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Descendants of John WADDELL


(1) John1 WADDELL was born in 1720 at Londonderry, Ireland, and on Dec 31, 1761 at Philadelphia, Pa, married (2) Rachel McQUEE who was born about 1720. John died on Jul 4, 1827 at Washington Co., Tn.

John Waddell fought in the Battle of Culloden in 1745, and fled to America for refuge afterwards with some of the McLeans because the English, after this battle, tried to exterminate the Highlanders.

John landed at Philadelphia, and located a Germantown, Horsham Township of Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania. John first married Mary McCoy, at the First Presb. Church. While John Waddell and his sons served in many miltary campaigns against the Indians, John fought only one battle against the British in the Revolutionary War, that being at King's Mountain in 1780, where the Brithish leader, Col. Ferguson, was defeated. John served under Col. John Sevier, of the Watauga Settlements. It is said John could harldy speak or write English, being of Gaelic orgin; but he had a strong interest in education.

He, with Col. John Sevier, was appointed to collect subscriptions for the starting of Martin's Academy in 1785, said to have been the first school of higher education west of the Alleghanies. It was the predecessor of the present Washington College, of which John was made a Trustee in 1795.

John acquired 140 acres from the Indians at the cost of one flint-lock rifle and a calico dress and was known as "Little Bend of Nolachuckey" located on the south side of the river.   More information on JOHN WADDLE, THE IMMIGRANT

Children of John WADDELL and Rachel McQUEE:
4 + John2 WADDELL b. Nov 18 1765 d. 1855
5 + Seth Quee WADDELL b. Mar 18 1767 d.c 1852
6 + Hester WADDELL b. 1769
7 + CharlesRitterhouseWADDELLb. May 11 1771
8 + Samuel Davidson WADDELL b. 1773 d.Jul11829
9 + James WADDELL b. 1777
10 + Margaret Peggy WADDELL b. 1778
11 + Jonathan WADDELL b. Mar 3 1779 d.Mar111836
12 + Rachel WADDELL b. 1782
13 + Abigail WADDELL b. 1785

He also married in 1763 at Germantown, Pa, (3) Mary McCOY who was born about 1720. Rachel died in 1815 at Washington Co., Tn.


(4) John2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born Nov 18, 1765 at Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pa, and married (14) BLANCHARD. John died in 1855 at Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Date:98-06-20 08:28:06 EDT
From:  JMWDL
To: JPayne5744


I went through my John Waddell items last night and found that most of it came from the McClung. One big source of information I found was in a book there called John Waddell and Rachel Quee an the Bend of the Nolachucky. Have you seen that one?

There are a couple of pictures of Sevier items in this web-page.

Here is a write-up on John Waddell II


This is the story of John Waddell II, or Jr., oldest son of the immigrant, John Waddell and Rachel Quee Waddell.

John II was born November 18, 1764, about fifteen miles north of Philadelphia in what was then Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. We do not know precisely where his parents were living at the time but suspect that it might be at the home of his mother's parents, Alexander and Hester Rittenhouse Quee, near the village of Horsham in the fine old stone house still standing at the junction of Lime Kiln and Baker Pikes.

The little family lived in this area until about 1769 until two more children were born, then moved southward. They wandered through Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas until 1774, said to be looking for older brothers to have preceded John I to America.

In 1775 the family turned back expecting to settle in Virginia but located on the south side of the Nolichucky River in what would later become Washington County, Tennessee. John II was now eleven years of age. We know little of his youthful activities but suspect that he was in attendance much of the time at Martin Academy. His father, being a fierce Presbyterian, John II was carefully trained for the ministry This pursuit of education was no doubt much interrupted by his military services.

All able bodied males being obligated to perform militia service our John II began his at Fort Hopson in the year 1776 when he was about twelve years of age. John says that he was able to do this because he was very large for his age and not too many questions were asked. His duties were more of the nature of handling supplies, etc., rather that actual military His military contributions continued intermittently throughout the campaigns against the Indians in 1776 through 1781, details of which are given in his application for pension. Much of this service was under the command of Captain, later to become General, John Sevier, and in the company of the younger Sevier men.

It is interesting to note that both John II and his father served under General Sevier at the same time and were discharged at the same time in January, 1778.

The father reenlisted again under Sevier for the campaign against Ferguson ending at King's Mountain and the death of the latter. John II was very sick at the time "with something like small pox" or he would have been with his father in this battle of 1781. John I was forty-five years old, John II was seventeen.

The end of the Revolution brought a period of peace with the Indians and John II was no doubt able to pursue his higher education, but not for long. In 1791 there were severe Indian troubles in Ohio and our John II volunteered for 6 months service in the U.S. Army in the northwest territory in 1791. This force commanded by General St. Clair suffered disastrous defeat at the hands of the Indians in their attack about thirty miles north of Fort Jefferson, Ohio. Many soldiers were killed in this battle. The remains of seven hundred soldiers were buried two years later. On his return from the northwest territory he found considerable unrest in Tennessee. John II now volunteered under Capt. Jacob Brown for service in 1733. John was twenty-nine years of age and had gained considerable military experience and the rank of lieutenant.

Both John II and his father were actively interested in Martin's Academy, Washington College and Sam Doaks' "Salem" Presbyterian Church. John II was one of thirty corporators when Martin's Academy was transformed to Washington College , June 29, 1795. He had become a trustee July 23, 1794. John I supported the Church and performed some of the necessary functions. John II was an elder in the church. John I and John Sevier were appointed to a committee to collect sundry contributions made to Martin Academy in 1784.

While John II was educated definitely for the ministry, he does not seem to have held a church. He must have been ordained, however, as we find him performing many marriages during this period.

John II, having served under General John Sevier and with the Sevier young men, was a welcome and frequent guest at the Sevier home. On February 26, 1795, John II married Rebecca, the fourth daughter of General Sevier. It is presumed that John II and Rebecca continued to live in the community but we do not know exactly where. A daughter, Sarah Rebecca, was born to them on April 25, 1796, and a son Hawkins on February 24, 1799. Rebecca (Sevier) Waddell died November 17, 1799. The two small Children were taken into the home of John I and Rachel

Quee Waddell to be reared. At this time Hawkins was renamed John Sevier Waddell. John II apparently continued to live in Washington County for some time as we find him as defendant in a number of small matters in court.

It has been difficult to establish reliable facts about John II's life from this point on. He went to Cocke County, Tennessee, and/or Hot Springs, Buncombe County, North Carolina, around 1800, married his second wife, a Miss Blanchard, whose given name is not known, and had seven children of this marriage. The mother apparently died at the birth of the youngest who was Benjamin. John II returned to Tennessee and took his daughter Sarah back to North Carolina to care for this second family, particularly the baby Ben. It is known that daughter Sarah was not too happy about leaving her grandparents but she went with her father anyway. Sarah stayed with her father's family until his marriage to his third wife; Nancy Heywood. Nancy was born in North Carolina in 1800, thus being thirty-six years younger than John II. There were seven more children from this marriage From U.S. Census information it would appear that Alfred, born in 1836, was the last of John II's sixteen children.

John Waddell II died in Hot Springs, North Carolina, in 1855.

He also married on Feb 26, 1795 at Washington Co., Tn, (15) Rebecca SEVIER, daughter of John SEVIER, Gen and Catherine "Bonny Kate" SHERRILL, who was born Apr 25, 1796 at Watauga Settle., Carter Co., Tn. Rebecca died on Nov 17, 1799 at Washington Co., Tn.

16 + Sarah Rebecca3 WADDELL b. Apr 25 1796
17 + John Sevier Hawkins WADDELL b. Feb 24 1799

(5) Seth Quee2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born Mar 18, 1767 at Germantown, Montgomery Co., Pa, and in 1798 at Pendleton Dist., SC, married (18) Mary BURDINE, daughter of Reginald BURDINE and Catherine TANNER, who was born about 1770 at SC. Seth Quee died about 1852 at Cock Co., Tn. Mary died in 1836 at Cock Co., Tn.

Seth, like his father and brothers, John Jr., and Charles R., was a memeber of the militia and was called up or volunteered for numberous campaigns against the Indians. He was an owner of race horses and had his own whiskey distillery.
            Subj:  Letter from John Sevier Waddill, 13Jan1873
            Date: 9/29/99 2:10:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (William D. Burdine )

Letter from John Sevier Waddill  (as it is spelled)

Springfield, Missouri
January 13, 1873

         At your request I will give you as much information as to our forefathers as I have--which will be very imperfect as nearly all I know
about our relatives of the past age is from my Mother who has long since died, and all I have is  from memory, having no record whatever.  My Mother's death took place in March 1836.  My Father, Seth Quee Waddill, was born in Pennsylvania, on the 18th.  day  of March 1767.  His father, John Waddill, was born near Londonderry, Ireland, came to Philadelphia, Pa., and married Miss Rachel Quee, in 1761. I think he  was called a Protestant Irishman, and by some called Scotch-Irish, as Waddill is  a Scotch name.
        My grandmother, Rachel Waddell, formerly Rachel Quee, was a native of Philadelphia County, Pa.  Her father, my great-grandfather was a Scotchman.  Her Mother was by name White and of German blood and related to the celebrated David Rittenhouse of Pennsylvania.  My father, Seth Quee Waddill, married Mary Burdine in Pendleton District.  She was a native of Culpeper County, Virginia, and at the age of ten years her father moved to South Carolina, where she married my Father at the age of 18.
       Her father--my grandfather, Riginal Burdine, was a native of Culpeper County, Virginia.  His father, (John Burdine, or possible James, Burdine, as the handwriting is imperfect) was a native of Wales. He came to the colony of Virginia and married a Miss Tanner who was a native  of Great Britain, born  in London, though a German by blood. Riginal Burdine, my grandfather, married Ann Sampson of Culpeper County, Virginia.  She was of English, French and Spanish blood.
     They had several children: my mother, Mary Burdine had one sister older than herself, whose name was Nancy.  This Nancy married James Brown (or  Branen) of South Carolina.  Then my grandfather and grandmother had four sons, John; Jeremiah; Henry and Richard Burdine.
      My grandfather, Riginal Burdine, remained in Culpeper County through out the Revolution.  He was at and assisted in the taking of General Cornwallis  which was the closing battle of the Revolutionary War with Great Britain.
      His oldest son, John, a lad about 16 years old was in the same battle but neither of them were wounded, the nearest was a musket ball, which passed through grandfather's hunting shirt, which was the uniform of the American soldiers and it was the same of the Militia during the War of 1812 between the U.S. and Great Britain.  After the close of the Revolutionary War my grandfather (Burdine) moved to the Pendleton District, South Carolina.
      My grandfather Waddill was in no engagement or battle during the Revolutionary War with Great Britain, except at Ferguson's defeat on King's  Mountain, near the North Carolina and Tennessee line.  Tennessee was at that time a territory of North Carolina.
      My grandfather and grandmother, John and Rachel Waddill, raised ten children--John, the oldest, my father Seth Quee, then Charles, Samuel, James and Jonathan.  These six sons all married and raised families except James who  had no family.  The daughters were four in number, namely: Hester, Margaret (or "Peggy" as she was called), Rachel, and Abby. These all married in Washington County, Tennessee.  Hester married Henry Shields of Maryland and Rachel married his brother David Shields; Peggy (Margaret) married William
Wilson whose descendants live in Missouri.
     My grandfather Waddill although he was in but one battle with the British Army, yet he was used to toil and hardships from several years of Indian warfare, being frequently posted in the upper part of Tennessee.  He came to what is now Washington County, Tennessee, and purchased lands in the little bend of the Noliechuckee River--one of the finest places or tracts of land to the  size of it that I ever saw.  His house was on one of the finest building spots on the earth, being in a bend of the river resembling a horse shoe in
shape, with a fine view of one of the Spurs of the Alleghaney Mountains called the Big Butt, about 12 miles South-East, just far enough to look blue and  rather smooth.
     My grandfather Waddill and grandmother were Presbyterians of the old school, and the family, while raising, were under Presbyterian usage.  Old Samuel Doak being their pastor, who taught the first college in the State of
     My grandfather educated their oldest son, John, for the ministry though he did not follow what he was educated for.  My grandfather Riginal Burdine was what in Virginia was called a High Church of Englandman.  His family was raised under that influence.  My father belonged to no church.  My mother though raised under the Church of England influence was for thirty or forty years an acceptable member of the Methodist Church, and all her children and most of her grandchildren are Methodists, and some of her great grandchildren are in the
same church, fulfilling that portion of the scripture which in substance says, "I will show mercy unto the third and fourth generations of those who love me and keep my commandments."

  (Signed) John S. Waddill

Rec'd from Marie Waddill, March 30, 1931

This letter was quite interesting and full of information. One NOTE: We know that Reginald's father's name was Richard Burdyne/Burdine. The person who sent this to me could not read the hand writing. Also, not knowing the date that Catherine Tanner was born, some Tanner folks say 1717, it is possible that she  was born in England on route from Germany to Virginia. We know that her family  arrived in  Virginia in 1720. Richard and Catherine were married prior to 1740.  Found a land deed/patent from Robert Tanner to Richard in 1739.
Other than that information, everything else in the letter is acurate as far  as I know.

 Carol Ann

19 + Anne Burdine3 WADDELL b. 1800
20 + John Sevier WADDILL b. 1805
21 + Mary WADDELL b.c1808
22 + Rachel Quee WADDELL b.c 1810

(6) Hester2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born in 1769 at Germantown, Pa.

(7) Charles Ritterhouse2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born May 11, 1771 at Baltimore, Md, and on Nov 13, 1798 at Washington Co., Tn, married (23) Margaret KING, daughter of Thomas KING and Elizabeth HANNA, who was born about 1775.


24 + Elizabeth Hanna3 WADDELL b. 1799 d.1880
25 + John WADDELL b. 1800 d.1877
26 + Thomas King WADDELL b. 1808 d. 1857

(8) Samuel Davidson2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born in 1773 at Bullock Creek, York, South Carolina, and in 1806 at Washington Co., Tn, married (27) Elizabeth BROWDER, daughter of Frederick BROWDER and Elizabeth BLAWGRAVE, who was born about 1775 at Washington Co., Tn. Samuel Davidson died on Jul 1, 1829 at Madison Co., Tn. Elizabeth died on Jul 11, 1830 at Madison Co., Tn.

(9) James2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born in 1777 at Burke Co., NC.

(10) Margaret Peggy2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born in 1778 at Washington Co., Tn, and in 1797 at Washington Co., Tn, married (28) John GANN who was born about 1778.

I am confused about the last name here but that is what the lineage reads. Children:
29 + Soam D. Gennings3 WADDELL b. 1798
30 + Seth Quee Gennings WADDELL b. 1798

(11) Jonathan2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born Mar 3, 1779 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (31) Hannah GREENWAY, son of William GREENWAY and Elizabeth HUMPHREY, who was born May 5, 1785 at Washington Co., Tn. Jonathan died on Mar 11, 1836. Hannah died in 1867.

Jonathan Waddell served in the War of 1812. He became a Captain in the Fourth Militia Regiment of East Tennessee, and was mustered out at Knoxville, May 18, 1815. (12) Rachel2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born in 1782 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (32) SHIELDS.

(13) Abigail2 WADDELL, (John1 WADDELL) was born in 1785 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (33) WILSON.


(16) Sarah Rebecca3 WADDELL, (John2 WADDELL, John1) was born Apr 25, 1796 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (34) Abraham HAIRE who was born about 1795 at Washington Co., Tn.

(17) John Sevier Hawkins3 WADDELL, (John2 WADDELL, John1) was born Feb 24, 1799 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (35) Sophia DOAK who was born about 1800 at Washington Co., Tn.

(19) Anne Burdine3 WADDELL, (Seth2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1800 at Cock Co., Tn.
(20) John Sevier3 WADDILL, (Seth2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1805 at Cock Co., Tn.
(21) Mary3 WADDELL, (Seth2 WADDELL, John1) was born about 1808 at Cock Co., Tn.
(22) Rachel Quee3 WADDELL, (Seth2 WADDELL, John1) was born about 1810 at Cock Co., Tn.

(24) Elizabeth Hanna3 WADDELL, (Charles2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1799 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (36) James FULKERSON who was born about 1799 at Washington Co., Tn. Elizabeth Hanna died in 1880.
7 + Elizabeth K.4 FULKERSON b. 1820 d.1887
38 + Charles W. FULKERSON b. 1822 d1885
39 + Margaret Y. FULKERSON b. 1830 d.1908
40 + Thomas K. FULKERSON b. 1834 d.1900
41 + Mary A. FULKERSON b. 1839 d.1912
42 + Martha W. FULKERSON b. 1843 d. 1872

(25) John3 WADDELL, (Charles2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1800 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (43) Elizabeth ROISTEN who was born about 1800. John died in 1877.
44 + Sarah4 WADDELL b.1824
45 + Margaret WADDELL b. 1826 d.1880
46 + Rachel WADDELL b. 1828 d.1870
47 + Charles W. WADDELL b. 1830 d.1917
48 + Susan WADDELL b. 1832 d.1896
49 + Benjamin WADDELL b. 1834 d.1896
50 + John W. WADDELL b. 1836 d.1858
51 + Rachel Quee WADDELL b. 1842 d. 1871

(26) Thomas King3 WADDELL, (Charles2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1808 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (52) Lucinia BEAVER who was born about 1810. Thomas King died in 1857.
53 SophiaMarie4WADDELL
54 + Mary H. WADDELL b. 1841 d.1858
55 + Charles W. WADDELL b. 1842 d.1897
56 + Margaret K. WADDELL b. 1843 d.1896
57 + Daniel WADDELL b. 1846
58 + James T. WADDELL b. 1849 d.1925
59 + Elizabeth WADDELL b. 1852 d.1873
60 + John J. WADDELL b. 1855 d.1935
61 + Seth K. WADDELL b. 1858 d. 1938

(29) Soam D. Gennings3 WADDELL, (Margaret2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1798 at Washington Co., Tn, and in 1828 at Washington Co., Tn, married (62) Filedia WOODS who was born in 1800 at Washington Co., Tn. Filedia died in 1863.
63 + Mary Josephine4 WADDELL b. 1829 d.1910
64 + Agnes WADDELL b. 1830 d.1854
65 + Nancy WADDELL b.1831
66 + Tilmon Howard WADDELL b. 1832 d.1908
67 + Margaret WADDELL b. 1835 d.1879
68 + David Woods WADDELL b. 1837
69 + Lasthenia Amanda WADDELL b. 1842
70 + Landon Haynes WADDELL b. 1844 d.1905
71 + Susan Alice WADDELL b. 1846

(30) Seth Quee Gennings3 WADDELL, (Margaret2 WADDELL, John1) was born in 1798 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (72) Elizabeth ROBINSON who was born about 1800.
73 + Soam Q.4 WADDELL b. 1845
74 + Charles R. WADDELL b. 1846
75 + Nancy WADDELL b. 1848
76 + Martha J. WADDELL b. 1850

He also married on Sep 24, 1822 at Washington Co., Tn, (77) Nancy MCGHEE who was born about 1800 at Washington Co., Tn.
78 + Daniel4 WADDELL b. 1829
79 + John WADDELL b. 1832
80 + Margaret WADDELL b. 1834
81 + Andrew Jackson WADDELL b. 1836


(63) Mary Josephine4 WADDELL, (Soam3 WADDELL, Margaret2, John1) was born in 1829 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (82) David Rankin WEST. Mary Josephine died in 1910.

(66) Tilmon Howard4 WADDELL, (Soam3 WADDELL, Margaret2, John1) was born in 1832 at Washington Co., Tn, and in 1872 at Washington Co., Tn, married (83) Addie YOUNG who was born in 1851 at Washington Co., Tn. Tilmon Howard died in 1908. Addie died in 1908.

(67) Margaret4 WADDELL, (Soam3 WADDELL, Margaret2, John1) was born in 1835 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (84) Humphrey GLAZE who was born about 1835 at Washington Co., Tn. Margaret died in 1879.

(70) Landon Haynes4 WADDELL, (Soam3 WADDELL, Margaret2, John1) was born in 1844 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (85) Malcena CATES. Landon Haynes died in 1905.

(71) Susan Alice4 WADDELL, (Soam3 WADDELL, Margaret2, John1) was born in 1846 at Washington Co., Tn, and married (86) Stephen Alexander BOWELL.

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