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Descendants of Hugh Wear


I am copying some information from Kyle J. Wear,, that will try and shed light on the Weir/Wear's from Bucks Co., Pa, Augusta and Rockbridge Co, Va and then Washington, Sevier and Greene Co.'s Tn in RED.
(1) Hugh1 Wear married (2) Margaret.
Will probated 3 AUG 1779. His wife was living when the will was written but no name was given. He named 13 children, eight sons and five daus. John was the 6th son.

My Ancestor Reuben Payne is signer of the will of a John Wear in 1800 in Washington Co., TN. Reuben appeared on many documents with the Sevier Family. It is unclear to me if this John is the son of Hugh/Margaret or the son of Robert /Rebecca Carrell.

Another issue that was a problem on your internet site was the differentiation between the John Wear of Green Co., TN and the John Weir of Washington Co., TN. Based on the Revolutionary War Pension File of John Wear of Sevier Co., TN it has been proven that he was in fact the John Wear of Green Co. Also, the autobiography of John Wilkinson (1865), who is a grandson of the John Wear of Sevier Co., states that John Wear was the brother of Col. Samuel Wear and the son of Robert and Rebecca Carrell--this ends the debate on who he was.

The John Weir of Washington Co., TN was the same individual who lived in Rockbridge Co., VA in Borden's grant near Joseph Weir who was a son of Hugh Weir. The only question about this John Weir was whether or not he was the son of Hugh Weir of Rockbridge Co., VA. At this point, I would say that this is likely but has not been proven. The argument against him being a son of Hugh Weir of Rockbridge Co., VA stems from a problem in Hugh Weir's will of 1779. Hugh Weir's will specifically states that he left twenty pounds to his grandson Hugh Weir, son of his son John. Although John Weir of Washington Co., TN did have a son named Hugh E. Weir, he was not born May 13, 1790--eleven years after the probate of the will of Old Hugh Weir. The side for the John Weir of Washington Co., TN being the son of Hugh Weir states that he could have had an older son named Hugh who died and then renamed another son Hugh, which was not uncommon in that era.

At some point, I want to start a project of Y-chromosomal analysis of various Wear/Weir/Wier's and put this issue to a rest once and for all.

Also, if you have access to JoAnn Spore's book, please be aware that there is an error in regards to the John Weir of Washington Co., TN. In the book, she stated that he was born 12 Jan 1741 in Bucks Co., Pa--she inadvertantly put the birthdate for the John Wear of Sevier Co., TN. I have spoken with JoAnn about this and she is aware of the error. She plans to publish a second edition of her book and will correct the error. In fact, the year of his birth is not known for certain. However, assuming that the John Weir of Washington Co., TN is the son of Hugh Weir, and the muster role of Captain John Hasslet's Co. in Cumberland Co., PA also represents the son of Hugh Weir, it would in fact put his birth year about--quite a coincidence, huh.

Subj: Hugh Wear/Weir
Date: 12/7/98 1:45:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (James Basinger)

Thanks, Joe, for your good work! Karl Kiser told me about your pages and I have been in touch with him. You begin with Hugh Wear, b.1725. What else do you know about him before he got to Va.? I am assuming you don't know a lot and that is why it is not posted. Somewhere on your pages you have a Hugh Wear who died in 1739. Is that a typing mistake? Can't locate it, Joe Payne.

My ancestor Samuel Weir b.1721 or 31 lived in Bucks County, Pa. in the early early 1700's. He settled there and did not move on. The family tradition is that 3 brothers came to Bucks County. He is of the same generation as Hugh and Robert (Rebecca Carrell) and all three use similar names for their children.
Is there any evidence that Hugh was in Bucks County?

I have also been researching Nutfield (Londonderry, N.H.) where a Robert Weir settled in 1719 from Ulster. They established a Presbyterian Church there. About 1730 there was significant controversy in the church and in Nutfield. About the same time, the Rev.William Tennent, a graduate of the Univ. of Edinburgh, class of 1695, who had been the domestic champlain to Lady Anne, Duchess of Hamilton...> Ireland>Pa became the first minister of the Neshaminy Presbyterian Church on the Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County. (I notice in your notes that you have a John Weir on Shaminy Creek in Pa. I am certain that refers to the Neshaminy Creek where the church began.) Wm Tennent started a Log College (which was the beginning of Princeton in an indirect way) in 1726 to educate his sons and others in the classics and theology. Some of the students went on preaching missions up to New England.

This was an exciting place and definitely attractive for Presbyterians in the colonies. Could this have attracted the sons of Robert Weir in Nutfield to move to Bucks County? The fact that it was a stong Scotch Irish Settlement even before Wm Tennent arrived would also be attractive. Perhaps the land was cheaper than in New England.
Any thoughts???? I like to come up with a theory and then test it.
Donna Basinger

First, there has never been any evidence of any relationship of Robert Wear (who married Rebecca Carrell and is the father of Col. Samuel Wear) and Hugh Weir of Rockbridge Co., VA. Many researchers have attempted to link them, but the evidence is simply not there. Robert Wear was presumably the son of Robert and Martha Wear of the Nutfield, New Hampshire Presbyterian colony (this was a remnant of a pilgramage of Presbyterians under Rev. James MacGregor during Queen Ann's War to escape religious persecution--they originally were supposed to settle in Massachussetts in 1718, but because of a severe winter and a lack of welcome from the Puritans, half of the original congregation went to Maine in 1719 and the other half went to Nutfield [renamed Londonderry]). Although there has never been proof that Robert (father of Col. Samuel Wear) was the son of the Robert and Martha Wear, it had been shown that many of the New Hampshire Presbyterians later relocated to Bucks Co., PA about 1730 and since it was known that John Wear (son of Robert and Rebecca Carrell) was born in Bucks Co., PA, many genealogists have assumed that there was a connection so it has more or less become dogma.

In contrast, Hugh Weir first appears in Lurgan twp. of Old Cumberland Co. (present-day Franklin Co.), PA on the 1751 tax list. It has been shown on 4 land warrant from John Weir (presumably Hugh Weir's brother) that his land was bordered on the south by Hugh Weir who had entered his land in 1746. A review of the muster roles of Captain John Hasslet's Company (whose recruits were from this area of Cumberland Co.) shows in 1758 a Hugh Weir age 28 (although this is age is almost certainly incorrect--virtually all other recruits were in ages ranging from 18-21 and would have had Hugh Sr. fathering a child at the age of ten--most likely it is a typo and his age was in fact 18); this muster role states that Hugh Weir was born in Enniskillen, Ireland.

In 1759, the muster role shows a John Weir, age 18, who was born in County Antrim, Ireland. This Hugh Weir and John Weir on the muster roles of Capt. John Hasslet's Company were almost certainly the sons of Hugh Weir--although there were other Weir's in Cumberland Co., none of them had children with the right names or ages to have appeared in this company. Assuming that these are Hugh Weir's children (and although some genealogists still argue with me, I believe that I have largely won the debate on this), then it would imply that Hugh Weir and his family were still in Ireland until at least 1741. Based on the 1754 land warrant of John Weir which shows Hugh Weir entering land in 1746, this would suggest that Hugh Weir arrived from Ireland sometime between 1741 and 1746. Based on this evidence, it would be impossible for Hugh Weir to be a brother of Robert Wear (father of Col. Samuel Wear), although it would be possible for there to be a more remote relation back in Ireland.

The early records of Augusta Co., VA are replete with the name Weir and Wear. The names seem to have been used interchangeably. Augusta Co., VA covered a large area and later other countries and parts of counties were formed from it. Today most of the records of Old Augusta County are found in Rockbridge Co. In 1912 Lyman Chalkley wrote three Volumes entitled "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia". The books summarize the early court records of this reagion. As in most all cases, original records should be referred to wenever paoosible, books on genealogy should be used as guidelines only.

A study of these records reveal that there were several Weir families living in Augusta Co., Va in the century from 1700 to 1800 - they were very early settlers of the region. We find on Aug 19, 1752 where Robert Weir and John Cunningham, both of Augusta, are Grantees from Richard Cousart of 333 acres. Witnessed by Samuel Houston, Thos. Eakin, Andrew Lockridge.

In 1789 a Thomas Stuart of Augusta Co. died and a list of debts owed to the estate was filed with the court. The various people mentioned were identified in some way. There were five Weirs, three of whom were named John: Jon Weir (Smith's cousin), John Weir (Hughs brother), John Weir (Roberts son), James Weir (Jeremiah Telford's father in law), Hugh Weir (Smith) - reference fround in Chalkley's Chronicles Vol. III Page 189. This list gives us a great many clues. The word Smith, no doubt was used for blacksmith or silver smith since many in the list of 75 men were identified by their trade. Although there were many Weirs living in Augusta Co. all have not been divided into families with certainty.

In this text we are concerned with the Hugh Weir who owned a plantation in Rockbridge Co., VA and who died in 1779. He left a very interesting will, it is not punctuated and the spelling in phonetic - also it contains words we are not familiar with today. Some punctuation has been added for clarity. One item is where Hugh speaks of his grandchildren to wit the Hughes. In studying the grandsons named Hugh we do find that daughter Elizabeth McCutcheon had a son Hugh who was born Feb 22, 1773, daughter Susana Buchanans son Hugh was born about 1775 and son Josephs son Hugh was born 1770-1780, according to the 1830-40 Blount Co., TN Census. Then of course Hugh states my Grandson Hugh to wit my son Johns son. All other grandsons named Hugh, that we have record of, were born after the date of old Hugh's will of Mar 31, 1779.

Will of Hugh Weir Rockbridge co., Va March 31st 1779
In the name of God Amen. I Hugh Weir of the County of Rockbridge and Colony of Virginia Calling to mind that mortality of my body though sound in Memory knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die as also believing that God is able at the Resurrection to Raise this same Body and to unite it to the soul again do make and constitute this my last Will and Testamnt. That is to say first and principally I give my soul to God who gave it and my Body to be Bruied in a Christian and Decent like manner at the Direction of my Executors and as Touching such wordly Estate as it hath pleased God to Bles me with I give and Bequeath in Manner following. First I give and bequeath to my Beloved wife my old bay mare two best Cows and four sheep her bed and furniture her Chest and also all Dressing furnishing my Dwelling House with a sufficient Maintinance from my plantation during her life, as also my Negro wench during her life and then I order her to my son Abrahm Jonathan likewise I order my plantation to my son Abraham and allow him to pay to my son James the sum of Two Hundred pounds good and lawful money of Viginia if Money stands at the same value it now goes at if it alters I leave my Executors Judges in that Alteration. Likewise I give and Bequeath to my son Abraham my Sorrel Coalt paying to my son George and Hugh each fifty pounds leaving the Alteration as aforesaid to the Direction of my Executors the several sums I order Abraham to pay at the expiration of two years after my Decease. Also I give to my sons John, Joseph and Samuel to each Twenty Shillings likewise I give to my Daughters Jean Cunningham, Margret Montgomery, Mary Walker, Susanna Buchanan, Elizabeth McCutchen to each Ten Shillings likewise I give and bequeath to my Grandson Hugh to wit my son Johns son the sum of Twenty pounds. Also I allow my son Abrahm to provide and lay in a sufficient Quantity of food for the aforesaid Stock willed to my wife yearly. Item I give to my Grandchildren to with the Hughes to each forty Shillings and the Remainder of the thick Cloath after Abrahms suit to be equally Divided betwixt my three youngest sons and all the Remainder of my Estate to my wife to pay debts and to be at her Disposal and lastly I constitute John Weir Junior and George Weir my Executors and Revoke all former wills witnes my hand and seal this 31st Day of March in the year above Mentioned.

Hugh Weir (Seal)

Signed Sealed and published in presence of us
Saml. Weir
Mathew Houston
George Weir
3 + Susana2 Weir
4 + Mary Weir
5 + Elizabeth Weir
6 + Jean Weir
7 + Abraham Weir b.c 1739
8 + John Wear b. d.c 1800 was it in Missouri ? (My Reuben Payne witnessed the will of John Weir in Washington Co., TN in 1800)
8 1/2 + Jonathan Sr. WEIR Birth: BEF. 1760 in Blount County, Tennessee Death: 1832

1 James Hutchenson Rankin WEIR b: 30 SEP 1789 d: APR 1832
  + Elizabeth GAULT b: AFT. 1790 d: AFT. 30 DEC 1850
    2 Johnathan Gault WEIR b: ABT. 1813
    2 Elinor Gault WEIR b: 1814
    2 William Gault WEIR b: 11 DEC 1817 d: 2 NOV 1837
      + Sarah Amanda Field YANCEY b: 11 JUN 1819 d: 5 DEC 1879
        3 James Hutchenson Yancey II WEIR b: 30 SEP 1838 d: 14 SEP 1893
          + Nancy Eliza HOLLIDAY b: 17 SEP 1847 d: 25 FEB 1942
            4 John Holliday WEIR b: AFT. 1866 d: 1912
            4 Mildred A. Holliday WEIR b: 23 AUG 1870
            4 Lucretia (Loulie) Holliday WEIR b: 17 SEP 1874 d: 28 AUG 1961
              + George Herbert Beaky WALKER b: 11 JUN 1875 d: 24 JUN 1953
                5 Dorothy Weir WALKER b: 1 JUL 1901 d: 19 NOV 1992
                  + Prescott Sheldon Senator BUSH b: 15 MAY 1895 d: 8 OCT 1972
                    6 George Herbert Walker President BUSH b: 12 JUN 1924
                      + Barbara PIERCE b: 8 JUN 1925
                        7 Robin Pierce BUSH d: 1953
                5 George Herbert Weir WALKER
                5 John M. Weir WALKER
                5 James Weir WALKER
            4 Joseph Holliday WEIR b: 27 NOV 1876
            4 James Hutchenson Holliday WEIR b: AFT. 1866
            4 Arthur Yancy Holliday WEIR b: ABT. 1880
            4 William Holliday WEIR b: ABT. 1882

9 + Samuel Weir b.c 1745
10 + George Weir b.c 1748
11 + James Weir b.c 1750
12 + Margaret Weir b.c 1750
13 + Joseph Weir b.c 1751
14 + Hugh Weir b.c 1753


(3) Susana2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) married (15) Buchanan.
(4) Mary2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) married (16) Walker.
(5) Elizabeth2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) married (17) McCutchen.
(6) Jean2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) married (18) Cunningham.
(7) Abraham2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1739 at Va.
(8) John2 Wear, (Hugh1) was born 12 Jan 1740/1741 at (The date and place of this John Wear is evidently wrong because it is the same birth date of John Wear of Bucks Co. PA, son of Robert whose lineage is included on another page, The lineage is correct though), and married (19) Agnes Nancy Blackburn, daughter of Benjamine Blackburn and Mary Blackburn, who was born in 1757 at Fredrick, Va. John died about 1800 at Washington Co., Tn. Agnes Nancy died before 1835.

Will written 1800. Probably born in Rockbridge Co., VA. Had 11 children, George was the 7th.
Was this the John who served in American Revolution and received a land grant of 150 acres in TN for his services? According to Kyle Wear above the Johns of Washinton, Greene and Sevier Counties were one and the same.

Washington Co. Tennessee Marriages and Wills Vol. 1 1778 - 1820. p-58 source p-54 original.
Reuben Payne witness to John Wear, Washington Co. Tn.
Benefactors wife Agnes; Children, Nancy, Phebe, Susannah, Betsy, Jane, George, Hugh, Margaret Cunningham, Margaret Wilson, Benjamin. Exc: Agnes Wear, Benjamin Wear, John Wilson. Wit: Reuben Payne, Allen Mathew, Pro. Aug 1800. Signed John Weir.

It seems that Robert and Rebecca Carrell's son John Wear also died 1800 but near Cape Girardeau, MO. This Wear family originated in Bucks Co., PA settled in Rockbridge Co., Va as did the Hugh Wear/Weir family and then on to the frontier of Washington Co. Tn while it was still the State of Franklin as did the Hugh Weir line. Were Hugh and Robert Brothers with sons John??? Please see excerts of email from Kyle Wear The birth dates of both Johns of about 1741 seem very coincidental as does the death of 1800 one in Washington Co., TN the other in Cape Girardeau, MO.

A John Wear was on the roster of soldiers of King's Mountain. He was on the First Tax List for the County of Greene, State of Tennessee, 1783 and was a signer of the Petition of the Inhabitants of the Western Country for the formation of the State of Franklin, December, 1787.
Email from Karl Kiser explains who this John Wear was.

I too, Joe Payne, am researching another John Weir who may or may not be a part of this established lineage. He is John Weir who may have died in Claiborne County, TN. He came to that are with the Thomas Graham family of Tyrone Co. Ireland and married Thomas Graham and Jane Macbeths daughter Mary Graham born about 1750. I have included a short lineage of that line in Claiborne County.

The following are some deeds which prove one of the John Weir/Wear's of Washington Co., TN is the same John who lived next door to Joseph Weir in Rockbridge, Co., VA.
Aug 21, 1765 John Weir deed from Archibald Alexander, Bill of Sale, Book 12 Page 156
- John of Augusta Co. deed for 201 acres for 35 lbs. beginning at Wm. McCandless corner, later became part of Rockbridge Co.
Mar 2, 1784 John Weir and wife to Daniel Kidd, Book A. Page 417.
Oct. 2, 1787 John Weir and wife to Daniel Kidd, Book A Page 646 - John and Agnes by power of attorney from Washington Co., State of Franklin (as TN was called at one time) 201 acres for 275 lbs. corner John Bowyer, Wm. Alexander, George Campbell to corner Joseph Weir, Alexander Moore's line. First deed 1784 proved by Wm. Alexander, second deed 1787 proved by John Weir and Wm. Walker. Witnesses for first deed 1784 John Weir, Wm. Walker and Wm. Alexander, witnesses for second deed 1787 Wm. Graham, Wm. Walker, Hugh Weir.
Oct 6, 1789 John Weir to David Kidd Book B Page 93
- John and Agnes by power of attorney from Washington Co., State of Franklin - proved by Hugh Weir and Wm. Walker and Rev. Wm. Graham. "At a Court held from Rockbridge Co., Oct 6, 1789 Agness Weir wife of within named John Weir appeared in court and being first privily examined voluntary relinquished her dower in the lands conveyed by the Deed of Bargain and Sale of which the above is a copy - Teste A. Reid Clk".
On this same day James Weir appeared in Court to record the deed to his property. In Washington Co., TN John and Agnes had 100 acres joining the Piney Mountains, which land is mentioned in his will.
North Carolina land grants in TN 1778-1791 lists #682 John Wear 100 acres Washington Co., TN joining the Piney Mountains. he is shown on 1799 Washington Co. Tax List with 514 acres and his sons Benjamin and George living next door. In 1801 the tax list shows Agness, widow with 177 acres, Benjamin with 168 acres and George with 168 acres.

It has been discussed in many books on Weir/Wear familes and and Washington Co., TN area of the confusion of the two John's. One was John Wear of Greene Co. and the other John, our subject, of Washington Co. Both are mentioned several times in the early records of the area; however, they died over 30 years apart. They were usually separated by designation - John WEAR of Green Co., and John Weir of Washington Co. They were both appointed Justices on 23 Apr. 1796 by John Sevier and he indicated the difference by the spelling of their surname and the counties.
There are Chancery Records in Augusta Co., Va when Samuel Blackburn, brother of Johns wife Nancy, died Mar 2, 1835 and having no children left a portion of his estate to nephews and nieces, there were 46 in all. The children of "Nancy" wife of the late John Weir of East Tennessee" were among the legatees. But wait, one John married Nancy Moore and one Agnes Blackburn as stated in the Will. This all points to the name Nancy as being Blackburn not Moore. Was John the son of Hugh or the son or Robert?
The affidavit of Elizabeth Gray of Lincoln Co., TN, daughter of John and Nancy Blackburn Weir, dated Jan 7, 1841 states her father, John Wear, married her mother, Nancy Blackburn, sister of Gen. Samuel Blackburn of Va. That their issue were: George, Hugh, Nancy who married Thomas Alexander, Susan who married Pleasnat Bird, Phoebe who married George Mathews, Elizabeth who married James Gray, Benjmin, Mary who married James Cunningham, Margaret who married John Wilson and Jane who married John Rankin. All are living except Benjamin, Mary, Margaret and Jane. Benjamin died Oct. 1838 married Nancy Duff and it names his children. Mary Wear died more than 9 years ago. Margaret died 6 or 7 years ago and Jane dead more than 10 years.
A letter of Thomas Alexander, husband of Nancy Wear, to Samuel Balckburn, Deerfield, VA, from Green Co., TN dated 23 Apr 1839 - those of the family alive on Mar 2, 1835 where Betsey Gray, Nancy Alexander, Phoebe Mathews (of Washington Co., TN), Susan Bird (West TN or AL0, Benjamin, since dead (of Lincoln Co., TN) Margaret Wilson, since dead (Greene Co., TN). another -- Orphans Court Records of Limestone Co., AL 1835-43 Page 353 dated Jan 15, 1840 - "Susan" BYRD and Elizabeth GRAY residing in Limestone Co, are desirous to identify themselves as children of John and Nancy and swear that Nancy was a sister of Samuel and that John and Nancy had: Benjamin, Elizabeth, George, Nancy, Phoebe, Susan, Polly, Peggy, Jane and Hugh - that now (1840) above are Elizabeth Gray, Nancy Alexander, Phoebe Matthews, Susan Byrd, George Wear, not known if Hugh is living, the following died previouse Mar 2, 1835, Polly, Peggy and Jane. Benj. died since the date before mentioned - all of which facts are order by the court to be spred on the records".

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

20 + Susannah3 Wear
21 + Phoebe Wear
22 + Nancy Wear
23 + Jane Wear
24 + Elizabeth Wear
25 + Mary Polly Wear
26 + John Wear
27 + Hugh E. Wear
28 + Margaret Peggy Wear
29 + George Wear b. 2 Feb 1777 d. 5 Dec 1865
30 + Benjamin Wear b.c 1781 d. Oct 1838

(9) Samuel2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1745 at Va.
Samuel Weir is mention several times in Gov. John Sevier's Diary. I am taking for granted that this is the Samuel Weir that he is refering to. It seems that this may not be correct. Was this Samuel mentioned actually another son of Robert Weir and Nancy Moore of Bucks Co. PA. ?? See the lineage of Robert/Nancy Moore
(10) George2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1748 at Va.
(11) James2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1750.

(12) Margaret2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1750 at Va, and married (31) James Montgomery, son of John Montgomery and Esther Houston, daughter of John Houston and Margaret Cunningham.
In Hugh Weir's will he mentions his sons and daughters. Years later, most of them wre living in Blount Co., TN. Hugh Weir's will was witnessed by Samuel Weir, George Weir and Mathew HOUSTON. Mathew Houston also moved to Blunt Co. John MONTGOMERY (Father of James who was Hugh's son in law) signed the inventory of Hugh's estate and later in Blount Co. signed the will of Joseph Weir. When the brothers in Blount Co. made their wills they proved their relationsship to each other and established their ties to the Rockbridge family. In his will, Samuel Weir , farmer names his brothers James and Abrahm as exectors.

(13) Joseph2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1751 at Va.
(14) Hugh2 Weir, (Hugh1 Wear) was born about 1753 at Va.


(20) Susannah3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) married (32) Pleasant Bird.
(21) Phoebe3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) married (33) George Mathews.
(22) Nancy3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) married (34) Thomas Alexander.
(23) Jane3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) married (35) John Rankin.
(24) Elizabeth3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) married (36) James Gray.
(25) Mary Polly3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) married (37) James Cunningham.
(26) John3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1)
(27) Hugh E.3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1)
(28) Margaret Peggy3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1)

(29) George3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) was born 2 Feb 1777 at Rockbridge Co., Va, and on 30 Sep 1800 at Knox Co., Tn, married (38) Sarah Rhea, daughter of Archibald Rhea, Sr. and Margaret Campbell, who was born in 1781 at Va. George died on 5 Dec 1865 at Baldwyn, Johnson Co., MS. Sarah died in 1851.

Buried in Old Lebanon Cemetery. Had eleven children, Margaret was oldest. Served in War of 1812 and received at least 80 acres of bounty land for his services. He and Sarah left Washington CO., TN after 1801 and by 1813 had moved to Madison CO., AL. From there, by 1840, they had first moved to Cooper CO., MO and then to Johnson CO., MO.

Probably died JohnsonCO, MO. Also probably dau. of Margaret Campbell (1735-aft 1781) and her cousin, Archibald Rhea Sr, first tavernkeeper of Knoxville, TN, who died in 1794. All of the Rheas both in VA and TN in early days were related and according to Zella Armstrong, in her "Notable Southern Families", descended from Matthew Campbell who was imprisoned on the Isle of Man, Peel Castle. He fled to Ireland and changed his name to Creagh, Reagh, Reah, and what finally became Rhea. Some descendents changed the name to RAY, and one of these was the noted genealogist and historian, Worth S. Ray.

39 + Margaret R.4 Wear b. 10 Aug 1801 d. 4 Oct 1874

(30) Benjamin3 Wear, (John2, Hugh1) was born about 1781, and on 15 Feb 1805 at Washington Co., Tn, married (40) Nancy Agness Duff, daughter of William Duff and Agness, who was born about 1785. Benjamin died in Oct 1838 at Franklin Co., Tn.

Benjamin and family can be found on the 1820 and 1830 Franklin Co., TN Census. His will id filed in Lincoln Co., TN Page 392. It is said Benjamin served in the War of 1812.

Nancy Duff is named in her fathers will of 1819 recored in Washington Co., Va Book 4 Page 314.

41 + Mariamme4 Wear b. 3 Feb 1806 d. 29 Apr 1850
42 + John Calvin Weir b. 17 Oct 1808 d. 22 Jun 1874


(39) Margaret R.4 Wear, (George3, John2, Hugh1) was born 10 Aug 1801 at Washington Co., Tn, and on 10 Mar 1829 at Jackson Co., Ala, married (43) Richard B. Clayton who was born 15 Mar 1790 at NC. Margaret R. died on 4 Oct 1874 at Baldwyn, MS. Richard B. died on 27 Dec 1867 at Baldwyn, MS. Richard B. was married to Sally Rutledge.

"Family legend says she was first married to Sheriff William Trimble, who disappeared shortly after their wedding day, his horse, still saddled and completely equipped being found wandering in the forest. The sheriff was never seen again..."

(41) Mariamme4 Wear, (Benjamin3, John2, Hugh1) was born 3 Feb 1806 at Washington Co., Tn. Mariamme died on 29 Apr 1850.
1. MARIAMME4 WEIR (BENJAMIN3, JOHN2, HUGH1) was born February 03, 1806 in Washington Co, TN, and died April 29, 1850. She married ROBERT COWAN MCCORD May 04, 1826 in Franklin Co, TN, son of JAMES MCCORD and DORCAS COWAN. He was born March 15, 1802 in Blount Co, TN, and died December 28, 1852 in Lawrence Co, AL.


i. JAMES5 MCCORD, b. October 21, 1828, TN; d. December 06, 1849, Lawrence Co, AL.
ii. BENJAMIN C. MCCORD, b. September 14, 1830, TN; d. October 30, 1851, Lawrence Co, AL.
iii. MARTHA JANE MCCORD, b. January 19, 1832, AL; m. JOHN C. MCGAUGHY, August 05, 1851.
iv. WILLIAM LAPSLEY MCCORD, b. May 18, 1834, AL.
v. MARY AGNES MCCORD, b. March 11, 1836, AL.
vi. JOHN CALVIN MCCORD, b. March 31, 1838, AL.
vii. DORCAS LOUANNA MCCORD, b. March 20, 1840, AL.
viii. LOUCINDA JOHNSON (TWIN) MCCORD, b. May 12, 1842.
2. ix. MINERVA LUCIA (TWIN) MCCORD, b. May 12, 1842.
x. ELIZA MCCORD, b. April 04, 1847, AL.
xi. ROBERT BELL MCCORD, b. October 04, 1847, AL.

Generation No. 2

2. MINERVA LUCIA (TWIN)5 MCCORD (MARIAMME4 WEIR, BENJAMIN3, JOHN2, HUGH1) was born May 12, 1842. She married SPENCER YOW April 28, 1863 in Camden,Wilcox,AL, son of BRADLEY YOW. He was born January 06, 1833 in AL, and died February 21, 1881 in Leon, TX.


3. i. ANNIE ADELLE6 YOW, b. April 01, 1868, Merango County, AL; d. October 29, 1959, Snyder, TX.
ii. CLEADE FERDIAN YOW, b. October 13, 1880.
iii. MATTIE BELLE YOW, b. July 07, 1876.
iv. MINNIE LOU YOW, b. March 10, 1870; d. December 28, 1954.
v. ROBERT ELI YOW, b. October 19, 1873.
vi. SPENCER TRAVIS YOW, b. February 11, 1866.
vii. WALTER EDWARD YOW, b. March 14, 1864.

Generation No. 3

3. ANNIE ADELLE6 YOW (MINERVA LUCIA (TWIN)5 MCCORD, MARIAMME4 WEIR, BENJAMIN3, JOHN2, HUGH1) was born April 01, 1868 in Merango County, AL, and died October 29, 1959 in Snyder, TX. She married (1) EDWARD W. WATKINS. She married (2) GEORGE LEONARD ROGERS November 01, 1896 in Freestone Co., TX, son of PATTERSON ROGERS and JANE SOLOMAN. He was born October 06, 1864 in Covington County, AL, and died August 13, 1935 in Snyder, TX.

Burial: Snyder, TX

Children of ANNIE YOW and EDWARD WATKINS are:

i. COY T.7 WATKINS, b. July 28, 1891, Wotham, TX; d. Ft. Worth, TX; m. ALMA CARTER.
ii. EDGAR WILLIS WATKINS, b. June 07, 1888, Wotham, TX; d. Ft. Worth, TX; m. MYRTLE INGRAM.
iii. HOLMER ELIE WATKINS, b. January 27, 1890, Wotham, TX; m. LENA RAMSOUR.

Children of ANNIE YOW and GEORGE ROGERS are:

iv. RICHARD GEORGE7 ROGERS, b. September 23, 1897, Wotham, TX; d. 1919, Snyder, TX.
v. LIDIA JEWEL ROGERS, b. April 26, 1898; m. CARL BURNEY.
vi. JANIE ROGERS, b. August 03, 1900, Wortham, TX; d. September 02, 1924, Snyder, TX; m. OSCAR SNEED, October 11, 1921; b. November 25, 1885, Holland, TX; d. September 05, 1963, Snyder, TX.
vii. JAMES TRAVIS ROGERS, b. August 13, 1902, Wortham, TX; d. July 23, 1958, Snyder, TX; m. ETHEL LYNCH; b. May 30, 1906, TX.
viii. LAURA BELLE ROGERS, b. February 12, 1905, Mexia, TX; d. February 05, 1946, Snyder, TX; m. JORDAN D. DICKEY, June 11, 1933; b. March 20, 1900, OK; d. August 23, 1973, Houston, TX.
4. ix. GLADYS NAOMA ROGERS, b. January 28, 1907, Snyder, TX; d. August 01, 1986, Nashville, TN.
5. x. MATTIE MAE ROGERS, b. May 29, 1910.
xi. EURA FAY ROGERS, b. July 21, 1912, Snyder, TX; d. February 10, 1944, Ft. Worth, TX.
6. xii. CURTIS PATISON ROGERS, b. June 26, 1908, Snyder, TX; d. December 14, 1976, Miami Co, IN.

Generation No. 4

4. GLADYS NAOMA7 ROGERS (ANNIE ADELLE6 YOW, MINERVA LUCIA (TWIN)5 MCCORD, MARIAMME4 WEIR, BENJAMIN3, JOHN2, HUGH1) was born January 28, 1907 in Snyder, TX, and died August 01, 1986 in Nashville, TN. She married OSCAR SNEED December 03, 1932. He was born November 25, 1885 in Holland, TX, and died September 05, 1963 in Snyder, TX.

Children of GLADYS ROGERS and OSCAR SNEED are:

i. ELOISE8 SNEED, b. 1923, Snyder, TX; m. BARNY DEBUSK; d. 1977.
ii. PATSY FAY SNEED, b. July 27, 1940; m. (1) BUCK TRENT; m. (2) BUDDY POSEY.
iii. JESSE SNEED, b. April 15, 1943.
iv. LILLIE MAY SNEED, b. January 13, 1948.




6. CURTIS PATISON7 ROGERS (ANNIE ADELLE6 YOW, MINERVA LUCIA (TWIN)5 MCCORD, MARIAMME4 WEIR, BENJAMIN3, JOHN2, HUGH1) was born June 26, 1908 in Snyder, TX, and died December 14, 1976 in Miami Co, IN. He married FLORA MURRELL WAGGONER, daughter of RICHARD WAGGONER and LILLIAN HALL. She was born August 14, 1908 in Wilarger Co,TX, and died March 01, 2000 in Lucerne Valley,CA.


iii. GLENN LEONARD ROGERS, b. August 05, 1948.

The above information furnished by GLENN ROGERS

(42) John Calvin4 Weir, (Benjamin3 Wear, John2, Hugh1) was born 17 Oct 1808 at Washington Co., Tn, and on 2 Aug 1838, married (44) Hannah Lucia Seaver who was born 7 Oct 1812 at Walpole, NH. John Calvin died on 22 Jun 1874.

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