The Truth about LMU's Tower

While at LMU's recent Civil War reenactment on September 9, 2008 I stopped by the tower that stands close to U.S. 25 E on Lincoln Memorial University's Harrogate campus. I had seen and wondered about the tower for years, but like many had not taken time to look in every nook and cranny for more information. There were some re-enactors camped next to the tower and I asked if they knew the history of the tower. One fellow beamed as he told me the story he had heard. "It was used during the Civil War", he said. "See the gun turrets in the side of the tower and the holes where the stairs lead to the second floor, now gone". He said he had searched the library and asked everyone he could and no one seemed to know what the tower was used for. I filmed quite a bit of the tower and will put some of that footage online here soon. Well in about 15 minutes I had found out more than I could have dreamed about the tower. A lady who has helped me previously, University Archivist and Cataloger, Michelle Ganz, told me that the tower was actually built probably along with the house called Craig Neuk, the home of Alexander A. Arthur and family. I have created a site of some pictures and her letter to me of September 10, 2008. I will continue to add to this history of this tower, still probably the oldest structure on LMU's campus as time allows. Some search for the truth while others think that a small white lie is much more exciting.








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