Descendents of Robert Wesley Payne

Presented by Shawn Payne Sanson

First Generation

1. Robert Wesley Payne was born in 1876 in Tennessee. Robert Wesley was the son of Anderson Payne and Elizabeth Day

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all pictures made in Cincinnati, OH except the one on the far right, which was from a lady who found some old pictures. One with the name of Bob Payne on the back. I noticed that the buttons on the jacket were correct so the picture is facing right. It does bear a likeness to Robert W. Payne as well as the other Payne's but until I find more proof will have to think it may not be. Further down is a picture of Robert W. Payne and his granddaughter Estelle and either Helen or Ethel. More of those pictures can be located HERE

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Picture made at Cumberland Gap, Tri-State Marker
Left to Right: L.G. Payne, Will Whitehead, Mattie (Bob) Payne, her sister Aunt A. Yoakum
Lydia Brown Sanders, R.W. Payne and Birdie Mae Stone
My Uncle Fate Payne things it could have been made about 1901 and may have been at Yoakum Cemetery where Daisy Yoakum was buried but she is buried at the Payne Cemetery in Lone Mountain.

Picture made at William B. Jennings House

Robert and Fate Payne were twins.

Robert and his brother Fate started the Payne Brothers Company, dealing in farm equipment and Ford Motor cars. Upon their deaths, the Car division of the company went to Fate's sons and the farm equipment division went to Robert's sons: Paul and Robert.

Robert married Mattie Mason. Daughter of John MASON and Dorcas YOAKUM.

They had the following children:

+ 2M i. Frank Payne.

+ 3F ii. Ethel Payne.

4M iii. Owen Payne.

Owen Payne never married. He was said to be a very congenial man and very fun to be around. He lived in a studio apartment above the garage of his parents home. He was returning home one evening after dropping off some Civilian Conservation Corp boys and drove off the side of the mountain. He died from injuries received from the wreck.

+ 5M iv.Robert Payne.

+ 6M v.John Paul Payne was born in 1911 and died on 12 Aug 1991.

7F vi.Helen Payne.

Second Generation

2. Frank Payne (Robert Wesley).

Frank Payne died from carbon Monoxide asphyixation while waiting out a snow storm. He and Onie were in a barn and both succumbed to the fumes.

Frank and Onie Reece had the following children:.

8F i. Estelle Payne died in Aug 2000.

3. Ethel Payne (Robert Wesley) died in Lone Mountain, Tennessee @ home.

Ethel married Doc Greer. Doc died in Lone Mountain, Tennessee @ home.

They had the following children:

9M i. Russell Greer.

+ 10F ii. JoAnn Greer.

5. Robert Payne (Robert Wesley).

Robert Payne was trying to pull a stump out of a field and the tractor flipped over. When he didn't come in for supper, his wife sent their son Steve to look for him. Steve found him, already dead, with the tractor laying on top of him.

Robert and his brother Paul took over the farm equipment division of Payne Brothers' when their father R. W. died. Paul Payne bought out Robert's share when Robert died.

Robert and his spouse had the following children:

11F i. Martha Payne.

12F ii. Melissa Payne.

13M iii. Steven Payne.

6. John Paul Payne (Robert Wesley) was born in 1911. He died on 12 Aug 1991 in Virginia.

Paul Payne was spraying stick weed on the Virginia farm and he flipped his tractor. When he didn't return at the end of the day, the farm tenants went looking for him. They found him on the mountain. The accident had broken his neck.

John married Cleo Irene Rose. Cleo was born on 22 Jan 1913.

Cleo taught 1st and 2nd grade school for 30 years at Lone Mt. School.

Paul and Cleo had the following children:

+ 14M i. Charles Franklin Payne died in 1980.

+ 15M ii. Robert Owen Payne.

+ 16M iii. John Paul , Jr Payne was born on 11 Oct 1939.

+ 17F iv. Nancy Jane Payne.

Third Generation

10.JoAnn Greer (Ethel Payne, Robert Wesley).

JoAnn married Don Myers.

They had the following children:

+ 18F i. Donna Myers.

19M ii.Brent Myers.

20M iii.Bruce Myers.

14.Charles Franklin Payne (John Paul, Robert Wesley) was born in Lone Mountain, Tennessee @ home. He died in 1980 in Florida.

Charles married Joyce Russell.

They had the following children:

+ 21M i. Kevin Wesley Payne Doctor.

22M ii. Russell Vincent Payne.

15.Robert Owen Payne (John Paul, Robert Wesley) was born in lone Mountain, Tennessee @ home.

Robert married Helen Jo Wilmouth.

They had the following children:

+ 23F i. Cindy Jo Payne.

24F ii.Kathy Ellen Payne Dr., Pharmacy.

16.John Paul , Jr Payne (John Paul, Robert Wesley) was born on 11 Oct 1939 in Lone Mountain, Tennessee @ home.

John married Donna Pearl Clark, daughter of James Fuller Clark and Margaret Edna McDowell, on 13 Mar 1963. Donna was born on 17 Jul 1941.

They had the following children:

+ 25F i.Kimberly Shawn Payne was born on 12 Nov 1963.

26F ii.Shannon Keves Payne was born on 16 Jul 1965 in Athens, Tennessee.

Kevi has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

She is a social worker/probation officer.

+ 27Fiii.Kourtney St. John III Payne was born on 3 Dec 1967.

17.Nancy Jane Payne (John Paul, Robert Wesley) was born in lone Mountain, Tennessee @ home.

Nancy married Wayne Sargeant.

They had the following children:

28M i.Brian Paul Sargeant. He was related to his parents by adoption

Fourth Generation

18.Donna Myers (JoAnn Greer, Ethel Payne, Robert Wesley).

Donna married Denzil McNeilus.

They had the following children:

29M i.Justin McNeilus.

30F ii.Christina McNeilus.

31F iii.Kimberly McNeilus. She was related to her parents by adoption

21.Kevin Wesley Payne Doctor (Charles Franklin, John Paul, Robert Wesley).

Kevin married Linda Blank.

Linda is a physical therapist.

Kevin and Linda had the following children:

32F i.Kendall Payne.

33M ii.Anderson Payne.

34M iii.Taylor Payne.

23.Cindy Jo Payne (Robert Owen, John Paul, Robert Wesley).

Cindy is a teacher.

Cindy married Charles Hudson Dr. Pharmacy.

They had the following children:

35M i.Samuel Hudson.

36F ii.Katherine Hudson.

25.Kimberly Shawn Payne (John Paul , Jr, John Paul, Robert Wesley) was born on 12 Nov 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Shawn has an Applied Arts of Science degree from Cleveland State community College. She is an Registered Nurse.

Kimberly married (1) James Henry , Jr Woods on 1 Apr 1985 in Seoul, Korea. James was born on 15 Sep 1965 in Oswego New York.

They had the following children:

37F i. Sara Nikelle Woods was born on 11 Sep 1986 in Frederick, Maryland. She had other parents.

Kimberly also married (2) Earlan Michael Sanson, son of Earlan Sanson and Dorothy Cabell, on 11 May 1991 in Charleston, Tennessee. Earlan was born on 6 Feb 1953 in Williamson, W. Va. He had other parents.

They had the following children:

39M iii.Alexander Paul Sanson was born on 29 Apr 1992 in Athens, Tennessee.

40F iv.Kelly Margaret Sanson was born on 15 Feb 1994 in Athens, Tennessee.

27.Kourtney St. John III Payne (John Paul , Jr, John Paul, Robert Wesley) was born on 3 Dec 1967 in Maryville, Tennessee.

Kourtney has a business degree from Tennessee Wesleyann College in Athens and an Applied Arts in Science degree from Cleveland community college. She is an Registered Nurse.

Kourtney married William Dane Hutcheson on 5 Dec 1992 in Etowah, Tennessee. William was born on 30 Nov 1966 in Alabama.

They had the following children:

41M i.William Chandler Hutcheson was born on 17 Feb 1995 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

42F ii.Whitney St. John Hutcheson was born on 27 Jul 1998 in Etowah, Tennessee.

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