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The Reuben Payne Brick Wall - Not related to the "Paynes of Virginia"

DNA for Patrick Payne and Joseph Payne below. My last Payne DNA Chart April 2007
4662 / 945O    Thomas Payne/Jane Smallpeice  _    R1b    13    24    14    11    11    14    12    12    12    13    13    29    18    9    10    11    11    25    15    19    30    14    15    16    17    12     12    10    19    23    13    11    11    23    12    11    11    19    23    16    15    18    16    37    37    12    12
38272 / 945U    Reuben Payne b. 1750 VA       _    R1b1    13    24    14    10    11    15    12    12    12    13    13    29    17    9    10    11    11    25    15    19    30    14    15    17    17    12     12    10    19    23    12    11    11    24    12    11    11    19    23    16    15    17    16    37    37    11    12       

Many have connected my family's oldest progeny to older Payne families with no evidence that I have seen. I have not had the means, resources or time in the past few years to do much more research than what you see here and what others have provided. One of the most compelling arguments that has been provided is one that I am not happy here to provide but through DNA proof needs to be addressed. That is the exact 37 Marker proof that Reuben Payne either had a brother/father or someone that close who was an Edwards and part of a greater Edwards family that had been in the Americas even during the Revolutionary War.

For further information regarding this DNA evidence I have provided an EVIDENCE WEBPAGE that proves that relationship. Please respond to me - Joe Payne via email.

I put the flyer below together for the Sevier Family Association reunion July 14-17, 2016 and will use it for the First Families of Tennessee Jubilee August 18-21, 2016. That flyer is a PDF file and can be access by CLICKING HERE

(1) Reuben1 PAYNE, was born about 1759 in King George Co., Va and about 1770 in King George Co, Va, married (2) Elizabeth SWEATMAN,  

For several years I had thought that Elizabeth was the daughter of John SWETNAM and Sarah FICKLIN (who are researched by Don Collins on Rootsweb) but recently found the record of the marriage of John Swetnam and Sarah Ficklin Aft Oct. 1772 in King George Co., Va marriages along with John  (Reuben) Payne and Susannah Ficklen's marriage of Feb. 1771. It may be that Elizabeth is a sister to John Swetnam.

This all leads to much speculation - Was Elizabeth the daughter of Alexander Sweatman????   In June 2009 I recieved an email from a lady in Kentucky researcing Swetnam of Blaine KY

I have put some information found on the Payne/Swetnam/Ficklin families in King George Co., Stafford Co. and Fauquier Co. VA
Also another Swetman Research takes an interest in just who Elizabeth Sweatman was!!!

Subj: Re: Swetnam/Ficklin geneology Date: 5/20/00 3:42:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: Autumns1stAngel To: JPayne5744 Dear Joe, My name is Dawn Gauthier, but my maiden name was Swetnam. I happened upon your website requesting information regarding the connection between the Swetnam/Ficklin families. My grandfather (who is still alive and will be 100 in October of this year) researched the Swetnam family back in 1975 or 76 and wrote his findings down in a book that was printed for members of our family called "Kith and Kin". It wasn't an actual printing, but rather something done privately. I happen to have a copy of it, and recognized the connection between the names Swetnam and Ficklin from having read the book some years ago.... According to my grandfather's research, what I can tell you is this: John Swetnam (presumably from England) married Sarah Ficklen. Neri Swetnam (one of their children) was born in Culpepper County, VA 11/20/1777 according to family records, but no record has been found of him there There is record of him in Prince George County and it is suspected that our family records are in error. Neri Swetnam married Mildred Cross on 12/25/1803. From VA they moved to Blaine KY and raised a large family: Louisa A.E. 1/28/1805 Claiborne Louis 2/10/1807 Zephaniah F. 5/21/1809 John J. 6/10/1811 Neri Ficklen 9/5/1813 (my grandfather's grandfather) Elzaphen M. 2/3/1816 Hamilton S. 6/1/1818 Purlina E. 1/22/1821 I have more extensive information regarding these people if you are interested, but unfortunately I don't have any information regarding any of Neri's siblings, if there were any (it sounds as if you might be looking for a sister of his in Elizabeth, if Elizabeth were indeed a daughter of John Swetnam and Sarah Ficklen). I hope this helps you... If you wish more information, please feel free to email me and I can look again in my book to see what I can find...... Dawn Gauthier

If you have any information of these families please e-mail me
Joe Payne.

Reuben died about 1845 in Skeggs Creek, Monroe Co., Ky and was buried in Payne Cem, Skeggs Creek Ch, Monroe Co., KY
John PAYNE    b. 1770 d.a 1850
James PAYNE  b. 1772
Daniel PAYNE  b. Jul 9 1780 d. 1858

(3) John2 PAYNE, (Reuben1 PAYNE) was born in 1770 in King George County, Va, and on Aug 6, 1794 in Jonesborough, Tennessee, Washington Co., USA, married (7) Rachael PARKER, daughter of William PARKER and Patience SHIPLEY, who was born about 1775 in Scott Co. (I believe the daughter of Nathan Shipley), Va. John died after 1850 in Scott Co., Va. Rachael died after Oct 8, 1822 in Scott Co., Va. - John Payne and Rachel Parker Marriage Bond)
1   Elizabeth PAYNE          b.c 1795
2   Annie PAYNE               b. 1798 d. 1892
3   James PAYNE             b.c 1795
4   Enoch PAYNE              b. 1796 d. Mar 1863
5   Tine Parker PAYNE    b. Dec 22 1802
6   Isabell PAYNE             b. 1803
7   Hiram Daniel PAYNE  b. 1804
8   Reuben PAYNE             b. Feb 8 1806
9   Riley PAYNE                 b.c 1808
10 John Parker PAYNE      b. Dec 29 1809 d. 1894
11 Daniel L. PAYNE           b. 1811

(5) Daniel2 PAYNE, (Reuben1 PAYNE) was born Jul 9, 1780 in Scott Co., Virginia, and on Aug 18, 1803 in Washington Co., Tn, married Martha FRAZIER, daughter of James Elihu FRAZIER and Abigail DAVIS, who was born Nov 7, 1783 in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. Daniel died after 1800 in Skeggs Creek, Monroe Co., Kentucky. Martha died in 1849 in Skeggs Creek, Monroe Co., Kentucky.
1   Reuben PAYNE was born on Apr 24, 1805.
2   Elizabeth Betsy PAYNE was born on May 12, 1806.
3   Mary Polly PAYNE was born on Jan 1, 1809.
4   Nancy PAYNE was born on Apr 9, 1810.
5   James PAYNE was born on Oct 11, 1811.
6   Henry PAYNE was born on Feb 10, 1813.
7   Isabel Ibbie PAYNE was born on Jun 24, 1814.
8   John PAYNE was born on Apr 11, 1816.
9   Daniel PAYNE was born on Nov 21, 1817.
10 Rachel PAYNE was born on Aug 21, 1819.
11 Isophena Fannie PAYNE was born Nov 25, 1820
12 Enoch PAYNE was born on Mar 11, 1822.
13 Benjamin PAYNE was born on Mar 9, 1824

The little of what I have learned of James PAYNE..

This Nathan Shipley was on several documents with Reubin Payne in Washington County.
He was Witness of the will of Isaac White on May 5, 1819, and reocrded in Will Book 1, page 124. William White's wife was a Sarah Lawson.

Richard Daniel to Jacob Robertson deed to lands described as lying on Kendrick's Creek, Richard Daniel. In presence of Nathan Shipley, William Kincheloe and John Brown, Feb. 13, 1824, Book 17, pg 388.

Also in the Will of Rev. Jonathan Mulkey, Washington Co. Will Bk 1, page 180 dated Aug 3rd, 1836 "Executors: "My friend Nathan Shipley and sons in laws William Slaughter and John Murray".

In Tennessee Cousins by Rhea it says:
The Nathan Shipley family came from Baltimore, Maryland, to Washington County, Tennessee. Nathan was a member of the Legislature and a surveyor of Washington County for several years. He was the father of Enoch Shipley, born in Washington County, who had a son Nathan Shipley who married Mary Jones, daughter of a John Jones. This Nathan was born in Washington County in 1822.

He and his wife Mary had a son Elbert A. Shipley born Feb. 18, 1849.