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Map of Upper Virginia CountiesThis area map is from a larger map of the counties of Va.
I believe my Reuben Payne and Elizabeth Sweatman originally came from this area.  More on Sweatman

For those interested in the Ficklin Family, check this email out from Carol Ficklin regarding the book, Ficklin Family in America, compiled by Walter Homan Ficklin and printed in 1912. 
Another book regarding the Jett Family in King George County is:
The Jett and allied Families by Jeter Lee Jett, Kilmarnock, Virginia 22482 1977.
List of Irish Passenger List
St. George - London - Waterford - Maryland - Oct 7, 1677
The passenger list for the St. George, a merchant ship that sailed from Waterford, Ireland to Maryland (don't know what port) in 1677, carrying 180 passengers. Passenger Jefry Sweatman
Parish Register, Marriages 1772-1850, Page 48, St. Luke's Parish, Queen
Anne County, Maryland State Archives, Special Collections
Extracted and Submitted by Houston Tracy, Jr.
Charles Cook              Hannah Sweatman              30 Mar 1740/41
King George Co., Va - John Paine appraised will of Humphry Quisenbury Nov. 1, 1723.
Deed Book 2 pp 161-162
Indenture made 14th January 1737 between Henry Fitzhugh of Stafford County Esqr.. and Stephen Boing of King George County ..for rents to farm lett 100 acres bounded upon William Pain, John Pain, John Smith & Peter Jett ..for term of Natural lives of Stephen Boing & Mathew & John Boing Brothers of sd Stephen ..paying feast day St. Luke 500 pounds Tobacco & Cask ..Tobacco to be made upon the Plantation & from thence Rolled to such Convenient Rolling house or warehouses on Waterside ..and also..four hens ..quit rents..
Presence George Lee, Henry Fitzhugh Geo: Fraser Stephen Boing
At a court held 3rd February 1737 ..Lease recorded.
Indenture made 14th January 1737 between Henry Fitzhugh of Stafford Co. Esqr.. and Peter Jett of King George County Farm lett 100 acres in King George County bounded upon lands of Charles Webster, William Pain & the Glebe..for term of natural lives of said Peter Jett, Rebecca his wife & Francis Jett his pay 500 pounds Tobacco & Cask yearly at Feast of St. Luke ..roll'd to such convenient Rolling Houses or warehouses on the waterside..four hens & quit rents.
Presence George Lee, Henry Fitzhugh Geo: Fraser Peter Jett At a court held 3rd February 1737 ..Lease Record.
Indenture made 3rd February 1737 between Henry Fitzhugh of Stafford County Esqr. & William Pain of King George Farm lett 100 acres on North side of Main Branch of Muddy Creek beginning at branch above Plantation belonging to Richard Curtis joining upon John Jett, Peter Jett & Stephen Bowen ..being Plantation whereon William Pain now lives ..during term of natural Lives of William Pain, Mary his wife & John Pain his son or longest liver ..paying at Feast of St. Luke ..five hundred pounds of Tobacco & Cask..tow hens ..quit rents..
Presence John Grant, Henry Fitzhugh Farqur. Matheson William x Pain
At a court held 3rd February 1737 ...Lease recorded.
pp. 168-169
On margin. "Deld. this Original Lease Octr. 1778 unto George Pain"
Indenture made 3rd February 1737 between Henry Fitzhugh of Stafford County Esqr. & John Pain of King George County Planter ..for Rents.. 100 acres..part of Patent joining upon lines of Colson, Charles Webster & John Smith being Plantation whereon John Pain now lives during natural lives of John Pain, Ann Pain his wife & George Pain his Son..paying yearly at feast of St. Luke ...five hundred pounds of Tobacco & Cask..two hens..quit rents..
Presence Farqr.. Matheson,                    Henry Fitzhugh        John Grant                 John x Paine
At a court held 3rd February 1737 ...Lease recorded.
John Payne bore witness with William Stone and George Payne March 12, 1744. John Payne bore witness with Daniel White June 4th 1741 John Payne bore witness with Jon Nicholls and Joseph Strother Sept. 4th 1746. John Payne signed tax records Jan. 10 1751.
John Payne witnessed the Will of John Jones of Brunswick Parish of King George Co. Feb 12 1744/45
King George Co. Va Deed Book 6 1745-1784 pp.6-7
The Inventory & Appraisement of the Estate of George Payne, deced. At a Court held for King George County on Friday February the 7th 1745.  My GEDCOM Files on George Payne
Page 256-257 Will of John Payne
John Payne
of Parish of Hanover and county of King George made his will 3rd December 1750. At a court held 5th April 1751..administration with the will annexed granted to Tabitha Payne and admitted to record Page 256-257 Bequeaths to son Maridith Granddaughter Jane Payne daughter of Maridith Son Richard Son George Son Daniel Daughter Margaret Muse This is from the Paynes of Virginia Line of King George County. Meredith Payne married Tabitha Woffendale, widow, and both he and his father died in the winter of 1750-1751 before Meredith Payne qualified as his father executor. On April 5, 1751 Tabitha Payne qualified as administratrix of her father in law, John Payne and also of her husband, Meredith Payne, both deceased.
King George County Deed Book 6, 1745-1784 pp.89-90 The Inventory of the Estate of John Payne, deceased, taken December 1750. 13 Negroes Signed by Tabitha Payne
Indenture made 6th/7th June 1754 between Joseph Jones of parish Hanover in KG Co.. and John Champe, Witness Daniel Payne
Maridith Payne
wife Tabitha with brother Richard in 1755 Only child Jane Payne
Indenture made 3rd Feb. 1755 between Tabitha Payne Widow and relict of Maridith Payne late of parish Hanover in KG Co. and Richard Payne of same Uncle and Heir at law to Jane Payne the only child and Heir at Law of Maridith Payne deceased .. Whereas said Maridith Payne was in his life time seised in Fee Simple of a tract of land.. containing 100 acres being part in parish Hanover and part in parish Washington in County Westmoreland and Whereas Tabitha Payne on Death of Maridith Payne became entitled to one third part of the said parcel of land.. and Whereas Richard Payne hath this day purchased of Tabitha Payne all her right in and to Dower in the several parcels of land.. for sum of Seventy two pounds Fifteen shillings current money .. Now This Indenture witnesseth that Tabitha Payne .. sold to Richard Payne her third part and Dower of and in the above recited parcels of land... Percents Bourn Price.
Wm. Deane, Tho. Rogers, Tabitha Payne Thos. Jett At a court held 6th February 1755 .. Deed of Feoffment with Receipt endorsed admitted to Record.
To all People.. We James Grant and Catherine his wife of King George County send greetings. Know Ye for natural love and affection which we bear unto James Jones of the County aforesaid and other good causes .. grant one Negro man save .. 2nd September 1755.
Presence Thomas Ficklin,
James Grant               George Payne,        Liddy x Garner
Catherine x Grant       Michael McDonald
At a court held 2nd October 1755 .. Deed of gift admitted to record.
Danl. Payne Witnessed a deed between Catesby Cocke of parish Truto in County Fairfax and Robert Mannan of parish Brunswick and county King George Planter. dated 29th/30th August 1755
Richard Payne
witnessed a deed made 25th/26th July 1755 between Joseph Ball of parish St. county King George and Thomas Jett of parish Hanover in county King George.
Wm. Jett Jr. and Wm. Payne and Richard Payne witness a deed between Joseph Morton Gent. of county James City and Thomas Turner son of Harry Turner of King George . 5th Feb. 1756
Thomas Jett, Wm. Jett, Jr
and Wm. Payne and Richard Payne witness a deed between William Brokenbrough and Elizabeth of Parish Lunenburg in county Richmond and Thomas Turner son of Harry Turner of King George Co. on 3rd/4th Feb. 1756
Deed Book 4 pp. 333-338
Indenture made 13th June 1757 between George Strotherof of parish Hanover in county King George & Tabitha his wife (late Tabitha Payne Widow) of one part and Lovel White of parish Washington in county Wetmoreland and John Price. etc.
Presence Thos. Robinson, George Strother Mary Davis, Tho. Rogers, Tabitha x Strother
At a court held 6th July 1758 ..Deed Tripartite proved ..admitted to record.
Indenture made 19th/20th November 1762 between Thomas Hodge & Molly his wife of parish Hanover county King George of one part & Richard Payne of same ... by deeds of lease and release.. for sum Nineteen pounds Two shillings and Three pence current money of Virginia .. sold parcel of land part of a tract sold by Thomas Vivon to John Orr & by him conveyed to Thomas Hodge ..containing 21 1/2 acres as will appear by a plat made by Benja. Weeks .. 13th October 1761.
Presence Thomas Jett, Thomas Hodge Will: Robins, Auston Brockenbrough, Simon Tripett At a court held 7th July 1763 .. Deeds of lease and release ..admitted to record.
Indentures made 2nd/3rd June 1766 between Daniel McCarty of parish Washington in county Westmoreland and Richard Payne of parish Hanover in county King George .. by deeds of lease and release.. for sum One hundred and forty pounds current money of Virginia .. sold that parcel of land containing 100 acres it being in parish Hanover in County King George adjoining the land of Maximilian Robinson, Thomas Turner and said Richard Payne & is the land & plantation whereon George Briscoe now lives.. D. McCarty
At a court held 4th May 1767.. Deeds of lease and release acknowledged .. admitted to record.
pp. 667-668
Know all men .. I Danl. McCarty of county Westmoreland Gent. am bound unto Richard Payne of county King George in sum One hundred pounds current money of Virginia ..4th October 1767. Condition ..Whereas Winfred McCarty wife of said Daniel is not of lawful age to make acknowledgment of her right of dower in said land .. Daniel McCarty doth agree that if Wineford McCarty doth not on her arriving at Lawful age relinquish her right of dower that he will repay to Richard Payne the full sum of Fifty pounds current money of Virginia..if she doth full punctually fulfill said agreement ..then this obligation to be void.. D. McCarty At a court held 4th June 1767 ..Bond acknowledged ..admitted to record.
pp. 676-677
William Payne was ordered along with 11 others to set aside one acre of land by the Sheriff, Arthur Morson for Adam Stewart to a sett of mills at a value of Two pounds current money. 24th April 1767.
pp. 684-685
Charles Carter, William Robinson, John Triplett, Thomas Jett, Thomas Hodge, Maxn. Robinson, Jos. Murdock, Richard Payne, Thomas Berry, Horation Dade and John Skinker Vestrymen of Parish Hanover in county King George sell to William Thorton 261 acres by Act of Assembly.
p. 733-735
Indenture made 16th November 1767 between Ellis Gravat, Benjamin Ficklin & Margaret, his wife, William Samuel and Mary his wife, Thomas Ethrington and Rosanah his wife of one part and Thomas Ficklin .. Whereas Daniel Grant deced in his life time and at time of his death was possessed in a parcel of land containing 97 acres lying in county King George and binding on lands now belonging to John Champe, William Rowley & William Grant .. died without male Heir .. Whereby said parcel of land descended to his daughters & coheirs Frances, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary & Rosananh which said Frances with Zachariah Underwood her husband hath some time past conveyed their part to Thomas Ficklin, the said Elizabeth having intermarried with said Ellis Gravat one of the parties to these presents and died without making any conveyance of same leaving a son John Fravat an infant not now of sufficient age to make a conveyance of his said rights, the said Margaret, Mary and Rosanah having intermarried with Benjamin Ficklin, William Samuel and Thomas Etherington as aforesaid..and a jury of Freeholders and lawful men to wit: James Kenyon, James Wint, John Payne, William Payne, Edward Pear, George Jones, Stephen Hansford, Peter Jett, Mott Dermit, Alexander Hansoford, John Jones, William Grant that said 97 acres of land with appurtenances are of value Seventy pounds Sterling.. Now This Indenture Witnesseth that Benjamin Ficklin and Margaret his wife, William Samuel and Mary his wife, Thomas Ethrigton and Rosanah his wife, and Ellis Gravat for sum Seventy two pounds current money paid by Thomas Ficklin ..sold said 97 acres of land.
Presence Thos. Hord, Ellis Gravat, Wm. Newton, Ger. Banks, Benjamin Ficklin, Margaret Ficklin James Wint, John Bowen, William Samuel, Mary x Samuel, William X Payne, Thos. Ethrington , Rosanah x Ethrington,
At a court held 5th May 1768 .. Deed proved ..admitted to record.
pp. 760-762 Deed Book 5
Indenture made 2nd July 1768 between Catherine Jett only acting Executrix of Francis Jett deced late of county King George and Richard Payne of said county of one part and Anthony Payton also of said county .. Whereas Francis Jett in his lifetime for sum One Hundred and fifty three pounds current money had set under mortgage to said Richard a parcel of and in King George County whereon Francis Jett resides containing 300 acres of thereabouts..and whereas Francis Jett by his last will and testament among other things did direct the parcel of land to be sold for payment of his debts and the said Richard Payne the Mortgagee willing to join in a conveyance for said tract of land with Catherine Jett ..This Indenture Therefore Witnesseth that Catherine Jett and Richard Payne for sum Two hundred and ninety nine pounds paid by Anthony Payton sold the said tract of land..
Presence Thos. Drake, Catherine Jett Wm. Boon, Jno. Payne, Richd. Payne Birdett Jett
At a court held 7th July 1768 ..Deed proved ..admitted to record.
pp 787-790
26th September 1768 between Thomas Drake of Parish Hanover county King George and William Robinson and Richard Payne of same. Indemnifying William Robinson and Richard Payne for becoming security for Thomas Drake to Thomas Hodge guardian of Thomas Turner in sum Five hundred pounds Three shillings and sixpence.. sold parcel of land whereon Thomas Drake now lives containing 130 acres also land known as Black Neck containing 17 acres which two parcel of land Thomas Drake purchased of John Sandy with one other tract containing 170 acres and four lotts of land within Town of Leeds on which Maximillian Robinson now lives and rents from Thomas Drake which track Thomas Drake devised from Henry Drake his Father now deceased.
King George County Will Book A.
pp.326a-327 Will of John Payne.
I John Payne of King George County being sick and weak in body ..give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Payne all my estate during her natural life or widowhood and after her decease..all my children shall have an equal share of all my Estate that shall remain except four pounds cash which I devise to my son Francis Payne towards his Education..appoint my loving wife Ann Payne and my son Reuben Payne Executors..this 10th day of February 1762.
Presence George Payne, John x Payne James x Pair
At a court held 2d July 1772 ..will presented ...admitted to record ...certificate granted (Executors) for obtaining a probate thereof..      See GEDCOM
King George County Will Book A.
pp. 301-303 Will of William Payne.
I William Payne of county of King George being weak of body..desire my whole estate be kept together in order to raise my children which I have had by my present wife Mary..if she marry my desire my Estate be equally divided amongst my children by my said wife desire my youngest son Lewis have Thirty shilllings extraordinary to be applied to the further Education of my daughter Lettice shall have one of the feather beds upstairs legacies be given and that that after my decease my Estate be appraised and Inventoryed according to will that my wife Mary and my son William be Excutors ..this 18th day November 1769.
Presence George x Curtis                  William Payne                    Thomas Payne
At a court held..3rd May 1770..will presented by Mary Payne Widow and William Payne son and said William refusing..admitted to record..certificate her for obtaining a probate thereof..      See GEDCOM
King George Co., VA Marriages.    More Sweatman
A list of some Marriage Licenses issued in King George
County, copied from Fee-books kept by the County Clerk.
1771 Feb John PAYNE and Susannah FICKLEN     John is refered to as John Reuben Payne in Peter Jetts Will below.
After Oct. 1772
Date: 3/11/00 12:26:16 PM EST
From: (Bill Sweatman)

Do you have any information about the William Sweetnam that married Susannah Ficklin, was it around the same time frame as John Swetnam that married Sarah Ficklin?  Reason being my 5th gr grandfather was Augustine Sweatman, he was in Bertie County N. Carolina in 1772.  He married a Mary Perry d/o of John & Sarah Perry of Bertie Co.  John &Sarah Perry were originally from Nansemond Co. Va. We found a John & Anne Swetman in Nansemond Co. Va. in 1714, I also found a William Swetnam in King George Co. Va. in 1751 on a voter list.  I am trying to connect the Virginia Swetmans with my Augustine Swetman.   Hope to hear from you.  Would like to exchange information. 

Thanks,   Bill Sweatman

John SWEATMAN and Sarah FICKLIN  King George County Deed Book
At a court held 2d July 1772.. Deed of bargain and Sale acknowledged... admitted to record. pp. 994-996
Indenture made 27th November 1771 between William Fitzhugh of King Geo. County Esqr.. of one part & Reubin Payne of said county Planter.. in consideration of covenants.. farm lt 100 acres lying in county King George bounded upon Charles Webster, Thomas Ficklin & Peter Jetts lines.. to have and hold during natural lives of Reubin Payne & Ann his Mother and Francis his Brother.. paying yearly on Feast of St. Luke being 18th day October the Neat sum and quantity of five hundred (sic)... Presence Joshua Brown, William Fitzhugh Thos. Ballard I do hereby acknowledge that I agree to this lease during the joint lives of Lucy my wife and my own.. 1st day October 1781.  
Test John Fitzhugh Nathl. Harrison (Recording not shown.) This Reubin Payne married Elizabeth Wilkerson see GEDCOM
Indenture made 25th March 1772 between Alexander Wodrow of Parish Brunswick Town of Falmouth in county King George Merchant of one part and Daniel Payne (for himself and company), Alexander Wodrow, William Allason, James Robinson & Gavin Lawson all of same Merchants..together with William Fitzhugh Esquire of same .. Whereas Alexander Wodrow made a purchase of a certain lot in Town of Falmouth .. lot no. 4 upon 11th day December last past which lott was advertised for sale in Virginia Gazette some months before .......
Presence James Buchanan, Alexr. Wodrow Willm. Newton, David Briggs, John Robertson, Willm. Love, John Eustace At a court held 7th May 1772 .. deed acknowledged .. admitted to record.
Indenture made 3rd March 1772 between Andrew Buchanan of Town of Falmouth in county King George Att. at Law and Charles Yates, Daniel Payne & Edward Moor Merchants and Partners ..
Deed Book 5 pp 900-903 On margin. "Original deld to S. Hansford for Eliza. Bowen Widow of John Bowen 17th Sept. 1796"
Indenture made (undated) between William Fitzhugh Junr. and Nathal. Harrison of one part & John Bowen in consideration of rents & covenants lett 100 acres of land with appurtenances .. in parish Brunswick in county King George being part of a tract of land of 2000 acres & called the White Oak Tract ..upon Wm. Payne, John Payne, John Smith & Peter Jett 100 acres of have and hold to John Bowen, James Bowen & Francis Bowen..paying yearly the sum of 544 pounds of Tobacco made on the premises..first payment due 25th December 1771 ..
Presence James Went, James Bowen, James Wente junr. Nathal. Harrison
At a court held 5th September 1771..Deed of lease proved ..admitted to record.
Will Book A. King George County
Will of Thomas Ficklin 21st day of November 1778
Daughter Susannah Sweetnaim wife of William Swetnaim
Daughter Ann Fewell wife of William Fewell
Grandson Lewis Bell
Daughter Margaret Jenkins
Daughter Sarah Swetnam wife of John Swetnam
Daughter Elizabeth Ficklin
Daughter Lucy Ficklin
Son John Ficklin
Brother Benjamin Ficklin
Nephew James Bowior
The Jett and allied Families by Jeter Lee Jett, Kilmarnock, Virginia 22482 1977.
May 22, 1784. Probated Aug 5, 1784 In the name of God Amen, I, Peter Jett of King George Co., Va and the parish of Brunswick, I recommend my soul into the hands of Al God... I bequeath unto my daughters, Mary Humstead and Ann Conely, my ... I bequeth unto John Pratt Bowen, my lease bought from John Reuben Payne, being the same land whereon said Payne now lives. And also to John Pratt Bowen, one be, one table and furniture. It is my desire. I bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Curtis   I bequeath unto my daughter Susanna Payne I bequeath unto my daughter Margaret Thielkild I Bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Jones I bequeath unto my grandson Jesse Thielkild I bequeath unto my granddaughter Susanna Humstead I bequeath unto my sons Francis and William Jett and daughter Mary Humstead and Ann Conely. Sons Francis and William and John Pratt Bowen Executors.
Susanna Jett, daughter of Peter Jett b. ca 1717 d 1784 married abt 1737 Rebecca Bowen, Dau of Stephen Bowen and Susannah Pratt Bowen, married Francis Payne of Fauquier Co., Va. Francis Payne, Sr. was an ensign in the Revolutionary War. He was a son of John and Ann Jones Payne of King Geo. Co. He was then a brother to the Reuben Payne mentioned above. Francis Jr. m. Patsy Withers first then Margaret Ball Francis Jr. had daughter Lucy Mildred Payne married Thomas A. Hirst. Francis Jr. had a sister Jemina Payne who m. Geo Custis a cousin.

John and Ann Jones son Francis married Susannah Jett, dau of Peter and Rebecca Bowen Francis had a brother John Reuben Payne mentioned in mother Ann's will and above whose land was taken in 1784. Could this be Reuben Payne who married Elizabeth Sweatman???

Francis Jr. son of Francis above married Patsy Withers, and a daughter Mildred Payne married Thomas A. Hirst Jimna Payne and George Custis.
Had a sister Jemina Payne who married Goel Custis, Jr. a cousin. FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA Minute Books Ct. 1788-1795
Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archiaves by Judy Wright

FROM MAY 1788-OCT. 1791
ORDER BK. 1788-91
p. 467 WHITLEY's admin. granted and appraisal
Sept. 1795 on motion of Ann Whitley who made oath together with Joseph Whitley
her securities extend unto and acknowledged bond in penalty of three thousand
dollars conditioned as law directs. Certificate is granted her for obtaining
letters of admin. to the estate of JOHN WHITLEY, deceased.
Ordered that Peter Bowman, George Bowman, John FICKLIN, DANIEL MARR, or any
three of them appraise estate of JOHN WHITLEY, deceased and return the
appraisement to ct.

Deeds: Fauquier Co. VA
Fauquier Co. Va. Deed Bk. 6 1774-78
p. 60 DOBIE to DODD Sept. 22, 1794 between James Dobie and Ann his wife of one
part of Fauquier Co. and (To) Benjamin Dodd of other part for 345 pounds
current money... mentions line of  land  that was granted to Jonas Williams
dec. (now Jennings land)
Presented by the Records Conservation Project
in cooperation with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia
STYLE : [Hunters Admrs vs Hill &c]
PLAINTIFF(s) : Robert Patton (admr.); James Hunter (dec'd)
DEFENDANT(s) : Francis Hill; John Sweatman; Meshack Massey
REMARK(s) : Slaves - Milly; Feeby; Leanah; Page - property of Francis Hill
CITATION : [Hunters Admrs vs Hill &c] / 1806 / CR-DC-L / 569-90
STYLE : Murdock &c vs Ficklin
PLAINTIFF(s) : William Cunningham & Co.; Peter Murdock; James Robinson;
John Hamilton
DEFENDANT(s) : John Starke (admr.); Martain Brown; Libby Brown; Rebecca
Brown; George Brown (dec'd)
REMARK(s) : Slaves - Walker; Seala - property of John Starke
CITATION : Murdock &c vs Ficklin / 1805 / CR-DC-L / 568-97
STYLE : Richardson vs Ficklin
PLAINTIFF(s) : George Richardson
DEFENDANT(s) : Benjamin Ficklin
REMARK(s) : Quarry - 100 tons of raised and severed stone for use in
CITATION : Richardson vs Ficklin / 1806 / CR-DC-L / 570-8
A John H. Flicklin  born in Spottsylvania county, Va., February 17, 1771.  Settled in Scott Co., Ky 1791.

Miscellaneous Payne notes

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