I thought I would first read Agent Fred Burton's first book Ghost, Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent to give me an idea of when his service to the U.S. began and what would cause him to be so interested in an Israeli attache, whose name and place of death might mean little to anyone else. And what better time to read this book about a Spook than the Halloween season. I want to critique some of the book below:
What I was looking for was information on what Peter Bergin called during my brothers service in 2000, the New Breed of DSS Agents of which he gave my brother credit for being part of by offering them his own experiences and training. The new breed came from dealing with the new threats of terrorist and their use of the jihad movement as a means of disrupting diplomacy and commercial activities that make our society what it is today.

Let me explain further why these books, written by Department of State, Diplomatic Security Agents interest me so. My brother, who was assigned to only his second post in 1967 as Regional Security Officer (RSO), Bonn, Germany, left that post only two years before what was called the Munich Massacre but after having served the same position for four years in what is now considered the home or very close to the home of Al-Kaida, Pakistan. The fact that a terrorist group was able to perpetrate such a massacre bothered him most the rest of his life. I knew this from many talks about the PLO, especially the fact that years after this he was asked to train security officers at a facility the State Department had leased near his home in Tucson, AZ.

The Black September or PLO (Palestinian Liberation Army) was on top of most any Diplomatic Security Officer's list of most dangerous terrorist organizations soon after that. This book along with a couple others explains the role of the Regional Security Officers and gives you an idea of what information they share with those trusted with keeping the world safe from acts of terrorism.

He was willing to share at times during my life certain tidbits of information and more importantly allowed me the opportunity to work with him during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, where some elements of the Black September movement as well as the Weather Underground were thought to have eyes on, plotting some acts of terrorism. Through his efforts and those of many, many other federal and state agencies nothing ever developed. I will continue to add to this page some information that I found relevant.

  • On April 18, the anniversary of Paul Revere's ride, the terrorists scored their first decisive victory against the United States.
  • Our new boss pauses long enough to toss another butt in the growing morass in his ashtray. He pulls out a fresh smoke and lights it up.
  • There is a new threat we must counter. Airport security must be tightened. Unfortunately, airports all over Europe have slipshod screening practices. We can't control those potential points of attack, which makes this a gaping weakness in our security armor.
  • I'm suddenly in a toy right out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I feel underdressed. I should have brought a larger gun.
  • Bronze Stars for meritorious service are a dime a dozen from Vietnam, but Gallo's is for bravery on the battlefield.
  • Former DSS Agent Fred Burton, who grew up working at his father's gas station at the corner of Arlington Road and Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland, after years of investigation has made his findings public in a new book Chasing Shadows, A Special Agent's Lifelong Hunt to bring a Cold War assassin to Justice, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011.

    His book investigates the murder of Col. Joseph Alon, an Israeli Air Force pilot assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Burton attributes the murder to the elements of the Black September movement who were responsible for the 1972 Munich killings of Israeli athletes.

    Also of interest could be the release in September 2011 on DVD of Who Shot My Father, sponsored by IBA TV Channel 1, Israel. From what I have read it takes a different slant on the murder and points more toward it being a plot by American and Israeli intelligence but not in revenge for the 1968 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, killing over 30 U.S. sailors, but instead because Joe Alon had found a conspiracy between the American and Israeli officials, particularity Henry Kissinger and Moshe Dayan who was suspected by some to be an American Mole, and because Joe had also found America and Israel wanted to allow a strike by the Arabs just to see how America's latest-generation military hardware stacked up against the newest Soviet equipment that Egypt and Syria possessed.

    Now, after finishing the book Chasing Shadows, Fred Burton details his exact steps leading him to the killer or killers of Joe Alon and I find it a most believable conclusion. Most plots such as this should not be considered relevant to the leaders of State such as Kissinger or Dayan and Mr. Burton says nothing to indicate that directly. He does allude to certain bureaus of the U.S. Government's reluctance to investigate with due diligence because of political pressures but direct involvement by our leaders was not indicated.

    Again at this time I was living in the College Park, Maryland area, working for the U.S. Department of State and remember this killing. I left Tazewell in February 1972 in a small British Triumph after rebuilding it just the week before. I arrived in Rockville, Md where I resided for a short time with my brother and family before finding my first small room on Connecicut Ave., N.W., D.C. Upon hearing that an old classmate and football teammate, David Hill, had secured a job as a teacher in the Ag Department at the University of Maryland he and I decided to share an apartment in College Park and that was where I was when this tragedy took place.

    Besides the book, which I have now read, I also hope to be able to order the DVD.

    I was accepted to George Mason University in 1983 but government "contract" ended. I did manage this A in 1975 at NO-VA-CO-CO (Northern Virginia Community College).

    The first email was sent October 1971

    Emil W Kontak

    Emil W. Kontak and Robert D. Johnson, U.S. Passport Office, October 1972.

    Sunday, October 23, 1983

    For years I had tried to remember the man that sent me with an "Eyes Only" package in 1973 to the U.S. State Department's (7th) floor from 1425 "K" Street. While going through volumes of testimony to the Warren Commission I found his name. Henry F. Kupiec was one of the Passport Office Division Chief's (See Constitutional aspects of requisitioning). Of course I was at that time their top "supply clerk".
    This trip took a special pass to reach the eighth floor of the State Department where I entered the executive suite and handed the package to then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's executive secretary. Funny how you remember trips like that. And I could have sworn that the people at the Passport Office referred to him as General and I seem to remember they called him Tony.

    Henry F. Kupiec mentioned in the files of the Warren Commission Report:

    Mr . Henry F . Kupiec - GS-13 Attorney- Advisor, Chief of the Branch and Miss Waterman's immediate supervisor . He has been employed by the Passport Office since 1946 .

    Although Agent Fred Burton does not directly indicate any knowledge of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger or anyone in the Nixion administration knowing beforehand of an imminent attack by Egypt and Syria on the State of Israel in 1973 (The Yom Kippur War started with a surprise Arab attack on Israel on Saturday 6th October 1973) it does elude to the fact that although the U.S. Air Force had taken a beating in Vietnam that the IDF (Israel Defense Force) had better trained their pilots using the U.S. made USAF F-4E Phantom fighter bombers and A-4 Skyhawks that to test that superiority it might be likely that the U.S. might like to see a preemptive strike by the Arab's so that both the U.S. and Israel could appear to fight a defensive battle. This would allow a test of the U.S. made F-4E Phantom fighter bombers and A-4 Skyhawks against the Russian MIG fighters used by the Syrian's.

  • Dovora believed that Joe Alon's refusal to allow his nation to face the peril of an Arab first strike prompted him to split with his Israeli superiors. With their plans, careers, and reputations in jeopardy, someone eliminated Joe and the threat he posed.
  • Agent Burton goes in to detail the bitterness of the USAF after leaving Vietnam in late 1972 and how the USN Crusader pilot topgun program had "outgunned" the USAF causing "much bad blood" between the two branches of the military. (Ret USN LtCmdr Tommy Mariner could probably expand on this)
  • Here Burton discounts the Dovora theory. The Americans needed the information and Soviet equipment the Israelis could provide. Killing a war hero while he was on assignment in the U.S. would have severed the growing relationship between the countries.
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