Here is a picture of Albert Burice Norrod who was a son of my great Aunt Victoria (Tora) Phillips Norrod of Scott County, Tennessee. Captain Albert Burice Norrod died in a training flight of a AT-6B - S/N 41-17402, June 27, 1942 near Brooksville, Mississippi. Along with Capt. Norrod was Staff Sergeant Robert S. Landreth, who was not connected with the local base but merely hitchhiking a lift as part of a return journey from a furlough in his home town, Sparta, N.C. to Camp Claiborne, La. I have found a poor print of the Official Accident Report. Still no answer as to why, upon several attempts to find the grave of Capt. Norrod at Arlington National Cemetery, I have been unable to. Edith Norrod, a relative of Capt. Norrod did send me a link to the record of the location of his grave below.

The above picture was made in Florida just days before his death with the then coach of the Florida Gators, Coach Tom Lieb. That year (1942) Florida's football team was beaten the worst it had ever been beaten by the University of Georgia and almost dropped their entire Football program.
Albert Burice Norrod is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, as is my brother George Edward Payne. Here is some NORROD family Genealogy
Albert Burice Norrod graduated from Pineville, Kentucky High School in 1928. The Pineville, Kentucky Football Team - (Mountain Lions) was the reason that Albert Burice Norrod moved from Scott County. He can be seen online in the 1928 Pinecones Annual on Page 19 of that years annual. Football has always been very important to our family as seen from my first years of football in Claiborne County (PS the "Mountain Lions" beat the Blue Devils in the 1966 Pineville Laural Bowl on a cold and snowy November night).

Below are excerpts of my grandfather Joe Phillips diary upon learning of his nephew Burice Norrod's death. Over the years I had searched for the grave of Burice Norrod in Arlington but the curators or people at the front desk were unable to give me the location. Many spell his middle name Buriss or even Bruce. The location below is the location found on

Name: Albert Burice Jr Norrod Service Info.: CAPT AIR CORPS US ARMY
Death Date: 27 Jun 1942 Cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery
Address: C/O Director Arlington, VA 22211
Buried At: Section South Site 1860-S W

First Page of Diary

Diary Page 2
Page 3 diary