This will give you an idea of how Tazewell's interest in history has disappeared and how it was noticed by my brother.  Of course Rev. Bill Nevils narratives throughout our history books will long be remembered.  But efforts such as my brothers and mine may never be recognized.  Below is what has been recorded in the history books regarding the Old Presbyterian Church in Tazewell.  Many of us, myself included, remember the Old Presbyterian Church and the balcony with the shackles and the arch window frames.  I was instructed after much deliberation with town officials by my brother to take the last remaining piece of architecture recognizable of the Church.  In the early 1980's, as seen by one of the many letters at the bottom of the page, my brother obtained permission for me to remove the arch. 
I kept this arch in my father's basement but during the confusion of our move from Tazewell in the late 1980's lost the arch and have never been able to locate it.  If anyone has knowledge of where this arch may be please return it to me or donate it to the Claiborne County Historical and Genealogical Society.  The people devoted to the preservation of the history of Claiborne County should be more responsible for what little remains of the remnants of it's Civil War history, especially that which showed the aspects of just what the Civil War was about.  Was it slavery was it State's Rights?  I know one thing and that is that Tazewell could not have existed in it's early days without the help of the black community.  Those large stones cut for the stone houses and stone walls could not have been constructed without them.  Whether you believe you know what constitutes the "The Lost Cause" please understand that concern for it's preservation is shared by many.  Tazewell finally learned that for the town to exist it had to pay for labor. For much more inspirational comments on the preservation effort thwarted please follow this link to a letter written in 1934 by James M. Freeman

Pen and Ink by Bill McDonald
Church before Burned
After Burned

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