Paul Phillips and Irene Baker Interview

There are three parts to this video. I was able, after upgrading, to upload all to GEOCITIES. This is an interview and visit on November 1, 1996 to Paul Phillips, son of William Q. Phillips, and Irene Sobodosky Baker, wife of James Toomey Baker, in Huntsville, Tennessee, by myself, my mother Betty Phillips Payne and my brother George Eddie Payne. One or two particular topics were my Great Aunt Victoria "Tora" Norrod and her connection with General of the Air Force Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold because of her son Capt. Albert Burice Norrod, the P-38 restored by Roy Shoffner of Middlesboro, my sharing some valuable information with Irene S. Baker regarding the Phillips family, a couple stories regarding my grandfather's brother Capt. Fred Phillips who settled in Sparta, Tennessee, the relationship between two seperate branches of the Phillips family, that of William Paul Phillips, State Attny General and the Tobias Phillips line and some stories by both my brother Eddie and by Paul Phillips. The third part are stories of my brother becoming a Treasury Agent and how the name Cunningham played a part and the story of a Smith/Wesson .44 once owned by a member of the Jesse James Outlaw Gang and how it came into the Payne family. Again allow plenty of time to load. Other stories involve my grandfather Agent Joe Phillips connection with H.L. Hunt and Branch Rickey. Also Senator John Toomey's friendship with one of the Dodge brothers. The Attny General Paul Phillips descends from Marion Jasper Phillips and whether or not Jasper Marion Phillips is truley from a North Carolina branch of the family is yet to be determined by DNA evidence. Where they cousins is the question. We do know that Jane Phillips, who married Jasper Marion was a daughter of Jehu Phillips, thus the connection of the two Phillips lines. Also looking for a man by the name of JACK FROST, if you see him tell him I might need him, the grass around here is getting pretty high and I hear he mows UM about three times a week.

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