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(1) Richard1 GOURD was born in 1630 in St. Minver Co., England, and married 
spouse unknown.  Richard died in 1719 in Old Rappahannock, Virginia, USA.
Please before you take any of this research serious I would point you towards
Mike Goads records for his family research at:
GOAD Documents Index    
 !Church Records 
The Earliest Goads in Virginia 
pg. 3 
Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. 3 by Nell Marion Nugent 
Page 51 
Richard Gourd. 100 Acs. Charles City Co.: on North Side of Jones Hole 
Creek,  otherwise called Barlthrop Creek on North side of Nottaway River, 
Oct. 24, 1710. 
P. 395  Beginning at Mr. Thomas Busby; on Nottaway Path; to 
Salmond's  Meadow Branch out of Said Creek; By 2 cross pathes neare a wollfe 
pitt, & Transcription  of 2 Personnal Notes; Rights paid for to 
William Byrd, Esqr., Auditor.
What may be another earlier record of Richard Goode appears in Old 
Rappahonnack , Co., Va History 1656 - 1692 by T. H. Warner.  page 166
Associated with Occupatia Creek were the lands of Richard Lawson, James 
Gaynes,  Peter Johnson, Wm. Lowry, Geo. Morris, Wm. Moseley, Peter Rucker,  
(my line have more information) John Weir, (another Payne associated name)
Thos. Hawkins, Richard Coleman, Ralph Rowzee, Augustine Smith, Farmer, 
John  Warren (Warring, now spelt Waring), John Pyne (Payne), Robert Payne, 
Geo. Eaton, John  Gillett, John Phillips,(my line)  John Watson, Phillip 
Rowsey, John Johnson, George   Pley,  Henry Berry, William Gray, Henry Tandy, 
Alex. Newman, Valentine Allen, Cornelius Nowell, and Hugh Owen. 
46. Chestixent Creek or Chesituxent Creek was the principal southwest 
branch of Farmer's Hall or Little Occupacia Creek. 
47. Cheavneck or Charvneck Creek is a branch of Occupacia.  The 
plantation of  Richard Goode was on the west side of its main swamp. 
48. Grimes Creek, called the Island Neck Creek or Sharp's Creek, lies 
back of  Paynes Island, which was also called Sawson's Island. 
This is a list from the names of land owners taken at random and are in no 
order but supposed to represent the most prominent land holders prior to 
about  1692, nor to be all the land owners on the respective streams. 
21. Ralph's Creek, also called Parry's Creek and Perrin's Creek, was named 
after Ralph Payne, (have more information on this line)the first settler 
who made his home upon it.  It was near  Kilman's Beaverdam Swamp.  It was 
later known as Fisher's Bridge Swamp; and is  today called Mussel Swamp.  
It flows into Piscataway at longitude 76 deg. 51  min. 4 sec.  
Among those who owned land on it were Ralph Payne, Samuel Parry, 
Thomas Harper, Robert Clement, Richard Bray, Thos. Meader, Jr., Wm. Young, 
Thos. Edmondson, Richard Jones, Oliver Segar, Geo. Turner, John Cable, 
Richard Paine, James Henneygam.
            2   +       Abraham2 GOAD   b.        1665  d. Apr 11 1734
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