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Sirs, I am a concerned citizen of Claiborne County in the State of Tennessee ...

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Response (SDW Hotline) - 08/01/2005 02:49 PM
The following information has been provided in response to your question:

Title: Can the development of new homes utilizing septic systems adversely affect a nearby stream used as a drinking water source?

Title: To whom can we address our concerns that our state transportation department has plans to move a natural spring that serves as a partial source of drinking water for our community's well?

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Auto-Response - 07/29/2005 03:18 PM
Title: How can citizens and the public get involved in issues related to the Safe Drinki

Title: Can the salt used for highway deicing affect the quality of my drinking water?

Title: How does EPA define "other sensitive ground water areas" under the Underground In

Title: Who is involved in the standard setting process?

Title: What can I do to determine if lead is in my drinking water?

Customer - 07/29/2005 03:18 PM

I am a concerned citizen of Claiborne County in the State of Tennessee whose public water supply is being compromised by plans to build a large Marina just yards away.  Per your data this system serves 12,251 residents of Claiborne County.  This supply is unusual for the Norris reservoir because its water comes from the top of the TVA reservoir from which it sits.  It is about 15 years old and has served the communities of Tazewell and New Tazewell quite well for all those years.

To my knowledge there was no effort by those that to who the Public Notice issued by the Army Corps of Engineers in February of 2004  to see that the public was made aware of the possible risks to the public when building this Marina.

I have obtained most of the permit information from TVA along with a copy of the joint TVA ACE Public Notice.  I have emailed both agencies asking what efforts at the time the notice was written did they make to inform the public of their right to comment on the construction of this Marina.  I have gotten limited response and plan on following up with the sources, the local one day a week newspaper and the United States Post Office, to see if they actually did post these notices as requested or required.

I have a website with much of what I have just explained on it.  If you would could you let me know the legalities behind a public not being forewarned that this recreational Marina could compromise their public water supply.  Should marinas, especially of this magnitude be allowed to be built this close to a public surface water intake.
My website is:

Joe Payne
New Tazewell, TN  37825

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