Tryon and/or Lincoln Co, NC, records include the names David Crockett
Senior, David Crockett Junior, William Crockett, Robert Crockett, John
Crockett, and Alexander Crockett.

* 1771, Feb 4: David Crockatt witnessed a deed for John and Jane Hill to Thomas Espy.
* 1771, March 6.  Thomas Yates sold to William Crocket. John Crockatt witnessed. Proved by John Hill in July 1771 court.
* 1771, March 11. Thomas Yeates to David Crocket 150 acres
* 1771, March 12. David Crockett mortgaged above land to William Patterson. (Proved by Alexr Patterson July 1771).
* 1771, July 19: David Crockett witnessed a deed for James and Mary Carson to David Abernathy.
* 1771, Oct 21.  Samuel Coburn sold to John Dozier for £20, 100 acres on the south side of the Catawba River, joining Joseph Wishart's, James Coburn,
John Coburn, and Samuel Coburn.  Patented to Samuel Coburn 6 October 1767.  Witnessed by David Crockatt Junr and David Crockatt Senr.  Recorded 1772.
Proved 28 July 1772 by David Crocket Senr. Samuel Coburn's 6 October 1767  grant (No 178) of 105 acres describes the land as joining on the west side
of the Catawba River.
* 1771, Oct 24: David Crocket, juror; other jurors were John Stanford, Nicholas Fisher, James McAfee, Lowry Glover, Thomas Bond, Samuel Lacey,
Thomas Clark, Ephraim Wilson, John Williams, John Anderson, Sam'l Wilky.
* Oct 1772, David Crocket proved a deed for John Kinkaid to William Kinkaid.
* 1773, April 28: David Crockett produced and proved the will of Alexander Wells in court.  Robert Ewart and James Johnson were executors and also
guardians of Alexander Thompson, son of James Thompson, and heir of Alexander Wells, with Thomas Espy and Andw Haslip providing security bonds.
* 1774, July 22.  William Crocket sold to William King. Proved Oct 1774 by David Abernathy.
* 1774, December: David Crockatt witnessed a codicil to the will of William Haeger.
* 1775, January 26: David Crocket and Wm Crockett were together on a Tryon Co jury; others were John Hoyle, Wm Kinkaid, Alexr Coulter, Aaron
Biggerstaff, Samuel McFadden, Wm Ramsey, Thomas Robinson, William Henry, David Ramsey, Ambros Foster.
* 1775, January 27: David Crocket and Wm Crockett were together on Tryon Co jury for two cases. First case: other jurors were John Hoyle, Wm Kinkaid,
Sam'l Gray, Ambros Foster, Wm Young, Joseph Dickey, Christopher Walbert, David Ramsey, John Gallespie, Adolph Reep. Second case: other jurors were
John Hoyle, Ambros Foster, Joseph Dickey, Christopher Walburt, John Gallespie, Adolph Reep, Philip Cancelo, Aaron Biggerstaff, Wm Kinkaid, Peter Seits.
* 1775, January: Tryon County Crown Docket shows William King and John King each charged with trespass, the prosecution brought by John McCartney and
Susanna his wife, evidence to be given by Wm Cathey and John McCartney. Davd Cro(c)ket bonded as security, along with William King for John King and John
King for William King.
* 1775, April: Tryon County Crown Docket shows both King cases continued.  Robert Crockett to be subpoenaed in William King case.  David Crocket bound.
* 1775, July: Tryon County Crown Docket shows both King cases continued a second time.  David Crocket bound.
* 1775, October: Tryon County Crown Docket shows both King cases continued a third time.  Davd Crocket bound.
* 1776, January: Tryon County Crown Docket shows William King case continued.  David Crockett bound.
* 1776, April: Tryon County Crown Docket shows both King cases continued a fifth time.  Davd Crockatt bound.

It is assumed that the Crockett s left Tryon Co about this time
Watauga petition
William seems to have returned to NC or split his time between two states.
Lincoln Co, NC records:

* 1784, July:  William Crocket to be called for October 1784 jury
* 1784, Oct:   William Crocket juror
* 1785, Jan:   William Crocket juror.  [Note: the published list has "Moses" Crocket, but this is clearly an error. Either the abstractors or the
original clerk brought down the name "Moses" from the person listed a little above on the list.]
* 1785, Jan 11.  Isaac Kimball to William Crockett
* 1785, April.  Acknowledged in court.  Deed of sale, Isaac Kimball to William Crocket, 100 acres, 01-11-1785.  Proved by John Wilson Esqr.
* 1787.  Acknowledged in court.  Deed from Andrew Floyd to William Crockett, 227 acres, dated 03-27-1787, proved by John Wilfong Esqr.
* 1789, July 20.  William Crockett sold to Richard Featherston 227 acres in Lincoln Co, NC, on the south side of the South Fork of the Catawba River,
which Crockett bought in 1787 from Andrew Floyd who bought in 1784 from David Elder who bought 13 July 1778 from James Patterson who bought 1 Jan
1776 from Nathaniel Henderson.
* 1792, Nov 2: William Crocket and Alexr Crocket were chain bearers for Samuel Elder's survey on the waters of Kings Creek.
* 1792, Nov 27.  William Crockett was granted 60 acres in Lincoln Co, NC (Grant 759). See 1787, May 19 and Sept 7.  * 1793, August 9.   "Crocked" named as adjoining tract when Robert Wear entered a claim for 50 acres on a branch of Kings Creek.
* 1795, April.  Lincoln Co, NC.  William Crocket sold to Robert Weir 110 acres granted 08/11/1794.  Witnessed by John Bird.