Descendants of James Weir


(1) James1 Weir was born about 1750 at Ireland, and married (2) Mary Graham, daughter of Thomas Graham and Jane Jean Macbeth, who was born about 1750. Mary died at Claiborne Co., Tn and was buried at Irish Memorial, Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tn. Mary was married to William Houston.
There is in the Will of James Hamilton in Claiborne County Will Book A pg 79 the mention of Betsy Wear his wife who died sometime near Feb 1834. She would have been the right age to be in the following family.
WHO WAS THIS JOHN(James) WEIR WHO MARRIED MARY GRAHAM, daughter of Thomas Graham and Jean Macbeth.?  Was he originally an immigrant from Ireland?? or related to the other Wear/Weir families from Rockbridge and Augusta Counties Va.
One reason I ask this is
John and Agnes by power of attorney from Washington Co., State of Franklin - proved by Hugh Weir and Wm. Walker and Rev. Wm. Graham.
More on some mention of these families are at my on the Hugh Wear and Margaret site.
Also I will mention that I have an A.W. Blackburn who married Sarah Graham in TN approx. 1850. Sarah was the daughter of Hughe Graham and Catherine Nenny, probably Neeley. William Graham came from Tyrone Ireland. This Graham family was the same Grahams that helped found Tazewell. This William was a brother to Hughe. This William was married to Margaret Chamberlin.  Were the Grahams and Wears connected in Augusta Co., Va before coming to Claiborne County, TN???
Well I apologize for a mistake I made in this assumption of James Weir, seems as though he was an immigrant from Ireland.  The following article comes from the Claiborne Co. Progress, March 24, 1999 issue.
Rich in History, one of Claiborne County's greatest attributes may very well be Claiborne County's own public library.
Built for James Weir, an immigrant from Ireland, the house was erected in 1830.
Weir came to the United States to marry Mary Graham Houston whom along with her brother, William, were merchants and landowners in and around what is now known as Tazewell, Tennessee

More on Hugh Wear and Margaret and Robert Wear and Rebecca Carrell

3 + Mary2 Weir
4 + Ann Jane Weir b.c 1808
5 + Margaret Weir b.c 1805
6 + Matilda Weir b.c 1810
7 + Thomas Weir b.c 1800


(3) Mary2 Weir, (James1) married (8) John Aikre.

(4) Ann Jane2 Weir, (James1) was born about 1808 in Ireland, and married (9) Benjamin F. Sewell in 1830 in Claiborne County. Benjamin was born 1781 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Benjamin F. was married to Mary Johnson.
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I saw your query on the Sewell homepage in KY....thought you might want to be aware of this. Benjamin Sewal md bond 30 Jan 1783 Lunenburg Co, VA to Sarah Smith. Bought land in Caswell Co, NC in 1800.....may be some branch of your VA family.? Diane in SD.
Margie Taylor's Rootsweb Database on Benjamin Sewell

10 + Margaret Virginia3 Sewell b: 1833 in Claiborne Co.
11 + James Joseph Sewell b: 28 FEB 1835 in Claiborne Co.
12 + Mary Louise Sewell b: 1843 in Tazwell, Claiborne Co.
13 + Houston Sewell b. 24 Feb 1837 d. 7 Oct 1866

(5) Margaret2 Weir, (James1) was born about 1780 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (14) Robert Glenn who was born about 1785 at Johnson Co., MO.
15 + Emma V.3 Glenn b.c 1840

(6) Matilda2 Weir, (James1) was born about 1795 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (16) Anthony McAmis who was born about 1795 at Tn.
17 + Mary3 McAmis b.c 1830
18 + Margaret McAmis b.c 1832

(7) Thomas2 Weir, (James1) was born about 1800 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (19) Louisa McHenry who was born about 1800 at Powell Valley, Claiborne Co., Tn.
Thomas Weir was Admr. of the estate of William Kincaid.


(10) Margaret Virginia3 Sewell, (Ann2 Weir, James1) married (20) Jackson Evans. Jackson was married to Lou Morrison.
(11) James Joseph3 Sewell, (Ann2 Weir, James1)
(12) Mary Louise3 Sewell, (Ann2 Weir, James1)

(13) Houston3 Sewell, (Ann2 Weir, James1) was born 24 Feb 1837 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and on 22 Mar 1858 at Claiborne Co., Tn, married (21) Saluda Jane Cottrell, daughter of David Chadwell Cottrell and Mary Norman Ewing, who was born 6 Jul 1841 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Houston died on 7 Oct 1866. Saluda Jane died on 15 Jun 1906.

(15) Emma V.3 Glenn, (Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born about 1840 at Johnson Co., MO, and in 1869 at Claiborne Co., Tn, married (22) Peter Graham Fulkerson, son of James Fulkerson and Francis J. Patterson, who was born 5 Dec 1840 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Peter Graham was married to Jennie E. Jane Fugate.

Peter Graham Fulkerson was a prominent lawyer and at one time was Attorney General of Tennessee. He also is the author of Early Settlers of Claiborne Co. that regularly appears in editions of Reflections, CCHS quarterly.

P.G. Fulkerson,s family, after living about six years in Tazewell moved to Mulberry Gap, and four years later they went to his farm in Lee County, Va, but later returned to Tazewell. His father was a success a a physician, and gave forty years of his life to the practice of medicine. He was an old line Whig, and he and his wife were worthy members of the Presbyterian Church. P.G. Fulkerson was educated at the academy school of Tazewell and finished at Danville, Mo. At about twenty-two years of age, in 1861, he entered the Confederate State Army, from Missouri. He was first in col. Elliott's regiment, then served one year in Gen. Sterling Price's Unit. He was captured at Danville, within the lines of the Federal Commander, and who had issued orders to treat all as spies who were found on the north side of the Missouri River. After a variety of trouble, and through the influence of his uncle Richard C. Fulkerson, who was a Union citizen, he was released on a bond of $10,000. He returned to Tazewell to find all his brothers away to escape the political prejudice existing at the time. He went back to Missouri and farmed for two years where he began reading law. He returned to Tennessee and was admitted to the bar in 1868. He was a member of the constitutional convention in 1870 aand in 1873 he was appointed by Gov. John C. Brown, attorney general.

23 + Glenn Ewing4 Fulkerson b. 1870 d. 1894
24 + Fannie Fulkerson b. 1872
25 + Cornelia Russell Fulkerson b. 1874
26 + James Whitehill Fulkerson b. 1876 d. 1895
27 + Emma Aurelia Fulkerson b. 1877
28 + Francis Frederick Fulkerson b. 1881

(17) Mary3 McAmis, (Matilda2 Weir, James1) was born about 1830 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (29) Nelson McNeal, son of John McNeal, who was born about 1828 at Claiborne Co., Tn.

(18) Margaret3 McAmis, (Matilda2 Weir, James1) was born about 1832 at Claiborne Co., Tn.


(23) Glenn Ewing4 Fulkerson, (Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born in 1870 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Glenn Ewing died in 1894 at Claiborne Co., Tn.

(24) Fannie4 Fulkerson, (Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born in 1872 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (30) Herman Y. Hughes, son of Hughes, who was born about 1865 at Claiborne Co., Tn.

31 + Lawrence5 Hughes b.c 1905
32 + Katherine Hughes b.c 1910

(25) Cornelia Russell4 Fulkerson, (Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born in 1874 at Claiborne Co., Tn.
(26) James Whitehill4 Fulkerson, (Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born in 1876 at Claiborne Co., Tn. James Whitehill died in 1895.
(27) Emma Aurelia4 Fulkerson, (Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born in 1877 at Claiborne Co., Tn.
(28) Francis Frederick4 Fulkerson, (Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born in 1881 at Claiborne Co., Tn.


(31) Lawrence5 Hughes, (Fannie4 Fulkerson, Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born about 1905 at Claiborne Co., Tn.
(32) Katherine5 Hughes, (Fannie4 Fulkerson, Emma3 Glenn, Margaret2 Weir, James1) was born about 1910 at Claiborne Co., Tn.

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