Indexing Services

I have all the necessary software to convert from older programs.  I also will take copy of your family group sheets, copies of cemetery listings, census forms and other records that you may have not had time to index and put them into a format that could either be displayed on your new Website or recorded into book form.   My charge for indexing is below the minimum wage as I still don't dedicate 100% of my working hours to doing this.
Before any agreement is made, if you can give me the number of individuals you might like entered into GEDCOM format or the number of records you would like indexed into table format, using Microsoft Access or Excel, then I can give you an estimate of what I will charge to do it.  On an average my work will be approx. $7.50 an hour.   My typing speed is 65 wpm and that is with no mistakes.  I do have a spell check that I depend upon faithfully.  If interested please fill out this form and I will either call or email you within 24 hours.

Website Design Services

Some of the decisions that need to be made before beginning the work on your website would be:
1. Would you like to incoporate frames into your site?
2. Are graphics to be used extensively?
3  Do you want to add your family lineage to the site, either in outline text form or GEDCOM searchable form? (I have software that will create HTML pages of either)
4. Do you want to pay to add your websites URL to search engines or are you going to be satisfied with some of the free resources listed on my "Free Stuff" page?

Once you have thought about these questions or want to just ask me how involved some of them might be, please fill out this form and I will either call or email you within 24 hours.

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