William Payne of Walker Co., GA This William Payne family has close ties with the other PAYNES of East Tennessee.  Does anyone have any idea
who the parents of William PAYNE b. 1780 in Va could be.   Joe Payne
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  1-  William Payne (1780 Va - 1851 Walker Co. Ga.)
           m.  Sarah Manes (Manas)  in Hawkins Co. TN
            2- Riley Payne  (1804 Hawkins Tn- 1860-70 Walker Co. GA)
                sp  Sally Frazier  married Greene Co. TN
            2-  Female born 1800-1810
            2- Anna Payne (1809 -  )  died in Scott Co Ark
                sp John Frazier  married Greene Co TN
            2- William Coffman Payne (1811 in Hawkins Co TN - died
               Scott Co Ark)
                sp.  Elizabeth Frazier  married Greene Co TN
            2- Elijah  Payne (1819 Hawkins Co Tn - died Walker Co Ga
               1860 -70)
                sp.  Artamisa (possible Earnest)
             2-  Female born 1820 - 1825
             2-  Jesse H Payne (1824 in Hawkins Tn - died Scott Co
                  m  Mary Evatt  in Walker Co Georgia
            2-  Female born 1825 - 1830  in Tn.
     I descend from Riley Payne.  This whole line moved from Hawkins
Co TN to Greene Co Tn about 1827.  In 1839 they sold the land in
Greene Co. TN and moved to Rock Springs, Walker County Georgia  where
they stayed until after the Civil War.  Most of them moved to
Arkansas.  My bunch moved to Yell County Arkansas and another moved
to Scott Co Ark.  One lone Payne went to Kansas.
      I have been trying to figure out The parents and siblings of
William Payne but it is like looking for John Smith.  Lots of William
Paynes even in East Tennessee.
      Thanks for sending me your Woodall line.  I figure they all
connect somewhere.  Willis Woodall was a Blacksmith.  He married
Carrie Johnson in Franklin County Va.  They were all over the place
for awhile.  Supposedly they settled in DeKalb County Alabama in the

Hi Joe, I am also a descendent of the Payne family. You were wondering who was William Payne's parents. William Payne Jr. was born 1780 in Va. and died Dec. 25, 1881 in rock springs Walker, Georgia. He married Sarah Manes April 24, 1804 in Haskins, Tn. their children were: Riley Payne 1805 John R. Payne 1808 Annie Payne 1809 William Coffman Payne 1811 Elizabeth Payne 1813 Elijah E. Payne 1819 Girl Payne 1820 Jesse H. Payne 1824 Girl Payne 1825 William Jr. parents were Richard William Payne born 1750. His children were: John Payne 1773 Poindexter Payne 1775 Peter Payne 1777 William Payne Jr. 1780 Richard William Payne's father was: Robert Payne born 1730. His children Richard William Payne 1750 Charles Payne 1758. If you need any more information, please contact me. My father was Max Payne. Max was the 7th generation of Robert Payne. I would like to go back further but so far this is as far as I can get. Joe, Please let me know where you fit in. Thank you. Larry & Beckey Isle

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