Darias Neal, son of  Robert Neal and Cornelia Rose evidently lived in Indianapolis, Ind. and raised Rosa Belle Payne.  Her father, James M. Payne  who married Sarah Roller died about 1898 and left from all accounts six children.  Rosa Belle along with others were given to relatives to raise.  As Dorthy Vansickle says below "Uncle Anderson" took Rosa Belle.   Anderson was James' brother.  By account of George Livesay in the Tazewell Times No. 8, November 20, 1897,  Rosa Belle Payne and his daughter Mattie Livesay "went down the country the other day to enjoy the country air."  Another of James Payne and Sarah Roller's daughter's Lizzie is on a deed in 1900 along with Rosa Belle selling their part of their mother's estate in Scott Co., Va.

Deed Book 40, pg 131, Scott Co., Va  October 5, 1900.
Between Rosa & Lizza (Elizabeth) Payne of 1st part of State of Tn. & E. (Epson) G. Anderson of Scott Co. 2nd part sold for 40 dollars their entire interest in their mother estate, which she inherited from her father G. W. Roller estate lands on north fork Clinch.  Joining lands of E. G. Anderson & E. F. Dillion & others.  8 acres more or less
Atteste      Rosa Payne
Hal Owens    Lizzie Payne
H. E. Payne  (Epson G. Anderson was a brother to Mary Anderson that married Hiram E. Payne)
Claiborne Co., Tn   A. G. Payne Notary
                     expires Jan 9, 1906
                     Lone Mt. Tn

From the letter below it seems that the Neal's in Indiana married Rosa Belle off.  I have in my file the mans name was Joe Plowman but from the letter below it may have been VanSickle.   According to Dorothy he was a big "Teddy Bear".   She must have been sent there not long after the deed was signed in 1900 as Dorthy VanSickle King was "in her 90's" in 1999.

Eula Mae McNutt wondered the following concerning Lizzie Payne. "This land was near Fairview, Va.  She wonders if the Lizzie Payne daughter of James & Sarah, was the same named Mary Elizabeth Queen Payne, whose mother died & some one took a wagon back in the hills & took her to raise, we don't know who Queens parents were, and are seeking to find anyone who knows anything about this, she writes and also if James Payne remaired or what happend to him in
Claiborne Co. TN".  It was discovered that yes this was Mary Elizabeth Queen Payne and that she had married November 1900 in Claiborne County, Tn to William Houston McCampbell.  She died in 1915 and is buried Greenwood Cemetery in Knoxville, Tennessee.

From the 1880 Census I have the following as children of James M. Payne and Sarah Roller Payne
 1. James PAYNE-709                                                1865 (possible child)
 2. Malley PAYNE-707                                               1874
 3. Sarah PAYNE-710                                                1876
 4. Rosa Belle PAYNE-498                                           1877
 5. Martha J. PAYNE-708                                        Aug 1880
 6. Lizzie PAYNE-499                                                  1883

What I have for Hiram E. Payne, father of James M. Payne lineage.

The two letters below were written by Lafayette "Uncle Fate" Payne in 1996 following a Payne Reunion in Jonesboro, TN and a copy of a letter he sent from Dorothy Vansickle King in 1992.

Letter from Dorty VanSIckle

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