Alderman raises idea of merging two towns into one

Updated: Mon 6:29 PM, Apr 27, 2015

By: Kyle Grainger - Email

NEW TAZEWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Built around the railroad, New Tazewell has grown faster than Tazewell, but still small. Some town leaders hope to merging the two together will help spur growth.

"It's not an original idea, but we think it is time for it," said New Tazewell zAlderman Stanley Leonard.

An idea that was last introduced in 1950 and now Leonard says there's growing support in the community for it.

Leonard says there are several advantages to the merger including qualifying for more grants, fewer duplication of services and the larger population of around 5200 might get industry interested.

"But there's several advantages. The two towns have grown together, they're not connected seamlessly, there would be some good economic advantages," said Leonard. "Buying in quantity you can save money and you'd end some unnecessary duplication with two government working side by side."

However, the mayor of Tazewell says he's not in favor of the measure.

Leonard says he'd like to see the idea brought to a vote for the people of the town towns to decide in a community election.

The first article is from the 1946 Claiborne Progress and concerns combining the Tazewells

The second is a Bert Vincent Knoxville News-Sentinel article from 1947.  He always had the most interesting stories. This is one he had upon his first ever visit to New Tazewell.
The thrid is from 1966 Claiborne County Progress.  If it had been in keeping we should have discussed the possibliity again last year.  What Happened??