1977 and the Powell River Bridge

I posted the top portion of these pictures on Facebook in 2018 and was corrected regarding the date of the 1977 flood. Also I am wondering the location of the bottom two pictures. Until I can locate the exact place that I took them I am going to have retract that they were of the Powell River. But I will post the response from the then Manager of Emergency Services in Claiborne County for that yeard, Randy Bullen.
The April 1977 Flood was classified as a 500 year flood. In 1998 Powell River was not as high but had a higher volume (83.6 million cubic feet per second). The 1998 Flood also has Norris Lake at its highest ever. The Clinch River was considered at a 500 year flood level. Norris Lake (Clinch River) flooded areas not projected on the TVA flood maps. 1977 was also the last flood related fatality in Claiborne County.

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