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Flea-flicker gave U-M a dramatic win in '64 - Chuck MIGYANKA

One of Michigan State's finest players married Dr. John P. Flander's daughter Janice.

Many people who moved from Tazewell during the years have managed to
Engagement Announcement
Brother George Eddie to Patricia Flanders.
stay in touch with one another. Some moved back from Monroe, such as the late Randy Bailey who I very briefly knew while working on a historical project.

If you are one of the transplants from Claiborne County to the Monroe, Michigan area or other places near there please let me know and I will put your story here. Our first post is from Gary Keck whose emails you can locate below.

As I have always suspected the people who enjoy my site are from other places than Claiborne County.  During the short time I had my site off line I got several e-mail from people who had roots in Claiborne County or the surrounding area but none from the native Claiborne Countian.  Case in point is Mr. Gary Keck from Monroe, Michigan.  Gary is a son of Estil Keck, who would be a familiar name to many Barren Creek and Little Sycamore Creek residences of Claiborne County.  Gary was a good friend with Randy Bailey, who as most of you know was a strong support of the Claiborne County Cemetery Restoration project that centered around the Confederate Monument in the Irish Memorial Cemetery. 
Gary begins by introducing himself " I have a negative of a Clyde Payne, from probably back in tha 1940's. Will send it on if you think you are related. I was given negatives, pictures, etc. when our local photographer was cleaning out their business. My dad was born in Tazewell back in 1902, grew up in Leatherwood Hollow ( er ) His name was Estil Keck and his father was Robert F. Keck."
Randy and I communicated during the project as I had a very old picture of the monument as it was in it's original state with cannon ball and shell atop.  Gary Keck has picture information that he is sending me regarding my late brother, George Eddie Payne's father-in-law, Dr. John P. Flanders.  Dr. Flanders was an outstanding doctor in Monroe and has a wing of the hospital there dedicated in his memory.  So I think this alone is cause enough for me to continue my site for a little longer.  I hope to have those pictures up for some of my distant family in Arizona and Texas to see in the very near future.  Below is one of the many e-mail we have been exchanging.  I know Monroe, Michigan and Tazewell, Tennessee have many residences that know one another. Sadly to say one was Jimmy Turner whose passing I just learned of. Jimmy and L.E. were the singing stars of old CCHS during the 1960's. One particular song I remember everyone wanted to hear was"Last Date". And yet another I just learned from Gary was our famous Kenny Chesney whose step mother passed away just May 6, 2006. I am not sure if Mrs. Chesney lived in Monroe at the time of her death or not but Gary sent me Yvonne Chesney obituary.


Now what do you know. I was driving to work this morning before 7 am and saw a fellow broken down on the road. He sorta looked familiar so I stopped and picked him up. I found out he had worked at the same plant in Morristown that I did but was laid off a couple months ago. We are slowly closing this plant down as far as I can tell. This guy looked so familiar I continued questioning him and found out his last name was Roberts and his first name Vic and he lived in Tazewell. I asked if he knew Butch and Bill Roberts and low and behold he said he was Butch. I went to school with Bill for 12 years. He had lived in Monroe for 18 yrs and knew you. I worked here for 2 yrs and didn't know who he was but I work in the office and he worked in the metal plant 3. He is going to technical school and is studying drafting.

RE: Re: Payne's in Monroe, Michigan
5/3/2006 8:55:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

  I hope you can continue the site. Forget any naysayers. It's a great grouping of information, but I guess, there's no use getting an ulcer over it.
 I went with Bailey and saw a man that lived down the street, from the old jail (I believe Randy said this guy knew allot (along with you ) about Tazewell history. I can't remember his name. He was a Vietnam vet, as I am.
 I got to go see the battle sights up near the cemetery.  Randy explained all about it, that and along with your web page, made it a lot clearer.
  My dad remembered "The Great Barren Spring flood".  He was related to James "Jeemsee" ( sp ) Williams, Hoppers, good friends with Green Lynch, Ambrose Cole, Dad pronounced his name Ambers. Most of my relatives are buried at "Edwards cemetery" near that old school. also my Mom is related to Conda Collins , Raymond, Coba. (but not through the Keck's side, the Tolliver's) She was born in Union County, and her dad ( Cal Tolliver )was buried at "Dump Keck's place, on that hill .
 My father-in-law's name is Boyd LaFayette Mason, I believe that his dad was named Bern. My mother-in-law was Ina Lee McDaniel, related to the Buchanan ? clan. We used to visit my wife's "aunt Mary".
I was married back at Little Sycamore Church, near Bailey's homestead.  
                                Thanks for your time,
                                                Gary Keck
PS This is the best part..I have negatives ( old ones ) of believe it or not Dr. Flanders. They look like they are from the 1930's or 40's. I'll get them out quick. Get me your address, and I'll send those out.

Dr. John P. Flanders
d. October 1980
73, wife, Viva
May be one of Dr. Flanders Daughters
Patricia or Janice

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