Pictures Scanned of the Elias Payne and Nancy Margareet Payne Family
Thanks to Mr. Earl Caldwell, Powell, TN (

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Brother of Anderson G. Payne
Elias Payne, born Feb. 26, 1855 - died Feb 7, 1923 and his wife Nancy Margareet Payne, born Sept. 11, 1855 - died June 22, 1942.
Lineage of Elias Payne
Nancy Margarette Gilliam Payne, born Sept. 11, 1855 - died June 22, 1942
Picture made outside her home on Dry Creek, Scott County, VA
Left to Right - Charles Robinnete, Jeremiah Robinette, Fanoy Robinette, Ibie Payne Robinette (Daughter of Elias Payne), Rosa Bell Robinette.
Picture made about 1908.
Enoch A. Payne (Son of Elias Payne), born Nov., 10, 1896 - died May 4, 1982
Picture in WW1 military uniform. Another correction sent by son Enoch Payne
John David Payne (Son of Elias Payne), born Sept. 21, 1894 - died Jan. 3, 1947.
Got a correction from another Payne cousin in Kingsport, TN, Rosemary Payne Bowery ( This picture was given out at Aug. 11, 2001 birthday of Burlie A. Payne's (Son of Enoch A. Payne) 80th birthday and is actually Enoch A. Payne. Rosemary is the daughter of Enoch A. Payne.

Old Payne Pic
Sunday, July 11, 2010 9:47 PM
From: "Kathy Flynn"

Hi Joe,
My name is Kathy Jessee Flynn. I have been working on my family tree forever it seems. Years ago I came across your web site and loved it. I am currently unemployed and decided to catch up on my tree. I checked out your site again and it is still a great place to go. Anyway i have attached a picture that was given to my by my grandmother, Laura Bledsoe Jessee Barrett, a few years ago. It is a picture of her mother Silar Payne who married D.B. Bledsoe. ( Left to right, Silar's brother John, Silar, Silar's brother Worley?). My Grandmaw called him Worley but it may be William. She said the men were Silar's brothers, and the dulcimor that Silar is holding was made by Silar's brother Enoch. I have no time frame for the photo.

Hope you enjoy this. Use it how you see fit. Thanks for all your hard work.

My Line:
Kathy Jessee Flynn
d/o Billie Jessee
s/o Oscar J. Jessee and Laura Bledsoe

Laura Bledsoe
d/o D.B.Bledsoe and Silar Payne

Silar Payne
d/o Elias Payne - More pictures of the Elias Payne line - Elias was a brother of my great-grandfather Anderson G. Payne.
s/o Hiram E. Payne
s/o Enoch Payne
s/o John Payne

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