Early Pictures of University of Tennessee
Football Stadium

Thanks to Allen Spain (website address) we have been able to identify specific era buildings and events. My mother talked of meeting George Cafego and seeing Herky Payne play adds to the proof that these were taken at the 1939 Bama-Tennesse Game.
Click to see an enlargement. Joe Payne


It's Football Time in Tennessee.
From my mother and dad's scrapbook.
UT formed by the card section
Allen Spain - You mentioned they attended UT in the early '30's, however those photos are several years later than that. You can tell b/c Alumni Gym is in the background on the 2nd photo. By the uniform of the opposing team in the photo, and judging by the crowd and the card holding student section, I have a strong feeling that is the '39 Bama game. It's no older than 1938, when Alumni Gym was built. I strongly believe this is the '39 Bama game, but if not, it's definately in the '38-'41 range.
A veiw of The Hill.
Joe Payne

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