A few of the Newspaper Clippings from Joe Phillips Scrapbook

I am putting a few of the clippings that Joe Phillips had in his scrapbook regarding his brother-in-law John Toomey and his nephews Herbert and John Samuel Toomey.
John Toomey Obituary
Barn Storming
Ad for Air Show at McGhee-Tyson
Newspaper Clipping

American Eagle, Roos American Eagle

1925: American Eagle Aircraft Co, 52 St and Prospect Ave, Kansas City MO (fdr: Edward E Porterfield Jr); 1925: 22 St and Harrison Ave. 1928: American Eagle Aircraft Corp, with refinancing by A A Durant & Co (NYC), Fairfax Airport, Kansas City KS. 1929: Merged with Wallace Aircraft Co. 1930: Merged with Lincoln Aircraft as (Victor H) Roos Lincoln Aircraft Co, Lincoln NE. 1931: Acquired by Porterfield Aircraft Corp. 1931: Bought production rights to Wallace Touroplane. 1942: Company sold to Columbia Aircraft Corp; Porterfield to Ft Smith AR to manufacture gliders until retirement c.1945. Company sold to Northwestern Aeronautical Corp, St Paul MN (neither Columbia nor Northwestern produced any Porterfield aircraft).

Bearden Field Clipping for Herb Toomey
Herb Toomey relates Chattanooga Shooting.
Chattanooga Shooting, Herb Toomey
Herb Toomey flies to Havana to meet with Charles Lindburg
February 8, 1928 Port au Prince to Havana, Cuba
(Carried three sacks of mail, including one sack from Santo Domingo.)
9 hrs. 20 min.
February 13, 1928 Havana to Lambert Field, St. Louis, Mo.

(Both compasses malfunctioned over Florida Strait, at night. The earth-inductor needle wobbled back and forth. The liquid compass card rotated without stopping. Could recognize no stars through heavy haze. Located position, at daybreak, over Bahama Islands, nearly 300 miles off course. Liquid compass card kept rotating until the Spirit of St. Louis reached the Florida coast.) 15 hrs. 35 min.

John Samuel Toomey, Washington, D.C.
The next two letters were written by John Toomey to Capt. Baird of Jacksboro, Tennessee. I found these on eBay.