From: "Ronald Stone"
Subject: Grandfather

Dear Joe,

I have followed your Stone genealogy for a long time. I would like to share my limb of the Stone tree if you will tell me what the best way to do it would be. I have many names and can send it to you via gedcom if you are interested.

My Grandfather listed in your list as 298 James S. Stone is where I am connected. You have his middle initial as S. (Ron, I have corrected this error. Joe Payne) His middle name was Leander. I have this on his marriage certificate to my grandmother and also in a physician's record book I found in the Claiborne Co. Courthouse many years ago. He is buried at Red Hill Cemetery in northern Claiborne Co. He was nicknamed Buck and was well known in the area as a physician. He was actually married 3 times. He married my grandmother when she was young and he was older. They had one child, my father. He had many other children by earlier marriages.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Ron Stone

Joe, I have looked at your information for many years. I don't know why I didn't contact you sooner.
In your numbering system,

159 Thomas Henderson Stone 1802

child 198 Robert Stone 1840

child 298 James L. Stone (your stops here) 1862

child Chester M. Stone born 1909

child Ronald D. Stone born 1944

James L. (not S) was married 3 times

1. Sara Jane Bussell 7 children I met only one of these children before their deaths, Eliza. She is the source of a lot of my information.  (Lehman R. Callahan James L. Stone and Sara Jane Bussell Information)

2. Janie Minton 6 children The story is that Janie found out that James was cheating on her and she and all the kids went to Texas. I have tried to find these but have had no luck

3. Ida Brooks 1 child They married after my father Chester was born. Quite an age difference.

After my dad, Chester, married Ethel Brooks in 1930 times were tough. Dad would come to Indiana to work and they finally moved here in 1937.

I would prefer to send the gedcom on a disk. What would the address be?

I live in Indiana. I visit my cousins and aunts and uncles often. Uncle Cecil Brooks and Aunt Allie have lived all their lives between Big Spring Union Church and Red Hill Church on Cedar Fork Road. Uncle Cecil died a year ago. Now, his son, Kenneth Brooks, lives on the farm. This is north of the Clinch River. Is that in what you call the Powell Valley?

I have not looked at your pictures lately but will soon. I do not have any really old pictures but have some you might be interested in. I will get them and the gedcom file ready and send it to you.

Ronald D. and Mary Stone
76 E 286th St.
Atlanta, IN 46031 317-758-5170

I think Claiborne County has made a wonderful decision concerning Preservation and History opposed to convenience. The Dr. Samuel STONE house and its' properties are going to be kept intact according to the property owner Rick Barnard. This news came just in time for descendants of John Henderson Stone and came as welcome news. The Stone Family should be proud of what they are doing to preserve the rich History of the county and especially this particular homestead farm. A recent trip by a descendent of John Henderson Stone was recorded on film by Ron and by myself. Ron Stone of Knoxville, Indiana. Ron Stone on previous visit with Shug and Marge Stone Williams and Tom and Imogene Evans Rose took these pictures probably early 1970's.