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Armed and Unarmed Security Specialists

SBA Certified 8(a) & SDB - An American Indian Woman Owned Small Business

Unarmed Security - Rates per Las Vegas, NV - AWD 1994-2331 Revision 27 dated May 23, 2005

GSA Rates/ Pricing

Program Manager $36.39

Assistant PM $32.85

Guard IIS $32.84

Guard II $31.76

Guard I $20.90

Just to make a point - is this what the government paid RAMCOR for their services or what RAMCOR pays it's employees? - In a 2011 ruling by UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT -DISTRICT OF NEVADA

Martin-Smith attended his interview with Culpepper, but when he learned his pay would drop approximately $8 per hour with no benefits, he terminated the interview. (MSJ,Ex. L at 13-15.) The drop in pay resulted from a VA-mandated change in most positions from the higher paying position of “Guard II” to the lower paying “Guard I,” and it was a change that would have occurred even if Ramcor had won the contract.

Alarm Monitor $32.33

General Clerk II $21.16

Rates for Program Manager and Assistant Program Manager:

Rates are consistent with what is currently being paid to our Managers.

Asst Program Manager is paid equivalent to the Guard 11 Supervisor.

Program Manager is paid at 12% above the Guard Supervisor/Asst Prog Mgr.

In addition to the Managerial duties (Hiring, scheduling, personnel issues, payroll, purchasing, medical tests) these positions perform special functions such as investigations, visiting dignitary security, handling of incidents with public (sometimes physical in nature) and representing the company with the government.


RAMCOR Services Group, Inc. (RSG) is a diversified, privately held, woman owned disadvantaged (Native American) SBA 8(a) certified small business which provides management, training and support services to Government agencies, public institutions and private industry. In 1986, Barbara Resley and her husband formed RSG and using their combined expertise, were awarded government service contracts at the Federal Law Enforcement Satellite Training Center (FLETC) located at Marana, AZ. These initial contracts consisted of program management services for the US Customs Office of Saudi Arabian Programs, US Department of State Anti-Terrorist Programs, US Air Marshal Basic and Advanced Programs and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Indian Police Academy training programs. During this time RSG also provided a Spanish Language Training program for US Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

These initial contracts led into Base Operation Support Service (BOSS) contracts (NAICS 561210) beginning with the start up and operation of the FLETC Marana, AZ site. These contracts require an immense amount of energy, professionalism and flexibility. RSG has demonstrated these characteristics in the start up and operation of six major contracts as Prime.

·         FLETC Satellite BOSS contract, Marana, AZ

·         FLETC Satellite BOSS contract, Artesia, NM

·         FLETC Satellite BOSS contract, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

·         FLETC/INS BOSS contract, US Border Patrol Academy, Charleston, SC

·         FLETC Student Housing Facility Management, Glynco Ga.

·         FLETC BOSS contract, Cheltenham, MD

Each of these contracts were progressively more complex, increasing RSGs experience level. All contracts with the exception of Student Housing Facility Management, which is a brand new facility, included the refurbishing and improving poorly maintained, unused facilities. All contracts required hiring, training and equipping the work force, providing all materials and equipment and developing unique software to insure compliance with all contract performance requirements. RSG has the experience and demonstrated competence in the following areas:

Security Services

Facilities/Building Maintenance and repair

Material Management and warehouse operations

Fleet Management

Grounds Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance and repair

Transportation support services

Uniform Issue and Laundry Support Services

Utility Distribution Systems

Janitorial Services & Housekeeping

Mail Distribution

Roleplayer development and support

Administrative services (Library, Reproduction Center, Technical Publication Support, Resources Support, Acquisition Office Support, Financial Management Support and Integrated Financial Management functions)

Lodging Management/Registration

Dining Equipment Facility maintenance

Road Maintenance

Following 13 years successful operation as a small business, RSG was certified by the SBA as an 8(a) SDB in January 1999.

RSG has grown from a staff of two employees to a company with 384 part and full time employees.

RSG has experience in NAICS Codes:

561210-Base Maintenance/Operation    

561612-Guard Service     

493110-Warehouse Operations

721110-Base Housing and Dormitory Management

236118 Residential Remodeling           

561720- Building Cleaning and Maintenance

561110-Business Services.

We are also the largest employer and developer of Roleplayer support services for law enforcement agencies. We currently are the role player contractor at FLETC Glynco (3d award). Ramcor was awarded the Roleplayer and Firearms instructor contract in 2003 for the FAA Air Marshals in response to an urgent requirement by DHS. We are currently providing roleplayers only.

Ramcor was presented a small business outstanding performance award by the Department of Homeland Security for work accomplished at two Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers in April 2005 at Washington, DC. We also received the SBA Outstanding Performance Award in 2005.

All contracts have been firm fixed price with ID/IQ supplements. RSG has developed a record of superior performance in facility maintenance, armed and unarmed security guard services, grounds maintenance, postal services, transportation services, warehouse and supply management, custodial services, fleet management, housekeeping services, dormitory management and support services such as Rangemasters for both firearms and driver training, uniform issue and laundry services, audio-visual and classroom support and Roleplayer development and support that makes RSG a leader among small businesses in the service industry.

In the twenty years RSG has been in business, it has never had a contract terminated nor has the company or any of its officers been barred from Federal Procurements. RSG has never had a deduction for sub standard performance or received a cure notice. RSG is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer with a pro-active Affirmative Action Plan that is updated annually at each operating site. All mandatory EEO reports have been filed and our achievement of minority hiring goals far exceeds the goals established by the EEOC.

RSGs CAGE code is 08XS5; our DUNS Number is 19-356-0380

If you are considering using minority service contractors either for Prime or Sub-contracting opportunities, please consider RAMCOR Services Group, Inc.


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