sometimes if I haven't been forgot.
> About the email last Saturday, I looked and saw one received on Friday about
> John Charles Burdine of Louisiana research but really nothing else.  If you
> could resend to me I would appreciate it.  We will have to get specifics once
> we narrow this down.  Samuel born 1784 should be the son of Nathaniel, right?
> Joe payne

Carol Ann
http://landru.myhome.net/burdine/    >>>underconstruction<<<

William Donald & Carol Ann Burdine
Burdine Farm
2040 U.S.Hyw.#12 E
Ethel, Washington 98542

In message   writes:
> In Benjamin Sewell's Will in the following book , he mentions a daughter
> Betsey D. Burdine, living in Claiborne Co., TN in 1848.  Betsey D. Sewell
> Burdine  had a son Samuel Patton Burdine and another John Livis Burdine.  Page
> 103 and 104 of Col. Edgar Holt's book "Claiborne".
> I have record of  L. P. Burdine, (who I am sure  to be Samuel P., S.P., more
> than likely the son of the above  Betsey D. Sewell Burdine) first husband of
> Elizabeth Day, who died in a Veterans Hospital in Nashville, TN in Dec. 1864.
> Samuel and Elizabeth Day Brudine are in the 1860 Claiborne County Census
> family 760.
> Burdine, L. P. Cl-53-1; Elisabeth Payne formerly widow of: Pvt M Co. 8th
> TN Cav; 63 to 12-64; Springdale PO; died in hospital at Nashville, TN.
> I believe that Elizabeth Sewell's husband was Samuel Brudine born 1784 in
> North Carolina.  Samuel died aft. 1860 in Smith Co. TN.  I have the chidden
> of Samuel Burdine and Elizabeth Sewell as:
>  1. Nathaniel B. BURDINE-14376                                     1810
>  2. Mary BURDINE-14375                                             1813
>  3. John B. BURDINE-14383                                          1817
>  4. J. T. BURDINE-14368                                            1825
>  5. Samuel J. BURDINE-719                                          1827
>  6. Martha BURDINE-8195                                            1828
>  7. Elizabeth BURDINE-14382                                        1847
>  I am not sure about the 1847 date.
> Nathaniel B. Brudine married Jane
> John B. Burdine married Euphema and had:
> 1. Flora B. BURDINE-14380                                         1852
> 2. Thomas J. BURDINE-14379                                        1854
> J.T. Burdine married Catherine and had:
>  1. Mary E. BURDINE-14364                                          1857
>  2. Louisa BURDINE-14009                                           1859
> Samuel Burdine married Elizabeth Day and had:
> 1. Martha Jane BURDINE-720                                        1861
> No information on Martha and Elizabeth
> My Great Grandfather married Elizabeth Day Burdine in 1866 after Samuel's
> death.  Legend had it that Samuel, John by legend, was hanged in Springdale
> Tn as a spy but the record above disproves that.
> In the 1870 Hawkins Co., TN census the following Burdine family appears
> No. 49
>Burdine, J. W.  55  Clerk   $150   Va
> Stella   35    Va
> James P. 15  Va
> Henry D  13  Va
> Nathan E.  10  Va
> John  E.S.  6   Va
> Mary C.    4  TN
> Joseph P.  9/12   Tn
> I had gotten information from Jim Jessee that Elizabeth Sewell's husband was
> Henry D. Burdine and that the family lived in Russell Co., Va.  That is
> defiantly not the case as Benjamin Sewell's will is recorded in Claiborne Co
> with all the family living there in 1848.
> I have long believed that this family connects directly to the Smith Co. TN
> family.  Could this Samuel be a brother to Nathaniel of Smith Co.?
> Any help appreciated.
> Joe Payne
> Knoxville, TN

Tom & Carol,
Hope you don't mind that I send this out to everyone. There is a lot of typing
here and it will save me a little time.

I am so glad you sent me this information. I have Hamilton!  Hamilton was the
5th son of Richard, second son of Samuel, second son of Richard and Catherine. So
you are a cousin to the John Fletcher Burdine Sr.'s family that we have been
working on recently and to a few more. I am so excited that I can finaly place
you. Did you know this? I need to re-look at Mike Hunter/Mallett information as
he also has Ozie Broyles Burdine as a relative. This is really exciting!  Mike
we can connect you now too!

I am going to add my notes between your paragraphs. You did a lot of research.
Good job!

> Carol Ann
> I did find a little more info on one of my sources. The Pendleton District,
> SC gen. Soc. page http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/8155/. I've
> attached an excerpt below.

I have not been able to search this site as yet, but thanks for the full
address. My hard drive is down to nearly nill and most of the sites close me
down. I am getting my hard drive expanded next month or a new more powerful
loaded computer!

> Have you ever considered moving your list to Rootsweb? it would allow you to
> manage subscribers and let other people find you. It also archives all the
> messages searchably so you can find something that might have been posted
> before you subscribed. You generate more traffic than many lists I subscribe
> to and  you seem to manage it well.
> Actually it is a selfish request. I don't actively work on my burdines. They
> are too distant, (Ozie is married to a 5th cousin) but I may return to it and
> it would be great if the messages were saved.

I have saved all my e-mails to a Zip, unfortunately, I'm not sure how to get
them back into the browser. Now that I have a scanner, probably. Hopefully as I
am setting up my website, I'll be able to have a place to save information and
such.I have thought of moving it to one of the larger sites, but unsure if I
want to. I subscribe to some of the RootsWeb sites and I enjoy it and I have
found a lot of what I look for there. Once my Web Page is up and running I may
check into linking with them, I'm not sure yet.
Thank you for the commoment on managing my list. I have to admit at times it is
overwhelming, but I am really enjoying it, especially when I can make a
connection like this one today. We need to celebrate!

> Thanks for thinking of me.
> Tom Glad
> Nevada City, CA
> glad@jps.net
> Ancestors of Ozie Broyles Burdine
> Generation No. 1
> 1. Ozie Broyles Burdine, born August 16, 1886 in Anderson Co., SC; died March
> 06, 1955 in Travelers Rest, Greenville Co., SC. He was the son of 2. Thomas
> Joshua Burdine and 3. Eleanor Gambrell. He married (1) Addie Charlotte
> Williams July 1918 in Greenville Co., SC. She was the daughter of Marshall
> Columbus Williams and Lucinda Alexander.

The person I got my early information from spelled 2. Tommos Joshua, b.
17July1850.  I have 11 children for Hamilton with Thomas Joshua Burdine as #9

> More About Ozie Broyles Burdine:
> Fact 1: Old Hilltop Bapt Ch Cem, , , OL
> Fact 7: Carpenter
> More About Addie Charlotte Williams:
> Fact 1: Old Hilltop Bapt Ch Cem, , , OL
> Children of Ozie Burdine and Addie Williams are:
> i. Violet Rose Burdine, born May 13, 1920 in Cheohee, Oconee Co., SC; married
> (1) Luther Webster Chasteen October 07, 1939 in Anderson, Anderson Co., SC;
> married (2) Richard Andrew Gibbs November 01, 1964.
> More About Richard Andrew Gibbs:
> Fact 1: Pickens Sunrise Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> ii. Thomas Jefferson Burdine, born February 14, 1922 in Keowee Twp., Oconee
> Co., SC.
> iii. Henry Briggs Burdine, born December 09, 1923 in Greenville Co., SC.
> iv. William Daniel Burdine, born June 10, 1926 in Tamassee, Oconee Co., SC;
> married Daizy Unknown November 13, 1985.
> v. Grace Ann Burdine, born May 27, 1929 in Pelzer, Anderson Co., SC; died
> August 19, 1985; married (1) Gerald N. Britt; married (2) William Monroe
> Hollis  1948.
> vi. Gladys Jeanette Burdine, born April 18, 1936 in Newry, Oconee Co., SC;
> married Robert Allen Lincoln February 15, 1953.
> Generation No. 2
> 2. Thomas Joshua Burdine, born July 17, 1850 in MS; died January 07, 1916 in
> Brushy Creek, Anderson Co., SC. He was the son of 4. Hamilton Burdine and 5.
> Louisa Hughes. He married 3. Eleanor Gambrell.

Hamilton Burdine was b. 11June1816, d. 12June1854 in South Carolina. He married
Frances Caroline Sitton on 27Feb1834 in Mississippi. he married Louisa Hughes on
2Sept1849 in South Carolina then returned to Mississippi. When his health turned
bad he went back to South Carolina. He is buried in the Cemetery at Carmel
Presbyterian church in the lower part of Pickens County, South Carolina. The
names I have for his children were taken from the old family Bible of hamilton
and it is now(1964) in the possession of his grandson Pearl Burdine, Mathiston,
Mississippi. His first 8 children are by Frances. They are: Joseph A.
b.4Oct1835, d. 25July1861;John Wesley b. 19Feb1837, d. 27July1888, m. Lucinda
McWhorter 26Jan1858 Pickens, SC;Richard Persiville, b. 11Nov1838; Henrietta, b.
10Aug1840; James hamilton b. 15Sept1842;Abram Newton b. 10Aug1844; Sarah Ann b.
26Oct1846;Francis Louis b. 2Aug1848.
Hamiltons children by Louisa are: Thomas Joshua b.17July1850; Mary Elizabeth b.
15Feb1852,d. 20Aug1853; William Mullinnax b. 29May1854,d. 20Aug1912.-His name is
shown this way in the family Bible, but he was always know as William George or
"Billie".----Rebecca Willson is a descendant from William's family. I have all
of this family as well. Let me know if you desire to have it.

> 3. Eleanor Gambrell.
> Child of Thomas Burdine and Eleanor Gambrell is:
> 1 i. Ozie Broyles Burdine, born August 16, 1886 in Anderson Co., SC; died
> March
> 06, 1955 in Travelers Rest, Greenville Co., SC; married Addie Charlotte
> Williams
> July 1918 in Greenville Co., SC.
> Generation No. 3
> 4. Hamilton Burdine, born June 11, 1816 in Pickens Co., SC; died June 12,
> 1854 in Anderson Co., SC. He was the son of 8. Richard Burdine and 9. Martha
> "Patsy" Wilson. He married 5. Louisa Hughes September 02, 1849 in Pickens Co.,
> SC.
> 5. Louisa Hughes, born 1832 in Pickens Co., SC; died February 25, 1871 in
> Pickens Co., SC. She was the daughter of 10. James W Hughes and 11. Mary Jane
> Smith.

After hamilton died she(Louisa) married Bailey A. Stephens, November 1856. There
was one child Loula Stephens.

> Notes for Hamilton Burdine:
> 1863 HAMILTON BURDINE owned 129 acres on Little Georges Creek waters of
> Saluda River joining lands of John T Gosset, Richard Burdine's estate and
> others.  Left 6 children viz John W Burdine, enrietta Robinson, James Burdine,
> Sarah Jane Burdine, Thomas Burdine, William M Burdine..Of whom three are
> minors. All in this state except James & Sarah Jane Burdine. Dated 19 Oct
> 1863. Family Bible death date given in Burdine Family booklet is 6/12/1854,
> which also claims family tradition says that Hamilton Burdine is buried in
> Carmel Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Pickens Co SC. A search of the Pickens
> Co SC Cemetery Survey's 3 volumes failed to turn up his name. Sale of land in
> Pickens Dist. brought about by John T. Gossett, lawyer of Henrietta Robinson.
> Sat. 8 Sept 1849, Married - On the 6 inst., by Rev. Gideon Ellis, Mr.
> Hamilton Burdine to Miss Louisa Hughes, of Pickens District.
> 25 Apr 1870, his share of father, Richard Burdine's estate divided among his
> five heirs.

Richard b. 6July1773 in Virginia, d. 1Aug1860 in Pickens South Carolina. M.
Martha "Patsy" Wilson--They were know by others as Uncle Dick and Aunt Patsy.
They are buried at McAdams Cemetery Pickins, South Carolina. She died 10Nov1861.
Tombstone has a nice inscription. Their children were: Mary (Polly), m. John
Latham; Samuel-resided in Cobb County, Georgia----I would like to find out more
about him if possible.; John (Rev.) b.25Dec1801, d.3Feb1880, m. Charlotte
Ambler.; Abraham b. 25Mar1808, d. 12Sept1849 m. Ann Spann; Hamilton.
> 1840 U.S. Census, Okibbeha County, Mississippi: Hamilton Burdine head of
> household, 3 males under the age of 10, 1 male age 20-30, 1 female under the
> age of 10, and 1 female age 20-30, 1 member of this household was employed in
> agriculture, appears to have been dated and signed 28 Dec 1844.
> 1850 U.S. Census, Choctaw County, Mississippi: Hamilton Burdine married to
> Louisa within the Census year, age 32 (10 Dec 1850), born South Carolina,
> living in Western Division, occupation farmer on real estate valued at $600,
> here  with children, Joseph A. 14, John M. 13, Henrietta J. 9, James H. 7,
> Sarah A. 3,  and Francis L. 1.
> 1 Jan 1855, Hamilton's children John M. Burdine and Henrietta Burdine
> petition court to have John Burdine appointed their guardian.

On my records where you have John M. Burdine as his son it is John Wesley-see

> More About Hamilton Burdine:
> Fact 1: Carmel Presb Ch Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> Notes for Louisa Hughes:
> Known as Lula.
> Marriage Notes for Hamilton Burdine and Louisa Hughes:
> by Rev Gideon Ellis
> Children of Hamilton Burdine and Frances Sitton are:
> i. Joseph A Burdine, born October 04, 1835 in MS; died July 25, 1861.
> ii. John Wesley Burdine, born January 29, 1837 in MS; died July 27, 1888.
> iii. Richard Persville Burdine, born December 12, 1838 in MS; died July 24,
> 1846
> in MS.
> iv. Henrietta Jane Burdine, born August 10, 1840 in MS; died in Shelby Co.,
> AL; married Elijah Robinson Bef. 1863.
> Notes for Henrietta Jane Burdine:
> Elijah Robertson received share in estate of Hamilton Burdine for wife,
> receipt dated 15 Feb 1861.
> 8 Feb 1864, Henrietta Robinson, heir of Hamilton Burdine, listed as out of
> state living in Alabama. Here represented by Lawyer John T. Gossett to receive
> share in proceeds of sale of his father's land.
> Sat. 23 Mar 1861, State of South Carolina, Pickens In Equity - Bill of
> Partition, &c. John Burdine vs. Patsy Burdine et. als. It appearing to my
> satisfaction that the heirs of Polly Latham, to wit: Geo. Latham, T.H.
> Southwick and wife Patsy, J.W. Lathem, Richard M. Latham, Andrew P. Lathem,
> Anthony G. Lathem, Sam W. Lathem, Jas. E. Petit and wife Jane E., Jacob Ernest
> and wife Betsy, Jos. Burdine, Sam'l Burdine, Elijah Robinson and wife
> Henrietta, defendants in this case, reside without the limits of this state".
> Henrietta J. Robertson, 26 Sep 1862, received share in estate of grandfather,
> Richard Burdine.
> 1850 U.S. Census, Choctaw County, Mississippi: Henrietta J. daughter of
> Hamilton Burdine and Louisa, father married within the Census year, age 9 (10
> Dec  1850), born Mississippi, living in Western Division, here with brothers
> and sisters, Joseph A. 14, John M. 13, James H. 7, Sarah A. 3, and Francis L.
> Marriage Notes for Henrietta Burdine and Elijah Robinson:
> Hamilton Burdine Estate says Henrietta Robinson
> v. James Hamilton Burdine, born September 15, 1842 in MS.
> vi. Abram Newton Burdine, born August 10, 1844 in MS; died Bef. 1863.
> vii. Sarah Ann (Jane) Burdine, born October 26, 1846 in MS.
> viii. Francis Louis Burdine, born August 05, 1848 in MS; died Bef. 1863.
> Children of Hamilton Burdine and Louisa Hughes are:
> 2 i. Thomas Joshua Burdine, born July 17, 1850 in MS; died January 07, 1916
> in Brushy Creek, Anderson Co., SC; married Eleanor Gambrell.
> ii. Mary Elizabeth Burdine, born February 15, 1852 in MS; died May 29, 1853
> in MS.
> iii. William Mullinnax Burdine, born May 29, 1854 in SC; died August 20, 1912
> in Choctaw Co., MS; married Sarah Desdamonia Dacus December 13, 1876 in
> Huntsville, MS.
> Notes for William Mullinnax Burdine:
> Known as William George or "Billie" Burdine.
> 8 Feb 1864, Wm. M. Burdine of Pickens listed as heir of Hamilton Burdine to
> share in proceeds of sale of his father's land. Because he was a minor W.N.
> Craig appointed as guardian to represent minors in this action 19 Oct 1863.

> Stevens living with James W. Hughes and Jane, age 6 (13 Jul 1860), born
> Pickens,  South Carolina, living within the 5th Regiment with nearest post
> office Arnold's  Mill, here with brother, Thomas 10.
> 1870 U.S. Census, Pickens County, South Carolina: William son of Louisa
> Stephens, age 15 (22 Aug 1870), Born South Carolina, living in Easley
> Township with nearest post office Keowee, here with brother and sister, Thomas
> 19 and Telular 12.
> More About William Mullinnax Burdine:
> Fact 1: Pisgah Meth Ch Cem, , Choctaw Co., MS
> Fact 7: Farmer in Choctaw County MS
> Notes for Sarah Desdamonia Dacus:
> Known as "Dixie".
> More About Sarah Desdamonia Dacus:
> Fact 1: Pisgah Meth Ch Cem, , Choctaw Co., MS
> Generation No. 4
> 8. Richard Burdine, born August 06, 1773 in Culpepper Co., VA; died September
> 18, 1860 in Pickens Co., SC. He was the son of 16. Samuel Burdine and 17.
> Mary Fletcher. He married 9. Martha "Patsy" Wilson.
> 9. Martha "Patsy" Wilson, born 1777 in Wilkes Co., NC; died November 10, 1861
> in Pickens Co., SC. She was the daughter of 18. John Wilson.
> Notes for Richard Burdine:
> 1800: Census Pendleton District: #195 10100-10100-00
> 1860: Gravestone inscription:
> Was born in Virginia
> August 6, 1773
> And died in Pickens, S.C.
> September 18, 1860.
> When six years old he joined the Methodist
> Episcopal Church and having spent about
> Eighty years a worthy and consistent Christian
> He ceased his course respected and beloved by all
> who knew him.
> Called Chosen and Faithful.
> North Carolina which is the birthplace of his wife, his tombstone reads
> Virginia and the family movements in book BURDINE FAMILY support Virginia and
> so do Census'.
> He died at his residence in Pickens Dist, joined Methodist Church at age 6.
> Deeds; Pickens County, South Carolina; 1828-1866
> 1) 29 Aug 1837, Richard Burdine of Pickens deeded to his son, Abraham Burdine
> of Pickens 136 acres on the north side of Little Georges Creek of Saluda River
> for $140. The said Abraham Burdine is not to have the liberty of trading the
> above tract of land during my lifetime. Recorded 9 Oct 1837.
> 2)29 Aug 1837, Richard Burdine for his natural love for his son, Hamilton
> Burdine, deeds 129 acres on branches of little Georges Creek of Saluda River,
> adjoining land of Richard Burdine. The said Hamilton Burdine is not to have
> the liberty of trading the above tract of land during my lifetime. Recorded 6
> Nov 1838.
> 1800 U.S. Census, Pendleton Dist, South Carolina: Richard
> Burdine head of household, one male age 16-26, one male under 10, one female
> age 16-26, one female under 10.
> 1810 U.S. Census, Pendleton Dist, South Carolina: Richard Burdine head of
> household, one male age 26-45, 2 males under 10, one male age 10-16, one
> female age 26-45, two females under 10, two females age 16-26
> 1820 U.S. Census, Pendleton Dist, South Carolina: Richard Burdine head of
> household, 1 male age 45 and over, 1 male under 10, 1 male age 10-16, 2 males
> age 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female age 26-45.
> 1830 U.S. Census, Pickens Dist, South Carolina: Richard Buryne head of
> household, 1 male age 50-60, 1 male age 15-20, 1 female age 50-60, and 4
> slaves.
> 1840 U.S. Census, Pickens Dist, South Carolina: Richard Burdine head of
> household, 1 male age 60-70, 1 female age 15-20, 1 female age 60-70, and five
> slaves.
> 1850 U.S. Census, Pickens Dist, South Carolina: Richard Burdine and wife
> Martha, age 78, born Virginia, living in Eastern Division, working as a farmer
> on  real estate worth $2500.
> 1860 U.S. Census, Pickens County, South Carolina: Richard Burdine and wife
> Martha, age 87, born Virginia, living within 5th Regiment South Carolina
> Militia with nearest post office Dacusville, working as farmer on own farm
> valued  3,000 and 10,610 in personal property.
> His family migrated from Virginia to Wilkes County, North Carolina and then
> to Newberry District, South Carolina and then to the Pendleton District, South
> Carolina. Census counts imply that he was still living with his family when
> they moved to South Carolina. I have concluded that he was married in South
> Carolina but could not determine whether he married in Newberry or Pendleton
> District.
> All his children apprear to have been born in Pendleton District. [Claudia
> Benson - researcher]
> More About Richard Burdine:
> Fact 1: McAdams Family Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> Fact 7: Trader
> Notes for Martha "Patsy" Wilson:
> Known as Aunt Patsy.
> Inscription is on an open empty sarcophagus beside that of Richard Burdine:
> to the memory of
> Consort of
> Richard Burdine
> died
> November 10, 1861
> Being in her 81st year.
> More About Martha "Patsy" Wilson:
> Fact 1: McAdams Family Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> Children of Richard Burdine and Martha Wilson are:
> i. Samuel C Burdine, born 1798 in Pickens Co., SC; died in Cobb Co., GA.
> ii. John H Burdine, born September 25, 1801 in Pickens Co., SC; died February
> 03, 1880 in Greenville, SC; married Charlotte Ambler February 12, 1824 in
> Pendleton Distr., SC.
> Notes for John H Burdine:
> Head of Household - Pickens 1830, 1840 census
> More About John H Burdine:
> Fact 1: Pickens Chapel Cem, Anderson Co., SC
> Fact 7: Minister
> More About Charlotte Ambler:
> Fact 1: Pickens Chapel Cem, Anderson Co., SC
> iii. Abraham Burdine, born March 25, 1808; died September 12, 1849 in Chick's
> Mill, Pickens Co., SC; married Mary Ann Spann Abt. 1835.
> Notes for Abraham Burdine:
> "Greenville Mountaineer Newspaper", Issue 28 Sep 1849. "Died in Pickens
> District near Chick's Mills on 19th inst., Mr. Abram Burdine; age 42 years. He
> leaves  his wife and 7 small children."
> South Carolina Court of Ordinary, Pickens District, 1842-1867; 25 Mar 1850,
> Qualified John Bowen as administrator.
> South Carolina Court of Ordinary, Pickens District 2 Apr 1850, John Bowen
> appointed Administrator of his estate, states he was of Pickens Dist.
> Deeds; Pickens County, South Carolina; 1828-1866.
> 1) 2 Feb 1833, Enoch Hood of Pickens deeded to Abraham Burdine of Pickens 53
> acres on the branches of Dodes Creek for $106. Witnessed by William Tomeson
> and John Bowen 4 Feb 1833.
> 2) 29 Aug 1837, Richard Burdine of Pickens deeded to his son, Abraham Burdine
> of Pickens 136 acres on the north side of Little Georges Creek of Saluda River
> for $140. The said Abraham Burdine is not to have the liberty of trading the
> above tract of land during my lifetime. Recorded 9 Oct 1837.
> 1840 U.S. Census, Pickens Dist, South Carolina: Abram Burdine head of
> household, 1 male age 30-40, 2 males age under 5, 1 female age under 5, and 1
> female age 20-30.
> More About Mary Ann Spann:
> Fact 1: McAdams Family Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> iv. Mary "Polly" Burdine, born 1810; died 1861 in Cherokee Co., GA; married
> John Lathem.
> Notes for Mary "Polly" Burdine:
> Nickname, Polly.
> Sat. 23 Mar 1861, State of South Carolina, Pickens In Equity - Bill of
> Partition, &c. John Burdine vs. Patsy Burdine et. als. It appearing to my
> satisfaction that the heirs of Polly Latham, to wit: Geo. Latham, T.H.
> Southwick and wife Patsy, J.W. Lathem, Richard M. Latham, Andrew P. Lathem,
> Anthony G. Lathem, Sam W. Lathem, Jas. E. Petit and wife Jane E., Jacob Ernest
> and wife Betsy, Jos. Burdine, Sam'l Burdine, Elijah Robinson and wife
> Henrietta, defendants in this case, reside without the limits of this state.
> 11 June 1861, power of attorney given to Tyre H. Smithwick by heirs of John
> Latham husband of Polly Latham of Cherokee County, Georgia and both deceased,
> to represent them in estate of Richard Burdine.
> Deeds and Morgages, 1833-1913, Cherokee:
> 1)9 July 1854, George Latham of Cherokee County, administrator in the estate
> of Mary Latham (Notice of Application given to George Latham on first Monday
> in  May 1853), deeded to Levi Compton, lots #779, #780, and #805 in the 3rd
> district, 2nd section, he being the highest bidder at $400. Recorded 8 Aug
> 1854. Signed George Lathem, adm. of Mary Lathem, dec.
> 2)1 Dec 1852, Nehemiah Stanford deeded to George Lathem, administrator on the
> estate of Polly Lathem, deceased, for $60, lot #853, 3rd district, 2nd
> section. Recorded Aug 1854.
> 3)17 Aug 1854, George Latham and George Lathem, administrator in the estate
> of Mary Lathem, late, of Cherokee County, deeded to Philip Wilson three 40
> acre lots, #804, #852, and #853 in the 3rd district, 2nd section, in all 120
> acres, sold to the highest bidder first Tuesday in August 1853 for the sum of
> $400. Recorded 18 Aug 1854 and signed George Lathem.
> 1850 U.S. Census, Cherokee County, Georgia: Mary Latham, age 40 (14 Nov
> 1850), born South Carolina, living within the 15th division, occupation farmer
> on  real estate valued at $1000, here with children, Abraham P. 17, Anthony
> 14, Samuel 12, and Jane 9.
> v. Tobitha Elizabeth "Betey" Burdine, born July 31, 1813 in Pickens Co., SC;
> died June 02, 1864 in Prairie Creek, Vigo Co., IN; married Jacob Ernest Abt.
> 1820.
> 4 vi. Hamilton Burdine, born June 11, 1816 in Pickens Co., SC; died June 12,
> 1854 in Anderson Co., SC; married (1) Frances Caroline Sitton February 27,
> 1834 in MS; married (2) Louisa Hughes September 02, 1849 in Pickens Co., SC.
> 10. James W Hughes, born July 30, 1798 in Pickensville, Anderson Co., SC;
> died July 15, 1881 in Pickens Co., SC. He was the son of 20. Andrew Micager
> Hughes and 21. Obedience "Biddy" Sumner (?). He married 11. Mary Jane Smith
> May 25, 1817.
> 11. Mary Jane Smith, born June 16, 1802 in SC; died November 08, 1875 in
> Pickens Co., SC. She was the daughter of 22. Hampton Smith and 23. Susannah
> Posey.
> More About James W Hughes:
> Fact 1: Bethlehem Meth Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> More About Mary Jane Smith:
> Fact 1: Bethlehem Meth Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> Children of James Hughes and Mary Smith are:
> i. Andrew C Hughes, born April 23, 1821 in SC; died January 30, 1893 in
> Forsyth Co., GA; married Lucinda Ellis September 12, 1841.
> ii. Athalinda Hughes, born 1822 in SC; died in Pickens Co., SC; married
> Benjamin Ellis December 12, 1840.
> iii. Larkin Hughes, born September 26, 1824 in Pickens Co., SC; died June 23,
> 1914 in Pickens, Pickens Co., SC; married (1) Susan Burdine December 23,
> 1848; married (2) Hester Welborn McWhorter November 18, 1883.
> More About Larkin Hughes:
> Fact 1: Bethlehem Meth Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> Fact 7: Farmer
> Fact 10: Will
> More About Susan Burdine:
> Fact 1: Bethlehem Meth Cem, Pickens Co., SC
> 5 iv. Louisa Hughes, born 1832 in Pickens Co., SC; died February 25, 1871 in
> Pickens Co., SC; married (1) Baylus Earle Stephens; married (2) Hamilton
> Burdine September 02, 1849 in Pickens Co., SC.
> v. Mary Jane Hughes, born 1834 in Pickens Co., SC; died in Pickens Co., SC;
> married James A O'Dell February 12, 1852 in Pickens Co., SC.
> More About James A O'Dell:
> Fact 7: Farmer

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